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Fanfic Question Meme - Question 9

Okay, I might still do another rewatch tonight - I haven't decided yet. It's already 8pm and besides going to yoga, I've pretty much wasted the day.

Anyway, first I'd thought I'd do another one of these questions things...

9 – Pairings – For each of the fandoms from day two, what are your three favorite pairings to write?

Okay, so the problem with this question is that I'm too much of a canon oriented person to write pairings unless they are REALLY heavy-handed in canon, to the point where I actually fully believe that the writers could choose to go there and it'd be completely believable. (And, yes, I realize that a lot of slash writers see their ships as falling into that category when I don't, but that's just the nature of subjective opinion.)

So, let's change the question slightly to:

For each of the fandoms from day two, what are your three favourite characters or pairings to write?

Supernatural -
I like writing from either Sam or Dean's POV. Although I like having Cas in scenes, especially when it's crossovers (because I can do a lot of cool things with Cas in crossovers), the one time I tried to write a fic from Cas' POV, I ended up abandoning it, because in my headcanon, Cas' mind is like the most complicated book on metaphysics and mathematics that exists... and yeah, I just can't capture that to my satisfaction in writing. No pairings in SPN.

Harry Potter - I like writing Harry, Teddy, and Draco. Those would be my top three. Draco is a surprise, because I was not a huge Draco fan when reading the books, but I really like what I've done with him in the demented'verse, and he's become a joy to write. Only canon pairings in Harry Potter, so mostly all het ships... though, I like the really strange relationship that I've written between Nate and Teddy where they're basically platonic life-partners.

Sherlock - Well, again, pretty boring and going with Sherlock and John. I like writing Sherlock the best, just because (and this sounds super arrogant even though I don't mean it that way) I see a lot of myself in Sherlock. I HAVE written pairings in Sherlock, and that's of course the super predictable Sherlock/John, because the LOVE is canon, whether or not the sex is.

Merlin - Pairings I like are Merlin/Arthur, Merlin/Gwaine, and Gwen/Lancelot... I also like Merlin/Arthur/Gwen, where Gwen and Merlin don't actually have sex with each other, but they're both supportive of each other's relationship with Arthur. If you squint at Men of Legend, you can see me hinting at that heavily. Because Merlin is the gayest show to ever not-explicitly-gay, I actually see all my ships as completely supported by canon. As for who I like to write the most, I actually really really enjoyed writing from Arthur's POV in I Imagine The Gods...

Captain America/Marvel Cinematic Universe - Steve/Bucky, Clint/Natasha (ignoring Ultron), and... although I've never written it, I fully support fans of Peggy/Angie. Before Ultron, Clint/Nataha was fairly supported in the MCU, and they ARE canon in the comics (in the past anyway). Steve/Bucky is SO SUPPORTED BY CANON, I don't even care that the MCU will probably shy away from it and make Steve/Sharon canon... it'll piss me off, make no mistake, because right now they've done the classic romance build between Steve and Bucky. Bucky was Steve's damsel in distress/fridged girlfriend in CA:TFA, and Bucky was AGAIN Steve's romance plot in CA:TWS. (As a sidenote, Steve is Peggy's fridged girlfriend in Agent Carter, and I love it.) As for characters, I've only ever written from Bucky's POV, so I don't know, I guess he takes top spot. Oh, wait, that's not true, I also wrote a short fic from Natasha's POV, so I guess my top two are Bucky and Natasha (and as a sidenote, I also kind of like the Bucky/Natasha pairing, but I don't want the cinematic universe to go there.)
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