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Rewatch S10: Reichenbach 10x02

borgmama1of5 tells me that these episodes watch better when you watch them consequetively instead of leaving a week between them - but I don't have that kind of time!! Or maybe I do, but I'm just lazy.

But, in any case, here we are a week later to pick up where we left off.


We get Cole backstory. He's a little cutie at 13. I still think they should have casted a younger actor for him in the future, but whatever... it's a hard life for a military dude, I guess.

They did a pretty good job making Dean look young - except they got something wrong around the eyes. They kind of make him look a little monolid.

Cole: "Every night I close my eyes and all I can see is your brother..."
- Me too, Cole, but for very different reasons. Mmmm....

And poor Sam has to give the monster talk while tied to a chair... and I love Cole's reaction, like "I know there are monsters in the world" and then when Sam is like "I mean vampires!" Cole is like "Oh, you're crazy."

Cole: "I guess we are just going to have to do this the other way"
- Awww, Cole, torture is wrong.

Dean at a strip club... poor security guard.

Meawhile, Sam is being tortured... poor Sam. He doesn't even know where Dean is.

And Cole drops his keys... part of me wonders if he does it on purpose, but the call is definitely NOT on purpose, so if he was bluffing with the hammer to the knee than he was about to be called on it. He certainly uses the dropped keys to his advantage by following Sam, but I think that's an improvisation after the fact rather than the plan all along.

Also, why give Cole a son that old? I mean, does NO ONE THINK OF TIMELINES BUT ME!

Off to Cas and Hannah...

Cas can't heal himself anymore, he's too weak. Poor Cas.

Cas: "Hannah, you don't have to - you can go. You don't owe me anything."
Hannah: "I know, but I want to stay and help. Is that wrong?"
Cas: "No, it's just, very human. It's a compliment."

- I guess we kind of get to see a little of what's going on with Cas' relationship with heaven here. There's enough people left, like Hannah, who see him as someone good and a leader, that they're willing to let him stay on earth despite the fact that all the other angels have to come back... and they're willing to overlook the fact that he's only an angel due to the fact that he consumed (is consuming) another angel's grace, which I took from when he did it to be a very taboo thing for an angel to do. I'm sure I mentioned it then, but I do wonder if, since Cas was "human" at the time of consuming the grace, if that's actually something that ANY human could do.
- Also, we get the first nods that Hannah's vessel might be changing her behaviour here. It makes sense that the longer angels are exposed to humans (via vessels) the more human traits they take on... and this would do well to explain the difference between Castiel when we first meet him (having newly acquired Jimmy) and angels like Gabriel and Balthazar, who have seemingly been in hiding on earth for unknown periods of time.
- I also like the fact that Cas DOES think that human things - like compassion for the dying - are compliments. Remember back in the day when Castiel used to be chastised by heaven for caring? Yeah, that was a long long time ago.

Sam: "Cas, Dean's a demon."
Cas: "Dean's a demon? How?"
Sam: "The Mark, I guess. It just... messed him up."
Cas: "That is a vast understatement."

- "My human boyfriend is now a demon?! Oh my god, as if my family could disapprove of him MORE THAN THEY DO ALREADY!" Heheheheh... sorry sorry, I just had to make that joke, despite my non-shipping ways.
- I really do love the RAGE that you see go through Cas when Sam tells him. I mean, all shipping aside, the barebones of facts tell us that what Cas LIKES about Dean is the fact that he is a GOOD MAN. Cas has often reiterated this in various ways over the years, from even their first meeting when Cas implied that Dean deserved to be saved. And yeah, basically they took Cas' friend and they stripped out all the good and turned him into something violent and callous and everything that Dean Winchester never was... so, yeah, rage time.

Hannah: "Castiel, I think the Winchesters might be a bad influence on you."
Cas: "Sam and Dean might be a bit rough around the edges, but they're the best men I've ever known. And they're my friends."

- Well, she put it more politely than Hester, when Hester was like "The very touch of you corrupts!" to Dean (I seriously love that line though). Also, what might be a bad influence, in the opinion of angels, is likely a good influence in the opinion of humans.
- But, really, I just like Cas' defense of them. He doesn't make excuses for their faults, and more than that, the fact that he mentions that they have faults along with the line "the best men I've ever known" tells us just how GOOD Sam and Dean are, if they're the best even with their faults. And I think it's also important that "And they're my friends" is seperate from that. They aren't his friends BECAUSE they're the best men he's ever known - he's not putting a condition on the friendship. If they someday stop being the best men he's ever known (like Dean currently has) that doesn't stop them from being his friends.

And then Cas falls asleep at the wheel. Yikes.

Dean: "Two shots here. He'll have something fancy with your tiniest umbrella."
- Hehehe. I kinda want to walk into a bar and order like that for myself one day, but knowing my luck they'd put either gin or blue curauco in it and it'd therefore be disgusting. Bars are always trying to get rid of their blue curauco, because it is the grossest. Gin, I just have a general distaste for in most cases.

Crowley: "It's about the Mark. It's changed you."
Dean: "I've noticed." *turns on black eyes*

- There's a delay between when Dean says "I've noticed" and when the black eyes kick in. They don't actually kick in until Crowley starts his next line - and it kind of drives me nuts because the TIMING IS OFF. The black eyes should have been turned on WITH the punchline, not after the fact. At the very least, it should have been the second after, not several seconds after and when Crowley has obviously (even noticable in the over the shoulder shot) taken his eyes OFF of Dean.

I actually do love the way Crowley calls Dean "darling"

And Crowley tries to charm Dean into being his hitman... it's actually a pretty good job.

Crowley: "Oh, there's something else that I need to share with you..."
- And we find out later that this is where Crowley tells Dean that it was Sam who led Lester to the crossroads... which, I get that they were trying to set up the fact that Sam was doing shady things, but I don't know... maybe I just don't have that strong of a moral compass. It was still Lester who made the deal, even when Sam was just using him for the summoning and tried to stop him before the kiss. It doesn't actually seem that bad to me. You can't save stupid people from themselves, and yeah, it's technically USING someone, but... *shrug*

Cas looks so dead on his feet. It's so sad.

And now he's asleep... awww, baby.

Dean's stalking the missus... I don't know, I don't think people with eyebrows that dark should go THAT bleach blonde... but maybe that's a trendy look that I don't know about.

And Lester shows up.

Dean: "Listen, and this is murder 101, when you hire someone to kill your wife, you don't want to be around when the hit goes down. It's called an alibi."
- Oh, stupid people.

Dean: "... now I don't blame her for stepping out, especially not if she found you were messing around first."
- So, part of me wonders if Dean has that ability that some demons seem to have where they can look at someone and KNOW things. Because I'm pretty sure Crowley probably just told Dean about Sam luring Lester to the crossroads, not about Lester's own infidelity... mainly, because I think Crowley is smart enough to know that even despite being demonized, Dean still has moral center where he tends to only go after people he can justify going after... followers of Abaddon who attack him first, the ex-boyfriends who mistreated the girl that Dean is currently sleepin with... I don't think he kills that secruity guard in the club just for doing his job, I think he beats him because he's getting antsy, but still stops himself from killing. Anyway, the way Crowley sold this kill was "why not kill people who deserve it" rather than let the bloodlust build until Dean takes out a "civilian" (sorry I didn't copy out the exact line now, but I'm too lasy to go back.) So, how does Dean know that Lester stepped out? Did Crowley let it slip, did he look into things himself? Or can he see something about the state of someone's soul just by looking at him? I mean, technically, Dean's a knight of hell, we don't know what powers come along with that.

Lester: "Men aren't built for monogamy. It's evolution. We're programmed to spread our seed..."
*Dean punches him*

- Aw yiss, punch him good.

Lester: "Yeah, well you're a punk ass demon, and you work for me now! So get inside and do your job, you freak!"
- Ooo, and here's Lester's big mistake. Remember back in the early seasons, where Dean had a lot of wrestling to do with the fact that he was raised to hate anything that wasn't 100% human, and there was a whole tension between, and around, both he and Sam over the use of the word "freak"... anyway, my point is, it's probably not best to remind the former hunter that he has become everything that he was raised to hate and fear.

Oh yeah! We do see the secruity guard again! See, he's fine. :)

Sam: "Will you do me a favour - if you do see him again, will you give me a call?"
Security guard: *takes card* "Yeah, you bet."

- Okay, I mean... not to fall into stereotypes here, but I'm pretty sure that the security guard is the type of person to recognize the name Lemmy Killmeister as being well the guy from Motorhead and not an FBI agent. But, maybe not. Though, what kinda FBI agent would willingly go by the name "Lemmy", I mean, that doesn't sound like a birthname to me. It's not even Lemmy Kilmister's birthname.

And Cole is following Sam way too close... in a very distinctive vehicle. Does no one know how to stalk people on TV?!?! Wait, why do *I* know this? Uh... nothing to see here folks.

Little girl: "Did you have a good dream?"
Cas: "Well, I uh, I don't really dream."

- Sleeping must be pretty boring for Cas.

Girl demon is attractive. Not my type, but so attractive that I kinda wish she were.

Crowley: "The client? You killed the client?!"
Crowley: "Of course it matters! The deal was one dead wife for one soul. The wife's not dead, I don't get the soul. It's math."

- Ah Dean, he did that on purpose. This way, he saves both the wife and (in a way) Lester... AND he still gets to murder someone. Dean's pretty damn smart.

Crowley: "What do you think you're doing?"
Dean: "Whatever I want."
Crowley: "Really? Because I don't think you know what you want. What are you, Dean, a demon? If so, then why isn't Lester's wife dead? Did you feel sorry for her? If so, then maybe you're human - except you have those pretty black peepers and you're working alongside me. Why don't you do us all a big favour and pick a bloody side?!"
Dean: "Or what? Hm? Go ahead. Make a move. See how it ends. I ain't your freaking bestie and I ain't taking orders from you. When I need to kill, I'll call, until then, stay out of my way."

- So, in the comment section to Black's rewatch last week,liliaeth and I had a cool discussion about Dean's demon-ness and how it works. Mainly, it was liliaeth pointing out the pattern and me being like "oh yeah, cool!" But, basically, the way it works is this:
- Demon!Dean is Dean unburdened by responsibility, guilt or mission. He doesn't revel in killing or being evil or causing chaos or whatever (as we see, he only kills to satisfy the Mark and control the bloodlust), what he DOES revel in is FREEDOM FROM RESPONSIBILITY. Anytime that he goes off the rails, it's when someone threatens that freedom. He doesn't try to kill Sam until Sam tries to cure him and bring that responsibility back. Dean as a character, as he states back in 5x11, feels responsible for keeping the entire world safe, and later, he clearly tells us that everything that ever goes wrong, he blames on himself. He's a man constantly burdened by responsibility, and that burden of responsibility USUALLY makes him rise to the occassion and be the best man he possibly can be - it's what drives his morals. Demon!Dean is the opposite of that, what drives him is the desire to be CAREFREE. He doesn't want to work with Crowley, because that would be a mission, that would be responsibilities placed on him by Crowley. I think he deliberately botched this job, in a way that made Crowley lose out on the deal, not just to save the wife and Lester's soul (I think those were secondary side-effects that Dean may have not actually cared about), but because it would lead to this confrontation where Dean could show Crowley that he wasn't going to be his attack dog - that just because Crowley was sick of karaoke at dive bars and wanted to get back to work, Dean wasn't going anywhere.

Crowley: "Fine. It's over. What can I say - crazy ones, good for a fling, but they're not relationship material."
Dean: "Are you done?"
Crowley: "We're done. You know what Dean? It's not me. It's you."

- I do like how Crowley improvises getting the last word in here. It's a barely scrapped together save-face, but considering how Dean just humiliated Crowley infront of his minions, it's pretty good considering.
- Also, again, I don't mind the insinuation that it was a capital R Relationship. I actually like the idea that as a demon, Dean would be carefree enough to not only embrace his bisexuality but be fine with sleeping with Crowley. That being said, I wouldn't want Crowley to be Dean's first time with a man, so if it were ever explicitly canon, I'd have to headcanon a cute teenage relationship for Dean way back in the past... or headcanon Benny as a capital R Relationship too, because Benny was a sweetheart.

Crowley: "Hello, Bullwrinkle. You miss me?"
Sam: "So much."

- That's... that's kinda hot, actually.

And Crowley's giving Dean up, because if he can't control him, he's a liability. Also, it gives Crowley control over the situation and shows his minions that there are consequences to double-crossing him like Dean did, or to not being obediant. This is where Crowley's true save-face comes in.

And Hannah has betrayed Cas by driving them to Heaven's door instead of to where Sam needs Cas to go. Low, Hannah... god, I'd be so pissed off if I were Cas.

Hannah is visiting Metatron to try to get Cas' grace back... I actually forgot about this part.

Metatron barganing that he'll leave earth and go to another galaxy... I don't believe him for a second. He's too manipulative.

Metatron: "You get Cas back at full power. Large and in charge. And that's what you really want, isn't it? Somebody big and strong telling you what to do? Poor little Hannah, your desperate to be dominated."
*Hannah slams him into the bars*
Hannah: "Watch your mouth"

- Oh man, I forgot what an ASS he is.

Cas puts a stop to everything though...

Cas: "Listen to me, Hannah, you don't want this. I have seen what- I have made deals born of desperation and they always blood...and tears... always."
- I gotta love Misha's delivery here. Because first he does the perfect pause after "I have seen what-" before he amends it to "I have made" - because this is a Castiel who is fully owning up to his mistakes of the past. But more than that, I love love love the pause and the way he casts his eyes down and to the side when he says "...and tears"... because he's not just admiting that there is a physical cost of deals, but that there is an emotional one as well - and emotional cost that he has already suffered through before. I don't know, maybe I'm alone in this, because I still see angels as relatively emotionless - but I think that's a pretty big thing for Castiel to admit. It's basically another declaration of his growing humanity, of his otherness to the angels, and of his love for the Winchesters.

Hannah: "So, I'm suppose to let you-"
Cas: "Yes. It's my life and it's my choice, and I don't want this!"

- YES! This is exactly the choice that John took from Dean and then Dean took from Sam back in the early seasons. But, just in general, I think it's important in life to be able to die on our own terms. (Baring of course, suicide caused by depression - as that is not our own terms, since we would not be mentally sound enough to make our own decision.)

Metatron threatens escape and then death to everybody. Man, I hate him.

And Sam finds Dean...

This episode feels like it's going on forever... not like, in a bad way, but wow, there's a lot in it.

Dean: "Who winged ya?"
Sam: "Does it matter?"
Dean: "Not really."

- I love that he still asks though.

Dean: "But did you ever stop to think that if I wanted to be cured, I wouldn't have bailed."
- And here we get Dean's warning, that he won't go down easy.
- I also love Sam's shrug and "That was Crowley", because he KNOWS it's an excuse that he's been telling himself - that Dean wouldn't CHOOSE to abandon Sam. And I think Sam knows that it's a lie, that as a demon, Dean very well might have abandoned Sam of his own free will, but even the idea of THAT hurts Sam and they both know it.

Dean: "...cause right now I'm doing all I can not to come over there and rip your throat out...with my teeth."
- You cannot use this line without me immediately thinking of Teen Wolf. No one can ever use this line again unless they are Derek Hale. And seriously, I know given all the possible ships on that show, Sterek is actually one of the more ridiculous ones, but with a (basically) opening line like that, who can blame people! It's sexy as hell in an extremely threatening way.

Dean: "I'm giving you a change, Sam. You should take it."
Sam: "I'm going to have to pas."
Dean: "Well, I'm not walking out that door with you, I'm just not. So, what are you going to do? You going to kill me?"
Sam: "No."

- This conversation goes on, but I don't actually need the words to talk about it, so I'm going to stop there. The thing that kills me about this conversation is how emotional Sam is getting, while Dean remains the same... kind of aloof, maybe slightly annoyed, but just kind of cold and callous. The fact that he tries to give Sam a chance to walk away speaks to the fact that at least part of Dean doesn't WANT to kill his brother... but the fact is that when given a choice between his own freedom and Sam, Demon!Dean will choose his own freedom and not regret that choice in the slightest.

Dean: "Right, you're the guy who was supposed to put a bullet in Sammy's brain. Did you miss?"
- I love the delivery of that line.

Demon!Dean is especially cruel in that he knows that he's the most important figure in Cole's life, and so the worst thing that he can do is tell him that he doesn't even remember killing Cole's father... that his father meant so little to him, when he meant so much to Cole, is like salt in the wounds.

And of course, Dean just beats the shit out of him.

Dean: "You have no idea what you walked into here, do you? None."
Cole: "What are you?"
Dean: "I'm a demon."

- Oh Cole, Sammy tried to tell you.

And, of course, the worse thing that Dean can do AGAIN, is to leave Cole alive to live with his failure to avenge his father.

Crowley's tie is really pretty.

Sam: "This doesn't make us square. If I see you again-"
Crowley: "Oh stop it, Samantha, no one likes a tease."

- Again, for some reason I'm not annoyed by Crowley's comments, I just find them weirdly sexy. Maybe it's a weird time of the month for me.

The photo of Dean and Crowley on Crowley's phone is HILARIOUS and I love it. Also, I think Dean is wearing that plaid shirt that he stole from those teenagers in the woods when he got back from Purgatory.

Minion: "Sir, it's time to move on."
- Awww, the relationship really is over.

Sam: "This thing is filthy"
Dean: "It's just a car, Sam."
Sam: "It's just a- wow, you really have gone dark."

- He really has.

Sam: "...you could have killed that guy and you didn't. You took mercy on him."
Dean: "You call that mercy? Imagine you spend your whole life hunting down the guy who knifed your father. When you finally find him, he whips you like a dog. How do you think that feels? That kid's going to spend his whole life knowing that he had his shot and he couldn't beat me. That ain't mercy. That's the worst thing I could have done to him. And what I'm going to do to you, Sammy - well that ain't going to be mercy either."

- ...sounds sexy. Goddamn it. I apologize for my hormones today.
- Seriously though, Dean's right. I actually had completely forgotten about this speech when I wrote what I did earlier. But yup, Dean sums it up beautifully for me here.
- What I absolutely love those is Sam's reactions - Jared does a beautiful job here of showing us the dawning horror as Sam realizes that his brother really IS a demon and that the hope he was clinging onto that some part of Dean is still in there and dominant is a false hope.

Yay! I might not wait a full week to do the next one. We'll see how the timing works out this week. :)
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  • Dean's S9 Blue Plaid

    Dean's S9 Blue Plaid This plaid shirt is similar to Dean’s Stolen Plaid, but different! It’s got a very simple plaid pattern.…

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