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Fanfic Question Meme - Question 3

I'm avoiding work, because it's Friday, and I've worked all week, so I'm sick of it. Anyway, in an effort to feel like I was being productive, while not ACTUALLY being productive. I thought I'd do another question from this fanfic questio meme.

3 – For each of the fandoms from day two, what were your favorite characters to write?

Supernatural - oh man, this is a tough question. I like writing Dean's "voice", but I like writing Sam's "head." Sam's such an internal guy, that it's fun to get in there and poke around and explore what I think might be going on. I tried to write a Cas POV story once (it was essentially the demented'verse story Purgatory, but from Cas' POV and without the Harry Potter characters)  and I think I got maybe 500 words in before I quit. I couldn't do it... mind you, if you've read Purgatory, you'll probably figure out there's a very good reason why I had such difficulty capturing my headcanon for what the inside of Cas' head is like.

Harry Potter - I love writing Teddy Lupin, or, the Teddy Lupin that I've created in the demented'verse. There's a reason he features so heavily in the latest Prophets and Potions stories. I just find him both delightful and fascinating. I think it's because I made him such an imperfect thing with self-esteem issues and constant low-level anxiety that he's a completely failure of a person.

That being said, I just wrote a one shot (not published and perhaps not quiet finished yet) that's a Draco Malfoy POV - and my god, Draco makes me laugh. I absolutely love writing him... which is kind of hilarious, because when I decided to add him into the story back in Damned Demented Demons, I was terrified of writing him. I was never a huge Draco fan in the books - I only started to find him interesting in Book 6 and 7, when Harry started picking up on the fact that Draco was experiencing a huge moral conflict. Anyway, I love my demented'verse Draco.

Sherlock - It's been a while since I've written Sherlock... I mean, in my Unfortunate Brother series, my answer would be Merlin. :P But, he's not actually in Sherlock... so, I guess it would have to be John? Maybe Sherlock... honestly, I don't know. Sherlock is difficult, because you've got to write him brilliant... so, John's easiest, because he can be of a normal level of intelligence.

Merlin - Merlin, I suppose. I mean, it's always easiest to write the person that knows what's going on. Though, if we're talking about Post-Series Resurrection fics, then the answer is Arthur.

Captain America - Bucky. I've only ever written Bucky. Eventually, I'd like to expand the one lengthy story I wrote and write it from other character's POVs, but even then, my answer will probably still be Bucky.

Okay, perfect timing to take me to my 11am meeting.

Peace out!