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Quick Reaction: 11x03 Bad Seed

Oh man, okay, so...

I've been drinking red wine tonight, which means I'm 10x drunker than usual.

So... here goes?

This episode, I thought, was largely about wrapping up storylines from last season, setting up this season, and getting to know The Darkness.

But, let's go through it. As per the new custom this year, I took notes so that I could remember scene order.

Let's get started!

(Oh man, I am so drunk, please forgive me)

We start with Rowena, who is trying to sell the "Mega Coven"... oh man, such a ridiculous name... so pathetic sounding. I love how people respond accordingly. The witches are not impressed. Even more not impressed because Rowena is claiming Crowley is dead, when in fact he is very much alive and everyone seems to know it but her. So, she kills them. But MAN, that red dress is GORGEROUS. Gues, someone by me that dress and then change the shape of my hips and thighs so that I look good in it.

Now to Sam and Dean - Dean is rather preoccupied with the Darkness, it seems. I'm not sure I'm liking their weird link thing. It's very circumspect!

I LOVE the ensuring conversation though - in just a few short sentences, we establish where everyone stands this season. Dean argues that the Darkness, while an adult when he met her, is "just a kid" now...Sam suggests that maybe God is an option... Cas has absolutely no faith in God.  Man, it's so short and brief, yet tells us so much.

Anyway, the long and short of it is that they need both Rowena AND Metatron. They need Rowena to break the spell on Cas, and Metatron to hopefully tell them how to fight/lock-away the Darkness.

Now to Croooowley

How come it's CRAowley when you spell it Crowley and not CROWley... is it because of the E after the L. If I spelt it Crowly would we say it different? English is weird guys. SUPER WEIRD.

Right, Crowley. Crowley wants to annihilate Rowena. Woot. He doesn't seem particularly torn up about it, so is all the parts of Fergus that were awaken at the end of S8 dead? I guess so.

In the meantime, Crowley has the Darkness to try to coerce to his side. He has her watching Hitler speeches. Pretty effective. Hitler was a tyrant and evil, but he did give a good speech - it's where his success came from really. You gotta be careful around skilled orators, you guys.

But this seen is pretty cool - we find out that, according to the Darkness, God "tricked" her into being trapped. The thing that strikes me about this scene though is that Crowley treats the Darkness like a child, because the Darkness is in a child's body... but, I don't think she IS a child. I think she might be a little behind on the times, but she's a fully matured and sentient creature who has chosen to experience a "human" life from beginning to end... or, a proxy thereof, anyway.

Rowena's next. She's trying sell the Mega Coven again...it's going down just as well as last time, only this time she reveals that she has the Book of the Damned and the Codex and is super powerful. That goes over better...only, then it's demon attack time, and her prospective coven sisters get killed and/or separated and probably slightly traumatized.

Back to Sam and Dean and Cas... Dean tries calling Crowley. It goes to voicemail... I'm pretty sure that friendship is dead, Dean.

Sam says that there's been no reports about Cas's "crappy" car - and Cas takes offense to Sam caling his car "crappy" and I am in love. Seriously.. that's the cutest.

Of course, then Cas goes and has a seizure and that's not cute at all. Seizures are fuckin' scary, guys - I don't know if you've ever had friends/family that have had them, but I find witnessing them terrifying.

Anywayyyyyyyyy.... we go to commercial, and then come back and Cas is OKAY! Yay!

I like the camera angle of Sam waking him up. Oh hey, I should mention that Jensen directed this episode! Pretty snazzy. I don't know enough about directing to really say anything, but it looked cool to me!

I love Dean trying to get answers to the standard "where are you and what date is it?" post seizure questions. "Earth. Several billion years from the beginning."  Awesome. I love how angels measure things "from the beginning" - rather than from whatever arbitrary day human religions measure from.

i also thought Cas' analogy of being a tomator in a blender that's making tomato salsa was adorable. As were the faces that Sam and Dean made at each other while he said it. Adorable.. all of them are adorable. So many adorable.

Cas mentions hearing voices and Sam and Dean freak out, before Cas realizes that it's "angel radio" - the angels are looking for Cas and "the perp" which Cas informs them is short for "perpatrator" and means Metatron. I spelt perpetrator wrong, and my spell check doesn't work, and I don't know what spelling is right - so forgive me.

Sam finds a news article for what happened in Denver (timelining tidbit: this means that it's been at least a day since the start of the episode, if we believe that these events are happening simulataneously in the order in which they are shown.) and then it's OFF TO DENVER.

But first, let's check in with the Darkness.

The Darkness is talking to herself in the mirror. It's interesting, because I was sure the darkness was fully adult and herself, but she talks to herself as though she is two people "you are what I am" or whatever... but it does indicate that Amara is a portion of the Darkness that has been sent into the world in order to experience it first hand. Whether that means she is a child or not is a tricky question.

What's super interesting about this conversation - and makes me very interested in the Darkness - is the fact that when she discusses what she's seen with herself, she discusses it like she's impressed, or... admiring... of what God created after she was locked away. She tells herself that it doesn't change what he did to her - but man, that adds such a cool dynamic to The Darkness, which we'll explore a little more later.

Then we get an interesting sort of cut away where an angel and a demon meet up in a bar for a drink - they're both "grunts" and both complaining about the alarms and the fact that things are going to shit. It's an awesome scene. Much like Good Omens, there's just something fanscinating abotu angels and demons hanging out together on quasi-friendly terms. They both mention that if the higher-ups aren't doing anything than it might be up to "the people", "not actually people", "you know what I mean." And, yes, that certainly sets up and interesting side-plot for the season!

Meanwhile, Sam and Dean are off interviewing a witch. I love this scene because it's so rare for Sam and Dean to just be like "listen, we know you're a witch, and we need you to scry for us" and just completely drop the act in a situation where they're not going in for the kill. I also loved Dean's wink when he responds to the witches statement of "I have rights" with "and I have a fake badge" - it's nice to see Dean again after a  year of having be so much darker than usual.

Back to Crowley and the Darkness. Crowley tries to give her little kid gifts, but Darkness perfers the more advanced reading given to her by her nanny... but then, she does EAT her nanny after declaring that she's hungry.

When we get back from commercial, it's to join Rowena who is getting into a cab, only to be thrawted by INDISGUISE!Dean...and, man, what a disguise. I love it! Oh man...who'd have ever thought we'd see Dean in that get-up. It certainly was a smart move. Still, Sam has to come to the rescue with the cuffs, as Rowena clues in and attacks Dean pretty swiftly.

Back at the Bunker, Cas is trying to follow instructures for looking up his car... instead he ends up with an asian fetish site pop-up ad.... I guess he's on Dean's computer? Anyway...a growing part of me kinda wishes they would cool it with the asian fetish gag... it was all fun and games when it was a little more subtle, and when they actually HAD asian people on the show, but I don't think it's all that cool when the only asians you see on the show are fetishized. But, maybe that's me being a (drunken) spoilsport.

Anyway, Cas has another weird vision thing - I think the spell is compelling him to kill Crowley, since he failed...

Back to Crowley and The Darkness.  Amara has been eating demons left and right. Crowley makes sure that all the meatsuits left are dead so that they don't have soulless humans running around... it's a very interesting consideration.

What's even more interesting is Amara's reaction to all that she's learned. She believes that God screwed up creation because there is so much suffering in the world. Crowley, not getting the vibe of the conversation, muses that together they could turn all of creation evil. Amara balks at this, asking Crowley if he'd be happy with that in a manner that suggests that he shouldn't be. Crowley backs off, but not completely, only conceding that it's true that the fun is watching humans succumb to evil after being good. Amara is not impressed... and I think this is where Crowley has gone horrible wrong. He assumed Amara was a child and he assumed Amara's power was EVIL... these are assumptions based simply on the fact that she is not God and that God locked her away.

Back to Rowena, who is locked up in the Bunker's dungeon... I really think they should stop bringing baddies to their secret lair... they're going to remember where it is!!!

Anyway, Rowena doesn't have the Book of the Damned, but the Winchester's are able to recover the codex... whether that means anything remains to be seen.

Sam goes off to get Cas for Rowena to cure, and Dean tries to renegotiate the deal - of course, he makes the mistake of renegotiating before Rowena has fulfilled her end of hte current deal...so, naturally, that renegotiation doesn't go well. Rowena also pokes at Dean's growing guilt over having been a part of letting the Darkness into the world. Sam interrupts all thoughts of that though when he runs in and reports that Cas is missing.

Then it's a mad rush to find Cas...by tracking his GPS.

Back to Crowley, who has made another demon Amara's new nanny. He's cute. Unfortunately, Crowley tells the new nanny to let Amara know that they're cutting back on her food... so long, cute demon.

Sam and Dean track Cas to Topeka, while Rowena pokes at their buttons from the back seat. She tells on Sam to Dean - and reveals that Sam made a deal with her to get rid of the mark in exchange for killing Crowley. Dean is pissed off about Sam keeping a secret. Rowena suggests that it's Sam's fault that Cas is bespelled, but Dean denies that and reiterates that he's just made about the secret.

Meanwhile, Cas is stalking a random girl. Why? Who knows. Maybe she looks vaguely like Crowley?

Dean and Sam split up to find Cas, with Sam towing Rowena along in cuffs.

Cas is chasing the girl and corners her in a warehouse. Dean walks by an alley and hits on a girl, and the camera angle and shot is adorable and dorky, and I do approve of this directing. He then hears the sounds of Cas stalking that random girl and jumps in for the rescue - he saves the girl, but then Cas starts to beat the shit out of Dean... ouch.

Luckily, Sam jumps in with Rowena held at gun point (another very cool camera angle) and Rowena lifts the spell, sending Cas into another seizure, but he seems to recover and be unspelled. This, of course, is Rowena's cue to stage a daring escape - which she does pretty awesomely.  Sucks to be the Winchesters.

Back at he Bunker for Beers. Sam mother hens Dean, Dean replies "thanks, mom" - it's adorable. Cas apologizes and Dean tells him there's no need. Dean insists that he "had it coming" - which, awww... Dean. A beating while bespelled doesn't mean that you deserve a beating while bespelled.... that's not healthy.

Still, it's nice to know that the three boys are all square with each other.

Then it's back to Crowley, who finds the new nanny quite dead. Awww, poor cute nanny. Amara is now a teenager.... and hangry teenager.

And there you have it!

I'm still super invested in learning more about Amara/The Darkness... and I'm thrilled with how Sam and Dean's relationship have been so far. I'm curious about this set-up between the two grunts of Heaven and Hell... and Cas' complete lack of faith in God, juxtaposed against Sam's renewed faith, is fascinating to me. (Well, really, Cas' completely lack of faith is fascinating on it's own, but I also like the dynamic of Sam thinking that God might be communicating with him too.) It's good to see Dean getting back to his old self. Dean's always going to have guilt about every single thing he's ever done, but it's nice to know that he's back to being a fundamentally good person.

Next week is definitely a MOTW, but given the hype I've heard around the episode, I am very much looking forward to it! Plus, I love Robbie Thompson episodes. He's my new fave.

FYI: For those wondering - I still have to get my hands on the Supernatural S10 DVDs before I can start that rewatch (and update the clothing catalogue). I'll look into it soon, I swear. Sometimes my sister gives them to me for my birthday, so I didn't want to buy them before I saw her. I just saw her this weekend and she gave me something else instead - so now I know that I can go ahead and buy the DVDs myself when I get my next paycheck.
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