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Fanfic Question Meme - Question 2

Help! I'm still at work and I don't want to be... so I'm going to sneakily take 10 minutes to answer another Fanfic Meme question.

And this will also tide me over until this evening, when I'll be back at late o'clock pacific time to talk about tonight's episode.


Question 2 – Name the fandoms you've written in, and how much you've written in that fandom, and if you still write in it.

According to A03, I've written in:
Supernatural (18)
Harry Potter (12)
Sherlock (6)
Merlin (4)
Marvel Cinematic Universe/Captain America (1)

Now, I've also written a few drabbles in Teen Wolf, which have never made it to AO3.

Also, Harry Potter is ONLY in the form of crossovers.

I don't really write anything except crossovers anymore, in truth. It seem to be where I find the most creative fulfillment... in how to blend universes together, how different characters would react to each other. If it's a fusion, such as my Merlin&Sherlock fics, then it becomes about how to reinterpret origins and relationships within a different universe.

That's the spark of plot for me too - answering the question of "What would bring these universes together?" is what sets up my action, and "how would these characters interact" sets up my emotional story.

As much as I still love Supernatural, I don't feel much pull to write in it as a standalone anymore. I like continuing my Harry Potter crossover, but that's about the only interest I have in writing both Supernatural AND Harry Potter.

I also do have an idea that I've been warring with for a sequel to my Supernatural/Merlin crossover. As well as a vague idea for another installment to my Merlin&Sherlock fusion.

(Also, how annoying is it that I can't write Merlin/Sherlock because everyone thinks that I'm shipping them if I do that!?! It's really annoying, is the answer. Titles man, make them something other than your character's names. :P)

The only universe that I feel I could still contribute to without it being a crossover is Captain America. Part of me kind of wants to expand on The Time Traveler and make it a full length multi-character POV. Another part of me wants to just write happy AUs in preparation for Civil War and or the-future-in-general which is bound to tear my heart out and stomp on it.

But, Captain America is also my latest fandom, so it could just be that whomever is newest gets all my creative desires. We'll have to see what the next thing is.

(I've also been reading a lot of Daredevil fic... and mostly finding a lot of it lacking, but yet, as much as I love the show and wish there were better fic out there, it's not like I have any plans to write any myself.)

Ironically, I've never written in Leverage before, even though that's a huge fandom for me too. But, a friend and I recently outlined an entire episode-style case-fic idea that we're planning to write together eventually (probably when I'm done with the latest demented'verse installment.) So, that might be another fic coming in the future.

Other than that... yeah.... I've sort of stopped watching Teen Wolf (I'm undecided about whether I'll go back).

Another idea was taking something like Leverage and doing Coda fics for each episode... but I think we've all learned from my attempts at Ficlet Months that my stamina for ambitious projects is a little low.

Ack! Okay, that was 20 minutes. I have to get back to work now!

See you all later after the episode!!
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