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Quick Reaction: 11x01 Out of the Darkness and into the Fire

SEASON 11! Holy crow! I just wrote "SEASON !!" by accident and then corrected it, but I think it applies too.

Man, I can't believe when I started watching this show back in the summer of '08, one of the appeals of it was that I thought it was ending in two years. What a fool I was... this is just like that time I was hestitant to get into the MCU fandom, because I didn't want them to do Civil War, and all of my online friends were like "They AREN'T going to do Civil War! Don't be ridiculous." So, I was like "Really? Oh, okay, guess I'll invest all my emotions in these characters then with the knowledge that I won't have to survive Civil War..."

On of these days I'll learn my lesson.

Anyway, off topic already, let's get this road on the show...

Because of the new job and earlier mornings, I've started to take short reminder notes while I watch the episode in the hopes that these reviews won't take me as long to type up.

That being said, DISCLAIMER: I still only watch this show once, without breaks, while drinking heavily... so, while my notes will help me (hopefully) remember things in the right order, all quotes will be paraphrased and i might not remember some things exactly. Please only correct me if I ask you to or if it's a major plot or character point that I've got completely assbackwards.

Okay, now, really SHOW ON ROAD...

Run through the jungle was a good tune to play for the opening! Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.... the opening was pretty damn brief, all things considered, and I think it's because this is another reset season. Mark o' Cain is kaputt, rather than a signify for the Darkness (which we'll get to) and we have to know that Rowena is on the loose (and I guess so is Metatron) and in terms of the brothers this is hard-reset.

The opening was really neat and creepy with the very little sound and Dean in isolation in the cloud of "darkness"... and then Sam waking up alone, and remembering how Dean disappeared... and yeah, that's gotta be all kinds of disconcerting. You just risked the entire world to save your brother and then he disappears? I gotta tell you, I'd be swearing a lot more... like A LOT MORE. Basically, all there would be would be me in that field using every single curse word I know until I needed a drink of water.

Sam, thankfully, eventually finds Dean in a field of pretty flowers... because Dean is pretty, and that's where he belongs.

We find out that Dean thinks the Darkness "saved" him. She... SHE... thanked him for freeing her. She apparetly doesn't know who Death is which is pretty cool and fits with my theology of the show (God was first, then Death, but in the end it will be Death last.... because I swear if Supernatural keeps Death "dead", I'll be super pissed off... YOU CAN'T KILL DEATH! Geezus. Apparently, despite my RL atheism, I've got really strong opinions about the theology of the Supernatural universe.)

 Anywho... I was really interested in the fact that they made the Darkness a woman... is it weird that I'm actually hoping she's a good guy? Maybe it's my love of certain pre-christian religions, but I kind of think it'd be cool if God was the one who was the asshole for locking her up. Most likely though, God will stay a good guy (which is good in a different way, because I like Chuck and would like him to show up again) and the Darkness will indeed be evil. She's not off to a great start, I gotta say, with this shorter shelf-life form of the Croatoan virus.

I loved Dean's speech about taking her out as he stomps back to the car, and then just before he gets in, he sees the wheel still in the hole, and is like "Just going to let me get in the car?!" and Sam is perfectly honest about not wanting to interrupt Dean's speech because he was "on a roll." Adorable boys are self-aware. :)

Cut to Cas! CAS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh no! Cas is hold up in an empty chicken coop, still under the attack-dog spell. It's really cool that they had that react differently with an angel. I like that Cas can, to a degree, "survive" it.

We discover that Crowley smoked out before Cas could kill him. Which is good for Crowley!

Back to Sam and Dean!

Sam and Dean come across a massacre, but there's a deputy there that doesn't seem infected! Yay! And she's pretty awesome. I liked them working some levity into the scene with the "show me some skin" order. What I REALLY liked though was that, once again, Dean and Sam both treat her with respect the whole time they're talking to her. Even when Dean finds out that she's only been on the job for three weeks, he still treats her like she's an equal partner in the fight against the unknown enemy.

I liked the introduction about what the theme of this season is going to be - with the deputy mentioning in dismay over killing the road-crew that "the job is supposed to be about saving people" and Dean is like "it sounds better on paper" - because what is the price of saving people? Do you have to kill to save? If you do, can you still count yourself as saving people or not? I think those are going to be the themes of the season, and I'm excited for it.

Then they go to the hospital to stitch up the deputy and find it ransacked. Dean takes the deputy to get stitches while Sam scopes out the place...  and finds an infected person ramming themselves at a locked door, while a baby cries form inside.

And I'm not going to lie, I was sitting there yelling SAM! SHOOT THE GUY AND SAVE THE BABY! WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!?

But, apparenly Sam was just confident in the door's ability to save the baby and he was running a science experiment to see if there was a shelf-life for the virus or something.

Anyway, CROWLEY!

Crowley possesses a woman and is awesome. And then he goes inside the woman's house to kill people so he can make a call and discovers that the woman's husband set up a sex party! So, yeah, priorities change.

I wonder why Crowley couldn't snap down to hell or whatever from the woman's meat-suit though - that's odd. I mean, yay for sex party, but it'd have been cool to have Crowley's sudden lack of powers explained. Unless they were?

Back to Sam and Dean at the hospital. The rabid dude trying to get into the janitor closet croaks, so Sam goes and knocks, and finds a dude with a new born! Awww! It's SUPER SAD, YOU GUYS. SO SAD!  Once again, though, I'm kind of stoked that they had it be a father and his newborn rather than a mother... I just think it was a nice change-up, and maybe it was to make him a bigger looking threat later on, but STILL... it was nice to see a dad and a baby being the "damsels in distress."

Back to Cas! Cas is praying for help and it's SUPER SAD, YOU GUYS!

No, wait, the hospital is SUPER SAD, YOU GUYS! The guy lost his wife in childbirth and now he's INFECTED and it's SO SAD ALL THE TIME. OH MAN!

And then he makes them promise to look after the baby, and Dean is like "Done! I will look after that baby like CRAZY. THAT BABY IS NOW MINE FOREVER!" and the dude is like, "Not you, crazy drifter guy - the deputy that I actually know." And the deputy is like "uh, you might be better off with the crazy drifter dude, but yeah, okay, I guess?" Only, they said all that with their eyes.

And then we get a female and a baby being the ones being rescued, so I'm slightly LESS enthused about it, but still, I like that she's not instant-mother, she's just like "I am crazy awkward about this" and Dean is like "I know right? I'd have been so much better. I'm WAY more maternal than you are, geez." Only, they said that all with their eyes, of course.

Anyhoo, Cas calls Dean and tells him to relay a message to Sam - if that's not shipping fodder, I don't know what is. Why don't you just call Sam, Cas? Is it because you wanted to hear Dean's voice before you potentially disappeared to Heaven to be locked away for all eternity? Awwww..... I don't even ship you, really, but still.

I loved Dean telling Cas to talk to him about the Darkness though, and Cas being like "why would I talk about the Darkness?" Like, this is some social cue that Cas is missing. But really, I loved the extra layer of Cas being like "What the shit do you mean the Darkness is free?! SHITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT" but, you know, with his eyes.


And the awww... murdered sex party. That's not a fun end to the evening... a fun end to the evening would be post-coital sleepy-times.

But hey, ASIAN DUDE! Crowley's Asian minion is officially my favourite minion. Seriously, there needs to be more asians on TV - the demographics of shows don't make any goddamn sense without them.

I love that Asian minion is questioning why Crowley waited until AFTER the orgy to call for help... shouldn't that just cement Crowley as a demon? I don't see the problem.


And we have a brother fight over METHODS! YES! This is the kind of brother fights that I want to see - the S1-S3 (and a little of S5) fights, where they are on the same page, but they just disagree on how they should go about things. You don't always have to have brother conflict be about epic secrets and betrayals, they can actually just be a "I think we should take route 9 to Albequerque", "well stuff-it, because I think we should take route 4!" Only, you know, that's a metaphor for how many people they should be killing on their way to Albequerque.

In Sam's opinion, they've forgotten how to "do this" - they just keep repeating crap. He thinks they have the hunting things done, but "that's only half of the bumper sticker, man" - and I don't know if I love how self-aware they are or dislike it, but I have to admit that it tickles me that Sam KNOWS that the line is "saving people, hunting things" - it's jumped from something repeated in fandom to something repeated in their lives, even though I'm not ENTIRELY sure we've seen evidence of that. But, I suppose between the Supernatural books and the musical and the parallel universe TV show, Sam knows their brand.

Anyway, I love the fact that Sam presses that "saving people means ALL of the people" not just one kid and not just each other. In Sam's opinion, Sam and Dean have to change their habits and their behaviour moving forward - they have to get to a point where Sam isn't willing to save Dean above all else in the whole world (they were at that point back in S5, when Dean allowed Sam to die/be-locked-away-and-tortured-forever in order to save the world, so it's not like it's impossible.)

And I love how Dean actually listens to him and then asks "what are you thinking?" and LISTENS to Sam's idea for getting out of the hospital and possibly making both of them happy.

I love Sam's line of how Dean has to "do what you do, but you gotta let me do what I do."
- Dean single-mindedly saves a selected person or people - that's what he does. He narrows his focus down to the civilians or Sam, and says "I am going to save THIS PERSON if it's the last thing I do" and Dean is GOOD at that. What does Sam do? Sam plays a game that's both more self-sacrificial and also more optimistic than that - Sam tries to save everyone, which sometimes includes the monsters. Sam, as it turns out, also plays bait.

And of course, Sam does what he does and ends up self-sacrificing... getting infected when he (we're guessing) comes into contact with the blood of an infected person after killing her in self-defence (after accidentally locking himself in a closet with her - smooth move, Sammy.)

Dean, meanwhile, is taking the slow route out of the hospital. The baby's father pops up again and momentarily knocks Dean down, but the deputy has him at gunpoint. I LOVE the shot here when Dean pops back up beside the deputy with the shot-gun. It was a neat shot.

The baby's father just wants to let us know that the baby's name is Amara, though. I mean, that's important... then he dies, and it's SUPER SAD, YOU GUYS!

I actually thought he said "Mara" which I think is a cooler name, but WHATEVER... I'm sure "Amara" means something cool... like.... "THE DARKNESS", but I'm totally getting ahead of myself.

Crowley returns to his body and the demons are like "hell is panicking!" because apparently "the cage" made noise! THE CAGE. Wow, that's still a thing... I wonder if we'll eventually see Michael and/or Lucifer again?! Probably not, this is probably just a tease.

Meanwhile, back to Cas - Cas thinks the angels are going to help him, but instead they take him to an abandoned building and string him up for apparent torture or something?!?! GUYS, THIS IS SO SAD! There's just something so depressing about an ANGEL being refused help from heaven... awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww... poor Cas. He needs a counter spell and a hug, not torture!

Also, I guess this episode gave us weird confirmation that Cas is once again an outlaw from Heaven and apparently in exile? It didn't seem like there were angels actively after him last season, so maybe they were just content for him to be in exile unless he specifically pointed a neon sign to himself and said "I'm here, you could come torture me if you like?" Anyway, I guess we'll get confirmation as to his status as the episodes continue.

Dean and the deputy stop at a rest area for a diaper change. Sam calls and Dean tells him how the outbreak seems to be isolated in Superior NE, and then Sam is like "cool, well, all's well here, and I'm totally going to find a cure"... but he's actually INFECTED! Noooooooooooooooo......

And Dean is like "cool, and then we're totally going to kill the Darkness" and then he hangs up and remembers how the Darkness told him that Dean would always help her, not hurt her, because they're "bonded" and OH NO, brother secrets!

But meanwhile, in the changing room, THE DARKNESS IS THE BABY! WHAT?!?!?!

Needless to say, I'm intrigued about what will happen next week!!

Okay, so, verdict is: that was way EASIER to type up with short notes to remind myself of scene order, but still took an hour - so, sucks to me when it comes to getting sleep on Wednesdays this year!

As usual, please comment with thoughts or anything that I missed or glossed over that you desperately want to talk about!
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