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The State of Things - New Job, Summer Vacation, Life in General

Timeline Stuff

I finally got the Season 10 Timeline posted to the Supernatural Wiki. Yay!

I also discovered that some helpful person had gone in and changed a bunch of the Season 9 Timeline because they thought they knew something that I didn't. I changed it back, because a)they didn't know anything that I didn't, and b)they changed the dates without changing the notes on the dates or explaining the reason for the change, so the timeline looked a mess because the notes were talking about things you couldn't see.

Anyway, hopefully I didn't just start a wiki page war. I'm all for people contesting my timeline choices, but you have to back it up with REALLY solid evidence and also have that date make sense for the rest of the season and series.

New Job

After being (practically) unemployed for 10 months, I finally got a job! Yay! I started it at the beginning of June. It's a part-time gig as a Personal Assistant to a rich dude. It's a good job - it pays well, my bosses seem to be happy with me so far etc. The only problem with it is that seeing that amount of... flamboyant wealth... makes me kind of angry.

New Old Job?

So, apparently when my luck turns, it really turns?! Another company got in touch about hiring me for a gov't contract - which was what I was doing before. It pays a HELL of a lot better. The only problem is that it's what I've been doing for the past 6 years and it's kind of depressing... and I originaly wanted to get the heck away from it. But, man, the job market sucks these days and after being (practically) unemployed for nearly a full year, I've kind of changed my tune a little. I mean, the truth of the matter is that I think I'd hate any job for the sole reason that I apparently just hate working for a living... so, I might as well go for a higher paying job that I'll hate as opposed to a lower paying job that I hate.

Anyway, because that job is dependent on gov't contracts, it's going to be a couple of months before I know whether I have it. At which point, I'll have to decide between the PA job and the new job. Though, since I already gave them written permission to put my name on the contract-bid, I may have already legally made that decision.

Cat-sitting Job

So, the reason I keep saying that I was "practically" unemployed is because I've been cat-sitting like mad in order to make at least a LITTLE bit of money while unemployed. Basically, that means that I've been driving to people's houses to look after their cats nearly every day for the past 9 months... with anywhere from 1 to 13 visits in one day.

The end result is that I am kind of sick of cats... and having to drive to people's houses to look after them multiple times per day forever and ever.

Now, on the one hand, this is what I do with all jobs - I just get SUPER SICK OF THEM. And then I quit... and then a couple of months go by and I'm like "why did I quit that job?! That was dumb, it was a pretty good job!" But man, right now I kind of want to quit cat-sitting. I took this weekend off and next weekend off too. So, maybe it's just a matter of making sure I take at least one weekend off a month or something, instead of just doing it forever and ever without any breaks.

My friend who has the same cat-sitting job doesn't really understand, because she is more of a cat-lady than I am and used to actually do the job for free... and also she has pet cats, and obviously doesn't get tired of cats. I don't have any pets for the very reason that I get really tired of being responsible for living creatures. This is also why I do not have children or a boyfriend. I have house plants - that's about the level of commitment that I can handle (and one of them is dying.)

Anyway... I have no idea what I'm doing with my life. I just know that occasionally when I get in the car to drive to one of my jobs, I have a moment where I think "what if I just kept driving..." and I feel like Forrest Gump, who, one day, just decided he didn't feel like ending his morning run. Of course, I can't drive forever or run forever, because some debt collector would eventually send the cops after me... and also I'd pretty quickly run out of money for food and fuel.

Summer Vacation

With the PA job, I can do a lot of it remotely, so I'm actually still going to be working for most of the summer... but I'm going to be doing it from Ontario/Quebec, while I visit my friends and family for the next month. Hopefully, because I won't have the cat-sitting, I'll also be able to write more... but I think I say that every summer and then spend all day doing errands with my mum or visiting friends and nothing actually ever gets done.

Anyway, I leave Vancouver next week and I won't be back until mid-late August.


I don't know if I'm going this year. Because of the whole (practically)-unemployed-for-10-months thing, I haven't been able to afford even second hand tickets. I might see if anyone is selling any silver/bronze or even gen-admin tics at the last minute for cheap... but we'll see.

In any case, I look forward to seeing my Fandom friends who are coming to town for the Con. So, I'm sure I'll hear all about it from them.


I've barely written in the past month, because I've been getting used to the new job and it's thrown my time-management skills out the window (if I even had them to begin with). I'm still working on the two novels. I'm still working on Part 3 of the most reason demented'verse story. I've got ideas for a third novel. I kind of want to expand one of my shorter fanfics into a novella-length version. I kind of want to write sequels to two of my other fanfics. I want to write more fanfic in general... but yeah, I really suck at actually sitting down and writing. I tend to sit down and read fanfic instead. Most recently, I spent an entire weekend reading a complete rewrite of LOTR with Bilbo as the ring-bearer a generation before. I mean, was that really so pressing that I had to read it all in as close to one sitting as I could get? No... it really wasn't... but I did it... and, as a result, none of my own writing got done.
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