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Fic: Purgatory, Prophets, and Potions (Part 2 of 3, Chapter 3/8) (SPN/Harry Potter)

Title: Purgatory, Prophets, and Potions (Part 2 of 3, Chapter 3/8)
Author: hells_half_acre
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Supernatural
Rating: T
Genre: Gen
Word Count: Part 1 total: 18,990, Part 2 total: 30,253.
Warnings: Spoilers for all Harry Potter books, spoilers for Supernatural until 9x14.
AN: A demented'verse timestamp.
Special thanks to betas: cappy712 and Tash McAdam

Summary: Kevin discovers a mirror in the Bunker and is introduced to a secret world.

Part 1 - Purgatory - Chapter 1 - LJ/AO3 | 2 - LJ/AO3 | 3 - LJ/AO3 | 4 - LJ/AO3 | 5 - LJ/AO3

Part 2 - Prophets - Chapter 1 - LJ/AO3 | 2 - LJ/AO3

AN to this chapter: Sorry I forgot to post yesterday! I had one of the busiest days ever and it honestly just completely slipped my mind.

Chapter 3
(or read on AO3)

“...then she had the audacity to suggest that I should have married Harry instead of you,” Hermione said as she sat down on the bed, long hair up in a bun, in an attempt to avoid tangles in the night.

“That’s stupid,” Ron replied. They were use to this by now – every so often, they’d meet someone who had read the histories so closely that they felt they knew how to run Ron, Hermione, or Harry’s life better than they themselves did. Hermione usually got romance suggestions – which she claimed was part of a systemic misogyny within society, and how women were only seen as objects of men’s desire and prizes to be won. Ever since retiring from the Auror department to work full time at Weasley’s Wizarding Wheezes, Ron had gotten an increase in people saying that running a successful business was somehow below him.

“Well, I wouldn’t call it stupid – that’s a bit harsh. Harry’s lovely and I’m sure we could have made it work.”


“It’s none of her business is what it is,” Hermione concluded, slipping under the covers.

“We both agree on that,” Ron muttered, wanting to put the matter to rest. “There’s nothing wrong with me.”

“You do leave your dirty socks in the bath,” Hermione replied.

“I’ll sign the divorce papers in the morning, dear,” Ron said, before leaning over and kissing his wife.

There was a thump and a scream from the room next door.

Ron was out of the bed and out of the room, already armed with his wand, before he even realized he was moving. He could feel Hermione at his back and knew she had her wand as well.

He kicked open the door of the office to find a teenager bleeding to death on the carpet, eyes wide and terrified, with a death grip on a familiar blue bag.

“Oh my God!” Hermione yelled and ran past him into the room, kneeling beside the teenager. “Kevin? Are you Kevin? What’s happened?”

In a half second, Ron quickly thought of Harry and the words he needed to say to him right now –and then pointed his wand towards the front door. A silver terrier erupted from the end of his wand and then disappeared immediately.

Ron ran over to kneel on the other side of the teenager.

“’s not Sam,” Kevin was repeating, blood on his lips.

“Did Sam do this?” Ron asked, while Hermione looked at him with wide-eyes, she had her hands pressed to the boy’s chest.

“Sam’s not Sam,” Kevin whispered.

Accio” Ron muttered, thinking of the com-mirror he had foolishly left in his coat. He held up his hand and caught it blindly a second later. He tossed it to Hermione. “Call Dean, I’ve got him.”

Ron immediately started emergency Healing procedures, while Hermione called Dean on the other side of the room. When he heard Sam answer, he immediately put up a charm so that none of his spellwork could be heard. He saw Hermione put her back against the wall so that Sam couldn’t see the room.

Hermione was doing a good job of sounding hysterical to help disguise the fact that she was lying, but Ron knew that she needed to get off the phone before Harry and Till showed up.

Kevin passed out.

Ron looked frantically towards the door, wanting to know what was taking Harry so bloody long, and found himself face to face with Rose – who stood in her nightgown in the open doorway, horrified.

“Can you send his body back?” Sam’s voice asked from the mirror clutched in Hermione’s hand – and Ron knew the conversation had to end immediately.

“Scream!” Ron commanded, enunciating the word so that Rose could read his lips through the silencing charm.

Rose screamed.

Hermione snapped the phone shut.

Harry and Till apparated into the room.


“Healer! Now! My house!” was all Ron’s patronus had said before disappearing. Harry hadn’t known what to expect, but he felt like every nightmare imaginable had passed through his mind in the minute it took him to contact Till and give him Ron’s address.

Ron, Hermione, the kids – all the possibilities were horrifying. What really confused him was why Ron was calling him, rather than St. Mungo’s.

Harry and Till arrived at the same time outside Ron’s door. Harry burst into the empty entryway, just in time to hear Rose let out a blood-curdling scream. Till made to run towards the sound, but Harry grabbed his arm and sidealong apparated to the home office. He was familiar enough with the house to know, from sound alone, where Rose was.

Ron was leaning over the body of a teenager. Hermione was on the other side of the room with bloody hands and Ron’s mirror. Rose was standing in the doorway.

Rose stopped screaming as soon Harry and Till arrived.

“Like that, Daddy?” she asked Ron.

Till moved immediately to the bloody body on the floor, and only then did Harry realize he knew the kid – and the blue bag just beside his limp hand confirmed it – Kevin. Ron waved his hand to remove what had to have been a muffling charm on his portion of the room.

“Perfect,” Ron replied to Rose, and then he addressed Till. “Stab wound to the chest, possibly multiple broken bones, he was conscious when he got here, but has since passed out. I managed to stop the visible bleeding, but there might be internal injuries.”

There were already numbers, words, and images dancing in the air above Kevin’s body as Till started his diagnosing and monitoring spells.

“Come on, Rose,” Hermione said, tossing Ron’s mirror onto the desk and making her way across the room. “Let’s check on your brother.”

“What happened?” Harry asked the room at large. He had far too much adrenaline running through his body to be standing still.

Ron paused, watching Hermione usher Rose away from the doorway. Harry heard Hugo’s small voice from down the hall asking his mother what was happening. Harry put another muffling charm over the room.

“I think Sam’s possessed,” Ron answered.

“That’s impossible,” Harry said. “He’s got the anti-possession tattoo, and if it’s an angel, he’d have to agree to it.”

“Then it might have been a Shapeshifter,” Ron countered. “Kevin said, Sam’s not Sam. He repeated it several times before he lost consciousness. Hermione called Dean. Sam picked up. She told him Kevin was dead – it was safest. He asked for the body, and that’s when I told Rose to scream so that Hermione could end the call abruptly.”

“Harry?” Dean’s voice came from the pocket of Harry’s robes.

“If Sam’s not Sam, we can’t trust Dean either,” Ron said quickly. Harry nodded and stepped out into the hall to answer. Ron was more experienced in assisting Till than Harry was, so Harry knew that Ron wouldn’t leave Kevin’s side unless ordered to do so.

Dean didn’t answer any of Harry’s questions and barely let Harry speak, but it seemed like he really was Dean, and that he was absolutely devastated. Harry’s stomach churned with guilt for not correcting the lie, but Ron and Hermione were right, it was safest for Kevin and everyone if they hid Kevin until they knew exactly what had happened.

After Dean hung up on him, Harry got to work. There were four possibilities, as he saw it – Demon, Angel, Shapeshifter, or Leviathan. Leviathan seemed unlikely, due to their extremely low numbers now that they’d been hunted relentlessly for over two years. Shapeshifters rarely pursued prey over long-distances. So, that just left demons and angels and both were wildcards.


Kevin woke up in a comfortable bed in a dark blue room. He blinked a few times. He felt heavy. He was propped up on pillows. The pillows felt like they had been perfectly molded to his body, they were so comfortable. He had the vague idea that he shouldn’t move, that it would hurt, and the thought scared him a little. He wasn’t sure if it was rebellion or the need to reassure himself, but he managed to take a deep breath and lift one of his hands, dropping it on top of the blanket over his stomach.

He could hear soft bells ringing, like a distant church.

Kevin tried to remember where he was and how he had ended up there. The last time he was this confused upon waking was when he had gotten completely wasted in that hotel room in Branson. There, Dean had hid the anti-angel sigils behind the bad hotel art that hung on the walls and for a moment when Kevin had woken up, he had panicked at being unprotected. But here, Kevin could see the sigils painted in black on the blue walls, but most noticeable was the devil’s trap on the ceiling by the door. Kevin felt both safe and slightly disappointed that this was still his life.

The door opened and a tall red-headed man walked in carrying a tray.

“Good morning, mate,” he greeted with a smile. Kevin’s heart was in his throat for a moment, before he remembered the sigils and the devil’s trap. Maybe it was the British accent that had unnerved him – then he remembered WHY the man might have a British accent, and then he remembered that he had seen this man before – right before he had passed out.


“Shhh,” the man hushed him. “Calm down. Don’t move about too much. You’re safe.” He set the tray down on the bedside table, and then pulled a chair up next to the bed. The man turned to Kevin and smiled at him brightly. “We haven’t properly been introduced. My name is Ron. I’m Hermione’s husband.”

“Kevin Tran,” Kevin replied, shaking Ron’s offered hand. “I’m... uh, I’m a friend of the Winchesters.”

Ron smiled. “Pleased to meet you. How are you feeling?”

“Okay,” Kevin replied.

“Really?” Ron raised an eyebrow. “You were stabbed and had several broken bones.”

That brought Kevin up short a bit. He had been stabbed – that was true. He looked down and realized the he was dressed in pajamas that were not his own, but the more surprising thing was that he wasn’t covered in bandages. He pulled the shirt open a little bit to get a look at his chest. There was a scar there, as though the stabbing had happened months ago.

“We can get rid of the scar if you don’t like it,” Ron said. “Till didn’t do any cosmetic work, but he could if you wanted – he’ll be in later to give you a look over, so you can talk to him about it then.”

“Till?” Kevin asked.

“He’s a Healer,” Ron replied. “Don’t worry, he can be trusted. Now, any pain?”

The stab wound felt fine, though Kevin imagined if he touched the skin there, it might be tender. His back felt a little sore, as did his ribs, but they just felt a little bruised not broken. He told Ron as much.

“Excellent,” Ron replied. “Your broken bones are healing nicely then. I’ve got another potion for the pain that you can have with breakfast, if you think you need it.”

Kevin looked down at his torso again – no cast, no bandages.

“Amazing,” he concluded.

Ron smiled softly. “You’re still on bed-rest for three days, and you’re not allowed to move on your own at all today, so if you, erm, need to do anything, I’m afraid you’ll have to let me help you.”

“I thought I was dying,” Kevin said, before he even realized it was the truth. “I thought... I thought I was dead.”

Ron’s smile turned sympathetic, his eyes sad.

“It was a near thing,” Ron said. “Now, I’ve brought you something to eat, and, if you’re up for it, I’ll call Harry and tell him you’re awake. He needs to know what happened, but we can put off talking to him for a bit, if you’d prefer to have another sleep first. It’s up to you.”

“Sam’s possessed,” Kevin said, but Ron held up a hand to stop him.

“Harry’s just going to have you repeat it all anyway,” Ron argued. “So, have some breakfast and save your strength. You’ll be surprised how tiring repairing a bone can be, and your body is currently repairing several.  If you can manage the breakfast on your own, I’ll go call Harry.”

Kevin nodded, and Ron placed the tray over his lap, and then left the room.

Harry and a tall blond man both arrived before Kevin was even done eating.

“Hi Kevin,” Harry greeted him. He was smiling. It was the sort of smile people give you when they know your life is falling apart, but they’re trying to be polite and ignore it. “It’s nice to meet you in person, though I wish it were under better circumstances.”

Kevin just nodded. He had talked to Harry before, months ago, but he felt much more intimidating suddenly. Kevin thought maybe it was because he knew who Harry Potter was now – but that didn’t make any sense, because Ron Weasley was hovering by the doorway, and he had been talking to Hermione about books for months, and neither of them intimidated him.

“This is Till,” Harry continued, gesturing to his companion, when Kevin remained quiet. “He’s my medic. He’s the one that tended to you last night.”

“Thank you,” Kevin said.

“I am happy to help,” Till said softly.

“Is it alright if Till checks your healing progress while we talk?” Harry asked. “We don’t want to keep you from your rest any longer than necessary.”

Kevin glanced at Till, where he stood behind Harry. He was tall, but at the same time seemed to take up less space in the room than Harry.

“Till knows the Winchesters,” Harry said, misreading Kevin’s gaze. “He can be trusted.”

Kevin nodded, and Till stepped out from behind Harry and over to Kevin’s side. Harry took Ron’s former chair by Kevin’s bedside.

“Dean asked for a spell,” Kevin began, and then explained events as best he could remember them until the attack. While he talked, words and images of his bones appeared like smoke in the air beside him, and Till muttered words under his breath.  It was a little bit distracting, and a few times Harry had to ask Kevin a question to get him back on track.

“Do you think it was a demon or an angel?” Harry asked.

Kevin shook his head, about to say that he didn’t know, but then he actually thought about it for a moment. “An angel,” he said. “If it were a demon, Dean would have led him into the dungeon, not the storeroom – the devil’s trap would have held him, and Dean would have exorcised him. I don’t know how you exorcise an angel – I don’t think you can.”

“And are you sure Dean wasn’t possessed as well?”

The question brought Kevin up short – a slice of panic fissuring through him at the thought. He took a deep breath and shook his head. “No, he wouldn’t have... he wouldn’t have needed the spell. And... he was yelling at lot when Sam... when I was attacked.”

And then Kevin started panicking for another reason – Dean – He had been left behind when Kevin escaped. Dean could be dead.

“Calm down,” Till said gently, and he placed a hand over Kevin’s and squeezed it.

“I’ve spoken with Dean,” Harry said. “He’s alive or, at least, he was last night.”

“Did he say-”

Harry cut him off with a shake of his head. “I didn’t know whether he was possessed as well or not. He didn’t seem to be, but I couldn’t risk it. I don’t know what happened, and Kevin – we... I told him you were dead.”

“What did he say?”

“He said he was sorry,” Harry replied.

Kevin nodded. Dean was always sorry.

“Enough questions for now, I think,” Till said. “Next part of exam, only patient in the room, please.”

Kevin blinked as Harry nodded and stood up, following Till’s orders. He gave Kevin a weak smile. “We’ll figure this out, Kevin, I promise. Is there anyone I should call-”

Kevin shook his head. Sam and Dean were the only other people in the world who knew Kevin was even alive – and that wasn’t even true anymore. All Kevin had now was a handful of strange wizards in Britain.

“I’m glad you’re still with us,” Harry said, and then he left the room.

“I need to test feeling and movement,” Till said. “Is it okay if I remove the blanket?”

Kevin nodded. Till removed the breakfast tray from in front of Kevin and carefully placed it on the nightstand. Kevin wasn’t hungry anymore anyway.

“Do you need me to get undressed?”

“Not right now,” Till said. “And then only the shirt – and I will help you.”

Till muttered a word and then touched his wand to the sole of Kevin’s foot. It was warm. It felt nice.

“Do you feel this?”

Kevin nodded.

“Warm or cold?”


Till touched the wand to the other foot.

“The same,” Kevin said without prompting.

“Wiggle the toes, please.”

Kevin did. Till nodded and smiled, and Kevin was filled with the feeling of relief that came when he knew he had passed a test.

“Next, I will help you stand,” Till said, standing back from the bed and reaching for Kevin’s hands. “Carefully,” Till tacked on, and Kevin realized that it would be the first time he moved his back since he arrived. It ached, and even with Till directing his movements and making him go slowly, there was still a small spike of pain when he moved his legs off the bed and started to put weight on them.

“Very good,” Till smiled, as he helped Kevin stand to his full height. “Do you need to use the toilet?”

Kevin nodded, now that he was standing, he kind of did, and he also didn’t want to have to get up again in another half hour if he could help it.

“I will help and show you where it is, but if you need to use it again today, you must ask Mr. Weasley to walk with you,” Till said.

The bathroom was just across the hall, thankfully, because it was a surprisingly tiring ordeal. Kevin thought it should feel awkward having Till brace him as he walked, like he were a toddler that might fall over, but Till acted like helping people use the bathroom was something people did every day. Kevin realized that Till was a doctor and that might very well be true for him.

When they finally made it back to the bedroom, Kevin was ready for a nap, but instead Till asked him to remove his shirt.

“Is it okay if I touch your back?” Till asked.

“Will it hurt?” Kevin asked back.

Till shook his head. “It should feel good, like a massage...or warm bath.”

“Okay,” Kevin said. “Can I lie down?”

“Sit, and lean forward,” Till instructed, leading Kevin into the right position. He ended up sitting up against the pillows, just as he had been before, but instead of leaning back against them, Till sat beside him on the bed and then pulled him forward so that Kevin was braced on Till’s chest, his head resting on one of Till’s shoulders. It was way more huggy than Kevin’s experience with non-wizard doctors.

As soon as Till touched his back though, Kevin started relaxing. Till was whispering under his breath, words that Kevin couldn’t understand, but every muscle his fingers touched seemed to relax, bathed in warmth, like each one of Till’s fingers was a tiny powerful hot water bottle. Kevin sighed and closed his eyes.

“Is it magic?” Kevin almost slurred. Till hummed an affirming noise, but continued.

Then Harry’s voice floated down the hall and into the room, through the door that had been left open when they had returned from the bathroom. “Ron, be reasonable, he has nowhere else to go-”

“I’m not saying he can’t stay,” Ron’s voice answered. “I’m just saying that I can’t play nurse. It’s nearing Christmas, Harry, I can’t be more than a day out off of work – It takes both of us to keep up with product demands while Izzy minds the shop – and we can hardly ask her to work through lunch, and the whole point was to give George time to spend with the baby-”

“I thought Teddy was helping out,” Harry countered.

“Teddy’s fine on the till, but he’s not at a point where I can leave him unsupervised in the workshop,” Ron said. “Listen, Harry, the graffiti on the walls, him staying here, that’s fine... I’m not saying throw him to the wolves – I’m just saying... Harry, I don’t work for you anymore...”

Kevin didn’t realize he had tensed up at the overheard conversation until he heard the door click closed, and opened his eye to see that Till had stopped the magic massage, and instead had a hand stretched out towards the door.

“I thought you needed a wand to do magic,” Kevin said – because he didn’t want to talk about what they had overheard.

“Not if the spell is simple or the wizard is powerful,” Till replied. Till reached out his hand again, and this time a small bottle flew from the open medical bag on the floor into Till’s outstretched hand.

“Which is it for you?” Kevin asked.

“Spell is simple,” Till smiled. He uncorked the bottle and pushed Kevin gentle until he was sitting upright. “Drink this.”
Kevin drank it. It tasted like sweet water.

“Ron recently retired from being an Auror,” Till said, as Kevin finished and passed the empty bottle back to him. “He was Harry’s second for seventeen years officially, and unofficially even longer, if you include the war. Harry’s second for... since age eleven, and now he is not. It is a big change.”

“I didn’t mean to be any trouble,” Kevin sighed.

Till rolled his eyes, and pulled Kevin back against his shoulder, cupping the back of his neck gently as he did so. “And I am saying that you are not. The argument is not about you.”

“It sounded like it was about me,” Kevin argued.

“An excuse to have the same argument again,” Till sighed. “A year and a half of excuses. Believe me. Sometimes they had fight at work – it was awkward. Like family fighting.”

Kevin laughed. “Yeah, okay, I might understand that.”

“Now, no talking, only healing,” Till said. “We look after you.”

Kevin didn’t know what to say to that, and it was just as well, because Till started his whispering again and pressed his hands to the base of Kevin’s neck and suddenly Kevin could barely think with how good it felt. Kevin felt all the tension leave him and soon found himself falling asleep while Till worked.

Chapter 4
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