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Fic: Purgatory, Prophets, and Potions (Part 2 of 3, Chapter 2/8) (SPN/Harry Potter)

Title: Purgatory, Prophets, and Potions (Part 2 of 3, Chapter 1/8)
Author: hells_half_acre
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Supernatural
Rating: T
Genre: Gen
Word Count: Part 1 total: 18,990, Part 2 total: 30,253.
Warnings: Spoilers for all Harry Potter books, spoilers for Supernatural until 9x14.
AN: A demented'verse timestamp.
Special thanks to betas: cappy712 and Tash McAdam

Summary: Kevin discovers a mirror in the Bunker and is introduced to a secret world.

Part 1 - Purgatory - Chapter 1 - LJ/AO3 | 2 - LJ/AO3 | 3 - LJ/AO3 | 4 - LJ/AO3 | 5 - LJ |AO3

Part 2 - Prophets - Chapter 1 - LJ/AO3

Part 2 - Chapter 2

(read on AO3)
A/N: This is when I start going slightly canon-divergent. Hopefully you guys like what I end up doing... also, my apologies for the shorter chapter this week. We'll return to regular length chapters next week. :)

Harry called Kevin again the next morning to check in. Harry had tried to track the Winchester’s down through Phil O’Shaughnessy once again. He regretted the fact that Phil’s tracking spell on the Impala had long since worn off.  Phil got back in touch and told Harry that there had been a strange event at a muggle hospital in Randolf, NY, and that it looked like the Winchesters may have been there, but there was no trace of them now, and none of his tracking spells were working, so wherever they were, they were well warded.

“Kevin?” Harry called for a second time.

“Harry! They’re back!” Kevin answered before his face even came into focus. “They came in this morning – they’ve got Crowley in the dungeon.”


“Yeah, I know, right?” Kevin said. “They said that they needed him for information though, but then after that I can kill him.”


“It was just like you said, as soon as they came in, the Bunker went back to normal – so I guess the door needed to be opened from the outside?” Kevin concluded.

Harry blinked in confusion and then tried to parse what Kevin had just said – “they” – Kevin had said “they.”

“Sam’s alive?” Harry asked.

“Yeah,” Kevin confirmed. “I guess Dean stopped him in time. He looks fine.”

“Can I talk to them?” Harry asked.

“They went out, because of some military bus. I have to figure out if there’s a way to reverse Metatron’s spell,” Kevin replied. “Oh hey, what happened after the 1950s? The records here only go up that far – that Grindelwald stuff was messed up.”

“I’ll have Hermione send you some books,” Harry said. “Could you tell Sam or Dean to call me when they get back.”

“Yeah, sorry, I guess I should have told them that already, but you know – they brought Crowley here, HERE! I can’t believe they-”

A ringing phone cut Kevin’s rant off.

“It’s Dean,” Kevin said. “I better get this. I’ll tell him to call you.”

Then Kevin must have closed the mirror, because Harry was staring back at his own face again.

At least Dean and Sam were alive and Kevin wasn’t trapped in the Bunker anymore.


Kevin didn’t talk to Harry through the mirror again after that second time. He overheard Dean talking to Harry, telling him Sam was fine, before moving on to talking about the current problems with angels and who exactly Metatron was and what it meant. It was all stuff Kevin already knew, so he largely tuned it out.

He was far more interested in the books that Hermione sent. Now that Sam and Dean realized that Kevin had met Harry, they requested some of the books that Hermione had given them back when they first discovered the Wizarding World. They laughed when Kevin jumped with surprise when a blue bag appeared in the middle of the library table as though it had always been there.  They left him to read while they went to go find Cas – though Dean told him not to get too distracted from translating the tablet.

Kevin didn’t know who Hermione was, besides a friend of Harry’s, but he liked her just based off the note she sent with the books – which indexed them in a suggested reading order and rated each book in both helpfulness and historical accuracy. As he read the histories though, he grew to like her even more – and was maybe even a little star-struck.

He wrote out a thank you letter and got Sam and Dean to show him how the bag worked so that he could send it to her. She immediately replied that it was no trouble at all and if he needed anything to let her know – she apparently loved any excuse to visit a bookstore or a library, so if he needed something she didn’t have on hand, that was no trouble either.

So, when Kevin managed to translate the tablet into a dead language, he figured it wouldn’t hurt to ask. After all, Crowley had known how to read it – perhaps there was some old wizard somewhere who also knew the language. It was a while before she got back to him, but when she did, she sent him an old book of “ancient magicks” about spells from different ancient civilizations, another book called “The Language of Magic”, and then a letter explaining how spell work often changed language slightly, so it wouldn’t necessarily be an exact translation, but that the purpose of the spells might shed light on the meaning of the words that were said to perform them.

He was just about to delve into teaching himself some Wizarding linguistics, when Dean ordered him to find a spell that would allow them to talk to a possessed person and Kevin got a bit sidetracked. When he needed the library tables to spread out Men of Letter’s files and books, he ended up putting Hermione’s books and his own translations back into the blue bag and tucking it into the corner of the room.

Eventually he found a spell that seemed to satisfy Dean, who was getting weirder every day, and so he figured it was probably safe to return to the other work that Dean desperately wanted him to do at the expense of all else in his life. But first, Kevin decided, he was due for a celebratory sandwich.

There was new beer in the fridge, so that answered the question of where Sam had been while Dean had been getting weirder. Maybe Dean’s weirdness was why Sam was going out so much lately. Kevin kind of wished that he could go out – and not just to a warded hotel room in Branson. Though, at least the hotel room had a window. Maybe Sam was going out so much because the Bunker didn’t have any windows. Were it not for the coffee maker, Kevin wouldn’t even know what time of day it was.

Kevin didn’t know why Dean was being so weird, so that was still an unsolved mystery. He made his way back to the library, eating as he went. He took out the tablet and his original notes on it first, just in case he needed to verify any of his translations – and as he was crossing the room to get the blue bag, he saw Sam come in from wherever he and Dean had momentarily disappeared to – probably the store-room, so Dean could show Sam the spell.

“Hey Sam,” Kevin greeted. “Oh hey, do you notice anything off about Dean lately? Between you and me, I’m a little bit worried about him.”

Sam walked right over to him – Kevin was immediately even more worried. Maybe there really was something wrong with Dean.

“Don’t worry about Dean,” Sam said, in a sort of weird monotone. “Dean will be fine.”

Then Sam reached out a hand, just as Dean ran in from the direction of the storeroom –

Kevin scrambled out of Sam’s reach. They had BOTH come in from the direction of the store-room – and they were both acting strange, but only one of them had asked Kevin for a spell to speak to the possessed.

Sam – not Sam – just kept walking towards him and Kevin realized that he was cornered between the low book shelf and the wall and there was no escape.

“No!” Dean yelled out as Sam – not Sam – raised his hand again, but he paused and flung out the other hand with a cold look to Dean, sending Dean flying back into the wall by the doorway. Kevin frantically looked for an escape while whoever was in Sam was distracted. He might be able to climb over the bookcase, but there was a sword in the way-

There was a sword. Kevin grabbed it and swung it blindly at Sam’s body catching him in the arm. The next thing Kevin knew, he was pushed by an invisible force into the bookcase, hard enough to not be stopped by the bookcase, but go through it, the breath knocked out of him and what felt like every bone in his back broken, the sword clattered to the ground out of reach.

“Kevin!” Dean yelled. Kevin was in too much pain to respond, he tried to move, but couldn’t – he couldn’t even breathe.

The thing that was wearing Sam picked up the sword and walked over. For a moment, Kevin thought he might actually look apologetic, but Kevin was probably just desperate to have Sam resurface and save him. Instead, the thing that was not Sam raised the sword with a bloody arm – bloody but no longer bleeding, and said, “This will work too.”

“No!” Dean yelled, and Kevin had a panicked surge of adrenaline strong enough that he was able to fling his upper body just a little to the side. The blade went through the upper left of his chest instead of the centre, he screamed as it entered and he turned his head away from the sight – eyes falling on the blue bag tucked neatly against the wall beside him. With the last strength he had, Kevin flung his right arm out to grab hold of it, just as Sam pulled the sword out of him in order to try again.

Portus,” Kevin whispered and then everything got worse.


Dean couldn’t move – he strained against the invisible force that held him, even though he knew it was useless. Kevin’s last scream still echoed through the Bunker. The angel that was not Ezekiel looked angry at Kevin’s disappearance, throwing the sword against the broken book case.

“Why?” Dean asked.

“I’m sorry about Kevin, but ultimately it’s for the best. I did what I had to.”

Dean watched as the angel grabbed the tablets from the table, slipping them into Kevin’s bag.

From the open room behind his back, Dean heard Hermione’s voice calling for him from the closed mirror. The angel’s eyes widened at this and he stormed past Dean to answer the call.

“Hermione!” Dean heard the angel say in a perfect imitation of Sam. “Kevin?! Is he-”

“Sam!” Hermione cried, “oh god – what’s happened?!”

“Hermione!” Dean tried to warn her, but almost immediately the force pressing him against the wall increased to the point where it was even hard to breath.

“We were attacked,” the angel said, matching Hermione’s frantic tone – pretending to be Sam. “Dean and I killed it, but Kevin – is he alright?!”

Dean could hear Hermione sobbing, and he knew before she even answered. Something very horrible had to have happened to get Hermione that worked up.

“Kevin’s dead,” Hermione confirmed. “The bag was never meant to transport people, Sam – oh god, it’s horrible-“

“I’m sorry,” the angel said, and it actually sounded like he meant it. Dean hated him. “Can you send his body back?”

“Can I- What-” Hermione started to say, but was cut off by child’s scream. “Oh God, Rose! Don’t look!” Hermione yelled, and then she must have closed the mirror, because there was just deafening silence in the Bunker suddenly, before Dean heard Sam’s footsteps ascend the metal stairs.

As soon as the angel left the building, Dean was released from his invisible restraints. He fell to the floor, eyes falling on the broken bookshelf, the blood left pooled on the floor. He wondered what the wards had done to Kevin’s body.

Dean pushed himself to his feet and walked into the other room. The mirror lay on the table.  Dean had always just assumed the mirror was only for contacting Harry. It was all he had ever used it for. Usually, when they wanted to talk to Hermione, they did so through letters sent in the portkey bag or using the little portkey stamps that Hermione sometimes sent.

“Hermione?” Dean tried, but nothing happened.

“Harry?” Dean asked. The mirror’s surface fogged and Harry’s face came into view.

“Dean? What’s going on? I just got a frantic call from Hermione saying that Kevin-”

“I know,” Dean interrupted, because he didn’t think he could stomach hearing the world again. He didn’t think he actually wanted to know what the wards did to Kevin. “Listen, whatever – whatever’s left of him, you have to salt and burn him, okay? The kid deserves...” Dean blinked back tears as he tried to swallow against the lump in his throat. “He deserves a proper hunter’s funeral.”

“Dean...” Harry said. “What happened? Do you need my help?”

“No, no,” Dean shook his head. “No, I uh, I got this... Sam... uh, we got this. I just, tell Hermione I’m sorry. This is on me and I’m sorry.”

Dean hung up before Harry could reply. This was his fault and he’d get Sam back on his own. He didn’t deserve the help anymore than Kevin deserved to be dead.

Chapter 3
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