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Sam's Chicago Blue (Plaid) Shirt

Sam's Chicago Blue (Plaid) Shirt

This shirt looks to be one that the wardrobe department has dyed dark blue/violet, but that used to be a very light subtle plaid. You can still see the faint striping in the collar and on the pocket. I know the wardrobe department dyes plaid shirts dark blue, because as I type this I am currently wearing one such shirt that I bought at a SPN wardrobe sale at the studio. Much like Sam’s other shirts, this one also does up with snaps, in this case, the snaps are white (another clue that this was possibly once a much lighter coloured shirt.)


Sam wears this shirt for the entire episode of Bloodlines (9x20).

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May. 24th, 2015 11:29 pm (UTC)
I did not know they died shirts blue! That's kind of hilarious after all the times you got annoyed with him having 5000 blue shirts. It works for me because blue is my favorite color, and combined with his hoodie I get to have Ravenclaw colors (Sammy and I are both Ravenclaws so this makes me happy, shhh don't judge) but it seems like more work than is really necessary. Maybe they get bored.
May. 24th, 2015 11:40 pm (UTC)
They've had ONE wardrobe sale that I've known about in the past 10 years... Usually shows only have wardrobe/set sales when they are done filming completely, but SPN had amassed so much extra stuff that they did one about two years ago just to get rid of their extras. Because of that, most of the boys' stuff wasn't at the sale at all - though missyjack/SuperWiki, through her friend in SPN's VFX team, DID score Sam's Whippet Shirt, for which I am eternally envious.

I got some costume shirts - Sam's IT shirt from It's a terrible life. Cooper's Carnival shirts. Truman High shirts, Hell Hazers II: The Reckoning shirts. Plus just some plaid shirts that were nice looking (like the dyed blue one) but weren't necessarily worn by the boys.

And yeah, they dye shirts blue. I know from an interview with the wardrobe department that SuperWiki did, that the wardrobe often tries to dress Sam and Dean in either complimentary or contrasting colours, depending on the story - which is I think why Sam ends up in so much blue. Dean is the one who wears browns most often, so, in the case of the shirt I bought - it was a brown shirt dyed blue. So, I think wardrobe sees and buys a shirt that's the right style for Sam, and then they dye it to be the right colour for Sam too. Or at least, that's my theory.
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