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Dean's Dark Jacket

Dean's Dark Jacket

It reminds me a lot of Dean’s Blue Lightweight Jacket, except that it’s much too dark and the snaps are on the other side of the front opening.  This new jacket is black. It does up with large snaps that look either brass or silver, depending on the lighting. It’s got two front breast pockets that also and two snaps at the cuffs.

Brand: Dakota - Fleece-Lined Duck Jac Shirt in black


In Road Trip (9x10), Dean wears this jacket to Kevin’s funeral and then back to the bunker, where he has an emotional breakdown.

In First Born (9x11), Dean wears this coat for the entire episode.

In Girls, Girls, Girls (10x07), Dean wears this jacket after he discovers that his hook-up is working with a demon. He takes it off briefly to done a suit in order to investigate the restaurant where Rowena has killed the waiter, but other than that he wears it for the rest of the episode.

In Book of the Damned (10x18), Dean wears this jacket in the car on the way to meet Charlie. He takes it off once they get down to researching, and then wears it again when he leaves in a huff to go pick up snacks.

In Our Little World (11x05), Dean is wearing this coat when he comes back from disposing of the demon’s boy. He promptly takes it off as he enters the hotel room. He wears it again when he and Sam go to the abandoned asylum in the hopes of killing Amara.

In Safe House (11x16), Dean wears this coat at the beginning of the episode in the diner, and at the end of the episode when he and Sam attempt to rid the house of the monster.

In Celebrating the Life of Asa Fox (12x06), Dean wears this coat to the wake and for the rest of the episode.

In Ladies Drink Free (12x16), Dean wears this coat at the beginning of the episode when they are in the BMoL headquarters, and when they are in the hotel room after Claire has gotten bitten – and from that point, wears it for the rest of the episode.

In Let the Good Times Roll (13x23), Dean wears this coat whenever he is outside the Bunker, except for a brief scene when he is still wearing it after Sam and he have returned to find Jack has left with Lucifer. (He has taken it off by the time Sam has finished speaking with the newly resurrected Maggie).  Michael ditches the coat once he has stolen Dean.

In Lebanon (14x13), the coat, or another version of it, might make a reappearance as the coat that Dean wears whenever he is not inside the Bunker.

FATE: In Let the Good Times Roll (13x23), Dean is wearing this coat when Michael steals him. Given Michael’s very different taste in fashion, it is likely that Michael would not keep the coal.

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