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Quick Reaction: 10x15 The Things They Carried


I haven't been drinking this week - BUT, I am EXHAUSTED. And since studies show that exhaustion has the same level of "intoxication" as heavy drinking does... this review will probably be just as incoherent as usual! Woo!

So, let's jump right in....

This episode should have the alternative title of "The BDSM Porn Writes Itself" - my goodness. Let me know what the ship name is, eh? Is it Dole or Cean? Personally, I'd go with Cean, since Dole makes me think of Bob Dole and that is not sexy.

But, I'm getting ahead of myself...

We start with the girl strung up and the army boots coming for her - and I got super worried that it was Cole and he had turned into his father. I like Cole, and I don't want them to kill him - which only means that they inevitably will, of course.

But nope! Some other dude!

Dean wants to go investigate the case, Sam is reluctant - is he afraid Dean's going to go MoC-crazy and kill a bunch of people? Or is Sam just doing the hyper-focused thing where he wants to stay with the myth-arc?

Anyway, they do head off...  Dean stops Sam from looking up MoC stuff, because he's lost all hope for the future already. This episode was VERY reminiscent of Season 3 for me, I gotta say. Both in Dean trying to get Sam to stop trying to save him, and also in Sam getting down on himself for not saving one of the victims and taking that as an ill portent for his ability to save Dean.

There HAS to be some point the writers are making about Dean and food in this season... is it that when he's overeating things are good? Or is that bad? That's the bit I haven't been able to figure out yet.

Anywho, after investimigations (and a little bit of birthday cake), we find out that the murderer guy was an veteran who then commited suicide, and his wife just thought he had some weird form of PTSD. Uh, lady? You might want to google PTSD symptoms, because excessive thirst and dry skin are definitely not on that list.

They go to talk to her friend, and discover that her husband has also been acting super weird... and she's also chalking it up to PTSD. Uh... guys? Really?

Now, I'm making fun, but the fact of the matter is that I kind of love that they brought up PTSD in a Supernatural episode - because Sam and Dean have had PTSD since they were KIDS - and I like when they directly parallel that.

(On another note - Army Wife #2 (Jemma) had a really crazy 1950/60's "modern" decorated house. It's amazing. I'm thinking maybe it was an army rental.

Of course, the biggest surprise awaits Sam and Dean when they get outside and Cole is waiting by the Impala!! COLE! *smishes him* He looks so wittle next to Sam and Dean... he's kinda adorable for a 40-something man pretending to be a 20-something man.

Turns out, Kit (our monster and victim #3) is Cole's best friend..., oh dear... "So, Cole, you remember how I killed someone you loved that one time and you got angry...well, uh, you're not going to like this, but...."

Cole is willing to hear the Winchesters out though - now that he knows the truth about the supernatural world... but the deal is that he comes with them while they investigate (and he helps), so that he can keep an eye on them and hopefully save Kit rather than kill him.

Meanwhile, Kit drinks a bunch of water at a gas-n-sip and kills one of the clerks... while the other one stands there and doesn't run away, which is weird, but DOES at least manage to call the cops once his co-worker has been brutally murdered infront of him.

The good news is that Cole has a friend who REALLY shouldn't have passed their security clearance check... but ah well... the point is that they send him classified information because he asks nicely. So, while the Winchester's stop at "Sammy's Highway Cafe" (Maybe it wasn't "cafe", but it was "Sammy's HIghway somethingorother"), Cole shows them a video of a POW rescue that failed that both their monsterous killers were part of.... then Sam gets the alert on his phone about Kit's shenanigans and lunch time is over.

Really, what I love about this episode is that it's very much outsider-POV. I mean, yes, Cole knows a LITTLE about Sam and Dean, but this is really him discovering their world... discovering what it's like to be them and what their lives are like. I eat fic like that up, so it's great to see it on the show.

Jemma calls and suggests they try the hunting cabin... but Cole is super reluctant to allow the Winchesters anywhere close to where Kit might be. So, he tries to bluff them into dropping him back at Jemma's... It was a double-bluff though! The Winchesters totally knew Cole was going to go out and find KIt on his own.

Originally, I thought it was a double bluff in that Jemma had lied to Cole too and that Kit was actually at his house - but nope! I was wrong.

To the cabin! Where Cole tries to warn Kit about Sam and Dean and get him to come quietly so that maybe Cole can figure out how to save him... it is far too late though, and kit attacks him... and that's when we find out what we're dealing with... it's another Khan-worm type thing.

I actually love that they brought that "type" of monster back - because all the other monsters Eve created back in S6 were variations on things we knew (shifters, wraiths, vampires...etc), but we had never seen anything like the Khan-worm. But I like the idea that there ARE worm/parasitic monsters out there, they just aren't native to the US and haven't found their way there yet.

Kit's become an inhospitable vessel (and also has more than one worm in him) and he spits one of his worms out into Cole's mouth - UGH, super gross!!

The Winchesters bust in to save the day - but Kit gets away.

Cole's been parasited and he knows it (which is nice) and so debate what to do. Cole is on board for trying electricution, like they did with Bobby... so, Sam runs off to find Kit and leaves Dean behind with Cole. Dean seems not on board with this plan, and I can't help but think that he might also be worried about the possibility that he might go kill-crazy if he has to kill Cole. I think part of the reason Kit ran off into the woods is because Dean was trying very hard not to kill him - unless I'm remembering wrong.

Anyway, this is where things get REALLY porny - because Cole kinda seems like he might be enjoying the electricution, even though he's probably going to give himself permanent cardiac arrhythmia. The electricution doesn't seem to work though - and Dean puts the kibosh on that plan. Instead, he thinks it out and decides that the parasite must hate dry-conditions and will seek out a more damp host - so Dean turns the cabin into a sweat lodge....

...then he drinks sexy bottled water infront of Cole... who continues to say vaguely porny things to him. LIke, "You haven't had a chance to see me chill" and "will you do me the honour of tying me to this chair?"

(And yes, it's a little weird when you consider the fact that Dean was 22 when Cole was 13... but now they are roughly 25 and 34 and that's not so bad, and Cole is actually played by an actor who is older than Dean, so it's not that squicky.)

In between the porn though, there's some great commentary from Cole on the fact that Sam and Dean do just as hard a job (if not harder) as Cole did in the military, but that where Cole gets metals, Sam and Dean get the very people they're protecting hating them and trying to kill them. And it's actually a nice bonding episode between Dean and Cole...

Cole keeps calling him Deano though, which is slightly odd, since that's usually only what bad guys call Dean.

(My friend thought that what they SHOULD have done was trying to drink alcohol - that would both dehydrate AND keep the porny atmosphere)

Cole starts giving up, but Dean pep talks him a LOT into never giving up - into fighting it every step of the way - and I think that's a good sign for Dean.

Cole also starts having his own daddy-issues, since he feels like he's turning into a monster just like his dad.

Eventually, it gets to be too much and it's attack time. Thankfully, the worm IS trying to abandon Cole's body and go for Dean's wetter one (so kinky)... so Dean is able to knock it to the ground and stomp on it.

Sam's not so lucky. He's able to save Jemma from Kit once and tie him up... and then explain things to Jemma - but then when Kit escapes, Sam's attacked and his hand is forced. I gotta say though, there was a moment where Sam's gun looked like it went off when Kit knocked his gun-hand into the wall - and I honestly thought that Sam had accidentally shot Jemma. Wouldn't that have just been the worst? Dean calls Sam to see how he did, and Sam's standing there with TWO dead bodies?! Maybe that's why when Dean did call and it was just Kit who was dead, I was like "oh, well, that's not so bad then."

But, the truth of the matter is that Sam is devastated - once again, reminiscent of S3, he's convinced that his failure to save Kit indicates a failure to every save anyone ever - including Dean.

The good news is that even though he killed Cole's best friend, Cole understands and isn't going to swear vengence and hunt him down.

Cole isn't going to become a hunter either - he's going to go home to his family and hope to never see Sam and Dean again. Which is good... Cole is one of those characters where I'd love if he stuck around, but I also don't want him to die. It's hard being a Supernatural fan sometimes.

So, there's probably other stuff to talk about, but I'm seriously about to pass out. Let me know what you thought or desperately want to talk about in comments!
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