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Rewatch S9: Do You Believe in Miracles? (9x23)


Woo! Just in time for the current season to come back from Spring Hiatus.

Let's get to it...

Carry On Wayward Son is still an awesome unofficial theme song for this show. I love how organically it arrived at that status.

Anyway, this season ends on a horribly bleak note... so, fun times are ahead for us in this rewatch....

Dean: "The hell if you think I'm riding the pine on this one, you guys."
Sam: "Look, something is wrong with you, Dean, and until we figure out what, this is where you have to stay..."

- Sam's voice cracks at the beginning of that sentence and it's a little heartbreaking.

Also heart breaking is Dean yelling "Sam... Sammy!" as Sam locks him in the dungeon.

And Gadreel has run away, and Dean is barfing up blood... I will say though that Jensen knows how to act when barfing, because he doesn't just do the initial vomit and then stop, he does the dry-heave gagging that follows too (which is the worst part of vomiting, in my opinion.)

Neil: "Metatron.... Metatron!... God?"
Metatron: "Just a second."

- *rolls eyes*

Neil: "That the new angel handbook you're working on or...?"
Metatron: "No, no, no, this is a story, Neil. A marvelous story full of love and heartbreak and love..."
Neil: "Sort of like the Notebook? I love the Notebook."

- I think I kind of love Neil... I mean, he's an angel named NEIL to begin with and he's just... adorable.
- But, on a more serious note - Metatron fascinates me, because he's someone obsessed with reading and writing stories, which is SUPPOSED to make you a more empathetic person... except that Metatron seems to have gone the other way with it and become kind of a sociopath. Or, rather, he HAS empathy, but he uses it to manipulate without sympathy. I guess, yeah, it's the difference between empathy and sympathy, and the fact that Metatron is empathetic without being sympathetic, which makes him a goddamn asshole.

Metatron: "And all other angels in Heaven and on Earth will here me?"
Neil: "You and only you. The signal blocks out all other voices on Angel Radio."

- I've spoken before about how I hate that angels themselves have started to refer to their communicaation as "angel radio" and I AM kind of annoyed that they've taken it to the point where Neil has just installed a short-wave radio for Metatron's use... it's just a very very literal interpretation of what DEAN escentially nicknamed the angelic communication. But, hey, what are you going to do, and it DOES end up surving a great purpose in this episode that I don't mind that much, so I guess I'll just suck it up.

I didn't realize before that Gadreel was driving a stolen black classic car he fled the Bunker... but then he pulled it over to the side of the road when he was dying, so that he could die in some shrubbery instead of crashing the car... awww... I love him.

Gadreel: "Please, I'll leave you alone, I swear."
Castiel: "We're not here to hurt you."
Gadreel: "No, your grace, healing me will only weaken you."

- Ugh, my heart hurts so much already. I just really like Gadreel and I DON'T WANT HIM TO DIE. Adele's "We could have had it all" line is already playing on repeat in my head...

Cas: "Where is he going, what does he want?"
Gadreel: "I'm afraid - Humanity."

- Because, of course, being God of the Angels isn't enough - if you truly want to be God, you've got to be the God of Humanity too.
- Also, it makes me wonder if Metatron killing Gadreel's "special-ops" team was the final straw, or if this plan was - Gadreel is actually closer to the original angelic mission than any of the other angels. He's been punished for millenia for breaking that code in the Garden... you'd think he'd cling to the principle harder after that and try not to fail it again.

How did Dean get the bookcase open to get at the supplies? Why do they keep demon summoning supplies in the dungeon?! That just seems like a poor practice.

Dean: "What the hell's happening to me, you son of a bitch?"
Dean: "I can't turn it off... [...] I get this high and I need to kill. I mean, I really, really, need to kill... or-"
Crowley: "Or you yak your guts out. It's the Mark."

- And here we start unraveling what Crowley knows and when.

Crowley: "...the more you kill the better you feel, the less you kill the less better you feel."
Dean: "How much less better?"
Crowley: "One would imagine the least best better."
Dean: "So, dead."

- So, Crowley knew that this would happen - that the power would make Dean feel good when he was killing and start killing him if he wasn't killing...

Dean: "Cain had the Mark and he didn't die."
Crowley: "Cain was a demon. Your body's not strong enough to contain the Blades power."
Dean: "What if I got rid of it?"
Crowley: "Do you want to get rid of it?"
Dean: What I want is Metatron..."

- But here, the way Crowley says "do you want to get rid of it..." is very much a false kindness tone of voice, IMO. His tone of voice is conveying the message that he sympathizes with Dean, that he understands how Dean is feeling... but his question is very much leading Dean AWAY from the idea of getting rid of the Mark or fighting it's effects. I mean, you ask a drug addict (who is in withdrawal) if they want to stop taking drugs, that's a complicated answer... even if they want to live a happy life and not be addicted to drugs - they also really really want to take drugs right in that moment... there's probably not much else they can think about.

Gadreel: "What's that smell?"
Sam: "Sulfer"

- Uh, Gadreel... I think you should probably recognize demonic sulfer smell... but hey, maybe you haven't been around demons that much in your long life of angel prison, so who am I to judge.

Gadreel: "So, what Dean cut me with - that was the First Blade?"
- I keep forgetting that Gadreel doesn't know what Sam and Dean have been up to since he left them in Road Trip.

Cas: "Hear him out, Sam"
Sam: "Oh right, excuse me, sorry guys. Sorry I'm not eager to hear that our best chance is arming the warhead and hoping that it hits the mark. This is not a bomb we're talking about, this is my brother."

- Firstly, I know the situation sucks and everything is dire, but I LOVE Sam working with two angels.
- Secondly, I also love that Sam's issue here is Dean's safety. The sad thing is that he's right to be concerned and, sadly, Gadreel and Cas can't keep their promise to help Dean be successful.

And Metatron is setting up his miracles to perform...

Crowley gives Dean a hard time for not ordering more from the waitress, but then he himself doesn't order anything! Such a hypocrite.

Crowley: "You never get tired of the rat race? Never get the urge to just bugger off and howl at the moon? Never ask yourself 'is this it? Is this all there is?"
- And here we get Crowley beginning his campaign to woo Dean to his side... so, at this point, he's seen Dean fail to order the cheeseburger in the first place, but he hasn't actually seen him refuse to eat it. Which, he later claims, is the moment he had it CONFIRMED that Dean was becoming a demon. But we see here, even without that confirmation moment, Crowley already highly suspects that Dean is becoming a demon... which means that Crowley most likely knew from the very beginning that Dean was on that path.
- I'm also interested in HOW Crowley is wooing Dean... he's attacking what he sees as Dean's most likely weakspot - the crushing weight of responsibility that has been on his shoulders since he was 4. I mean, yes, it started off as responsibility for Sam, but by the time Dean is in his twenties, we know that it's responsibility for all "innocent" people - to keep all of humanity safe. So, Crowley, of course, decides that there's a good chance that Dean is weary of carrying that burden and could possibly find Crowley appealing if Crowley represented an opportunity to escape it. By some measure, this campaign is successful, but we'll talk about that when I do my S10 rewatch next year.

Crowley: "I kicked human blood, you know."
Dean: "So you're a full-metal douche again? Well that's fantastic. Would you like a stuffed bear?"

- I just love that "would you like a stuffed bear?" line.

Crowley: "Just trying to make conversation."
Dean: "How's hell, Crowley?"
Crowley: "Hell's fine. Hell's like a Swiss watch. Don't worry about Hell... Hell's complicated."
Dean: "Game of Thrones is complicated. Shower sex - that's complicated. Hell ain't complicated. Your problem is you."

- Again, I love the "shower sex - that's complicated" line.. because it is. Shower is really for foreplay only, unless you've got a bench in there (IMO anyway).

Gadreel: "So you said you had a plan - how we might convince them to let us pass."
Cas *holds up handcuffs*: "Wookie."
Gadreel: "Brother, I have no idea what that means."
Cas: "It's a reference to a very popular film that- nevermind."

- WE COULD HAVE HAD IT ALLLLLLLLLLLLL........... seriously, Cas and Gadreel!! I'd LOVE to have them actually work together more - just imagine episodes of them going around being adorably literal about everything. Ugh, I remember back when S9 started, and I got super hopeful that maybe Sam would get an angel friend out of all this - that Dean would have Cas and Sam would end up with "Ezekiel".. but no. And Tahmoh is just so awesome in this roll, and I really just wanted there to be a way for Gadreel to redeem himself WITHOUT dying so that we could have had future scene with him. Sam could explore the theme of forgiveness... Castiel could have an overly literal friend. But this is Supernatural, I really should have seen all the death and sadness coming a mile off and not gotten my hopes up in the first place.

Sam: "I just thought you'd like to know that while you two have been playing Odd Couple, you're real friends - like Cas, like the angel you stabbed, Gadreel - they're out there right now risking their asses to help you win this fight."
Dean: "What the hell you talking about?"

- It's interesting because, really, Cas and Sam don't have any choice BUT to try to help Dean, once Dean escapes the Bunker. I mean, I suppose they could recapture him, but supposing that they weren't sure if that was possible - really, the only thing they could do was make sure that Dean was successful in his objective.
- It's also interesting because Dean hasn't even thought of the fact that he might NEED help, that Metatron MIGHT be super-powered (even though Dean has already had evidence that he is)... Dean is high off the Blade and the Blade and the Blade makes him feel like he has no choice but to be sucessful and, therefore, he will be. Or maybe Dean figures that since he's dying anyway, he might as well go out fighting... Maybe this is Dean's self-sacrifice from the beginning, and the reason he knocks out Sam is to keep from taking Sam with him when he goes.

Sam: "A fight, I might add, you made that much more complicated when you decided to stab the one angel who could actually get us to Metatron!"
Dean: "You mean the angel that took you for a joy ride. The angel that slaughtered Kevin - that angel?!"
Sam: "Who you let in the front door in the first place! You tricked me, Dean, and now I'm the one that wakes up in the middle of the night seeing MY hands killing Kevin - not you! So please, when you say you don't want to explain anything to me. Don't. I get it."

- So, the arguments this season are pretty layered, but let's try to break this down... Dean is questioning how Sam could disapprove of Dean trying to kill Gadreel - when Gadreel possessed Sam and murdered Kevin. Implying, perhaps indirectly, that Sam is wrong for "forgiving" him. Dean himself cannot forgive those crimes. Sam, in turn, points out that they're actually Dean's crimes, thanks to his trickery... but more than that, Dean has to recognize that Dean's not the only one that has to deal with the guilt of Kevin's death - that Sam has to live with that too, because it was his hands that killed Kevin.
- But, and this is the very important part of Sam's speech, BECAUSE Sam feels the guilt of Kevin's death, he understands that Dean does as well - he "gets it." Sam, in this sentence, is actually forgiving Dean for attacking Gadreel just after Sam yelled at him for it, and he's also saying that he understands Dean's obsessive drive to kill Metatron (who is ultimately responsible for Kevin's death - since Gadreel wouldn't have killed Kevin had he not been seduced by Gadreel.)

Sam: "And I also get that Metatron has to go. And I know you're our best shot to do that."
- Now, despite what I said above, Sam's voice and eyes completely change when he finishes with this line. Personally, I interpret both the pause before this line AND the tone change, as Sam carefully saying a sentencet that he knows Dean wants to hear, but that Sam doesn't actually agree with. If Castiel and Gadreel are successful in breaking Metatron's connection with the angel tablet, then Metatron is just an ordinary angel - ANYONE could kill him, they don't actually need Dean. BUT, the only way to keep Dean CLOSE to Sam, the only way to keep an eye on him, is to let Dean believe that Dean is RIGHT and that Sam agrees with his plan.

Dean: "I'm going to take my shot for better or worse."
Sam: "I know."
Dean: "No matter the consequences."
Sam: "I know, but if this is it, we're going to do it together."

- And we really do see that Sam knows the full implication of what Dean is saying - and also, that he probably knows exactly what the outcome of the fight is going to be - either that Dean dies, or that the Mark continues to change him and make him more dangerous. Sam's plea for them to do it together, I think, is as much a plea to stay close to Dean so that he may perhaps thwart that end, as it is for Sam to possibly die alongside Dean so as to not have to live without him. I don't think that second possibility is that far fetched, given that Sam was suicidal only a year ago... well, actually six months ago, since as soon as Gadreel stopped possessing him and making him feel like life was okay, Sam went right back to thinking the world would be better without him in it. As much as I believe Sam was being honest when he told Dean in 9x13 that he would never go against his will to save him, I also believe that Sam doesn't want to live without Dean anymore than Dean wants to live without Sam.

Crowley: "Excuse me - I'm not exactly Demon Minion #3 here. As the kids say, I've got mad skills."
Dean: "Look, I don't know what you expected here, okay, and I don't really care - but you wanted off the hamster wheel - get off."
Crowley: "Guess I've been Winchestered."

- It's interesting here, because we see that Dean DID here Crowley when Crowley was talking about howling at the moon in the diner. Dean didn't see it as Crowley poking at Dean's secret desires though - Dean saw it as Crowley projecting his own. That Crowley was tired of te rat race and wanted to avoid the responsibility of Hell, or, the Dean's responsibility of saving people.
- What's also really interesting is Dean referring to his life as "the hamster wheel" - you know, something that you can run a hard as you want on, but you are never going to get anywhere.
- Third and finale thing - Crowley's obsession with the fact that he's convinced that the Winchesters just use people until they don't need them anymore and then those people get killed or casually discarded... which really isn't the case. Most often, people are taken from the Winchester's against their wills, and when they aren't, they aren't discarded at all, but rather cherished (Charlie, Jody) and or the Winchester's keep their distance in order to keep them safe (Kristy, Garth...) It's only demons like Crowley and Meg who are killed when they're not needed anymore or discarded once they're usefulness is over... because the Winchesters hate demons, but also because demons (Ruby and possibly Crowley excepted) hate the Winchesters. So, what Crowley sees as a horrible callous character flaw with the Winchesters is actually very specific to HIM. More than that though, it's also how Crowley has always treated the Winchesters - so in a way, he's projecting. It's like when my mother used to complain that my sister was super rude for picking up the extension when my mother was on the phone in order to tell her something or request the use of the phone... and then when my sister was on the phone, my mother would do the exact same thing to her, while acting like it was a perfectly reasonable thing for her to do. Which one of them started doing it first, I wonder? And did they both do it because the other did? Were they both trying to teach each other a lesson or did they both honestly not realize that they were exhibiting the same behaviour that drove them crazy in the other person?

Also, Gadreel's in a hoodie. A HOODIE! I love him so much.

Gadreel *as he finds himself back in angel prison*: "No no no! Not here!"
- Awww... poor Gadreel.

Red-haired angel is also interesting... and he nearly makes Metatron ruin his own plan - if it hadn't been for the lady interrupting, Metatron probably would have stabbed the red-headed angel and ruined his Messiah image.

Also, I'm fascinated by the fact that the red-headed angel calls Metatron "an abomination" - which, to me, just reminds me of Death calling Castiel a "mutated angel" when Castiel claimed to be God. Metatron is also an angel trying to reach for more power than an angel is supposed to have, so really, he's not that different.

Angel: "I'm sorry that you don't believe me, but I must do what my mission demands - I must protect you."
- We see the foreshadow of the angels returning to their original mission here - that even when he knows that the crowd of humans won't understand, won't look kindly on it, the angel is prepared to protect them anyway - that the mission, more than his personal wellbeing or desires, comes first.

*as the crowd beats the angel to death*
Metatron: "They love me. They really really love me."

- And this is a fantastic commentary on religion, in my opinion - toxic versus healthy religion, specifically. Metatron is pleased that the humans are proclaiming their love for him through violence - and that alone, even if we knew nothing of Metatron's story so far, would tell anyone that he is a toxic god - that the religion he is trying to build will ultimately be a bad one.

It's the rail-bridge in New Westminster! Behind it, you can see the Patello Bridge... I always forget what it's called and call it the Portobello Bridge.

Dean: "Listen, Sammy, about, uh, you know, the last couple of months..."
Sam: "I know. So, before we find something else to fight about, tell me? You ready to gut this bitch?"
*Dean punches Sam*
Dean: "Sorry little brother. It's not your fight."

- You know, sometimes, I wish that Sam wouldn't just say "I know" and would let Dean actually apologize for once - it would go a long way in making their relationship better if they actually let each other say important words, instead of just assuming they knew what those words were. Even if they're RIGHT, it's more of a confirmation to hear that you're right then to assume you are but not actually know one way or the other... that practice can lead to people believing that, for example, their brother thinks they're a screw-up, or for a more recent example, that their brother wouldn't try to save them if they were dying. It also would go a long way in teaching Dean that you actually have to make sincere apologies for your screw-ups in order to be forgiven for them... rather than just relying on your extremely forgiving brother to eventually sympathize with your miserable plight and forgive you just because having your relationship in shambles is hurting both of you.

Hannah: "So, now I'm supposed to trust an angel who has only ever thought of himself since the Garden..."
- Very interesting take on Gadreel's personality - she's not wrong.

Meanwhile, Gadreel is coming up with a way to kill himself while Castiel and Hannah argue... sigh.

Woman: "In there. Praying for our forgiveness."
Dean: "Forgiveness for what?"
*woman motions to bloody clothes implying a murder took place*
Dean: "Is he now."

- So, the way she phrases that - I always assumed she meant that he was praying for them to be forgiven... but no, she says "our forgiveness" as though Metatron needs forgiving by them... which doesn't make any sense, unless Metatron wanted Dean to think that METATRON killed someone (which he basically did, because he supplied the blade) which would ignite Dean's wrath and righteousness further.

Gadreel: "I sat in this hall for thousands of years, thinking of nothing but redemption, of reclaiming my goodname. I thought of nobody, no cause, other than my own."
Cas: "You've been redeemed, my friend."
Gadreel: "The only thing that matters in the end is the mission - protecting those that would not and cannot protect themselves - the humans. None of us is bigger than that. We will not let our fears, our self-absorption, prevent us from seeing it through, not anymore."
Cas: "No, no of course not."
Gadreel: "Move to the other side of your cell, Castiel, and keep your head down."
Cas: "What are you doing?"
Gadreel: "When they say my name..."
Hannah: "No!"
Gadreel: "....perhaps I won't be the one who let the serpent in..."
Cas: "Gadreel?"
Gadreel: "...perhaps I will be known as one of the many who gave Heaven a second chance."
Cas: "Gadreel?"
Gadreel: "Run, sister."

- Sad times forever.
- So, in the end, Gadreel realized that Metatron was a toxic god, who would only bring suffering to both heaven and humanity - and that went against the base mission of the angels. Gadreel may have only been thinking of redemption and reclaiming his good name since his imprisonment, but the way we (initially) saw him try to achieve that was through being a GOOD angel, though obedience to his original mission, and through good deeds (such as answering Dean's prayer and trying to heal Sam.) So, in the end, Metatron was another corrupting force in Gadreel's life, just as Lucifer had been, convincing Gadreel that he was doing good when he wasn't.
- What hurts me here is that Castiel tells Gadreel that he's already been redeemed before Gadreel even sacrifices anything. Simply by turning against Metatron and recognizing the error of his eays, Castiel believes that Gadreel has redeemed himself. And he has. That's the thing with redemption and forgiveness, you don't actually NEED to sacrifice your life in order to redeem yourself or find forgiveness for your sins - you simply have to be repentant and change your behaviour. (Man, I sound like I'm religious, but I'm really not - the point still stands though... I know the death penalty is popular in the states, but I actually think that the New Testament God is more into rehabilitation.)
- Moreover though, I think the sacrificial redemptive death is the easier way out for Gadreel - and maybe that's why he chose it - but it would have been far more interesting (to me anyway) to see Gadreel rehabilitated - to see him work for, and continue to work on, gaining and maintaining forgiveness and the restoration of his good name. Much like Castiel constantly has to do after all the mistakes that he's made. Basically, I wish the writers had given Gadreel as much of a chance to continue to live as they give Castiel - but then, I guess you can only have so many guilt-ridden angels on this show, and one is enough. Also, it's basically a part of Castiel's character that he's incapable of dying, whereas Gadreel wasn't designed that way.

Gadreel leaves a body though... maybe they'll bring him back somehow... *clings to pathetic hope*

Metatron: "The problem with you, Dean, is the cynicism. Always with the cynicism. Most people [...] they don't want to be saved, they just want something to believe in."
- I just find this line interesting. I can't put my feelings about it into words that well though. I mean, it's one way to view people... but, I think, that Metatron's the cynical one here.

Metatron: "Do you know how much pancake make-up and softlighting it took to get God to work a rope line? He hated it. And you know, humans sense that, so they prayed harder and longer and fought more wars in his name - and for what?! So they could die of malaria, leukemia? And all the while blaming themselves...[...]... you know what? God didn't even know their name! But I do! Because I've walked among them and I can save them."
- I had to look up what a rope line was - apparently it's the velvet rope that separates celebrities from reporters/fans. So, Metatron is talking about God's distaste for interacting with humanity. Metatron frames it as a vanity thing - that God was somehow self-conscious about how he came across (pancake make-up and softlighting.) I'm sure that sounds ridiculous to you guys as much as it does to me - more than likely, God really did wish to remain apart from humanity, but out of a wish for them to develop and learn without intervention. At the very most, if self-consciousness played any roll in it, and if we're still going for the celebrity metaphor, then God may have been worried about being a disappointment - I mean, the dude DOES sit back while people die of diseases, or at the end of rifles, or in gas chambers.... and that sparks a LOT of theological debate - also, depending what theology you subscribe to, there's an element of faith without proof being the stronger test of faith. Metatron says next that he's giving the people "a brand they can believe in" - by giving them the proof that they want from a God... but is that faith? Is that a test of people's ability to do good in the world even if there is no reward or punishment? If you are a God that offers absolute proof or your existence and lays out the rules clearly and everyone belives you - are a god or just dictator with super powers? Anyway... I'm going to stop talking now before I drag North Korea into this.

Metatron: "Are you blaming me for giving them what they want, for giving them a brand they can believe in?"
Dean: "I'm blaming you for Kevin! I'm blaming you for taking Cas' grace... hell, I'm blaming you, for the Cubs not winning the World Series for the past hundred years. Whatever it is, I'm blaming you!"

- Even if Kevin didn't die, I believe Metatron needs to be taken down for making the angels fall - that put everyone on earth in danger and also killed a lot of angels who didn't survive the journey.

Fight! With Metatron telling Dean that Cas and Gadreel have failed - and Dean not caring and going for it anyway.

Metatron: "So you took Abaddon's scalp and then you figured you'd take on little old nebishy me...."
- I'm just going to use this line to talk about something else. I've been reading Mark Watches, as he goes through watching SPN - and it's a ton of fun. Anyway, when Metatron was first introduced, Mark expressed a bit of disappointment that he wasn't Native American... but, to me, it actually makes sense that beings from the Judeo-Christian mythology would have to take vessels from the culture that believes in the Judeo-Christian mythology - so, I think what we actually need is more mediterranians/Middle Easterners... but Europe became such a strong hold of Christianity, that I don't think its too far-fetched that these beings would end up in European-looking meatsuits. At the very least, it doesn't make any sense for Metatron to be Native American, since the Native Americans had a completely different belief system.

And... Dean dies just as Cas figures out where the tablet is.

Sam telegraphs his killing blow too much and Metatron flees. It would have been nice if Sam could have gotten immediate revenge - but then, I suppose it's better for Cas' cause to have Metatron reveal his crimes to Heaven, so that the angels know where his true nature is.

Metatron: "So, Gadreel bites the dust. And the angel tablet - arguably the most powerful instrument in the history of the universe is in pieces... and for what again? Oh, that's right, to save Dean Winchester - that was your goal, right? I mean, you draped yourself in the flag of Heaven, but ultimately it was all about saving one human, right?"
- I know this is a huge Destiel moment, but I don't actually think Metatron is correct here. Castiel, from the very beginning, before Dean got the Mark, before he was ever in danger in this episode, has been trying to take down Metatron - to restore the angels to Heaven... to fix things. The only way to do those things was to destroy the angel tablet. Saving Dean only gave Castiel a tighter timetable.

Metatron: "Well guess what? He's dead too... and you're sitting in my chair."
- But yes, that is a look of complete and utter devastation on Castiel's face - and the fact that he's reigning it in should really have told us that he has a plan for why he's sitting there, why he's just letting Metatron talk.

Dean: "Sammy, you gotta get out of here before he comes back."
- Oh, look, my heart is breaking.

Dean: "Listen to me, it's better this way - the Mark, it's making me into something I don't want to be."
Sam: "The Mark? Don't worry about the Mark, we'll deal with it later..."

- So, here we have Dean telling Sam that he wants to die, in order to avoid being changed by the Mark - and Sam telling him that the Mark is a problem that can be solved. It's different than the premiere, which had Sam choosing to live, but then dying anyway... and accepting that coming death until Dean offered him an alternative.

Dean: "What happened with you being okay with this?"
Sam: "I lied."
Dean: "Ain't that a bitch."

- Okay, so I know Jared actually changed the line here and it was originally something else - something, no doubt, much more wordy that actually made sense... but I have to work with what I'm given, and Jared's line-change is what I'm given.
- Personally, I think this is Sam giving Dean the answer that he wants - he's not about to correct Dean and tell him that he misinterpreted what Sam said, and explain that he wouldn't go against Dean's will to save him. Firstly, because that would lead into a whole debate about what exactly is Dean's will here - he just said he wanted to die - but Sam is convinced that the Mark is a problem they can solve that doesn't have to involve Dean's death. Secondly, and most importantly, Dean is DYING - Sam doesn't have TIME to explain what he meant all those months ago, he doesn't have time to explain that he's also been struggling with suicidal thoughts the last few months and that Dean's had to bare the brunt of Sam's survivors guilt... he doesn't have TIME to say anything besides "I lied." Because he KNOWS that Dean interpreted his words all those months ago to mean "I'd be okay with you dying" and it was fine up until now for Dean to believe that, because Sam was angry at him. But you're usually only angry with those you love in a very superficial way - in that, you don't stop loving them, and you certainly drop that anger whenever your loved one needs you to NOT be angry at them.

Metatron: "You know what your problem is? [...] you didn't read enough. You never learned how to tell a good story."
Castiel: "But you did."

- I love that reveal. Castiel basically just pulled the old con of recognizing that if a character likes to talk - likes to gloat - likes to hear the sound of their own voice and revel in their own perceived brilliance - you can easily use that against them.

Dean: "Sam, hold up. I gotta say something."
Sam: "What?"
Dean: "I'm proud of us."
Sam: "No, no, no, hey... wake up, buddy. Dean! DEAN!"

- It's okay, I didn't need my heart... you can go ahead and rip it out. Yup. Good job.
- Really great final words from Dean though. I love that line.

Hannah: "You're doing the right thing. Letting him live. It's what a leader would do."
Cas: "I'm no leader, Hannah. I never was. I just want to be an angel."

Hannah: "And your grace? What will you do about that? You will die if you don't replenish it."
- Awww, Cas. I do, however, like the fact that Castiel is sticking with his desire to stay OUT of leadership positions.

Oh god, I forgot they played this song... this song does things to my emotions. EMOTIONAL THINGS! Oh god. I can't take it.

The fact that Sam just lays Dean out on his bed, like he's sleeping, rather than dead, just kills me. I mean, he brings him home to his room.

Sam: "Damn it, Crowley, you got him into this mess - you will get him out, or so help me God..."
- Crowley can probably only enter the bunker because Sam summoned him.
- Some people saw this as Sam wanting to make a deal, which was contrary to what he was yelling at Dean about - and contrary to Sam's whole rule about no one making any deals anymore - but it's really just Sam exploring all possible ways. Sam wouldn't sell his soul for Dean, but he'd threaten Crowley for him - and it IS Crowley's fault for manipulating Dean when he was down.

Crowley: "You're brother, bless his soul, is summoning me as we speak - make a deal, bring you back."
- Ah, it's Crowley who thought Sam was making a deal - that's who it was. :P
- But yeah, I really hope Crowley can't get into the bunker without being summoned, otherwise, what good are their wards?

Crowley: ''... you have to believe me, when I suggested you take on the Mark of Cain. I didn't know this was going to happen. Not really. I mean, I might not have told you the entire truth, but I never lied. I never lied, Dean. It's important, it's fundamental."
- This is one thing I like about Crowley. He tends to obey certain rules - self-imposed or otherwise. The way he stresses the fact that he never lied here, reminds me of that - that maybe that's one of his rules. That being said, there's lying, and then there's manipulating the truth. All you have to do is watch the American Cable News programs, or listen to the goddamn current Canadian gov't, and you'll see how dangerous it is to only speak selected truths, or present facts in a manner that is a manipulation of the truth.

Crowley: "But, there is one story about Cain that I might have forgotten to tell you. Apparently, he too was willing to accept death rather than becoming the killer that the Mark wanted him to be. So he took his own life, with the Blade - except, as rumour has it, the Mark never quite let go. You can understand, why I never spoke of this. Why set certain hearts aflutter at meer speculation - it wasn't until you summoned me, no, it wasn't truly until you left the cheeseburger uneaten, that I began to let myself believe. Maybe miracles do come true."
- Basically, what Crowley is saying is that he never lied - but he knew from the very beginning that this was a possibility. He's like a drug company that doesn't list the side-effects. Or cigarette companies in the old days - "Well, yes, our previous customers all developed lung cancer, but that could be a concidence." Of course, in Dean's case, there is only one other person who has had the Mark. Only Cain could have warned Dean ahead of time... and Dean agreed to the Mark before he could. Crowley could have warned him about the possibility, but, it would have been too late really... since Dean agreed to the Mark as soon as Cain offered it.

Crowley: "Listen to me, Dean Winchester, what you're feeling right now, it's not death, it's life, a new kind of life - open your eyes, Dean, see what I see, feel what I feel. Let's go take a howl at that moon."
- It's a great line to end the season on. And a great cliffhanger. I just wish it wasn't so goddamn depressing! :P

And with that, I have finished my S9 Rewatch!!

Now, all that's left for me to do is upload all the S9 clothes and then timeline all of S10.... and then I can have the summer free to, no doubt, start some other ludicous time-consuming project!
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  • New Years Questions

    In the spirit of reflection, I stole these questions from metallidean_girl... usually, on New Years Eve, I used to do a fic-themed recap of the year,…

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