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Well, I didn't do anything today. I was tired from last night, because I didn't get home until 3am from the concert (which ROCKED! WOO!).

It was also "Support the Troops" day, which meant that I had to go to the park and play my saxophone and then listen to a bunch of pipe bands. And man, the RCMP has a sweet pipe band. They wear the red jackets and have a dark blue kilt and white boots, and geez, makes me wish Benton Fraser had been in a pipe band in at least one episode of Due South.

Then I got home and just read fanfic for the afternoon, because I was sleepy and sure as hell didn't feel like cleaning or counting how many photos are in this box of photos that I have to count.

Anyway, I just ate a chocolate bar - which totally goes against the advice that mara_snh  has been kind enough to give me. But the truth is that I have not made peace with the fact that the weekend is over...I mean, I REALLY do not want to go back to work tomorrow. In anycase, I am so tired that I don't really think it matters how much sugar I injust, I will still sleep like the dead as soon as my head hits the pillow.

In other news, I only have to write about a 1/4 of a chapter more and then I can post another chapter of my epic-crossover. Yay! I want to do a two update week this week, if at all possible. Mainly because I absolutely have to get this story finished by August.

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