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Quick Reaction: 10x14 The Executioner's Song

Oh man, that was basically another mid-season finale right there...

So, uh, standard rules apply, blah blah blah... let's just jump into the episode...

Firstly, Phil Sgriccia has been switching up his directorial style. I noticed with the last episode he directed too - he had a few odd shots, during that episode, I wasn't sure whether I liked them or not. I will say with this episode, I LOVED most all of his directorial choices and thought they were fantastic and really added something to the episode. The only thing I didn't like so much was the extended "hand-held" shot before Dean went into see Cain. Maybe it's because I suffer from motion sickness, but long wobbly shots tend to put me off.

The beginning though, was AMAZING!!! The MUSIC! The way the tapping on the doors fit with the beat of the song, and then when Cain came in, the rattling of the chains did the same... really well done, and the lighting was brilliant.

And Asian prison guard! Woot! He was awesome.

The murderer-guy (Tommy?) he has SUCH a Canadian accent though, unless I'm insane.... but seriously, he sounded so Canadian to me that he might as well have been one of the Kids in the Hall. I don't know if they have bit-cast up on IMDB, but if that guy isn't Canadian, then he should think of moving here, because his accent would fit right in.

Anyway, that whole sequence was amazing... how menacing Cain was, the delivery of the line "I bet your wondering if I've come to save you or kill you - the answer is... both." Oh man, Timothy Omundson is PHENOMENAL.

And then we get the Winchesters driving to the prison - and we find out that Sam is a "True Crime" geek and knows how many people different serial killers killed... Was it Sam who recognized the name back in No Exit? I'm totally going to look that up right now...Yup! It totally was! Dean knew he was too, but Sam was the one that recognized his real name.

ANnnnnnnnnnyway...I loved the filming from the backseat. Really cool.

We get to the prison and Dean recognizes Cain on the surveillance. They call Cas and Cas has found a mass graveyard...

OH! I forgot a scene! Cas was totally torturing a demon for information on Cain, and he got some, and then killed the demon. Cool stuff.

But yeah, the demon's intell, leads Cas to a mass graveyard - oddly, still with individual graves. I guess Cain hasn't gone so far as to great mass graves... even though that's kind of way more efficient in terms of burying space.

I'm not going to lie, I was pretty frightened for Cas when Cain showed up, and I was worried when Cas said "I'll call you back" instead of telling Dean what was going on or where he was, because what if Cas needed a rescue?! It doesn't come to that though. Cain asks after Dean, and without Cas even saying anything, Cain concludes that Dean's not doing so well.

That was another thing I loved about this episode - the fact that Robert Berens didn't forget that he has a cast who is VERY VERY good at communicating solely through facial expression... and I love that he USES this in several different ways in the episode. It's brilliant - or maybe I love how the actors use their ability to enrich the script themselves... either way, I love it. I don't know how these things get decided, but I'm thankful that they do!

Cain departs with some ominous words, which I totally forget. And Cas goes back to the bunker to report to the Winchesters... it's not good news. Oh! I remember now - Cain tells Cas that Dean is on his list too.

Basically, Cain is killing all of his decendents, which we know from S5 includes the Winchesters (eventually). We don't actually know what family line is Cains, but my headcanon is that it's the Campbells.

(Holy crap, I'm so sleepy right now, you guys... I really hope I can make it the rest of the way through this Quick Reaction - please forgive me if it's sloppier than usual).

Sam does a quick search and discovers that the murderer Tommy has a illegitimate estranged son named...uh, something? Maybe HIS name was Tommy, who knows. No, it was Austin. Okay, so Sam and Dean figure that they a)have to save 12 year-old innocent Austin from being kills by Cain, and b)have to stop Cain from his genocidal plans, and c)this means that Dean has to do it because only the First Blade+MoC can kill Cain.

This means that Dean has to call Crowley.

Crowley, meanwhile, has been busy being manipulated by his mother - who wants him to go after the witch that is out to get her. Dean's call interrupts their planning.. and Dean explains about Cain, and how it's in Crowley's best interest to help him kill Cain, since Crowley is also on Cains list. Now, here, I KNEW Dean was lying, because he made the "wow, that actually worked!" face after Crowley agreed.

That being said, I loved the reveal later that he was lying, because basically Crowley had an ENTIRE EPISODE of people doing nothing but manipulate him.

Okay, back to the plan... Sam's super nervous about it all, because Dean might not come back from this fight - or he might not come back as Dean, but rather Demon!Dean or something worse. Cas is also super nervous... Crowley's super nervous that Dean will turn around and kill him after or something.

Dean and Sam get their goodbye talk, similar to one of Dean's going-out speeches in S3...where he admits that he's scared. He admits that last week when he said that he would go out swinging, he honestly thought he would have more time than this.

Anyway, Cain shows up, and they use a magic trick to lure him into a devil's trap - I didn't see the illusion of the kid coming, even though Crowley and his mother had been talking about it - so that was fun! I was super nervous about Sam being so close to Cain, since Sam is totally on Cain's list - but thankfully, Cain is in the devil's trap and Sam is outside of it.

One of my friends didn't believe that Cain could be held by a devil's trap - but then it occured to me that Cain didn't have anyone to cure him of demonhood like Dean did... so Cain, despite never flashing his eyes, was probably a demon... albeit a strong one, and I don't think we've seen a single demon that can walk out of a devil's trap without cracking it first. Even Cain says that it won't hold him for long though... which means that he CAN eventually get out of it.

Then Dean goes in ... and makes everyone promise that if they need to, they'll take him out. Crowley is like "how can I be sure that you'll give me back the Blade?" and Dean is like "if I don't, you'll have other problems."

And then the big showdown happens.

We learn that Cain is indeed killing all his descendents - because they're all CAPABLE of murder... they can all go both ways on the issue, even the 12 year-old kid. Cain sees it as him doing everyone a favour - that atoning for what he brought into the world (murder) means killing all the POTENTIAL murderers, and that the world is a better place without people like Tommy...or DEAN. Now, I'd argue on that last one - yes, technically, Dean's a murderer, but he only murders murderers - so, very much like the title of the episode, Dean is an executioner, not a murderer. And the world DEFINITELY not be a better place without Dean (or Sam - since he's also a descendent of Cain).

The fight is fantastic. It would have been cool to have a few more wider shots on the hand-to-hand, but that's me being picky. Eventually, Cain just starts throwing Dean around demon-style. The first time Dean was thrown outside the devils' trap, we all breathed a sigh of relief, because we weren't sure about that....

Then Cain reveals that Dean is him in reverse - that Dean is becoming Cain backwards, that he gets the Mark, and then he'll soon start killing people closer and closer to him, until he eventually kills his own brother. Cain claims that first he'll kill Crowley, which he'll be conflicted about, and then he'll kill Castiel, which will hurt...and then Sam. Needless to say, Dean does not like this destiny at all.

Eventually, Dean drops the blade, and Cain explains that really, this was all part of a trap so that he could get his hands on it again - in short order, Cain has it to Dean's throat. In true Dean fashion though, he manages to crap Cain' knife and use it to lop off Cain's right hand! Yikes! That's one way to disarm someone, I guess... haha... ha.

And Dean's able to get the blade, and Cain recognizes the defeat and bares the back of his neck to Dean... and we see Dean deliver the killing blow, but we don't actually see it strike home, or Cain's dead body afterward.... which, of course, leaves me nervous, because if shows don't show you a dead body, it's sometimes because there isn't one. But... I kind of WANT Cain to be dead...

Of course, Metatron's words from last week about the cure for the MoC coming from the "source"..., well, obviously the source isn't Cain, so, that leaves Lucifer? Or possibly God?

Dean stumbles out of the room to his nervous friends and temporary ally. Crowley asks for the Blade, and Dean holds it out to be taken - but he holds it out for Castiel to take. Crowley accuses him of lying, and Dean admits that it wasn't the first time today - that he lied earlier too. Which means that Crowley's mother was right about the Winchester's using him (just like she's using him.) But I mean, Crowley basically ONLY uses the Winchesters, so is he really going to get all hurt feelings over being treated the same way? I'm not sure what he was expecting... but then, it's hard to tell what's going on with Crowley these days, ever since the S8 finale, he's been a bit scattered.

And then we get Sam and Dean hugs...or, maybe just Sam catching Dean when he collapses... and Sam just repeats how Dean did it, and he's fine, and everything will be okay... meanwhile, Dean is hugging his brother who he was just told he will eventually kill. Sad times forever (and reminiscent of S2.)

During the next commercial break, one of my friends was wondering if Cain even COULD be killed, because traditionally (or, by some traditions, at least) Cain is immortal. BUT, SPN implied heavily that the First Blade+MoC was the only thing that could kill Cain, and technically, since someone else with the MoC has to exist for that to happen "Cain" as an entity still exists - it just means that DEAN is "Cain" now. The question remains though - is he doomed to be Cain forever? A constant cycle of remission and relapse, like Cain pessimistically tells him - or is there a way for him to stop being Cain besides passing on the MoC himself and getting the next "Cain" to kill him. Unless, of course, my friend is right, Cain can't really die, and he's not really dead!  Who knows!

The final scene is Sam desperately trying to be optimistic with Dean, who looks very grey and shattered, but smiles along and agrees with everything Sam says. Cas comes in and tells them he hid the Blade somewhere safe... and Dean goes to bed....

And Cas asks Sam how Dean is really doing.... and I love love love that when the camera focuses back on Sam, you see that he's near tears, as he tells Cas that Dean's in trouble. I just love that the final scene is completely about what's being communicated through expressions rather than words and how after this many years, Sam no longer false for Dean's false humouring agreeing optimism.... and Cas knows the real person to ask about Dean's well being is Sam, not Dean himself. And I love that Sam has someone he can lean on in Cas, that he's not completely alone in trying to help Dean.

And MAN, I can't believe the next episode isn't until March 18th!!! Oh man... it really was like another finale. It destroyed me!

Okay, so, I'm super sleepy and I'm going to leave it there - but please feel free to leave comments with anything you want to discuss further (or for the first time, if I missed talking about it.)

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