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Rewatch S9: The King of the Damned (9x21)

Okay! It's been awhile, I apologize. I'm not going to lie, I've been procrastinating, because the end of S9 is so friggin' depressing...

King of the Damned

I always forget how good looking Tahmoh is, and then I see him, and I'm like "oh yeah..." Misha, meanwhile, continues to do absolutely nothing for me. Sexuality is weird.

Oh yeah! This is the episode with Crowley's son.

It's interesting, because they're canonizing the Scotland origin story, rather than the more "ageless" option that they sometimes allude to. It's a pretty bold thing to decide to go this way, since they could have easily explained the Scotland thing away by saying it was a false story planted by Crowley to prevent people from finding his REAL bones.

And then we get the angels in the bar. I really want the story about this angel hangout bar. I mean, we've got a table of angels, and two angels watching... are the guys in the back angels too? The dude in the wheelchair? He looks so nice. I kinda want him to be an angel. Headcanon - he is totally an angel, and is amazing... so amazing, he knows to stay the hell away from the Winchesters, which is why we never learn of him.

Angel: "If you follow me, the Commander will see you now."
Dean *under his breath*: "Commander?"

- Heheheh... sorry, I just like it.

The thing I love about Cas' HQ is that it's clearly a BCHydro station, because the map on the wall (in lights) is the electrical grid for Vancouver and the Lower Fraser Valley. You can see the edge of Downtoan outside the door to Cas' office, because it's an "island" that has it's grid on a slant compared to everything else.


I love how Sam just smiles at the hug and doesn't even comment on Cas' awkward slightly lingering disengagement. I've gotta admit, I am jealous of how long Cas' hand stays on Sam's waist just above his hips - that is my absolute favourite part of the human body, and Cas is just there molesting it like it's not the hottest thing ever.

Cas: "Uh, dismissed." *angel walks away* "He can be a little stuffy."
- Hahaha, I love Sam's look of "HE can be stuffy?!"

And Cas is trying to find a diplomatic solution to dealing with Metatron, because he wants an end to the angel on angel violence. You can totally understand that, the angels have basically been having a civil war for five years now (narratively), still trying to deal with the vacuum of power created when Michael was locked away.

Cas: "It brings me to why you're here. We have a prisoner. It's an angel from Metatron's inner circle. I need to know what they're planning, so far he's revealed nothing."
Dean: "So, you're done with the rough stuff and you want us to be your goons."

- Dean does have a point. It's still doing it if you order other people to do it for you.

Cas: "Well, you've had success in these situations before. If you don't want to do it. I understand."
Dean: "Who says I don't want to do it?"

- There's something broken in you, Dean... the love of, or willingness to torture, is always a sign that there's something rotten in the state of Dean.

And now we go to Crowley...

Crowley: "... so, all those with me, say yo"
Abaddon: "yo!"... "I mean, I'm literally with you, not with you with you."

- Heheh, I love how she's just standing there with a martini. That's the kind of entrance I'd constantly make if I were a Bond villain.

Crowley: "You betrayed me! No one in the history of torture's been tortured with torture like the torture you'll be tortured with!"
- I love that line. I know Mark Sheppard is slightly annoyed that it ends on a preposition, but that it's just a sign that Crowley came up with it on the spot... but personally, I think the whole 'don't end on a preposition' is a faily outdated rule that will soon be lost to history. But, just for fun - "No one in the history of torture [has] been tortured with the torture like the torture with which you'll be tortured." - there, that would be the grammatically correct way of saying it.

So, Abaddon brings up the point that after she's dead, there will be nothing stopping the boys from going after Crowley - and that Crowley should help her destroy the Winchesters and THEN they can go back to trying to kill each other. But, that's the thing... Abaddon can ONLY be killed by the First Blade, so the deal is stupid to begin with. Taking a gamble on the Winchesters, once again, NOT killing him, is really Crowley's only hope of winning.

And then Abaddon brings out Gavin...

Abaddon: "...see I know all about your little problem. Binging on blood, going right to the edge of being human, all those human feelings-"
Crowley: "I'm clean."
Abaddon: "And I'm willing to be there's still a smidge of humanity in there."

- It IS interesting that these Carver seasons seem to deal primarily with the issues of consequences - what consequences they're willing to accept, which ones they aren't, which ones they foresee, which ones they don't even think about.... Crowley is an interesting case-study, because for years, he's been using the Winchesters as he sees fit. He's their friend when he needs to be their friend, an enemy when he need them to stop whatever they're doing... He's been their ally and their tormentor... and then suddenly, he becomes a victim of theirs too. They change him, but not completely, because it's the Winchesters, so of course they do a weird hatchet job of it. Crowley's not human, but he's no longer 100% demon either... and this season (and perhaps S10?) become about what the hell that means for his future as the King of Hell.

Back to the Winchesters...

Dean: "Well, you just asked me to dance..."
*Dean goes to stab Ezra*
Sam: "Dean! Dean!" *motions him over* "He won't be telling us anything dead."
*Sam looks over at Ezra*
Sam: "Besides, you know, I'm really starting to realize that he probably doesn't know anything...."

- I love Sam. Dean's going in tough, and Sam realizes, in short succession, that a)Dean's going in TOO tough, is TOO willing to kill, and b)that there is a better strategy to use. And he's brilliant, because he immediately just includes Dean in the second strategy - he doesn't tell him he's wrong, or try to convince him to try Sam's way - Sam just GOES for it - and by not making it an issue, he is able to pull Dean into the new strategy without it being something antagonistic or pissing Dean off by pointing out his bloodlust.

And they find out that Metatron has a portal in and out of heaven, that he can put at any location he so desires.

Back to Crowley...

Gavin: "You are not my father! My father was Fergus MacLeod, a simple tailor, a drunk! - a monster."..."He looked nothing like you and I buried him."
Crowley: "A lot can change in 291 years."

- I like that they addressed the fact that Crowley is in a meatsuit (a literary agent from Chicago, right?) anyway... it always sort of annoyed me that Gavin's ghost didn't react to Crowley's appearance when we saw him back in S6, though I could chalk that up to souls recognizing souls (demonic as they may be).

Gavin: "Holy mother of God! We're amongst the stars! Are we in heaven? You must be angels!"
Crowley and Abaddon: "Wow."

- Hehehe... It's a funny line, but I don't think that would be someone's reaction to a modern city. They had storied buildings in the 1700s too. I think a time-traveler from that time would be able to roll with it and recognize that buildings had just gotten taller. Mind you, I'm not a time-traveler from the 1700s, so what do I know.

Back to the Winchesters...

I love this camera angle - the Winchesters from Ezra point of view. Awesome.

I know some people took offense to the lines about how "just because you're hot for Metatron, or Bieber [...] doesn't mean you actually know them!" "or that you even exist" "oh, that's cold, Sam" "I'm just saying, man." Because they felt like the show was making fun of them/fans, but dudes... not to be super offensive, but I totally am going to be... if you think that line was about you and you were offended, you might want to take a long hard look at yourself.... because yeah, they were talking about delusional fans, but not all fans are delusional. I like Jensen and Jared, and, thanks to all the conventions, I know a lot about them... but I do not know them, nor do they know that I exist (other than another face they saw at an autograph session and then promptly forgot)... and I'm perfectly fine with those facts. I don't even WANT to REALLY know them, since that would make it harder for me to enjoy the show, because I'd start seeing Jared and Jensen instead of Sam and Dean. So, when they say those lines, I'm not offended, because I'm like "yup - them's the facts." Jared and Jensen love the fans and they know the fans exist, but they know/love them as a group, not as individuals... and they probably feel the same way I do about it, that it's better that way, because they might not like each and every single one of us like they feel they do now, if they actually knew who we were as people.

Back to Crowley...

Gavin: "I can't be consorting with a demon!"
Crowley: "Not just any demon, I'm the king! The King of Hell!"

- It IS pretty hard to believe that a douchebag from the 1700s who sold his soul for a longer dick became the King of Hell. (Also, really large dicks aren't actually a good thing guys, maybe keep it reasonable... or well, I guess I shouldn't speak for everyone.... maybe men like it? All the straight and bi ladies that I've talked to about the subject all prefer average dicks. Then again, I guess I'm assuming that Crowley had an average dick BEFORE the deal. Maybe he had a micropenis... in which case, yeah, okay, the deal makes more sense. And I can't believe I just put that much thought into Crowley's cock.)

Back to the Winchesters... and Ezra is dead.

Cas: "I was so sure everyone here was loyal, finally united by a common cause."
Dean: "See, that's the problem. You don't think anybody's lying. I think EVERYBODY's lying. It's a gift."

- Oh Dean...

Cas: "Sam, do you have a moment?"
Sam: "Yeah, what?"
Cas: "I wanted to ask you about Gadreel - the time he possessed you."
Sam: "That's not really something I like to-"

- It's interesting, because we've already found out that the vessels retain the memories of what they did while possessed - so, why did Jimmy claim not to remember? Why didn't Sam already know about Metatron and Gadreel's meeting before Meta Fiction? And we get our answer here - and it's something we probably should have guessed - it's because the experience is so traumatic, that the vessels choose not to think of it, not to go digging in those memories. I mean, Sam remembered ONCE and now he has the memory of his own hands killing Kevin, he'd hardly want to dive in for more, even if it would possibly help them understand their enemy.

Cas: "Sam. Please."
Sam: "He didn't possess me completely. It's more like we shared housing. I was still me."
Cas: "Did you ever sense a presence?"
Sam: "I don't really know what I felt. Maybe that I wasn't completely alone?"

- Also, the fact that Sam will explore traumatic experiences just because Cas asks him to does things to my heart.

Cas: "Did you ever feel threatened?"
Sam: "No, more that he - wasn't at rest - that he had unfinished business. Now that we know more about him, I'd say he felt misunderstood."
Cas: "But not a danger, not hostile."
Sam: "No, I was wrong, obviously. He killed Kevin."

- Aww, Sam... and now we understand why Sam feels responsible for Kevin too - because Sam had an inkling that something was wrong, and he had this nagging feeling that he wasn't alone... and he probably thinks that he SHOULD have been able to sense the danger, that he should have been able to tell that he was housing someone malicious... and that he shouldn't have been fooled for so long.
- I also love how Cas goes about this though, how he's got an idea that he KNOWS an angel who is for sure under Metatron's command, and now he just has to find out if that angel might be open to diplomacy... and so, whether he's hostile, whether his presence is threatening...all those things speak to how open he would be to a talk. It's pretty brilliant on Cas' part, to get a sense of who he might be dealing with before he does anything.

Back to Crowley..

Gavin: "Why do I hate you?!?"
Crowley: "I mean, I beat you, starved you, came home drunk, beat you somemore, woke up hungover, and yeah, well, beat you. In all fairness, I never had any role models, my mother was a witch!"

- It's interesting, because Crowley was a horrible person as a human - so, if curing him of his demonhood reverted him to being human, you'd think he's still be unable to show compassion or that he wouldn't care what happened to Gavin, because he obviously didn't care for him when he was human... yet, Crowley DOES seem to care about Gavin in a weird way, he DOES show compassion, and he does recognize that he was a horrible father... so, where does all that come from? It has to come from 291 years of being a demon. It's the only way he could have learned the perspective necessary - so, it's weird to think of a demon learning how he SHOULD have acted as a father, but, what, not caring? Until the Winchesters give him human emotions and then his human emotions can interpret the experience he's gained as a demon? Anyway, interesting to think about...

Gavin: "... you never let me go to school - to this day, I can't read."
Crowley: "It's overrated! Most of Europe couldn't read. You want to read?" *touches forehead* "read!"
Gavin: "[...] I can read!"
Crowley: "King fo Hell - has its perks!"

- So, again, if Crowley didn't care about Gavin, like he didn't care about him when he was a child, why give him the ability to read? Why try to win him over? It shouldn't matter to Crowley what his son thinks of him... it didn't matter when Crowley was human, it probably didn't matter when Crowley was fully demon... but now, it matters for some reason... so sometime in the past 291 years, Crowley gained some experience that has now made him think "I kind of wish I could have done better by my son."

Gavin: "And, if I were to accept you as my father - you could keep me from eternally burning in hell? No matter my sins?"
Crowley: "You're negotiating with me? Hahaha, that's my boy!"

- I like this, because in my mind, Crowley MUST have had some negotiating skill when he was a human, in order to become King of the Crossroads as a demon. So, it makes sense that Gavin would also have the instinct of "how can I spin this deal in my favour"
- That being said, Crowley's in charge of Hell, not Heaven... so the most he could do was make sure Gavin's eternity in Hell wasn't that horrible. He couldn't actually get him into Heaven "no matter his sins."

Gavin: "This might work out! For the first time in my entire life, I could see possibilities, the future! Just as soon as you bring me back to my own time, and I can board that ship to the new world..."
Crowley: "About that ship..."
Gavin: "What about the ship?"
Crowley: "It's not important." *to guard* "You can tell Abaddon I'm ready for that little chat now."

- Also, Crowley wasn't King of Hell back in the 1700s, so Gavin would have still died and gone to Hell if he sinned too greatly and was not pious. (In SPN piety trumps everything - according to Raphael, anyway). So, having Crowley be the King of Hell only benefits Gavin if he DOESN'T go back in time.
- And again, Crowley seems to care enough about Gavin that he DOESN'T want him to die on that ship.

Back to Cas...

Gadreel: "I have seen you through Sam Winchester's eyes and he trusts you. You have a reputation for honour."
- Again, super interesting, because here we have Gadreel trusting Cas because SAM trusted Cas. Gadreel doesn't know Cas except through the Winchesters... and this simple sentence tells us both that Gadreel values honour, and that he feels the Winchesters are good judges of character. He trusts who Sam trusts.

Cas: "...as for reputations, yours precedes you."
Gadreel: "What happened in the garden was not my doing."

- It occurred to me the other day that up until now, I've completely failed to mention how great it is that the writers decided to have the angel who let the snake into the garden be the angel who becomes the snake in the Bunker. Gadreel definitely had a reputation! And both times, he was probably manipulated by a more powerful cunning angel.

Cas: "...I know you truly believe it's for the greater good, but you've placed your faith in the wrong master."
Gadreel: "You don't know him!"
Cas: "I know him too well, Gadreel! I made the same mistake and it led to the fall."
Gadreel: "Which led to my second chance!"
Cas: "This is about more than just you!"

- It's interesting, because this is probably what Metatron has been telling Gadreel - that Heaven needed a second chance to get things right - just like Gadreel. That it's a chance to rebuild, be better than before... and Gadreel could understand that, because that's what he needed too. For Gadreel, the Fall was a gift, a good thing... so I love the fact that Castiel telling him "this is about more than just you" kind of brings him up short a LITTLE, not fully, because the fall was ONLY good for him (and Abner, for a short time).

Gadreel: "Castiel, are you suggesting I change loyalties?"
Cas: "I'm suggesting you reclaim your original loyalty to the Heaven and mission we were made to serve."
Gadreel: "I thought that's exactly what I was doing."
Cas:"You've been deceived. And as bad as you had it, all those centuries locked away - it will be much worse under Metatron!"

- And this is what brings Gadreel up short completely - because Gadreel has been deceived before, when he, no doubt, thought he was serving Heaven and mission he was made to serve. And if he does stop and think about the Fall, and what it means for angel-kind instead of JUST himself, and if he thinks about Heaven and their mission... how do Metatron's plans and actions really stack up? How does all the killing that Gadreel has done serve those things?

Now we go to Dean... who is having First Blade dreams.

Oh hey, Sam and Dean have changed shirts...

And Crowley's hidden the first blade inside a corpse...

Sam: "Dean? You hear that?"
Dean: "I'm guessing Hell Hound."

- So, just to be picky, I'm going to point out that Dean and Sam shouldn't be able to hear Hell Hounds, because they are not closing in on the end of a deal, and only people being HUNTED by Hell Hounds can hear them. That being said, at this point, I'm willing to handwave it, because Dean and Sam have been to the afterlife enough times that I'm sure there are residual side-effects. Also, I think they've been hearing the hell hounds since S5, so whatever.

And Crowley calls off the dog...

Sam: "Hey, you know what, maybe I should do this."
Dean: "Sam, it's fine, I can safetly grab it, without... you know."

- But can you?!

Crowley: "Squirrel, I hope you were nice to YOUR father!"
Dean: "What? We got the Blade."

- Oh man, Dean really was nice to his father though. SUPER NICE. Arguably, undeservingly nice.

Crowley: "...Oh Dean, you have to get a move on, it's a good day's drive from Poughkeepsie."
Dean: "What are you talking about, we're not even near there?"
Crowley: "Like I said, you have to leave Poughkeepsie right away."

- I love the fact that this came back.

Sam: "So we good?"
Dean: "Yeah"

- And here Dean begins is lying spree... not that he hasn't lied already this season, but he really goes on a spree in these final few episodes.

And then Abaddon shoots Crowley for good measure, using the same trick that Henry Winchester used on her...

Abaddon: "...I had a devils trap carved in the bullet. You're not seriously damaged, just powerless."
- So, my question is, why doesn't Abaddon just kill Crowley? He's trapped in the meatsuit, he's powerless - she could easily kill him. She wants to get rid of the Winchester's, sure, but she could do that without Crowley. She could even have killed Crowley BEFORE he told them where the first blade was, she didn't even really need Kevin - she could have walked into the room at the beginning of the episode, shot him with the devil's trap bullet and taken him out then - First Blade still hidden, so then she can just dedicate her time to being Queen and trying to take out the Winchesters.
- The only answer that makes any sense is that Abaddon CAN'T kill Crowley - that perhaps being the King of Hell comes with certain benefits - like he can also only be killed by the First Blade or the Colt? They've never tried to use the knife on him, after all, so we don't know... but Lilith and Alaistar couldn't be killed by the knife, so he'd hardly be the first.

Back to Cas and Gadreel...

Gadreel tells Cas that he didn't know about the assassins, that he wouldn't do that...

Cas: "Why are you telling me this?"
Gadreel: "Even though you and I are on opposite sides in this situation, I believe there must be honour, even in matters of war."
Cas: "But what happened, doesn't it prove my point about Metatron? You met with me in good faith, but he lied, and he used you to get at me."
Gadreel: "Castiel..."
Cas:"Just as poor judgement undid you all those centuries ago, your mistaken trust in Metatron will bring you down again."
Gadreel: "I gave him my word. Do you expect me to come make war on him?"
Cas: "No, not at all, I want you to stay right where you are - just give me reports on what Metatron is planning and when he will strike."
Gadreel: "And the honour, we were speaking of?"
Cas: "Obviously, Metatron has someone inside my camp, it's how he knew we were meeting. Just fighting fire with fire - consider my offer."

- I love this conversation, I do. Because Cas is a crazy person - he uses Gadreel's sense of honour to prove his point abotu Metatron, and then turns around and asks Gadreel to act as a spy... against someone he gave his word to serve. It's ballsy, and doesn't make sense, and I think that's what makes it definitely a Castiel move. :P

Back to Sam and Dean... I think Dean's story for getting Sam to go to the basement is flimsy at best, yet Sam still goes... I'm not sure what that says about Sam's intelligence or his loyalty or his instincts, but someone should probably figure that out. It probably means that Sam gives Dean the benefit of the doubt WAY too much.

And Dean gets pinned to the wall...

And Dean Jedis that Blade right back into his hand and then True-Alpha-walks his way through the demonic mountain ash... and you need to watch Teen Wolf to get that last reference...

And yeah, super bloody post-mortem beating... never a good sign.

I think they could have done more with Abaddon - or Josie - it would have been nice if Josie's backstory would have meant something.

Crowley: "If the lad goes back, his destiny is to board a ship bound for America. That ship went down in a storm. All hands were lost. He had one chance in this world to change his life - and that's all going to end in tragedy?"
Dean:"Well, I don't know what to tell you. Them's the rules. He goes back."
Sam: "The lore all says the same thing - you change any one thing in the past - the ripple effect impacts everything that follows."
Crowley: "Please, no one bends the rules like you two bend the rules. "
Sam: "You don't bend that rule. You don't..."

- Sam and Dean have never bent the time-travel rule. They tried once, but all their time-travel always happens on closed loops. It happens, because it always happened. The only reason they go back in time is because they DID go back in time. Gavin is another kettle of fish altogether.
- And what are the ripples? If Gavin doesn't go down on the ship - Bobby can't use his ring to get Fergus' graves location, which means that Bobby doesn't get out of his deal? Or maybe he just tracks it down some other way and it takes longer and there ARE no consequences? Can Cas still fake kill Crowley in S6? Let's say Bobby DOESN'T get out of his deal... Dick would still kill him... maybe THAT'S why he was in hell for Sam to rescue, and we're already in the altered timeline?
- More likely, we're still working on a closed loop, it's just yet to be closed... we'll have to wait and see if the writers ever bring Gavin back and fix the ripple.

Crowley: "I'll cheer the day that the last trace of humanity leaves me - FEELINGS!"
- I hear you, Crowley..

Gavin: "The ship went down! Well that's a good fit for the rest of my life."
- Awww.

Gavin: "So this is goodbye then."
Crowley: "Yes, forever. Unless of course I catch you smoking - in which case, I'll smack you stupid."

- Haha, cute.

No hugs for Gavin though, just abandoned wearing period costume in the 21st century - no worries. Enjoy your life as a homeless person!

Winchester fight!

Dean: "First time I touched that Blade, I knew - I knew that I wouldn't be stopped. I knew that I would take down Abaddon and anything else if I had to. And it wasn't a hero thing, or... it was just calm, and I knew... and I had to go it alone Sammy."
Sam: "Oh, so it was just another time you had to protect me!"
Sam: "Look, I'm glad it worked out, I am. And I'm glad the Blade gives you strength or calm, whatever. But Dean, I gotta say, I'm starting to think the Blade is doing something else too."
Dean: "Yeah, like what?"
Sam: "Like something TO you...." [...] "...why don't we lock it up somewhere safe, 'kay?"
Dean: "No."

- See, this is the thing, I think Sam's completely misinterpreting what Dean is trying to say. Sam hears "calm" and thinks that it's a good thing - like strength, like a lack of anxiety - but I think Dean means it as something else entirely - like he can feel his future laid out before him and he know it is bad, and he knows he cannot escape it, and that's a whole different kind of calm - it's more... lack of uncertainty. Dean KNOWS the Blade is changing him, and I think he asks Sam "like what?" just to see if Sam also knows, really knows... but Sam just has an inkling and doesn't feel the scope of it. Dean refuses to lock up the Blade, because he knows his future is bloodlust and power and right now, the lack of uncertainty about that - the calm - it's intoxicating.
- "It wasn't a hero thing" is an important part of that first sentence, I think... I think Dean knew that somewhere along the line, he had stopped being the hero - and the reason why he's trying to not have Sam follow him into battles anymore is because Sam still IS the hero and Dean wants to keep him that way.

And we're done!

I'll try to be swifter on the next one!
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  • Rewatch S14: Moriah (14x20)

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