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10 Favourite Characters Meme

I'm stealing this from franztastisch, because I'm procrastinating doing my next SPN rewatch (which I promise I WILL totally do after this and it will be posted tomorrow.)

So, 10 favourite characters (in no particular order):

1. Matt Fraction's Clint Barton/Hawkeye - It's an amazing comic and I love it, and I love the way Clint comes across in it. I love the way he's just trying to make it through the day. I'd say Clint Barton in general, but I've really only ever read Fraction's Clint, and we've barely seen Clint in the Marvel movies, so I can't comment on whether I like him just as much - but maybe I'll know after Age of Ultron comes out.

2. Sam and Dean Winchester - (Yes, I'm puting them together) - Sam's a hard character to like, because he doesn't wear his motivations on his sleeve like Dean does, and because of the writer turnover and the length of the show, Sam can sometimes be written inconsistantly... and even when Kripke was in charge, he'd sometimes forget about Sam (which he has since admitted - saying that he had so much fun exploring Dean's grief in S2, that he completely forgot that Sam had also lost his father.) I think because of that, Sam's become a character who is extremely internal, and you're never quite sure what's going on with him... and oddly enough, that kinda makes him more fascinating. He's at the same time the Winchester who is the most willing to talk about feelings, but also the Winchester that is the most emotionally guarded. I fell in love with Dean first though, when I started watching the show. He's the type of character that you connect with immediately. Or, at least I do... he's an older brother who is fiercely protective. He's got so many self-esteem issues that he wouldn't last two steps in the Swamp of Sadness. He loves his family. He wants to save people... he's self-sacrificing to a fault. And he really loves dominant women, I mean, what's not to like?

3. Remus Lupin - I'm not going to lie, I was just trying to think that there must be SOME Harry Potter character that was my favourite... and although in terms of the Myers Brigg Test, I'm actually Harry (ISTP). If I were to pick a favourite character from the franchise, it'd be Remus. Firstly, I have a thing for werewolves, and secondly I have a thing for dualistic characters. Man/Wolf, Scholar/Warrior, *cough*bisexual*cough*...  Sirius was also a dualistic character, but that was because he was a hypocrite, which, though also interesting, isn't quite like Remus, who was aware of his dual nature. Plus, his name is practically Wolf Wolf. Wolf Wolf and Dog Black, BFFs 4eva.

4. Zuko - None of you should be surprised. I just love Zuko so much. He's the biggest goddamn dork... who also happens to be an extremely deadly victim of child abuse who actually LEARNS AND GROWS as a person rather than just remain an angry villain who uses their tragic backstory as an excuse to be a shithead.

5. Derek Hale - okay, so Teen Wolf is the kind of show that is super frustrating, because there is SO MUCH POTENTIAL FOR AWESOME, but because the writers are plot-driven rather than character-driven, barely any potential gets realized. One such potential is exploring what it means to be a born-werewolf. They never actually do this to the degree that I'd like - but I love thinking about just how different Derek's experience of the world is, of himself is, because he has never been human. "The wolf" isn't a separate being then him, it is, and always has been, also him. Secondly, like Zuko, Derek could easily use his tragic backstory (and, my god, is it ever tragic) to justify becoming an evil bastard... I mean, that's what Peter did (even though evidence points to Peter being evil BEFORE the tragic backstory)... but nope. One of the first things he does in the show, even before we realize how significant it is, is that he drives Allison home so that she'll be safe. Only shitty things ever happen to Derek (until he starts dating Braeden anyway) and yet he only ever continues to try to do what is best for everyone and to try to protect as many people as he can.

6. Orson from Record of Lodoss War - okay, this is going way back, and obscure, but I have to mention my first love. Orson from RoLW was a berserker who carried a huge sword. He did things like kill guards before the rest of his team could even start thinking of another way to get around them, and then he'd just say "they were in our way" as an explanation. He had absolutely no emotions...except that he loved his traveling companion.... which, of course, led to the most tragic death ever. I really do love emotionaless characters who kill without remorse.

7. Shikamaru - yes, from Naruto - no one had ever quite captured what I was like as a teenager until Shikamaru came along.

8. Braeden - because I need more ladies on this list. Another Teen Wolf character, so I doubt I'll ever see her full potential either - but I love her anyway. I love her scars. I love her attitude. I love her Italian boots. I love her taste in men.

9. Steve Rogers - MCU - I've talked about this elsewhere, but I was completely wrong in what I thought Captain America was... or it's just these movies, I don't know. But I love that Steve Rogers isn't about American Patriotism(tm) as we know it. Some people might yell at me for this interpretation, but I'm just telling you why *I* love Steve Rogers... it's because, when it comes down to it, Steve hates America. Steve WANTS to love his country. He wants his country to be awesome, full of freedom, justice - the kind of country that looks after its citizens and tries to make the world a better place.... but, fundamentally, Steve recognizes that that's not what America is at all, and he HATES that. His solution, of course, is to try to make it better, because he's an optimist like that and believes that he's not the only one who wants it to be better than it is. But yeah, speaking as someone who lives next to America, I get really really sick of American Patriotism that completely ignores what a shit-hole the country actually is. And I'm not saying this as someone who thinks their country is perfect - Canada is a shithole too. It's just a different sort of shithole. On a completely unrelated note: I really want Steve to be bisexual. Oh, and I should say, that what I love about Steve is that not only is America not perfect, but neither is Steve... he's not some goody-two-shoes virginal saint... he's a little angry guy who picks fights in back alleys because he's got something to prove, and his friends are constantly like "goddamn it, Steve!" and he's basically a sarcastic little shit.

...I feel like I should pick another woman, but I very rarely connect with women in stories... unless their "masculinized" and that's fairly rare for a show, movie or book to do... I mean, there are a lot of female character that I like - Natasha Romanoff, Charlie Bradbury, Peggy Carter, Jody Mills, Lydia Martin... but I wouldn't necessarily say they were my FAVOURITE... So....

10. The older brother in Alaistar MacLeod's novel No Great Mischief, because we are all better people when we are loved.

And I just realized that I didn't mention anyone from Leverage, but I would never be able to choose between Parker, Elliot, or Hardison anyway.

Okay, I swear I'll do a rewatch now and have it up by tomorrow...
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