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Quick Reaction: 10x13 Halt and Catch Fire


Okay, first off, I know I promised to post a rewatch this past week and then didn't deliver. I haven't had a good 4-6 hours stretch to work on one and I hate starting and then having to stop part way through. So, maybe this week?! It doesn't help that the last few episodes of S9 are depression-ville, so the drive to watch them again isn't that strong.


Standard rules apply- drunk, not going to get things exact, etc. I like liking things so don't be a buzz kill.

I'm going to admit that I was super skeptical about this episode because of the shitty preview, but it ended up being pretty decent! Yay! Let's talk about it...

We begin at the beginning... uh, oh, guy and girl in truck! I thought SemperFi was the the Marine code, so I was confused, because the dude inside was no old enough to be a Marine. And then I was confused because I'm Canadian, so... when they were talking about being okay to drive, and then the girl seemed to blow out smoke, I was like "oh, they're just smoking pot..." but, then she was like "it's cold" and I was like "Ooooooooooooo... right, ghost, not pot."

I loved "Trini" as the SPN version of Siri... though, it sounds like it was just the SatNav/GPS rather than actual comprehensive Siri-thingy.

Also, I never understood people who blindly follow GPS. You hear about it all the time in the news - "Woman follows GPS into Lake", "Man drives into swamp" or whatever.... Seriously? Can you not see out your windows?!

I actually thought it was a really interesting twist that the spirit made Janet get out of the car first... I mean, that tells you right there that whatever is doing the killing still has some sort of moral compass, some sort of line it won't cross, and some sort of reasoning intelligence... because it wouldn't kill a bystander, just its intended (guilty) target.

Meanwhile, back at te ranch, Sam has been talking to Cas again! Yay friends!!! Cas has discovered Mississippi riverboats and gambling while trying to track down Cain to try to find out how to get rid of the Mark. Dean, however, rightfully points out that if Cain knew how to get rid of the Mark, he probably would have, since it was a curse for Cain too, and obviously something he wasn't super jazzed about having. Dean has a good point... so, "It ends at the source" might not be referring to Cain, but possibly Lucifer? Or, I saw one meta that thought that the "source" might refer to the throne of God. Either way, the plot thickens...

In the meantime, CASE!

So, Dean and Sam take off for Iowa, with Dean making a remark that they'll go visit the mid-west... but, uh, isn't Kansas considered the mid-west too? Or no? I am not American, so I actually am asking here. I thought Kansas was the mid-west.

Once they get there, they talk to Janet, and they find out that the dude's truck used to belong to his brother, who died in Afghanistan, so the Marine liscense plate actually makes sense... also, now I'm super sad for their parents because they just lost two sons, and man, that sucks. Anyway... apparently there's a Southern tradition of driving dead people's cars in order to honour them? Dean says it's in a a country song, but I am neither American nor a country music fan, so I have absolutely no idea. I did like Sam wondering if Dean would haunt him if he drove the Impala after Dean died... because Sam HAS driven the Impala each time Dean has died... though, both times (long-term times) Dean was trapped in one of the afterlives, so haunting wasn't an option. Dean even says that he would if Sam made it smell like taquitos... my friend pointed out that Sam DID make it smell like dog... and then I pointed out that the time before that he installed an iPod jack. But yeah, again, Dean didn't have the option of haunting, so who knows!

Anyway, they figure the truck is haunted so they go track it down and burn it. And then they just stand there watching it burn. Um, guys? Really? My friend was thinking it wasn't smart to stand there because of possible explosion... which led to me explaining that cars don't actually explode, that's a hollywood myth (they might burn quickly, but that's it)...I, on the other hand, was wondering why a)the scrap yard didn't have surveillance, b)no passerby saw a ton of fire and smoke and called the cops, and c)what fumes were Sam and Dean breathing in while they just stood there? I don't know about your car, but mine isn't exactly made out of clean-burning firewood.

Cut to our second victim, who is a soriority girl who is sleeping with her TA so doesn't have to worry about studying for the exam. Her roommate goes out and then her computer attacks!! "PrincessElsa8" messages her and tells her that she knows what she did last summer... or the equivalent... the Sorioriy girl deletes the conversation, but doesn't block the user... and then turns off her computer... then unplugs it, but doesn't pop out the battery.... and then she gets strangled by the computer cable.

So, obviously, it wasn't the truck. Back to square one.

I liked the fact that the cop they talked to mentioned that she had two teenagers at home. It's a really small thing, but it makes her a little more of a character... I don't know, it just stood out to me.

Oh! I also loved how the fake names they were using were Cobain and Grohl. Awesome! That's more my generation reference!

Which takes us to the next point where me and my friend had to pause to look up things on the internet and discuss stuff.. because Sam and Dean talk to the girl's roommate, and while she's trying to explain technology to Dean, she makes the comment, "right, GenX..." so, yeah, we had to pause and then look up generations, because WAS Dean GenX?! Turns out, yes. My friend is cusp Boomers/GenX and I'm cusp GenX/Millenials... which I already knew, because it basically means that I have the culture of GenX but the economic problems of Millenials (which yeah, 7 months unemployed, damn right I have the economic problems of Millenials.)

Anyhoo... Dean doesn't get her references, she doesn't get his... it's beautiful generation turnover, and also reminds me how long SPN has been on the air. Remember the myspace joke back in S2? Dean was out of touch then too.

So, it's investigate the laptop time. Sam tells Dean that nothing is ever deleted from the internet, "you did know that right?"... which is pretty great. I also like the fact that they HAVE made a distinction between Sam's skills and Dean's, because they're pretty evenly matched in intelligence, base-fighting skills, etc. But Sam is a little more tech-savvy than Dean, which is, I think, why Dean is always calling him a geek/nerd, even though Dean is the one who is actually the geek in the cultural-appreciation sense.

Anyway, off topic. Sam finds the texts and they try to figure out what 810 means.

Eventually, they think maybe an address and go to check it out. Turns out, it's not far from the sight of a hit and run death... COINCIDENCE?! I think not.

They find out that some red-head from the college has been leaving flowers. So, they figure it's friend of dead-girl.... and they go to try to track her down.

Meanwhile, red-head is freaking out because two of her friends have died and she doesn't think it's a coincidence seeing as how they killed a dude!

Surving guy is like "shut your mouth!" and she storms off in a huff... and then he is killed by sound. I don't really think you can explode your eyes with sound... also, I don't think those speakers can REALLY go up that high. Also, what the hell is he doing with speakers that big in a dorm room? What the heck? But whatever, he be dead.

Red-head ends up calling Sam and Dean back and telling them everything... apparently the kids were texting while driving, and hit the dude's car (accident) but then, instead of helping him, or even calling someone, they drove off. (so, purposeful hit and run = manslaughter). Also, Hozier! Woo! I really love that song... I know it's probably overplayed to death, but luckily I don't listen to the radio all that much, so I haven't had my fill yet.

Sam and Dean salt the room and then Sam runs off to try to figure out how it is that the ghost doesn't seem to be teathered to an object. Meanwhile, Dean and the girl talk about being haunted.

And I really liked this conversation. This episode was more like old-school SPN MOTW episodes, that really did a good job of still having an emotional tie-in to the main plot and furthering it by character-growth, even if they couldn't further it by plot-growth.

But yeah, Dean and the girl talk about being haunted, and not just haunted by an actual ghost, but haunted by regret... haunted by stuff that you can't get rid of just by salting and burning something... you have to actually DEAL with it and try to atone for your mistakes, find someway to put it behind you and move on... and in the girls' case, that might be coming clean. In Dean's case, it might mean accepting and dealing with the situation as it is... but we'll get to that.

Sam, meanwhile, figures out that the electric current that lit the dead dude on fire was connected to a wifi box.

"Is that a cell tower?" I said. "He's on your data-plan!"
"Does your data-plan come with ghost protection?..." my friend said in a ad-narrator voice.

So, basically, the ghost got into the "currents"... which was why he could jump onto the GPS, the car, the phones, the computer cord?, the wireless speakers? (FYI, I have never seen wireless floor speakers of that size... but then, I haven't been shopping for speakers in like 10 years, so what do I know... but it seems kinds of pointless?)

Anyway, turns out the widow already figured out what was happening, because she'd been talking to her dead husband online and lately he's just been increasingly about revenge...., and yeah, probably gloating over his wins every time she read that another college kid had died.

Back at the ranch, Dean and red-head are being chased by the ghost and Dean feels the need to destory HUNDREDS OF DOLLARS IN TECH! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

They run to the basement where "reception is crappy" but even there, there's an abandoned phone... and the ghost is now made enough to manifest completely... so Dean texts Sam a 911 and Sam ends up putting the widow on FaceTime(tm) in order to talk her murderous husband out of killing and into crossing over. (BTW: I guess this means that the veil is fixed now and ghosts can return to heaven? How Kevin doing)

Leave it to Sam to once again find the "peaceful" solution.

Then, red-head goes to apologize to the widow, even though she's no longer being phyically haunted - because she wants to try to atone and move on for her part in dead-dude's death.

Dean, then announces, that he's going to choose "peace" too... that he finds peace in helping people, so that's what he's going to do - that's what he's going to focus on... and he's no longer going to actively try to get rid of the Mark. He says that he can't live anymore in the weird state of "maybe we can solve this problem", that it's driving him nuts... and that the best thing for him is to accept that it's not a problem they can solve and that he just has to live with it, try to deal with it, for as long as he possibly can... and if he's going to go out, then he's going to go out fighting.

Sam, of course, seems to see this as Dean losing hope - of Dean giving up... but I don't think it is. I think it's Dean agreeing with Sam's original idea - that maybe the power of overcoming the Mark lay somewhere in Dean, had to do with will power, and that was how Cain had stayed mellow for over 100 years.

The flip side of course, is that with the MoC, Dean is basically immortal (death=demonhood), so Dean not curing the MoC, means that eventually Sam's either going to have to cure Dean of demonhood again, or Sam's going to have to find a way to kill him... but since Dean's basically a Knight of Hell (or Cain-lite), I'm not sure Sam CAN kill him, even if he wanted to (which he obviously doesn't). So, is Sam facing a reality where his brother will outlive him and then possibly become a demon? And there will be no one left to save him?

Questions questions....

So, as usual, let me know what your thoughts are in comments.... or if there's anything major that I missed talking about that you desperately want to hear my opinion about...
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