Hell's Half Acre (hells_half_acre) wrote,
Hell's Half Acre

Draco Malfoy

So, Rowling released a Draco biography on Pottermore today - and unlike some of her other Pottermore writings, this one DOESN'T mess up my headcanon or the Demented'verse.

Actually, it's pretty cool, because she makes something canon that I had JUST written into an (as of yet) unreleased Demented'verse installment....

Mainly, that Draco excells at Occlumency.

What doesn't match up is the fact that Rowling has Draco remaining independently wealthy and therefore NOT working. Whereas I have Draco being independently wealthy but still getting a job. I mean, what else is the guy going to do with his time? Still. I'm glad that she didn't have him do something completely different - I mean, there's less difference between loafing about and being an Unspeakable then there is between becoming the potions professor at Hogwarts and being an Unspeakable.

Anyway, just thought I'd comment on that.

BTW: If there is anyone who is interested in beta-ing my next demented'verse installment, let me know. I usually don't get those betaed (much to everyone's annoyance, I'm sure), but I thought I might switch things up this time and actually get someone to give it a read through first, so that I'm not editing it after I post like usual. :P
Tags: demented'verse, harry potter, in the works

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