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Meme time!

I know I'm probably due to post a rewatch, but my seasonal job is getting busier and I've got a bit of a cold, and I'm also lazy... so yeah, I haven't done the next episode yet. Hopefully, I'll have time and energy either tonight or tomorrow though.

In the meantime, let me do a meme, unprompted. I've stolen this from fannishliss.

Favourite main character of 2014: Bucky Barnes

Favourite villain of 2014: Hmmm... this one is hard, because I'm not really the type to like villains, they just don't capture my imagination as much as heroes do. I guess I'll go with Pierce from Captain America, since he is the personality of villain that actually exists in our world and therefore is the most horrifying. ETA: WAIT! I forgot that Teen Wolf 3b aired in 2014. So the real answer is: Nogitsune!Stiles. Dylan O'Brien did an amazing job with this part and I agree with others in the Fandom that he remains the ONLY Teen Wolf villain to successfully yell his lines and still remain menacing rather than tipping over into comical. Not only that, but while being horrifyingly evil, he also did an amazing job of playing a deeply traumatized Stiles.

Favourite other character of 2014: Steve Rogers

Favourite M/F couples of 2014: I'll have to go with Derek/Braedan from Teen Wolf for this one. I mean... guh. Derek is gorgeous. Braedan is gorgous. Derek is the kind of broken dude you just want to cuddle forever. Braedan is the kind of badass, with badass scars, that you just want to worship like a sexy God... or maybe that's just me. :P

Favourite F/F couples of 2014: Hmm... I don't really do the femslash. I read a good MCU fanfic the other day that had Natasha getting it on with one of her fellow Red Room girls... so, maybe them? Are there lesbians on Teen Wolf? Hm, there's not. I don't watch enough shows. Maybe I'll choose Charlie Bradbury and whoever the hell strikes her fancy, because I just want Charlie to have nice things.

Favourite M/M couples of 2014: Steve/Bucky... to the end of the line.

Favourite 3 or moresomes of 2014: Well, they aren't 2014, but I've recently been rewatching Leverage, and am reminded that Eliot/Parker/Hardison are the best ever - and also the most canon threesome that I have ever seen. As for 2014 ships... it doesn't really count as a threesome, but I like to think of Steve/Bucky having an open relationship that includes Natasha, wherein Steven and Natasha are just best bros 4eva, but Bucky and Natasha have sex regularly... so, it's sort of a Steve/Bucky/Natasha threesome, but two of the three are just friends. Likewise, I ship Peggy/Steve/Bucky similarly, wherein Peggy and Bucky aren't into each other, but are cool with the fact that Steve is into both of them.

Favourite Crossover couples of 2014: I don't really ship things in crossovers, so I have no answer to this. Let's see, this year I watched Teen Wolf, Sherlock, Supernatural, and the Captain America movies and that's basically it, unless I'm forgetting something... so, who among those shows would make a good couple? Dean would be really attracted to Braedan, but I'm not sure if it would be reciprocated. Sam would love Lydia, but she's a little too young for him. Sherlock and John have each other, so they're right out of the running completely, really... though John would probably get along well (as friends) with Sam Wilson. Conclusion: Natasha/Braedan... and Derek would be cool with it, because he's awesome like that.

Fandom that you never expected to get into: Captain America. Seriously, anything that suggests it related to American patriotism makes me roll my eyes so hard it hurts... but the reaction to the Winter Soldier on tumblr was too hard to ignore... and I'm glad I caved to my curiosity and watched the films, because it turns out that Captain America is actually the opposite of what I thought. He basically stands around being perpetually disappointed in America (much like I do! Sorry, America, if it makes you feel any better, I also stand around being perpetually disappointed in Canada too). I didn't know anything about the comics or his backstory when I foolishly made my snap judgments, so I had no idea that he was a socialist. Lesson learned.

Most recent fandom of 2014: Captain America. I move through fandoms like water grinds through rock... which is to say, extremely slowly; so, I don't have any new ones besides Captain America. I was thinking of getting into Agents of Shield, but then they killed my favourite character off in the midseason finale, so now I'm mad at them and I also have no reason to watch anymore. I was also interested in Fitz's storyline, but not enough to watch now that the other character I liked is (seemingly) gone. If they come back from break and that character is miraculously still alive somehow, then I might consider checking it out - but I doubt that will happen. I also wasn't too impressed with some of the other aspects of the show (yes, I'm basing this all on catching the last half of the mid-season finale only, and I'm aware that might be ridiculous.)

Favorite Actors of 2014: Along with the SPN boys, I'll add Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, Scarlett Johansson, and Anthony Mackie. Also, Meagan Tandy. Lupita Nyong'o, because although I haven't actually seen her movie, I really enjoyed looking at her face this past year.

Songs I got Fannish About in 2014: If you thought I moved through fandoms slowly, that's nothing on how behind the times I am in music. I also have very eclectic tastes. But, let's see...
Chris Thine (Goat Rodeo) - Here & Heaven, which I believe I discovered earlier this year (or possibly late last year), is an amazing song that twists up my insides. It's a fast-paced melancholic song. Just, really really amazing.
I love Jack White's voice and his slower songs, so I really liked Love Interruption.
Under the Steve/Bucky influence, I discovered and fell in love with the chorus of I and Love and You by the Avett Brothers (though unfortunately I don't like the verses, and kind of wish I had the talent to rewrite them and record a "better" version just for myself).
My brother also introduced me to Of Monsters and Men, who are pretty great - their song King and Lionheart has made the rounds in a lot of fandoms for obvious reasons.

There we go, spent an hour doing that instead of anything more productive :P
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