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Quick Reaction: 10x09 The Things We Left Behind

Well. THAT was something...

Early post tonight (and no drinking) because my friends had tickets to a play, so I went over to watch it early while they were getting ready to go out.

Unfortunately, I missed the first few minutes, so if anyone wants to tell me what happened in them, that'd be grand - otherwise, I'll catch it when I work on the timeline (which I am so behind on it's ridiculous).

So, let's talk about the episode...

- The Crowley subplot here basically just boils down to the fact that Crowley's mother has talked herself into his good graces again, so I guess they're a weird sort of team now. I don't really have much to say about this plot, besides that the demon who was locked up with Rowena (who Rowena then screwed over was attractive - also, I'm surprisely sad that Gerald is dead.)

Dean, Sam, and Cas:
As I said, I missed the beginning - I came in when Cas was already midway talking to Claire, finding out what happened to her mother and what she's been up to. Luckily, I had been spoiled for Claire's return, so I put it together pretty fast who she was, which was good, because it's not like I recognized her.

Based on what happens later in the episode - my guess for the teaser before the title is that Dean is having some sort of flashback/nightmare to his time as a bloodlusty demon? Otherwise, the flashbacks later don't make sense.

Anyway, so, Cas has tracked down Claire in a fit of guilt for what he did to Jimmy. As I missed the beginning of the conversation and have to base my knowledge on what's said later in the episode - I'm guessing that Jimmy is confirmed dead? That'd be cool, since that's my headcanon. Also, I think if Jimmy WEREN'T dead, then Cas would pull a switch at some point and let Jimmy resurface to talk to his daughter. So, yay! This episode actually confirms TWO of my headcanons, but we'll get to the other one later...

Claire asks Castiel to get her out of the group home she's in - but Cas fails big time at that, because he's a horrible liar. Wisely, the social worker doesn't grant him custody. But, no worries! Cas might be a horrible liar, but he's really good at breaking and entering, so he just comes back at night and gets Claire out.

It's not exactly a happy reunion though - Claire lets him take her out for a burger and fries, but she doesn't exactly want him sticking around. Also, she hates him because he killed her father and ruined her life... which, you know, is totally understandable.

So, she steals his wallet and bolts.

Cas calls the Winchesters, who up until he called had been watching the Three Stooges together and laughing, while the ominous Mark of Cain hung over them like a spectre.

They're not too interested in Cas' emergency, being surprisingly kind of cold about it - wondering why Cas is even bothering trying to help Claire, since he only met her once. Um, yeah, but he got her father killed and ruined her life. I mean, making sure she doesn't die homeless and alone or resort to a life of crime is kind of the absolute least he could do.

Cas pulls the "I need you" card and Dean and Sam both acquisce. Sam takes off for the group home to play detective and Dean volunteers Cas and himself for eating-in-the-diner duty. Dean eats A LOT in this episode, and he laughs too hard at the stooges, and I think he's desperately playing a caricature of himself to try to either deny or hide the fact that he's losing control.

Cas and Dean talk about things... I kind of forget what they talk about until Cas asks Dean how he's doing, and Dean has the flashback thing and then tells Cas that Cas has to kill him if he loses control again - that he doesn't want to become that thing - and that Cas can't let Sam talk him out of it. Yikers.

Meanwhile, Sam gets the scoop from the group home and figures out who might know where Claire is.

Then we see that Claire had fallen in with a weird twisted Fagan type character, who is using orphans to get money so that he can pay off some loan shark loan he has.... and he's a creepy creeperston, to put it lightly. But his whole "getting the minor to commit crime" thing reminded me of before I turned 12 or 13 when my older siblings kept telling me that I was missing my opportunity to kill someone, because they were both in High School and had just learned about the Juvenile Deliquients Act in Civics..., or whatever the hell that Act in Canada is that doesn't cover kids under 12. It has been far too long since Grade 10, when I finally learned that crap for myself.

Anyway, Cas and Sam hang out outside the Weiner Hut, where Dustin works. I love how Supernatural has populated it's universe with it's own chain stores/restaurants, it makes it all seem more real. Cas uses enhanced interrogation tactics on Dustin and gets information on where Claire is pretty damn fast.

Which is good, because Claire's about to rob a convenience store at gunpoint. Cas intervenes just in time - but Claire isn't too happy about it. She yells at him for killing her father, yells at Sam and Dean for letting Castiel kill her father, and then storms off again.

And that returns us to our theme this season of "What makes a monster?" which is a theme that we really haven't explored THAT much since S2 or (briefly) S4. We love Cas, but does that make what he did to the Novaks any less horrible? He obviously didn't MEAN to destroy them, he once promised Jimmy that they would be protected, but he can't very well protect hem from themselves, and it seems that without Jimmy, the family self-destructed in the wake of the trauma that Castiel brought to them during The Rapture (4x20).

So, Sam, Cas, and Dean, go to a bar to drown Cas' sorrows. There's weird lighting at the bar that causes them to have a stripe through their eyeballs and it super annoys me... but they make up for it by confirming my longest held headcanon...

Dean spent part of his teen years near/in New York City. I've had this headcanon since I first started watching the show and noticed 1)Dean's cellnumber in an early series screen shot had a NYC exchange, and 2)Dean references Judaism a lot. So, I figured that the Winchesters must have, for a time, lived in or near NYC and close to a Jewish community, or Dean just made friends in a Jewish community. I think Long Island suits my headcanon purproses fine.

What we actually get is an adorable story about how Dean and Sam had to beg John to take them into the city - but he did, and he gave them a full day of being tourists... and then, that night, Dean snuck into town to go to CBJB, even though he was underage. He got in, because he's Dean, so of course he did, and a group of people got him very drunk (for the first time ever), but he wasn't fun drunk... and then John showed up and saved him, his presences alone commanding an apology from the people who had been feeding Dean alcohol - and even though John had saved him, Dean goes on to tell us that all John got was Dean complaining that he had embarrased him and that Dean hated him... and John told him that it wasn't his job to be liked, it was his job to "raise you right." And Dean and Sam both say that they know that John wasn't the best father, but that they loved him. And awww...

So, basically, this is an episode with Cas learning how to be a dad... from... the Winchesters, which, um, well, I guess it's better than no one! And hey, actually, they might be the best ones for the job, because I had kind of a crappy father, but my brother is an awesome father, mainly because he knows what NOT to do. :P

It's a good thing that Cas decided that he needed to be a LITTLE like John Winchester and go save Claire even if she didn't want him to though, because Horrible Fagan is busy selling Claire into the sex trade in order to pay off his debt from betting on horses. Wow.

Claire is able to fight off her attacker long enough for Cas to show up and throw humans out of his way until he finds her. Meanwhile, Dean and Sam keep all the dudes downstairs at gunpoint. Cas runs out of the house with Claire, and Sam follows, and Dean is supposed to be right behind, but steps into the room in order to make sure that the dudes don't shoot them in the back - and that's when the rapist clocks him in the head, drawing blood, and basically setting off Dean's fight or flight response... and yeah, setting off the fight or flight response on a recovering Knight of Hell is the worst idea imaginable.

Sam gets all the way to the car before he realizes that Dean's not right behind him, and that's when he hears the screams.... and yeah... Cas MAYBE should have kept Claire in the car, because that right there is a blood bath.

And poor Sam... he breaks my head, because he's pretty much just begging Dean to lie to him, but Dean doesn't - it wasn't self-defense, it wasn't either them or him, it was a blind bloodlust that he couldn't control. And I think the thing that breaks my heart the most is that Sam's reaction is just to hold him and not stop holding him. Ugh, my heart.

ETA: I forgot to talk about Cas and Claire - what do you think will happen next? Do you think Claire will stick around or will Cas stash her somewhere? Will Cas have to learn how to become a father? Will that even be possible given that Claire probably still hates him for killing her real father and rescuing her from a rapist, while great, is hardly going to erase that? Will Claire eventually become a kick-ass hunter? Will she be able to solve Cas' grace problem by still containing some of his grace after all these years?

And now we have to wait until January 20th!!! And the promo for it has me anxious. But hey, at least I might have time to catch up on my timelining!

As per usual, let me know what you thought in comments! Let me know if I missed talking about anything super major that you desperately need to discuss! And please forgive any spelling mistakes - LJ spellchecker isn't working and spelling is not my strongest skill.
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