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Quick Reaction: 10x07 Girls, Girls, Girls

Hello! It's an early one tonight, because my friend had stuff to do this evening - so I watched on the east coast feed, then helped move some things, and then drove home...

Which means that I didn't have any wine! Whether this means my memory will be better or not... well, it probably doesn't mean that my memory will be better, let's be honest.

So, let's get to the episode before I forget even more...

I'm going to talk about the two storylines separately, because I can't remember where they cut into each other.

Sam and Dean

We begin with a teaser death - this time, a hooker is running away from a man, who we find out is her pimp, and then when she stabs him in the eye with her heel (gross but awesome), he doesn't even die! He's a demon! It's interesting that demons can seemingly heal from bullets and whatnot, but the guy can't heal a ruined eye.

Then we cut to Sam and Dean, who are eating at a place, but Sam doesn't know where the heck they are. Dean says it's because the place has the best stake under $10 between whatever city and whatever city - and I just think that's hilarious. Also, I love the fact that Dean said "We have to drive down to *town*" and Sam was just like "okay" and didn't even question why until they got there. :P

The jig is soon up though, and Sam discovers that Dean's put himself on a dating app, like Tindr, I guess? That's the het-version of grindr right? Anyway... Sam commences making fun of Dean and it involves him putting on a sleazy voice to say Dean's username "Impala67" (which might as well come straight outta fic), and then putting on a faux-sexy voice while reading the texts that Dean's gotten from "Shaylene" and everything about this is glorious. I love how proud Dean is of the messages he's gotten... I also love Sam telling him that it's probably a Canadian trucker named Bruce...that the text are too good to be true.. but Shaylene shows up! And Dean proudly runs off with her.

Only, Sam was right! It IS too good to be true. Before they get to the good stuff, she mentions that they have to discuss payment. Dean is disappointed, because he has a "no cash for ass" policy... crude, but not a bad policy, especially with an unregulated sex industry. That's when Shaylene lets him know that she's really there for his soul - and at first I was like "She's a demon!" but she didn't flash the eyes and demons usually know who the Winchesters are, so I was like "is she a stupid demon? I'm confused." But then she mentioned that her "boss" would come in with the paperwork...

And so, we discover that some entrepenurial crossroads demon has decided to go into the sex trade. Yikes! Luckily, Dean is smart enough to know that the girl is PROBABLY there against her will - and she pretty much confirms it as soon as he suggests that her enthusiasm is an act.

So, Sam and Dean trap the demon - but when they try to extract more information about the other girls, the demon just says nasty things to/about Shaylene, so Shaylene knifes that bastard and kills him. Sam is upset because this means they might not be able to rescue the other girls - thankfully, there is a card on the body that suggests where they might be.

BUT!! Before they get there - someone beats them to it! We finally find out who the redhead was in 10x03! Despite the bodies pinned to the ceiling YED style, she ends up being a witch!! Not only that, but a Scottish witch... and I DID start wondering if they were going to go where I thought they might, given that there's another Scotsman on the show with ties to witchcraft...

We find out that the her name is Rowena that she can kill demons with a particular large hexbag. She actually LIQUIFIES the demon smoke and the demons basically become a leviathan-like dead sludge. The other demon smokes out.

Then Sam and Dean show up and are like "what the what now?" So, then it's off to investigate the witch...

Meanwhile, the witch takes the two hookers to a fancy restaraunt, as you do. And the restaraunt tries to kick them out, because they aren't dressed properly - stupid restaurant. So, Rowena mind-controls the waiter and they get all their stuff for free....

And meanwhile, Rowena explains about how she's a witch, and that there are three types of witches - the ones who get their powers from a demon, those that are born with magic and those that can be taught by a witch that is born with magic. This is cool, because we finally get something that unifies the different types of witches that we've seen in SPN. (The only thing NOT cool about it is that it kinda fucks with my HarryPotter/Supernatural crossover - but, *shrug* I can still make it work, I'm sure - it's just another challenge.)

Also, while we wait for Sam and Dean to catch up with the witch, we discover that Cole is out there practicing his skills on a demon..

Back to Rowena - who's time is up at the restaraunt, because apparently there is an expirery date on anyone that she bewitches. They're brains boil?!! Um, yeah, that's not good.

Oh, I also have to talk about Crowley, who finds out about what Raul was doing to get souls and is not impressed. I like the way this episode manages to condemn the sex trade from both good perspective (Sam and Dean are trying to rescue the girls) and the evil perspective (Crowley doesn't like it because it's beneath him.)

I'm not sure about the weird shadows on the other actor's face in the scene with Crowley - it was sort of a weird decision, I think, directorally... kind of oddly distracting. Why is he in shadow? What's it a shadow from? Why doesn't he move into the light a little more so that Crowley can see him better? How come Crowley's well lit but that other guy isn't? Maybe it was a statement or something, but I didn't get it.

Sam and Dean investigate the death at the restaraunt and then realize that they should be stacking out the fancy hotels. Dean seems pleased with this prospect.

Meanwhile, Rowena tries to teach the girls some witchcraft, and they're going to practice on the manager who knocks at the door... only, it's the busboy, and he is also dead. ALSO! He is the guy who dresses up as Castiel at VanCon every year and is awesome! Yay!

But, more importantly, the demons are there for Rowena - one of them is an intimidating blond woman and I like her. Dean and Sam also arrive at the hotel and take out the demons so that THEY can get to Rowena. My nitpicky quibble here is that if this was really a fancy hotel, there'd be no way they'd have been able to ride up the elevator without a room key... same goes for the demons, though, I suppose they, at least, hijacked a busboy.

Rowena spells one of the hookers to become an attack dog, which while making her 100x more awesome now, sadly, put her on a countdown clock to death. Sam stays back to deal with her while Dean takes off after Rowena...

Rowena and the remaining girl make it to the alley- but the remaining girl is no dummy. She realizes that Rowena plays a little TOO loose with human life and she gets a punch in and then takes off running... Rowena is about to kill her (or something) when Dean shows up.

Only, Cole also shows up. And man, he really does have the worst timing. Rowena gets to escape... and Dean has to deal with Cole.

The fight between Dean and Cole is really awesome. And it still happens dispite the fact that Cole throws holy water in Dean's face and discovers that he's not a demon anymore... the important thing though is that knowing demons exist opens Cole up to considering that OTHER things are not what they seem either. So, when Dean gets the upperhand, defeating Cole once again in hand-to-hand and then getting a gun on him, Dean is able to explain what happened with Cole's father... actually giving his (very beautiful) gun to Cole and saying that if Cole still feels the need to shoot him after he's done explaining, then he's free to. And yikes! That's a gamble and a half.

So, Dean explains that he DOES remember Cole's dad - his name, his town... and he remembers that Cole's dad was some sort of monster that ate livers. Dean doesn't know WHAT kind of monster, because he's never seen it before or since, but that Cole's dad was most likely long dead at the hand of, or changed into, whatever the liver eating monster was.

I'm SUPER GLAD that they had it be some mysterious monster with no name, because that doesn't mess up the canon for when the first time Sam and Dean dealt with particular monsters.... because before S1, they really only dealt with werewolves, ghosts-related-things, and possibly wendigos... mostly everything else has been new to them since S1.

The acting in this scene is really great. Cole breaks my heart - because you can see how much he wants Dean to be lying to him. He wants to hang onto the story that he's told himself his whole life... that a monster named Dean Winchester killed his innocent father, that he can get revenge. He doesn't want the monster to be his father. He doesn't want Dean to have actually been SAVING him back then... because for 13 years, he's devoted himself to a story that was easier to swallow.

And Dean's brilliant of course, because he recognizes this right away... I mean, Dean knows what it's like to devote your life to revenge, and he knows what it's like to idolize and love your father and not want to admit that there might have been something wrong with him, that he might not have been perfect, or even good.

I also love how Dean immediately yells at Sam to drop his gun when he comes up behind Cole. That Dean keeps the situation as in hand as possible.

Of course, Dean also tells Cole that Dean's beyond saving... which Sam doesn't like to hear at all. And Dean also talks about how you can go down dark paths and that you need people to pull you back from those paths.

Sam also reminds Cole that he has a family who needs him.

Cole doesn't shoot Dean and they see him off in his truck... and then Sam asks Dean about what he said, and Dean says he was just telling him what he wanted to hear. And I think Sam is a tad worried that Dean's just telling SAM what he wants to hear now too... or maybe that's just me.

Okay, let's talk about the other storyline before we talk about the end....

Castiel and Hannah

Cas and Hannah are still tracking down rogue angels and sending them back to heaven. They're nearly done. Once again restoring the earth to the state it was in before S4 when angels started interfering with things actively... then Hannah takes off all her clothes and stands there until Cas notices, then plays innocent about her intentions...or maybe she actually IS innocent? I don't think so though. I think she's getting back at Cas for him turning her down preemptively before - now she's just like "it's not me with a sexual attraction problem, it's YOU!"

But, she goes to shower, even though angels still don't need to shower.

And then as they are leaving, Hannah's vessel's husband shows up! Ah the plot-twist! After ignoring the plight of vessels for 3-4 seasons, they are finally adressing them again! Hannah's vessel is named Caroline and she just up and left her husband when Hannah possessed her back in S9. And he's been tracking her credit card and finally caught up with her.

Rather than try for the truth, Hannah attempts to convince him that she left him for another man - in an attempt to get him to stop looking. And she makes out with Castiel to prove it.

But, it doesn't sit right with her and when they stop for gas later, Hannah mentions how horrible she's feeling about the whole thing. Castiel mentions Jimmy! And how he had a daughter and was a good man... but that the mission needed to come first.

Hannah seems to agree, but then disappears. Cas finds her in a really pretty place. Hannah says that if protecting humans is the mission, then shouldn't that include their vessels? She even complains about the fact that they haven't even really been thinking about the vessels when they've knifed other angels... and now she feels horrible about it. Then she blames liking all the human things she likes (showering, being attracted to Cas) on her vessel's feelings bleeding over... which, interesting... that might suggest that all these emoting angels that we've come across over the years are just like that because they've let their human vessels bleed feelings all over them... in which case, Cas being less emoting might mean that he's put up more barriers to Jimmy's feelings.... or it could just be that Hannah doesn't want to own up to her own feelings.

Anyway, Hannah decides that she needs to let Caroline go. That she's done with earth and having a vessel. So, she graces out of there...

Now, my complaint here is the decision to have angel grace be that whispy thing. Because, okay, I know they fell - but Castiel's possession of Jimmy back in S4 was EPIC and AWESOME and even the possession last year of explording-girl was still fairly epic. Though, I also realize that Anna's grace could be kept in a pendent, so maybe size has no meaning when it comes to how angel grace manifests. Still, I think there was a missed opportunity for epic and awesome... even with the fact that angels have all had their wings clipped.

Caroline recognizes Castiel - so, she must have been slightly conscious, or Hannah told her before she left. And Castiell drives her home... she lives in a house that looks surprisingly similar to Jimmy Novak's!

And as Castiel sits out in the car, he uses the mysterious free wifi that permeates the world and looks up Jimmy Novak on his laptop... looking rather devastated about it all.

VERY INTERESTING... does this signal a return of Jimmy Novak in the future? My headcanon is that Jimmy Novak is long dead, and that it's been just Cas in that body for a while... but maybe the writers are going to destory that headcanon and tell me differently. I am very conflicted about this!


We end with Crowley in Hell. The demons managed to capture Rowena after all and she's strung up and pre-tortured for his convenience... and when he gets into her cell, she calls him short and then asks if the cat got his tongue... and we get the classic zoom in forground, zoom-out background, shot of Crowley as he realizes that Rowena is his mother.

Dun dun dun...

So, lots of stuff set up in this episode! Cole is appeased, but still alive...will he go back to his family and that's it, or will he become a hunter? Or will he inherit his Dad's monstrousness and become a liver-eater too?! Or will he try to figure out what his dad was? I like the idea that he's out there - it makes the universe bigger.

Hannah has peaced out, so does that mean that Castiel is going to return to the Winchesters? Is he going to continue to track down rogue angels and return them to heaven? Is Cas going to return to heaven? Is he going to try to return Jimmy to his family before Cas dies and takes Jimmy's body with him? Is Jimmy even still alive or is he dead? Is Cas returning a dead body no matter what he does?

How far away from demonhood is Dean? Is it really too late for him? Is he telling Sam what he wants to hear?

And, now that Crowley has his mother, what happens next?!

So many questions!

Anyway, good episode.

I am looking forward to next week based off that promo... yay!

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments!
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  • ... give me one more week!

    I didn't do rewatched last weekend, because I wanted a little bit of breathing space after the finale. I wanted to actulaly feel like the show was…

  • ...hi

    I realize that basically since the show went on hiatus back in February(?), I have done nothing but post messages that say that I'm alive and that…

  • What do you mean it's already 9:30?

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