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Quick Reaction: 10x06 Ask Jeeves

Ah, the light-hearted fun of murderous family drama...

Let's get right to it!

I liked the way they did the THEN this time, because it didn't give away the monster - instead they mentioned a whole BUNCH of monsters so that we could have the mystery be revealed to us at the same time as it was revealed to the Winchesters. That was a really nice change from the usual, where we know what monster we're dealing with before the boys do because of it being the only monster we're briefed on during the THEN.

So, the episode begins, yet again, with Dean working on the car. Last episode, I took this as a sign that Dean really WAS back to being Dean - now I'm wondering if it's a sign that Dean is obsessively TRYING to be back to being Dean because he's not really...

Also, Dean had both a new shirt AND a new coat in this episode - luckily, I don't have to worry about those until next fall when I do a rewatch and update the clothing catalogue.

Sam's been looking for cases, but there's "not even a cat up a tree" - and now I really want to see the Winchesters get so bored that they start resuing kittens from trees. (In my experience, it's only ever kittens that get stuck up trees - adult cats know better.)

Dean has a solution - he found one of Bobby's old cellphones in the car. Really?! Wow, they NEVER clean that thing out, do they. Anyway - Bobby got a message about being in the will of some heiress, so it's off to the will reading for his next of kin. Where they discover the stereotypical WASP family who all hate each other.

I forget at what point the conversation occurs, but I did like the brother's comment to Sam about how his family doesn't like each other, and he supposes most families are like that - and Sam is just like "Mine isn't." And he says it's just him and Dean, but even when the rest of Sam's family was around, they all liked each other - Sam even liked his dad, despite always getting into fights with him - you can tell that by the one scene they have together in S1 where they actually talk.

Also, I liked Dean explaining that Bobby was their "surrogate father" - he could have easily just have said "uncle" since that's what they called him when they were kids, but it doesn't really incapsulate the relationship, because even when they were kids, Sam and Dean really did grow up with two dads - who often disagreed on how they should be raised.

Oh hey, I forgot to talk about the teaser death - there was a teaser death. We remarked on it because you could already tell it wasn't your typical ghost-case, since the butler was like "What have you done!?" rather than "You're alive!" or "AAAHH!" So, that was neat.

Things I liked - the alliteration - "The Westchester Winchesters?" and "Clown College Collette"... and I liked the Butler telling them that they didn't have to spend the weekend and handing off Bobby's "inheritance" in the hallway, and Dean making a comment about how it's because the butler doesn't think they're good enough and the butler correcting him and explaining that it's the family that isn't good enough for the Winchesters.

So, the boys have inherited a pendant of a celtic cross - thinking it must be worth something, they take it to a pawn-shop/appraising guy to see, only to discover that it's all fake rubies and cubic zirconia. But, it's also A KEY! So, back to the house... where they discover a secret stairwell to the attic and Collette's corpse. Or rather, Dean does. Oh wait, but that's after Statton gets killed by the "ghost" of his dead uncle. So, Dean also discovers the other maid, whose name I have forgotten, claiming to have been locked up there with him - and that she saw what happened to Collette too.

Anyway, I actually really like contained room killer stories - so I liked this one, where the Winchesters had to figure out what was going on, but they couldn't leave the premises or even get to their car. The fact that they didn't have their guns or even a silver knife on them was interesting and a little odd. I mean, usually Dean's armed to the teeth, and he DID have his flashlight.

Sam suggests they talk to the butler, so they split up to find him. Dean finds him and talks to him. Sam finds his corpse somewhere else - and then it's revealed that what we're ACTUALLY dealing with is a shapeshifter! Which I honestly didn't see coming.

Then it's too the silverware drawer - and this one my friend completely called, saying that the silver was going to turn out to be fake - and I was like "I'm sure by now Sam and Dean know how to tell if something is really silver or not" ... but nope, she was right. They do no how to tell, they just never bothered.

I did love them going through the house and testing everyone though. I loved Sam letting the ladies hit on him so that he could sneakily test them - and being super uncomfortable while doing so. I just wathed The Purge (9x13) the other day and I couldn't help but think of Dean's line "You're weird around girls - Sam weird." Anyway, I loved the comments from the ladies about how long Sam's fingers are... teehee.

So, after all that testing, they discover that the detective is dead! Oh noes... and then finally the family figures out that the murder must be the two strange guys who they don't know - so the brother who hunts pheasants commanders the cop's gun and locks them away in a room that happens to have both secruity cameras AND a gun safe.

Meanwhile, the killer is revealed to be the maid! Who I DID suspect as soon as the butler turned up dead - and Sam realizes that the silverware isn't actually silver. (It just occured to me that if I ever had to defend myself from a shapeshifter in my apartment, I would have to choke them with one of my necklaces, because I don't have any silver at all, besides POSSIBLY some of my nicer jewelry.)

Gun chase ensues! And the maid ends up cornering Sam in the kitchen. We find out that she's the heiress's daughter from a shapeshifter, who Bobby killed when he came to collect her, but the heiress didn't want her daughter to die, so the compromised and locked her in the attic instead. Which, yeah, if you wanted to creat a pissed off monster, probably locking them in an attic their whole lives is a good way to start. Still, I liked Sam telling the maid that "being a monster is a choice" - of course, at that point she'd already killed four people.

Sam didn't actually have any silver bullets, so it's Dean who makes the kill shot by sneaking up on them. Then he makes several "after the kill" shots that suggest that Dean might have some bloodlust problems. Very scary bloodlust problems.

And even when they're leaving afterwards, Dean tells the brother that he can repay them by not telling anyone they were there - but he does it in rather a threatening way. So, yeah... not good not good.

Sam tries to talk to him about it, but alas, Dean makes an excuse and then gets super defensive when he realizes that his excuse is really weak... and then resorts to turning up the music which, yeah... this is not going to solve any problems.

So, Sam and Dean drive off into the night...

All in all, a fun episode, but not too deep - still, it sets up the problems to come that will inevitably complicate the brother's lives greatly - namely that Dean is still not really himself, not as long as he has the Mark.

You know what this episode made me wonder though - are all shapeshifters male? This shapeshifter seemed to identify as female gender, but I'm wondering about their procreative sex. Everytime we've had a reference to shapeshifters being born, it's always a shifter!male impregnating a human!female. And shifters can shift into either male or female bodies, so... can they also reproduce shifter!female with human!male? Like, do they have the option to carry their own offspring, or because they might have to shift genders while pregnant, do they only produce semen and have to depend on humans with static sex-organs? Anyway... that's mainly the question that I debated walking home.

Short write up tonight! Woo!

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments!
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