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Rewatch S9: Captives (9x14)

I've been rewatching Leverage recently... if you ever wonder what I do in the days off between rewatches, that's it. I rewatch other shows and DON'T discuss them. This is why I don't watch much new TV. I'm too busy watching things I've seen before, because I already know that I like them.

Anyway... let's actually talk about an episode from S9...


I liked the guy who played Theo - I'm kind of sad that Cas killed him.

Oh Kevin... I'm still upset about them killing him off. This episode is cold comfort.

It IS interesting to think of Kevin hearing all of the Winchesters' private arguments though.

And I love the haunting of the bunker.

Again, we see that despite Sam's talk, he still reacts the same way to Dean possibily being in danger as he always did - he freaks out and tries to find/help immediately.

Also, Sam in just his long-sleeved undershirt. He wears that shirt under most of his plaid shirts, you can tell when he rolls up the sleeves - I like to think that Sam also uses that shirt as PJs, which is evidenced here.. which means that Sam's secretly always in (at least half) of his PJs.

Sam: "So..."
Dean: "Yup. Bunker's haunted."

- Awesome.

Sam: "Must have been a more recent death."
Dean: "No."

- I feel bad for Dean. He totally blames himself for Kevin and I'm pretty sure that he's slightly terrified that it IS Kevin and that Kevin blames him too.

Aw, communication through the coffee maker...

Oh yeah, angels - I forgot this episode had another storyline. Another faction of angels - this time peacefully, living amongst humans... except Bartholomew killed them all.

Sam: "... I mean, you gotta figure - it took Bobby months to break through."
Dean: "Kevin's only- He's new at this."

- Ugh, so sad. Also, I wish that Dean had said a time, but alas.

Dean: "... I got serious things to say to you, and I'm not going to say them to this. Kevin, I'm sorry. You did not choose this life. You busted your ass. You lost everything, everyone you've loved. And you're reward? Getting killed. On my watch. If I'd've- That was on me. It was my fault and there's nothing I can do to make that right and I'm so sorry."
- Oh Dean. I like the addition of "on my watch" because that says so much about Dean's character and how he preceives responsibility. It harkens right back to Dark Side of the Moon, when Dean and Sam talk about the time Sam ran away and Dean says "on my watch" then too - Dean sees ANYTHING happening on his "watch" as completely and utterly his fault, that he failed.
- Kevin was an interesting character to have around for Dean, because he was an age range that could be either little-brother or kid, and so he really did fill that hole that Sam used to occupy before Dean mostly started seeing him as a fully capable adult that didn't need to be looked after anymore.

Kevin: "This is not happening. I didn't spend months trying to break through the veil just to get stuck with Sam and Dean Winchester having a self-pity session- like I didn't hear enough of those when I was alive."
- I love this opening speech, because it right away tells us what kind of ghost Kevin is. Not vengeful. Just Kevin. Also, while Dean's been wracked with guilt, we immediately see that Kevin is not full of blame.

Dean: "Kevin?"
Kevin: "You can see me?"

- Oh god, their faces.

Dean: "Wait, why aren't you in heaven?! I mean, if anybody deserves an express pass to paradise-"
Kevin: "I couldn't. I can't. No one can. Heaven's closed for business. Everyone that's died since the angels fell? They're just stuck inside the veil. Waiting. [...]"

- So, there's a continuity error there, because when Charlie died in 9x04, she went briefly to Heaven. Though, you CAN explain it away as Kevin getting it wrong - that it's only been since Metatron "flipped a few switches" upstairs that no one has died. Because it occurs to me that perhaps a new prophet can't be activated until the old prophet's soul reaches Heaven. So, the way Metatron might have stopped the prophet-cycle was to close Heaven to souls, so that Kevin could never return.
- Okay, continuity out of the way - Dean's insistence that Kevin should have gone straight to heaven breaks my heart. Yes, you could argue that Kevin should go straight to Heaven because he's a prophet, but I think there's also an element of Dean thinking that Kevin is GOOD and innocent and deserving of paradise.

And we have Kevin sending them on a quest to find his mother - a quest that he could never convince them to even attempt before his death. I guess guilt and debt is better leverage.

Back to Castiel and the angel factions. The young one with the blade to Cas' throught looks familiar.

And then Sam and Dean setting up at the trestle bridge. Which, given what the trestle bridge actually looks like, my friends and I determined was a set built near or under an opening in the trestle bridge that was easier to film in then between the ACTUAL supports of the bridge.

Back to Cas... who gets Bartholomew's slightly insincere greeting hug. I think any TRUE friend of Cas would know that Cas isn't really the hugging type. Sam JUST taught him 3 episodes ago. :P

Back to Sam and Dean...

Sam: "You feel that? I thought I felt a chill."
Dean: "Yeah, it's 'cause it's cold."

- Ha!

Yeah, that's definitely fake bridge supports put up on the open walkway that goes under the trestle bridge. The "wall" next to Dean MIGHT be the real bridge supports, but behind them and beside Sam are fake bridge pieces.

Dean *on the phone*: "Crowley, it's Dean. Call me when you get this."
Sam: "Really, Dean?"
Dean: "What?"
Sam: "It's your third unanswered voice-mail, do you ever think maybe he's just not that into you?"

- I love Sam. I love Sam taking advantage of the fact that Dean is insecure in his sexuality and getting a dig in.

Batholomew: "Madness wasn't it? A puny force of 20, behind enemy lines, launching an incursion against Raphael and his loyalists!"
Cas: "It was a calculated risk."
Batholomew: "I thought you'd gone insane. I questioned your leadership, second guess every step of the campaign - but you were my commander. I held my tongue. I followed orders. Raphael fled. Most of his loyalists dead or captured. Your gambit paid off. You won."
Cas: "We won."
Batholomew: "Word of your victory spread. You got called back to the garrison. You became the Great Castiel. While I stayed behind just a grunt."

- So, it's pretty neat to have a little story about stuff we didn't see back in S6, when Cas would just show up every now and then frazzled and tell Sam and Dean that he was at war and didn't have time for their shenanigans.
- But, in my mind, this story sounded like it happened early on in Cas' war against Raphael. Before Cas could build up that many followers, but after Crowley floated him a loan of souls to power him up a little bit. So, Castiel would have still been on outs with the garrison and needing to prove himself - which he obviously did - and it was the start of the reputation that he would eventually build within the angel community.

Cas: "You gained a reputation for yourself as well. The captives I left in your care. You totured and killed them."
- Yeah, that's not good.

Back to Candy's story about the box - and she mentioned the mysterious Jerome, who we never see or hear of again.

And then we get Ms. Tran! Yay!

Dean: "Why kill Candy?"
Sam: "You heard her. She tried to make a break for it. Maybe Crowley wanted to make an example."
Dean: "No, nah, now the guy in charge... Crowley wanted the victims alive."
Sam: "So, what, you want to give him a medal? I mean, Crowley's the one that put them in the cells in the first place."
Dean: "Yeah, I know, I'm just talking it out, working the case - business-like."

- I have a feeling Dean has been using "business-like" or "strictly-business" to justify anything he says that Sam doesn't like. :P
- Though, Sam is also jumping to the conclusion that Dean is siding with Crowley, because he doesn't know what the hell is up with Dean going on that case with Crowley and getting the Mark.

Back to Cas and Batholomew... I don't really have much to say about this storyline...

But yeah, we find out that Batholomew wants to find Metatron too, but he also wants to eliminate all the angel factions too - no doubt to remove the competition for leadership once they DO reclaim heaven. So, yes, Bartholomew wants to stop Metatron, but it's more because he wants to BE Metatron, rather than for any altuistic reason.

Ms. Tran is so small compared to Sam.

Oh Dean, you walked right into that trap...

Back to Cas, who realizes that Bartholomew has a much better set-up than Cas...

Cas: "Why wait? With this kind of information, I'd lure him out."
Bart: "I knew you'd be asset. [...] with you by my side - the new boss and the ultimate rebel working together - think of the message that would send to would-be dissadents..."

- Yeah, Bart, I think you should really think about the fact that you just labeled Castiel "the ultimate rebel" and then maybe ponder how long you expect him to actually be by your side even in ideal circumstances.
- Again though, I love this glimpse of Castiel: Military Commander. Because so often in these later seasons we lose sight of the fact that Castiel WAS a commander in the garrison for a long time, to the point where he led the mission to get Dean out of hell.

Back to Sam...

Ms. Tran: "Now all we have to do is get this door open, get the hell out of here, and you will bring me to my son."
Sam: "Listen, Ms. Tran..."
Ms. Tran: "You will take me to my son. Flashlight. FLASHLIGHT!"

- Oh my heart. I do love the fact that they didn't need words for that information to be exchanged, but it does destroy me.

I like the little demon's immitation of Crowley.

Back to Cas, because I don't have much to say about the demon and Dean exchange...

Bartholomew: "Do you know why they brought you back to the battlefield, the truth?"
Cas: "Yes, I know the truth."
Bart: "Our leaders wanted those captives killed and they knew you'd stand in the way of their order. Said you didn't have it in you - that you couldn't do what needed to be done. But I know different, I know you've changed."

- So, this is interesting because it suggests that a)Cas wasn't LEADING the charge against Raphael, he was just perhaps the figure-head for the charge (at least in the beginning). b)It suggests that Castiel's commanders may have been purposefully assigning Cas elsewhere from the "dirty work" for a long time. Naomi implied last season that the Winchesters weren't the first time Cas rebelled, and that he did so back in Egypt once too and needed to be "reprogrammed" - so, this suggests that Cas may have been known as a "rebel" long before he ever rebelled with the Winchesters, albeit to a lesser more controllable degree.

Cas: "I'm not a murderer."
Bart: "You weren't, not then, but since then you've slaughtered thousands of angels. You killed Malachi's man for his grace!"
Cas: "Who I was, what I did, that's not who I am."

- I love Cas' last line there. I've always sort of lived by the philosophy that you should be who you want, not who you were. So, yeah, it fits right in with that. There IS a capacity to change and it IS possible to reinvent yourself - But, this also gets right back to Castiel's mistakes always biting him in the ass with angels - because the good ones don't trust him, and the bad ones use his mistakes as justification for their evil... or proof that he should back them up.

Bart: "No? Then who are you? I want to work with you Castiel, but I need proof, they need proof that they were wrong - that you can do what needs to be done. This needs to be done."
Cas: "I was never free to leave. My only choice was to obey or be killed. While, I choose."

 - I also love that line, because that sounds like the old-order of Heaven. Obey or be killed. Doubt is forbidden... and that's one of the things that Castiel rebelled again - he had doubts from the beginning, he told Dean as much way back in S4. And when he rebelled, it was for free will.

Back to Dean... in time for Sam to come in and save him...

Then back to Cas...

Cas: "No, angels fighting angels has to stop somewhere. Might as well stop with me."
Bart: "Fine!" "Stand down! This is between me and the rebel."
Bart: "What are you now a penitant?"
Cas: "I'm nothing."

- Again, I love that Castiel hates the factions, that he doesn't see his own rebellion as the same as theirs. I love that Cas refuses to label himself as anything other than Castiel - Angel of the Lord.

Bart: "You never did understand, Castiel. There can be no peace without bloodshed."
*Cas kills Bart when he attacks again*
Cas *to guards*: "Let me pass."

*They do*
- I also love it whenever Castiel actually gets to be the badass that he is.

Dean: "Listen, Ms. Tran, there's a lot we don't know about this heaven situation. There are risks to taking Kevin home with you. Now spirits, the longer that they're in the veil, they have a way of- well, it doesn't end up well."
Ms. Tran: "He's my son. It's my job to keep him safe for as long as I can."

- Superntural seems to be about people who take responsibility for other people's safety despite the fact that everyone is really responsible for their own safety. :P
- I do hope they eventually revist Kevin and that he either gets to go to heaven, or they find a way to resurrect him.

Castiel: "Sorry, I created this chaos. I'm sorry I couldn't do more to fix it. You may have lost the war, Rebecca, but you tried a new way, and you have my respect for that."
- Aww, Rebecca, I think, tried things the way that Castiel wanted. Poor Cas though, all he's ever wanted to do was fix Heaven, and all he's ever managed to do is break it further.

Cas: "I don't want to fight, but if I have to, I will."
Angel guy: "I didn't come to fight. When I fell, I thought I had no choice, but yesterday you showed me that there is a choice - and I choose you."
Cas: "I'm sorry, but I'm no leader."
Angel guy: "Yes, you are. If you'll have me, Castiel, I will follow you. And I'm not the only one."

- And Cas unwittingly becomes the leader of his own faction - or, we get it foreshadowed that he will - despite the fact that he prefers to remain a lone wolf.

Kevin: "She was held and tortured for a year because of me. Now that I found her, I'm not letting her out of my sight. She's my responsibility."
- Again, why is your mother's safety your responsibilty, Kevin? I mean, yes, I know families take care of each other - but MAN, this whole episode is just full of people guilt-tripping themselves over having failed to keep other people safe.

Sam: "And you were ours, and we failed you, I-"
Kevin: "Sam, I know that wasn't you. Go put a blade in that asshat that possessed you, and we'll call it square. Guys, thank you."

- Awww... I like that Kevin could reassure Sam that he knew Sam didn't want to kill him, that his last memory of Sam isn't Sam hurting him.

Dean: "You can thank us when we get you to Heaven where you belong. Okay? Until then, enjoy your time with your mom - the uninterrupted 24/7 no-escape quality time."
Kevin: "Dick. Hey, before I go, you guys promise me something?"
Dean: "Yeah."
Sam: "Anything."
Kevin: "Can you two, get over it? Dudes, just because you couldn't see me, doesn't mean I couldn't see you. The drama, fighting, it's stupid. My mom's taking home a ghost. You two, you're both still here."
Sam: "Of course, promise."
Dean: "Yeah."

- I like Kevin calling Dean a dick. I think it also shows that there's no hard feelings between Kevin and Dean either. That Kevin knows that Dean's been beating himself up about everything excessively and that he doesn't NEED Kevin's anger, that he understands and is sorry. Mainly, I think Kevin understands that because Dean actually apologized - whereas, Sam's not as quick to forgive Dean's crimes against him, because Dean refuses to acknowledge that they were wrong.
- And as much as I understand Kevin wanting the guys just to get over it - I also see things from Sam's point of view, where if the problem is never addressed, then it's just going to keep reaccuring.

*Dean watches Kevin go*
Dean: "Well, that was-"
*Sam's already walking away.
Dean: "Yeah, okay."

- The thing is, I don't think Sam LIED to Kevin when he promised that he'd "get over it", but I also think it's not unreasonable for Sam to need TIME to do that. He needs to figure out HOW to get over it. Does he let Dean get away with shitty behaviour again in favour of them not having so much tension between them? Does he try to talk to Dean about it again and hope that Dean actually sees his point this time? Does he give it time and see if Dean manages to come to him and apologies properly?
- Because that's the thing, yes, Sam walks away from Dean, but it's not on SAM to fix the situation. Arguably, it's on Dean, who messed up in the first place. Dean's blaming Sam for them fighting because Sam's ANGRY, but Sam's angry because Dean screwed up and doesn't see it as a screw up. I hate to say it, but Dean's kind of blaming the victim for the fight - that it's on Sam to mend the divide, when it wasn't Sam's actions that caused the divide in the first place.

Dean and Sam go to their separate rooms. Dean listens to angry music like a teenager. :P
- And again, Sam might walk away, which isn't a great start to mending the relationship, but Dean's reaction to Sam walking away is to act hurt and go listen to music angrily in his room. He could have easily followed Sam to SAM'S room and said, "hey, no, we should try to talk again, I'm willing to listen if you are..." but nope.

Okay! Short one! Woo!

As usual, let me know what you think in comments, and please forgive spelling mistakes.
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