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Rewatch S9: Sharp Teeth (9x12)

Okay! I'm going to try to do this one fast, because I'm starting it at 9:30 at night, and yeah... I kind of want to be done by midnight...


Garth episode (possibly the last one?!)

And Garth gets his by a car.

Sam: "...he's ah, a skinny, Ichabod Crane kinda guy."
Nurse: "I know just who you mean..."

- Awww....

Dean's wearing his beige carhartt with a blue t. I like the scruff.

Awkward family reunion.

Dean: "Where you coming from?"
Sam: "New Mexico."
Dean: "Wow, that's a haul...."

- First off, I love mentions of hunts that we never get to see - because, like other characters that they leave alive, it makes the universe seem bigger... it makes it seem like we can't ever get the full story by watching the show, there's always going to be something going on somewhere that we're missing, that we'd love to see too. And I guess that might sound like a bad thing to some, but I like it.
- Secondly, I think it really says a lot about Sam's loyalty to his friends that he drove all the way to Wisconsin from New Mexico as soon as he heard a John Doe description that sounded like his friend.)

Sam: "Whoa, hey, what is that?! Adrenaline?"
Dean: "Yes, sir."
Sam: "You trying to jump start him or kill him?"
Dean: "I want some answers! He walked out on Kevin and he walked out on us. So, if you've got a better idea..."
*Sam slaps Garth*
*Garth wakes up screaming*

- Hehehe... so, a couple of things I like here. I like Dean's "yes, sir"... I don't even know why, because it's not actually like he's calling Sam "sir" or anything, it's not said like that - but I still like it.
- I also like that Sam just slaps Garth.
- And I guess, like usual, I don't know where Sam's head is at - but my first thought was that he went there to make sure that Garth is okay, and it strikes me as intriguing that Dean's there to judge whether Garth has a good excuse for disappearing when Kevin and they needed him. But, again, maybe Sam's there for the same reason and I'm projecting.

Dean: "Anything on Gadreel"
Sam: "Actually yeah, yeah... turns out he left some grace in me before he bolted."
Dean: "You know how wrong that sounds, right?"
Sam: "Don't worry about it. Cas took care of it."
*Dean makes a noise*
Sam: "What?"
Dean: "Nothing. I'm gone for two weeks and you're like an episode of Teen Mom"

- See, Dean agrees about the angel jizz. I think some people were offended by this joke though... as I remember, I didn't get it the first time, because my mind hadn't put together the whole angel jizz thing.

Sam: "What happened to your arm?"
Dean: "Oh, it's ah... a gift from Cain."
Sam: "Like, the wrestler?"
Dean: "I wish. That would be awesome. No, the old testament dude. He got all biblical on me and gave me his mark."
Sam: "What does that even mean? How did that happen?"
Dean: "Crowley and I found him and he gave me this, so that I could 86 Abaddon once and for all."
Sam: "You worked a job with Crowley?!"
Dean: "The devil you know."

- You know, out of the two Winchester brothers, I think it's DEAN that needs the babysitter. Maybe all these years he's just been projecting when it comes to Sam... Okay, yes, they both need babysitters, the only reason Sam's not dead right now is because Cas refused to kill him... god, these boys.
- On a more serious note though, I do like how there's a split second when you wonder if Dean is going to lie to Sam - but then he tells the truth, and I think it's a purposeful pause. I think it's Dean knowing that he has to be honest about the big stuff from here on out... of course, that decision gets sucked away under the MoC's influence, but we'll get to that later.
- Also, you can tell that Sam obviously still cares very much about Dean, that he's angry, but it's not like that means he doesn't love his brother anymore or care about his well-being. I think people, Dean included, get confused about that. They think anger=no love, which is ridiculous. I mean, the reason we tend to fight with our loved ones is BECAUSE we love and care for them so much. When strangers piss me off, I just make a face at them and walk away.

And then Garth escapes... naked! Haha.

I love the west coast art in the lobby of the hospital... in Wisconsin... with a plant in front of it, like "we're totally in Wisconsin, shut-up."

There's a dude smoking a cigarette next to an oxygen tank outside the hospital... I mean, not to get distracted by extras, but... uh, yeah... just as Dean walks by, a doctor walks up to the dude, so I'm going to guess that the doctor told him he shouldn't be smoking.

Sam: "How about you, any luck?"
Dean: "Uh, nada, the cameras were pointing the wrong direction."
Sam: "You're kidding."
Dean: "Wish I was"
Sam: "So..."
Dean: "So, Garth's a hunter. If he wants to stay gone, he's gone, so-"
Sam: "We got nothing."
Dean: "Well, what can I say, Sammy. We lost this one. Send me a postcard-"

*Dean's voice echoes through Sam's phone, as Sam steps out from behind the ambulance*
Sam: "Wow. Make, model, license plant. Really, Dean?"
Dean: "I told you we can't hunt together. It's for your own good."

- So, yeah, when I said Dean had decided to be honest before - there's a reason I said it was just about "the big stuff" - because Dean still thinks that he's toxic for Sam (which, granted, he kinda is, but I'd still argue these guys are more toxic to themselves when they're on their own. They're like... drugs. I'm not talking about street drugs, but pharmaceuticals. Like, for depression or whatnot. You can totally abuse those drugs and do yourself in, but if you actually suffer from severe depression, you need them in order to not kill yourself. So, the Winchesters are kind of like each other's life-saving, but totally abusable, drugs.)
- Also, I like that you can see Sam realize Dean is lying pretty much immediately.

Sam: "I hear you and once we find Garth, I'm gone. But until then, no more games."
*Dean nods*

- Ah, Sam's super pissed. But at least Dean knows enough not to argue further.

I do love Garth trying to calm the room down when the boys bust in.

Garth: "Sam, please, please, don't hurt her."
Dean: "What are you doing? She's a werewolf."
Garth: "So am I."

- Say what you will about them turning Garth into a werewolf. I do like that reveal (even though it's not a surprise, since we all sort of saw it coming.)

Garth: "Alright, we've all gotten off on the wrong foot here, so let's do this right. Boys, this is Bess, my beloved. And Bess, that's Dean - now he could start a fight in an empty house, but deep down inside he's just a big ol' teddy bear. And Sam here, Sam can be a bit insecure at times, but for good reason, bless his heart."
- I LOVE Garth's description/introduction, and I love it for two reasons. 1)It is the perfect description of both of the characters. I especially love "could start a fight in an empty house" for Dean, because it's SO TRUE. 2) I love it because what Garth does is immediately humanize both Dean and Sam. He introduces them as complex human beings, to counter Bess not being able to look past the "hunter" label. Now, this both speaks to the way that Garth interacts with EVERYONE in his life, the way he views everyone he meets, which speaks to why it is that people always grow to like Garth, AND is ironic, because he doesn't REALLY do the same with Bess for Sam and Dean - he describes her as his "beloved" as though the fact that he loves her should be enough for them not to kill her... this could be because a)Garth believes that should be reason enough, or b)Garth recognizes that it was Bess who attacked first, or c)Garth knows the Winchesters will actually listen before killing anybody, whereas Bess has already proven more volatile.

So, in a page out of Emmanuel and Daphne's book, Garth married a girl after only two months of dating... What do you think is more romantic? Talking someone out of ritualistic suicide or finding a naked amnesiac in the woods? Also, I just realized that in I'm No Angel, I should have talked about the fact that Cas apparently never slept with his wife when he was Emmanuel? Did I talk about that? I'm going to go ahead and assume that maybe she was asexual and finding an amnesiac in the woods who respected that about her may have been why she jumped the gun a bit on the marriage thing. Sure. That makes sense.

Bess: "Do you have any idea how hard it is for a bitten to control his instincts...
Bess: "...you're either born to it, like I was, or you're bitten, like Garth."
Dean: "Wait, you said you were BORN a werewolf."
Bess: "2nd Generation."

- So, I know I usually get pretty pissed about them changing the mythology, but I actually really love this change they made. One of the reasons I started watching Teen Wolf was because I found out that their mythology included Born-Wolves. I just think it's super cool - unfortunately, neither show goes into what that means psychologically (and I wouldn't expect Supernatural too, since werewolves aren't the focus, so whatever... and I'm not going to go into a Teen Wolf rant in the middle of an SPN rewatch, no worries.)
- The only thing I will say is that they have to be CAREFUL with their mythology - because they've set it up perfectly, but it's only perfect if they pay attention. They've come up with a way to have SOME werewolves change at will. These werewolves have to be either directly bitten by the alpha/pureblood (which Sam and Dean assume means alpha, but MAY mean born-wolf?), or bitten by someone 1-3 places removed from the alpha. So, A-B-C-D-E, can all change at will and have the possibility of controlling their instincts, but the further you get from A, the harder it is. And then at E, if you bite people, you start getting the werewolves that we saw in S2. In addition to this, I'm guessing that Bess is the offspring of a B-C or D or even an E, and that Garth must have been bitten by a C or D. (Technically, in the most recent S10 werewolf episode, we had F werewolves that were acting like Es, so...we're already on shaky ground with SPN respecting its new mythology.)

Sam: "Right, minus the part where your wife attacked me!"
Garth: "Yeah, because you guys came busting in here like a house on fire. Guns waving, the jawlines and the hair - it's very intimidating!"

- Hehehe... I love that line.

Sam: "Or are we just that jaded? Maybe Garth's right?"
Dean: "Well aren't you a glass half full"

- I just like this exchange. I guess because it's self-aware... and the because I always say that SPN is about a pessimist and an optimist living a tragedy.

That song is so repetitive..

Sticking Dean in a house full of monsters is an interesting thing to do though... I mean, the refused handshake is just the tip of the iceberg. It just all brings to mind Dean back in S2, after they let Lenore escape, and Dean telling Sam that their dad raised them to hate everything supernatural with no exceptions, and that Dean DID. It's been a long time since S2, and we've seen Dean consider the actions of the creature before deciding whether or not to kill it - we've seen him let monsters go, when they have't been harming anyone (or they're too hard to kill - such as nearly every time they come across a witch), we've also seen him go through periods where his logic is all over the place... but, the thing with those decisions is that it doesn't necessarily mean he doesn't still hate them. It's like racism or homophobia (is there a better word for homophobia? - homophobia isn't actually a phobia)... you can support equal rights for everyone and still be a racist and/or homophobe. Just because you're against the holocaust, doesn't mean you aren't anti-Semitic. "I don't think we should kill them all indiscriminately, but I certainly don't want my daughter marrying one!" Not murdering an entire group indiscriminately isn't a particularly high bar, is what I'm saying.

I really hate eating sounds.

Bess' father: "... then I realized that the road to revenge is a dark and lonely path, which you never get off. And that hole in the pit of your stomach, you never fill it, ever."
Dean: "Yeah, no, I get it."

- Yup. I mean, yes, they're still going after Gadreel is a sort of revenge-style way, but for the most part, the Winchester's have learned not to let ONLY revenge fuel them. Ever since S4, they've been pretty careful to make sure they're hunting for good causes (saving people/redemption), and not just to settle old scores. I'd argue that they actually learned that before S4, what with both of them resenting growing up on their father's revenge quest - but Sam's more drastic measures in order to take down Lilith kind of drove the point home (though, arguably, he was doing that for good reasons too, but the more drastic steps were taking back when he was only hunting her for revenge.)

Why don't werewolves use plastic wrap?

Garth: "Why are you being so hard on everyone?"
Dean: "Because there's no way that all of this is what it looks like! No way."
Garth: "When I first got here, I couldn't let go either. I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop - but when it didn't, I had to accept the truth"

- I think Hunters sort of have it in their heads that nothing good can ever exist. I mean, they come by it honestly, and Dean's not wrong here - but, like Dean calling Sam "glass half full" earlier, I think it's in their best interests to remain pessimistic. Which is why, I think, Sam ends up taking more heat than Dean for mistakes, because Sam tends to play the role of the optimist - and the Supernatural universe is a cruel cruel place... so Dean can always be like "I knew this was going to happen!" when things go wrong, where as poor Sam just has all his hopes crushed.
- Completely off topic, whenever I hear the phrase "waiting for the other shoe to drop", I can't help but think of this guy I was seeing once who told said that phrase one night when he was remarking on how good everything was - and yeah, I was like "right... I'm totally not ending this relationship next week. Ha ha ha... awkward." Only, in my head, because... yeah, awkward.

Dean: "Well I got another truth for ya - We were all left in the dark when you went awol, I didn't know if you were dead or worse. You should have reached out and sent someone a message."
Garth: "And said what, Dean? That I'm a werewolf? I was embarrassed. I thought it was best for everyone if I just stayed away. That doesn't mean that I didn't think about and miss you and Sam, Kevin - "
Dean: "Kevin's gone."
Garth: "What?"
Dean: "Gone for good."
Garth: "What happened?"
Dean: "When he needed me, I wasn't there, that's what."

- So, firstly, I want to talk about the fact that Garth was embarrassed. I love that explanation, just because, again, it's so human and honest... which is so Garth. I also like it because Garth is talking about being embarrassed and thinking it's best if he just disappeared from all his friends' lives - because he screwed up... which, although vastly different circumstances, is slightly similar to Dean messing up and then deciding that he's toxic to his loved ones and he should just stay away from them.
- Secondly, I love the fact that Dean's reaction about Kevin isn't yelly or whatever - it isn't even necessarily something that Dean was planning on telling Garth. I love that hearing the name just takes him off guard, like with everything else going on, he didn't even think that he'd have to tell Garth - that Garth would just say the name like Kevin was still around.
- Thirdly, as painful as it is, I like the fact that Dean takes full responsibility for Kevin's death - that he wasn't there when Kevin needed him. He was just a few seconds too late, or he was too embarrassed to warn Kevin ahead of time about what was wrong with Sam... or too used to lying, or just wanting to deal with it and not have another person know what he had done to save Sam's life... who knows.

Sam's wearing his corduroy jacket! It's my favourite. I really should have taken the torn up one at the wardrobe sale and tried to repair it. I regret leaving it there. Ugh, stupid. It was just $5. Sigh. Regrets.

And then the werewolves attempt to kill the Winchesters, which isn't a smart idea.

I love the knife throw by Dean when he kills the cop before he can even raise the gun.

Oh yeah, Ragnorak... I kind of love the fact that they brought in the Fenris myth as a sort of... fanatical religion for the werewolves to cling to in their extremism.

That's the same church they used in 99 Problems, I do believe.

Bess' Father: "It's no use, Dean. I can hear your heartbeat. You must have done this countless times and you still get nervous."
Dean: "Nothing wrong with a little fear. It's what makes us human."

- I love this fact about Dean. That's all.

And then we find out that the Bess' father isn't in the know...

And what I love about this whole sequence is that Dean IS still giving the Reverend the benefit of the doubt. He could have easily used the excuse to wipe out everyone, but Sam had a hunch that it might be more complicated than the whole pack being bad, and Dean is willing to listen to that hunch and act accordingly.

Bess: "Mom, what's going on?"
Bess' step-mom: *slaps her* "First off, I'm not your mother."

- Cold.

And Garth apologizing to Bess like it's all his fault because Dean and Sam are his friends breaks my heart - because obviously Bess' step-mom is just a jerk-face.

*Sam wakes up*
Werewolf #1: "He's awake."
Bess' step-mom: "Well, don't you just look good enough to eat."
*Sam sighs*

- I love how Sam's not like... "oh no! I'm scared!" He's more like "Goddamn it, not again."

I know they filmed this scene a certain way, because they could only get DJ Qualls for so long, so they filmed a lot of his scenes separate on his own - but I really love the way they framed him and the cut-aways to him that they use.

Bess's step-mom: "...see, he was bitten, not born like I was, he still holds on to his humanity."
- Oh! I stand corrected, they DO delve into the psychology a little bit. Though, granted, it's with the crazy character - obviously Bess is born too and she doesn't mind her humanity. Personally, I think born-werewolves would actually have the most interesting psychology, because they wouldn't see either humanity or wolfiness as "other" - they'd ONLY know the marriage of the two. Bitten werewolf stories always follow the internal struggle of containing the beast within, that they treat as foreign thing to their more civilized humanity, which is where the myth really stems from - containing baser instincts, civilizing the beast, etc - but born wolves wouldn't have that struggle at all. Bitten wolves in stories always see themselves as a man who becomes a beast, but born-wolves would see themselves as both man and beast equally and HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH IT, because that's all they know. I'm not sure there's even an analogy that I could use... but hopefully you know what I mean.

I love Garth turning into a werewolf. Man, I love werewolves. But, yeah, the VFX department (and DJ Qualls) did a good job.

And then Dean saves everyone.

Sam: "Be good. Hear me."
Garth: "I will. Thanks, Sam."

- I love how Garth doesn't even balk at the implied threat there. Man, I love the Winchesters.

Dean: "Yeah, well, maybe you were right. He seems like a good man - considering..."
Garth: "Yeah, and you were right, everything around here wasn't copacetic. I screwed up again. First Kevin, now this."
Dean: "Hey, Kevin - that's on me. I'm the one that pulled him into all this. I'm the one that should have been there to protect him."
Garth: "Well, guess there's enough of that blame to go around then."

- Ah Garth, I love the fact that he, too, blames himself for not protecting Kevin. I mean, technically, Garth doesn't know that the Winchesters have a secret bunker that would have protected Kevin better than the houseboat - and that even WITH the secret bunker, Kevin still got killed - really, there was nothing Garth could have done. But, I like the fact that he doesn't let Dean shoulder all the responsibility either - that he's basically saying, "we were all tasked with protecting Kevin, and therefore we all failed, not just you."

Garth: "This might sound crazy, but maybe I could come hunt with you. With my werewolf mojo, we could have an advantage."
Dean: "Look, Garth..."
Garth: "No, Dean, I want to make this right. I never should have left you guys, especially Kevin. Kevin was my friend. Friends don't do that."

- It kind of amuses me that we never once saw Garth and Kevin in a scene together.
- I think Garth wants to hunt for the same reasons that Dean wants to hunt alone - they feel they've messed up and need to make it right. Basically, it's a punishment. Dean decides he needs to be alone forever (which he hates), and Garth decides that a good punishment would be to leave the happiness that he's found and go back to hunting. Yes, Garth liked hunting too, but I think he probably doesn't feel safe in the hunting community anymore now that he's a werewolf.

Dean: "Well hey, you said it. Who cares where happiness comes from. Look, we're all a little weird, we're all a little wacky - some more than others - but if it works, it works. You got something here. Okay? Even if they are werewolves - lycanthropes, whatever - don't let that go. Okay? You'll never forgive yourself. Besides, somebody's gotta live to tell this damn story one day, who better than you? Now shut-up and come here!"
Garth: "Really?"
Dean: "Hurry up before I change my mind."

- Okay, so, dissecting this speech is going to be a little difficult, so bear with me. Firstly, I think Dean talking about regretting letting happiness go is honest - that although, true to his word, he and Sam never mentioned them again, I'm sure Dean's quick look to the ground just after saying that part was a thought to Lisa and Ben. I don't think, necessarily, that Dean regrets leaving to hunt with Sam, or regrets making the decision to cut them out of his life completely (which, I should point out, was another decision that Dean made on their behalf "for their own good" without their consent or even a consultation)... but I do think Dean misses them, that he wishes that things could have been different... that he could have had his brother AND the little happiness that he had found with that family.
- Secondly, the "somebody's got to live to tell this damn story" slipped by me the first time, but it stands out now. This speaks to the fact that Dean considers Hunting (or Hunting with him) a guaranteed death-sentence, and also the strange idea that there should be someone left to tell the story... which isn't a sentiment that Dean's ever expressed before. Anyway, I found it interesting. I feel like there's more I should say about it, but it's not coming to me at the moment.
- Also, we get the token attempt at not being a racist, where Dean uses their preferred term rather than the one that they view as pejorative.

Okay, now this last Sam&Dean scene, I'm going to break up into sections to talk about...

Dean: "Hey! Uh, listen, uh, that night that we went our separate ways."
Sam: "You mean the night you split."
Dean: "Fair enough. I was messed up man. Kevin was dead and I... I don't know what I was."
Sam: "Okay."

- Sam tries to keep Dean on track here with reality - in that it was Dean's decision to leave and that all Sam did was to honour that decision and not argue for him to stay.
- I also like Sam just saying "okay" because he's actually doing a really good job of listening and accepting here. He's letting Dean know that it's alright for Dean to have been, or possibly still be, messed up.

Dean: "Hell, maybe I still don't. But uh, I know I took a piece of you in the process and for that... Somebody changed the playbook, man, you know? It's like what's right is wrong and what's wrong is more wrong, and... I just know that- that when we rode together...."
Sam: "We split the crappiness."
Dean: "Yeah. So..."
Sam: "Okay."
Dean: "Okay."

- So, the really interesting thing here - and I'm surprised that Sam doesn't call him on it - is the fact that Dean doesn't apologize. He let's the entry into what would be an apology dangle, but then instead of apologizing, he starts blaming the universe for being a confusing place to live in. It's suddenly not his fault, because "somebody changed the playbook"... Dean can't be at fault because what's right is wrong and what used to be a little bit wrong is now apparently VERY wrong, and how can you expect a poor guy to keep up!
- But, Sam doesn't call him on it. Instead, he listens to what Dean is saying and then agrees that the bad spots are easier to get through when you have company, someone to talk to, someone to help you sort through things - and whats more, if you do mess up, you have someone to help shoulder the guilt.

Sam: "But somethings broken here, Dean."
Dean: "I'm not saying that it's not, I- I just think that maybe we need to put a couple Ws on the board and maybe we can get passed all this."

- Again, for all Dean's immense guilt about everything, he's not actually willing to fix the problem. Once again, I just have to go back to my mother's saying of "what do flowers have to do with anything?" You can't just buy flowers or, in this case, solve a couple of cases, and pretend that your relationship is fixed. You have to actually figure out what needs fixing in the relationship and correct your behaviour. Otherwise, you're doomed to misery and a lot of dead flowers.

Sam: "I don't think so. No, I wish, but... We don't see things the same way anymore - our rolls in this whole thing. Back in that church, talking me out of boarding up Hell, or or tricking me into letting Gadreel possess me? I can't trust you. Not the way I thought I could. Not the way I should be able to."
- So, here is where Sam fails a little at the argument/discussion (he'll do more failing next episode). Because, like I talked about in the previous episode, Sam is conflating two issues, only one of which can be blamed on Dean. It's not Dean's fault that Sam's changed his mind about dying for the cause. I don't think Sam was coerced into making that decision at all, and if Sam regrets living now, that's not on Dean.
- The only thing that Sam can blame on Dean is the possession - and that's reason enough for Sam not to trust him, so he really doesn't need to add in the decision not to die. Now, this is either a poor writing choice on behalf of the writers, or done purposefully so that both brothers have something they're wrong about in this argument (personally though, I don't think that it's needed and I'd be happier if the writers didn't have Sam conflating the two issues. I think it, once again, confuses the audience and causes people to blame Sam for being mad for reasons that don't make sense, rather than blame Dean for betraying Sam's trust. So, once again, Sam gets blamed and Dean gets forgiven, because Sam is being mean to poor Dean, who only wanted to save his brother.... okay, okay, I'll stop sounding like a bitter Sam!girl, but dudes, sometimes I am - that's the cost of being bi!bro.)

Dean: "Okay, look, whatever happened, we're family, okay?"
Sam: "You say that like it's some kind of cure all, like it can change the fact that everything that has ever gone wrong between us has been because we're family."
Dean: "So what, we're not family now?"
Sam: "I'm saying if you want to work, let's work. If you want to be brothers... well, those are my terms."
*Dean nods*

- It might be controversial, but I actually think this is brilliant on Sam's part. Yes, family is everything in this show - Family doesn't end with blood, and just because you're blood doesn't mean you're family, and the Winchester's don't have friends they ADOPT.... BUT, at the same time, you are less respectful to your family, and you tend to take those closest to you for granted the most, and you tend to expect family to forgive you - MOST IMPORTANTLY - sometimes, when it comes to your family, especially your younger siblings/kids, you can believe that you know what's best for them. You love them, after all, you want only good things for them, and you start believing that you know better than they do. But, you don't treat your coworkers that way.
- What Sam is trying to do is get Dean to respect his decisions and autonomy as a person. If your coworker asks you to get them a sugary fatty coffee blend, you don't get them a juice because it's healthier and you know what's best for them. You get them the coffee. Sam just wants Dean to get him coffee when he asks for coffee. Dean can say "maybe you should have a juice, it's healthier", but if Sam says "I understand that, but I want coffee", Dean should still get him coffee.
- When you look at it as Sam saying "we're not brothers anymore", it seems harsh - but if you look at it as Sam saying "you can't use being brothers anymore as an excuse to not respect my wishes", it seems much more reasonable. Of course, the problem is that while Sam means the latter, Dean hears the former.

Okay, it's 1am... blah, I just have like, one other thing to say...

I know some people think that this episode ruined Garth. I both agree and disagree. I agree that Garth was awesome because he was someone who went against stereotype - the first impression was viewing him as a screw-up/goofball, but he was actually always a well-adjusted CAPABLE hunter. So, the fact that they have him a)failing on a hunt, and b)becoming a werewolf, and c)being perhaps a little less well-adjusted/intelligent than he was before DOES ruin that. BUT, I also like the fact that they wrote him off the show without killing him or leaving that end dangling. He's still alive, which makes the universe bigger, but you don't necessarily expect to see him again (which we would, if he were still doing Bobby's old job.) Now, that being said, they COULD have kept him around on the phones and we'd still not necessarily expect to see him again, they COULD have explained his absence from the end of last season a different way, and, now that Kevin's gone, there's actually really no reason for them to see Garth again except as a voice we don't hear on the phone.

And, having said that, it bugs me that we don't know who's doing Bobby's job anymore. I want to know!

Okay, still 1am... that only took like a minute to type up, because it's late and I don't want to take my time trying to better articulate my thoughts. Also, I have a headache.

So, let me know your thoughts in comments and I apologize if things got confusing or rambly at the end there. Also, continue to forgive spelling mistakes.

I'll see you Tuesday for the 200th episode! Woo!

(posted at 1:45am - and I'm still considering it "quick" - oh man, it's a good thing I'm currently unemployed.)
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