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Man, I've been trying to double-time my crossover-epic writing, to see if I could get the next chapter out on Sunday instead of Wednesday/Thursday, but chapter 21 (the one I have to finish before I can post 20) is like trying to get blood from a stone. Well, it's not THAT bad, but I'm having a hell of a time of it.

Usually, I just start writing and let things flow from one thing to the next naturally...I don't really think dialog up ahead of time, even some of my major plot-points have come as a surprise to me. Like, getting to an end of a chapter and reading my last line and thinking, "Holy crap, apparently Draco is in this fic!"

This time I did that and everyone got into a huge fight and everything was RUINED. It was horrible. Harry realized he had been wrong, and the Winchesters realized they were being unreasonable, but by then everyone was insulted beyond repair. 

I actually had to erase half the dialog and bring it back to a point before it all went to shit, because I just didn't know how to continue from there. I couldn't take another 10 chapters to build up towards forgiveness.

So I started writing again, and sure enough, all it took was letting Sam speak first instead of Dean, and then everyone was getting along instead of arguing...well...umm...there was a bit of arguing, but it wasn't as catastrophic as the first time.

But geez, I'm only about halfway through the chapter, and I want to be done 21 and into 22 before I post 20. And to top it off I'm away for most of August, so if I'm going to keep up the regular updates until it's done, I REALLY need to finish sooner rather than later.

Except that I'm working full-time too...and some days I can write while I work, but not this week. Not tomorrow, anyway...and I'm busy all Saturday. Arg.

Also, I haven't had time to write ANYTHING else. Sigh...that's not the crossovers fault though. The crossover is actually the easiest thing to write, because I'm not trying to be all poetic. So, really, even if I wasn't writing the crossover, all I would have time to write would be the crossover.

In other news, I made sweet-potato&pea samosas tonight. They were delicious! I'm thinking that if I add black beans, there will be some protein and they'll constitute a complete meal that way.

Icons I need that I don't have:
-Dean looking like a bad-ass
-Dean with a gun.
-....and I'm jealous of all of mizzykitty 's pretty New!Trek icons....but I don't even post in that fandom, I just like the pretty.

Yes, once upon a time, I watched other shows. One of which was Torchwood. They are currently showing Series 3 (which is a miniseries) on the BBC this week. Reading a spoiler today, I discovered that my favorite character quite possibly dies...(the series does not shy away from killling off members of the ensemble cast permanently). Now I'm unsure as to whether I want to watch the episodes.

I loaned my S1 and S2 Supernatural DVDs to a friend. She has now watched up to 2x17. I am seeing her this weekend and I can't wait to talk to her about it. Seriously, we are going to see one of my favorite bands and I'm not sure if I'm more excited about the band, or finding out how she is liking the show. I have serious problems.

But man...the thing with my friend is that she is amazingly intelligent....so her talking about the show is like, well, no one else. She has all these terms. She had watched a little more than half of the first season and then she threw me out a description of the show and it was the most amazing description of the show I had ever heard, because it was so SPOT ON, but made it sound like some classic novel, or literary thing...see, I can't even describe it...it was like a couple of shows in, she knew the overarching theme of the show completely (but not in a "this show is predictable" type of way), she just tends to see things on the deeper level before the superficial one, I suppose.

So yeah, looking forward to that.

Also, Hey Rosetta! (An AWESOME band...seriously, they're in my header and everything).


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