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Quick Reaction: 10x04 Paper Moon

Hello! So, late night tonight, because of various reasons, one result of which was more wine than usual...

Eventually though, we did get to the show... so, let's talk about it...

Unfortunately, I was spoiled for the guest star of this episode at the last minute, so the reveal wasn't as exciting as it could have been, but it was still pretty cool. I liked Kate - I mean, you all know that I have a soft spot for werewolves, so maybe that's a given, but still...

Anyway, we open with a first person shot that, if you knew the quest star, was a nice call back to the first episode that she appeared in. And we see some dude at the biker bar get eaten by a blond girl. But, we don't see her face...

Then we join up with Sam and Dean, who are hanging out on the Fraser river somewhere, pretending it's a beach. Haha, adorable. I also like their dorky sunglasses. And I love that their version of a vacation is just... what it is... like, just sitting down by a river with beers in the sunshine. It's cool though, to see them having "we-time" and, I suppose, trying to reconnect and actually put the past behind them. Actually losing his brother caused Sam to shelve all his grudges immediately, and actually getting lost caused Dean to shelve his grudges too... or at least, they're working on it. But they ARE working on it - almost mindfully, which is I guess what is wonderful to see.

Before I even get into this episode, I have to say that I love how so far this season, the writers are taking more time with everything - it doesn't feel as rushed as S8 and S9 were. Now, that might all change and they could speed everything up again, but so far, I'm digging the pace of things. I really LOVE the first few seasons where they had whole episodes like this one where the monster of the week was about working out, or showcasing, their emotional issues rather than advancing the plot. It led us to have a better connection and understanding of the characters.

Okay, back the actual episode. I love how Dean and Sam are actually sitting five feet away from a "No Hunting" sign. Brilliant. It reminds me of the time that I took a picture of my best friend under a sign that said "[Ice is] undependable and NOT TO BE RELIED UPON" only, I cut off the top, and yeah... in retrospect, that was horribly cruel of me, but he had it coming and he's my best friend for a reason.

Of course, Dean and Sam have a workaholic problem. And they both read the paper that morning and noticed some "animal" attacks nearby. I love the fact that Sam says they'll call some hunters and get someone to take care of it - it's small, but I like the reference that Sam and Dean ARE connected to other hunters still (though, I guess Sam might have strained some relations, as we find out later.)

But, no, Dean wants to hunt and Sam caves, and off they go - but Sam declares that if at any point it starts going sideways they are OUT.

So, it's time to dress up as sexy park-rangers for halloween and talk with the sheriff, which then leads them to a bar and a drunk dude, who thinks it was a ghost - but DOES name the second person as a blond and mentions that he saw her out by some farm. So, then it's off to the farm... and sure enough, there's Kate!

As soon as we heard her on the phone, I knew that it wasn't her doing the killing. I was glad, because I do want her to stay good. I like her... and I mean, in some circles, what she HAS done doesn't qualify as "good" and them letting her live technically HAS caused deaths, but luckily her excuse is one that the Winchesters can forgive her for.

But, we haven't got there yet. Although Kate's willing to take the bullet, Sam stops Dean from killing her because, I'm guessing, he's worried that it will reignite the bloodlust caused by the Mark...or something? In any case, the delay is enough time for the sheriff to call them and tell them there's been another kill while Kate was with them and it's also enough time for Kate to claw-saw through her ropes and escape.

Dean stole her cellphone though and knows she was talking to someone in a motel nearby. So, it's off to the motel - which happens to be the same motel Sam was staying at last week? They didn't really even change it up that much. ANYWAY... they follow a short blond girl out into the jogging trails..., and dudes, you are NOT GOOD AT FOLLOWING PEOPLE. I don't think she noticed, really, but you were pretty damn obvious and if it'd been me, I would have noticed.

In anycase, when they think she's going in for the kill, they stop her, call her Kate, but when she turns around it's NOT KATE. Dun dun dun! They go to test her and she wolfs out at them and takes Sam down. Luckily, Kate actually is around and saves the day.

Then they go out for coffee and we get the whole story about how she's Kate's sister - um... I forget her name. But, yeah, the slowly dying from a fatal car-accident, but could be saved with a werewolf bite, is how Kate explains the reasoning for turning her sister... which is as good an excuse as any. Though, yeah, waking up in a car wearing a hospital robe with your runaway sister that you haven't seen or heard from in nearly two years has gotta be freaky...then add on top of that finding out that werewolves exist and you are one? Yeah...not the best day, but still better than being dead!

Of course, Sis can't withstand the cravings like Kate can. It actually makes sense, given the werewolf lore that they set up in Bitten. The wolves bit by the alpha have control, and control is lost in subsequent bitings...so, professor was bit by an alpha (if I'm remembering correctly), professor bites Kate's two male friends, male friend bites Kate, we're now 3 removed from the alpha...which means that Kate's sister is 4 bites removed...and probably at the stage where you start getting a little bit more uncontrollable. It could work for Garth's storyline too, because we don't know who bit him, so he could have been bitten by a wolf that was only one bite removed from the alpha too - and that's why he has nearly the same control as born-wolves (who I'm guessing are decendents of those only one or two bites removed from the alpha.)

Dean tells Kate that they can cure her sister - and I do like how Sam just goes along with it, even though he's lying. Part of me wondered if he maybe wasn't lying and Dean had learned something as a demon or something - but no, lying. Which, yeah, is a REALLY douchebag thing to do, in my opinion, because you're tricking someone into giving up their sister! Geeez.

Sam feels the same as me and is mad about it, but it's not like he has another plan - and although Kate talks a good game about either fixing it herself or killing her sister herself, it's not like Sam can really trust that. After all, he knows that he and Dean tend to be the "burn the earth to the ground before I'd ever kill my brother" types... I mean, yes, Dean let Sam "die" in Swan Song in order to save the world, but he didn't do the killing HIMSELF.

So, then it's time to drive off to where Kate's sister usually meets up with her. On the way, Kate falls asleep... and Sam and Dean talk.

Oh! I forgot to mention how much I loved the "really? you were a demon? I must have missed that" sass from Sam earlier, and the way they both echo it later in their own subsequent sarcastic moments. Making jokes of things like that actually make the characters seem more like real people to me, because real people make jokes about horrible things that happen to them.

Sam tries to get the ball rolling by saying that Dean was right earlier and that it wasn't just Lester that Sam "used" to try to find Dean, and that Sam also perhaps punched some Hunters... but that for the most part, everyone he "used" had it coming. He then tries to get Dean to talk about how he's doing and such, but Dean isn't as forthcoming...

Then they arrive at the cabin, and Kate puts it together that they've tricked her when Dean does the ol' handcuff to the steering-wheel trick. Just like last time, this doesn't work for long, which is - again, just like last time - actually a good thing for Sam and Dean.

Sam and Dean go into the house and Sam finds the sister, but unfortunately, she is not alone. She's made her own pack out of scuzzy looking dudes. One of them gets the jump on Dean, which means that they have a hostage good enough to make Sam drop his weapon - the other one gets Kate from the car.

Then we get the Kate and Sister confrontation, where Sister talks about finally being powerful and that Kate can join her new family and doesn't have to be alone, but she's gotta eat hearts like the rest of them - I guess because Sister hates having an older sister with a holier-than-thou attitude. So, Kate goes in for the hug and STABS HER! And it's all very sad.

Meanwhile, Dean makes a blow-job joke in the other room. Sam is able to stab the werewolf trying to kill him, but Dean flubs his own attack and Sam has to quickly come to his rescue too - one handed - seriously, I think being a demon made Dean rusty, and looking for Dean (with one arm) made Sam SUPER AWESOME.

Then they find that Kate has jumped ship yet again.

Back on the road, it's time for another conversation... and part way through this conversation, Kate calls them on her phone, which got left in the car. They agree not to hunt her if she stays good. She purposefully won't use the word promise, but yeah, sounds good to her.

Man, poor Kate's parents though - they've now lost two daughters. And their youngest was dying, got stolen out of her hospital room, and then is going to turn up stabbed in the family cabin months later, inexplicably.

Anyway, Dean finally talks to Sam - I'm not sure if it's hear or earlier, but he basically says that he's embarrassed by it all  - being a demon, hanging out with Crowley (singing Karaoke, no doubt.) After this exchange:
Dean: "Let's say you're right..."
Sam: "About what?"
Dean: "About everything."
- I wanted to make a whole bunch of jokes:
Sam: "So, Albert is Bruce Wayne's real father? And Samurai Jack takes place in the post-apocalyptic distant future of the Powerpuff Girls' universe?" etc...

But no, Dean basically says that maybe he's not ready to be hunting again, but he wants to try to do the right thing, because he's tied of doing everything wrong. Poor Dean.

Then we get the promo for next week! Which, yeah, should be a good one! Wait, is it on next week or the week after? *looks it up* AWww, it's the week after! Aww, shucks.

Oh, I also forgot to say that I loved them playing Werewolves of London at the beginning of the episode.

Okay, that's it, I missed a ton in there, I know - please bring what you think is important to my attention in the comments - or just anything you want to talk about.
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  • Dean's S9 Blue Plaid

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