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Quick Reaction: 10x03 Soul Survivor

Hello! Early quick reaction tonight, because my friend is going to ChiCon and flying out tomorrow and had to pack, rather than sit around and drink copious amounts of wine.

This is the episode Jensen directed, yay!

Let's get right to it...

I'm going to talk about the storylines all separately...

Sam and Dean

So, we begin with a priest blessing a room full of blood, and Sam pretending to be a doctor. Is it weird that I find Doctor Sam more attractive than regular Sam? Also, his dress shirt is plaid. Oh Sam, I do love you. I have to say, doing everything with one arm (but no sling) actually makes him look a little bad-ass, because it's sort of casual, you know - "I don't care enough to use both my hands" :P

But he does care! Beause he is going to try to cure Dean, and in order to do that, you need purified blood and consecrated ground... and Sam apparently has clured into the fact that thanks to protestantism, he can do all these things (mostly) himself. I mean, he still had a priest bless the blood, so I guess it's not like making holy water? But apparently he could consecrate the dungeon.

We also find out that Dean's blood type is O, though we don't find out if that's positive or negative. That means that Dean is the universal donor, but a very rare blood type for receiving blood. Since I watch the show with scientists, this led to a length discussion about whether Sam and Dean have the same blood type and the possibilities for what their parent's blood type might be. I learned a lot. And now I'm desperately curious as to what Sam's blood type is.

We got into the discussion, because at first we were wondering why Sam didn't use his own blood - we thought maybe they were different blood types, which I thought was rare in siblings, but apparently isn't! (I am not a scientist)... but then we figured it was probably just because Sam wanted to stay as strong as possible throughout the ordeal. I mean, it wouldn't do for Dean to escape while Sam was feeling dizzy from blood loss.

So, this is where these quick reactions fall apart a bit, because this episode is HEAVY on the dialogue, which is AWESOME and my favourite type of episode to review on rewatches - but quick reactions are done after only watching the episode once, and there is no way I can remember exactly what was said when.

But, basically, Dean is doing the demon thing and being really mean to Sam - telling him that he doesn't know why he's trying. Then he goads him about the questionable things he did in order to track Dean down. We find out that Sam is the one who told Lester about the possibilities for making a deal, in order to trap a crossroads demon. I LOVE Sam hiding in the bushes correcting Lester's latin pronunciation. Demon!Dean, of course, makes the point that Sam really isn't much better than the monsters he hunts, since he lured an innocent man to his death to get what he wanted - but, of course, the difference is that Sam regrets it, that Sam had INTENDED to save Lester before he actually went through with the deal.

Sam brings up their father, which, yeah, kind of a mistake. Demon!Dean responds that their father brainwashed them into fighting his losing battles - ouch... not entirely inaccurate, but OUCH... though, it IS ignoring the bit where he kind of HAD to, because Sam and Dean were already marked as apocalyptic angel vessels.

At some point, Sam wanders out of the room for some air and goes to Dean's room. I love this scene, because I think it's Sam reminding himself of who Dean really is - and they have pictures, and the scene is adorable.

He also calls Cas, wondering where the heck he is (and I'll get to Cas later). Apparently, Sam is freaked out because the blood seems to hurt Dean, unlike Crowley who just got weepy... and he's worried that he's killing him. Cas points out that killing him is still one of the best options on the table. And I kind of love this conversation - I love the way Sam says "I could be killing my brother" (or whatever the exact phrasing is) twice with two completely different tones and they mean two completely different things.

Of course, this is when Dean escapes the shackles. Ironically, this is a sign that that the treatments are working, because Dean is human enough to get out of the demon cuffs and walk out of the devil's trap. (Sidenote: To date, there has only been one demon "powerful" enough not to react to holy water - Azazel. I still find that fact very interesting.)

Next comes Dean stalking Sam though what the multitudinous hallways of the Bunker. I know from BTS stuff that the set really only has one hallway, so it was neat the way that they made it look like tons of hallways. I really love exploring the bunker, so it was cool to wander around it. We find out that their kichen is disorganized and that they have a giant electrical room.

I also love the fact that Jensen directed this episode, because I had a giggle to myself about the number of times he filmed himself walking sexily towards to the camera. ;)

When Dean opened the draw to choose his weapon and picked up the cleaver first, it made me think of that scene from The Addams Family, where Wednesday is walking by the table with a knife, and Moriticia says "Is that for your brother?" and Wednesday nods, and Moriticia takes it away and gives her a bigger weapon instead. So, yeah, when Dean picked up the cleaver, I was like "Is that for your brother?" and then he put it down and picked up the large hammer, and it was like "yes, much better."

Sam, grabs the keys to the electrical room and puts the bunker on lockdown. This is where my friend and I started going on about how that was a silly plan, because now Dean would know exactly where he was AND Dean could just flip the switch again. Turns out though, that that WAS sort of Sam's plan - he locks Dean in the electrical room when Dean goes to turn the power back on.

Dean then destroys the door. To which me and my friend had this conversation:
Me: "That's an antique door!"
Friend: "I know!"
Friend: "Well, it SHOULD be, but it's apparently made of plywood, which isn't in keeping with historical accuracy at all..."
Me: "Well, alright then, I guess."

The whole time Dean is trying to kill Sam, he's trying to tell him that he doesn't want to be human - that he likes being a demon. And that he doubts Sam has the guts to kill him anyway.

The scene where Dean nearly takes Sam's head off with the hammer is great. In the end, Sam does have the knife at Dean's throat, but takes it away - seemingly proving Dean right, that Sam couldn't bring himself to kill his brother, but, Sam most likely saw Cas sneaking up behind Dean. Cas restrains Dean, they get him back into the dungeon, and they finish the treatments.

While Dean is passed out, Sam spells out his doubts to Cas - telling him how Dean didn't want to be human. I love that Cas points out why that might be - that along with their great capacity for joy, humans also have a great capacity for pain - implying, of course, that Dean probably just didn't want to be in pain anymore. Which, ouch.

Dean then wakes up, and SEEMINGLY the de-demonifying actually worked, and he's human again... though, to me, it all seemed WAY too easy.

Before we talk about the end-end, let's jump back and talk abut Castiel's story...


So, we join Cas and Hannah on their way down to the bunker. Hannah, apparently, can't follow directions on maps... or, she COULD be deliberately misleading them, because she a)thinks the Winchesters are bad influences on Cas, and b)Doesn't think Cas is healthy enough to be getting anywhere near demons. She's not wrong about that second point.

Along the way, Castiel also tries to tell her how to communicate human-style. You say you are fine, when you arn't, the other person knows you are lying but doesn't mention it, and you both then ignore the issue. Yay! Haha, Cas has come so far in the past 6 years.

Hannah still wants Castiel to steal another angel's grace so that he'll stop dying. Cas refuses. And I'm kind of with Cas on this one... also, if Hannah was really all for it, she would offer up her own. The fact that she wants him to kill ANOTHER angel just proves that it;s something he shouldn't do.

Anyway, they stop for gas, and Castiel tries his best to make sure that Hannah isn't after him for his sexy body.... or, better said, he makes sure that Hannah is clear on the fact that Castiel doesn't have any romantic feelings for her and that his number one priority is the Winchesters. Hannah is a little pissed off - either because she WAS hoping to tap that, or because she resents the implication that she wanted his sexy body at all.

All the awkwardness is put on hold though, when Idina catches up to them and beats the shit out of both Hannah and Castiel in order to get revenge for Daniel's death.

Thankfully, Idina makes the classic villain mistake of killing them slowly, and Crowley is still invested enough in the Winchesters and Castiel to intervene. Crowley takes the moral decision out of Castiel's hands and steals Idina's grace before killing her, then feeds the grace to Castiel. Granting him a few more months reprieve from certain death.

Crowley explains that he did it because he wants Castiel to help deal with Dean. When Castiel points out that it means he might KILL Dean, Crowley just states that he's "not sentimental." Isn't he, though?!

Castiel, as we know, then finally makes his way to the bunker... so let's talk about Crowley:


Crowley is back in hell, being bored out of his tree, because although he likes being top dog, he also seems to hate his job. He's bored. Crowley always ran hell like a bureaucracy, which WORKS, and is something that I always liked about him - because bureaucracy is the hell we can all understand.

But, there remains the fundamental fact that hell is so hellish that demons hate hell too. Crowley is dealing with traitors, and apparently demons who don't think he's appreciating them enough!? And meanwhile, Crowley is daydreaming about all the goodtimes he had with Demon!Dean. It's sort of weird...

So, does he save Castiel because he wants his escapades with Demon!Dean to stop undermining his authority in hell? Or does he do it because messing around with Castiel and the Winchesters is the only interesting thing about his life?

The End Scenes

Sam going out to buy Dean food, threatening to stuff it into his face himself, is all sorts of adorable.... and makes me happy that we sort of have caretaker-Sam for a bit.

Castiel points out that Dean still has the Mark of Cain, and that's a problem they also have to deal with - but Sam is just like "one problem at a time" and says that first he wants to get drunk... which, hey, fair enough. Though, yes, they DO still have to deal with the Mark, because demon or not, it's probably still going to be driving Dean into a bloodlust, only now he doesn't have the Blade to satiate it? I don't know - I guess we'll see. I'm still skeptical that it was that easy to get rid of the demonhood.

Castiel then goes to talk to Dean, and apparently, besides saying that he was hungry, Dean and Sam haven't really talked much. Because Dean asks Castiel if Sam wants "a divorce" - and I love the fact that Dean has made peace with the fact that he and Sam are now a married couple.

I also love that Castiel's response was like "of course not, Sam completely understands, and he has no problem with the fact that you tried to kill him with a hammer" and Dean is like "our lives are messed up." Because yeah, it really is just another day for Sam that his brother tries to kill him with a hammer. :P

Still, as much as I'm skeptical, I do hope that Dean is cured and that this season will be about getting back to being brothers again...though, I won't hold my breath, because this IS Supernatural, and judging solely on the last two seasons, I would say that The Carver loves the brother-conflict a little too much.

New Big Bad?

Apparently Supernatural has a thing for villianous redheaded girls? Also, I agree with Genevieve Padalecki on twitter - if she didn't want blood dripping on her, why did she leave the two corpses on the ceiling directly over herself?

Okay, I guess that's it? Next week looks like return to MOTW.

As usual, let me know what you thought in comments! 
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