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Quick Reaction: 10x02 Reichenbach

Alright! Hello!

So, tonight, I not only watched the episode only once while drinking, I also then watched an entire episode of The Flash afterward, so forgive me if my memory is worse than usual. Standard procedure: Only correct me if it's a major plot or character point or if I ask you to - all quotes are meant to be paraphrased only.

First question: Why was this episode called Reichenbach? We couldn't figure out how the reference fit - unless we had the wrong reference, but the only Reichenbach we know is the Sherlock Holmes one. So, let me know if there's some Led Zepplin tune or something called Reichenbach that actually applies...or if I'm just missing something Sherlockian.

OKAY! Now to talk about the actual episode....

Where did we even begin? With Cole in the warehouse? With Dean? With Cas? I have absolutely no idea.

Let's just talk about them separately, and then I don't have to remember.

We'll start with Sam. Sam is with Cole, and we learn that Dean killed Cole's father back in June 2003. I have to admit, we did laugh at the digital de-aging they did on the flashback scene, but it was actually pretty well done, all things considered - and it was neat that they got a jacket lookalike. I don't think they necessarily HAD to do a flashback though, but I guess it adds more drama or something... or maybe it's so that you don't doubt that it's the truth.

So, what do you think Cole's dad was? We don't know of anything that dies just from having its throat slit. Pre-series monsters are actually VERY few in number, unless the writers have messed up canon again. Assuming they HAVEN'T messed up canon, my theory is that a monster killed Cole's father, but Dean let Cole believe that Dean killed him in order for Cole to remain innocent about monsters. But, knowing my luck, the writers probably messed up canon.

We also learn that Cole is a special ops Marine, at the tender age of 24, and has already done two tours of Iraq and been in Darfur and the Congo... pretty impressive for a military career that could only span five years at the most.

Our other snarky question was why the hell Cole was still hunting Dean Winchester when Dean has officially died a bunch of times. Though, I guess maybe the Leviathan put them back on the watch list and they were never taken OFF again after that - that just somehow "went away." Unless I'm forgetting something?

Sam tried to tell him about monsters, but, of course, Sam just comes across looking like a psycho. So, Cole moves to plan B, which is to torture Sam into revealing Dean's location. That wouldn't work on a good day, but today Sam doesn't actually know.

Luckily, Cole's wife and kid act as a deus ex machina, and so does Cole not realizing that his keys fell out of his pocket. And Sam escapes! Yay Sam!

Okay, let's switch back to Dean for a bit, because Sam tracking Dean down isn't THAT thrilling.

Demon!Dean has a weird kind of feminism. Because, on the one hand, he totally tries to molest that stripper against her will, yet, he then kills the sexist douchecanoe. Sorry, I've jumped ahead, but most of you guys have seen the episode...

So, Crowley is basically trying to get Dean to be one of his minions - do the dirty work for Crowley so that the bloodlust is satiated and Dean can remain in control. Can I just say that the demon eyes on Dean are really awesome looking? Because they are.

Maybe it's just on my mind because I just rewatched Bad Boys - but the way Dean refuses to "get to work" as Crowley puts it, makes me think that maybe Dean is viewing this as his ticket out. That demonhood is his retirement. He doesn't want to "work" to build a better hell with Crowley, or to be cured, or to do anything - because Dean's spent his whole life overburdened with responsibility and becoming a demon is actually the perfect excuse NOT to be responsible anymore, NOT to work. I think that's why Dean refuses to leave "vacation" mode... especially "vacation from consequence" mode.

Anyway, Crowley tries to give Dean justifiable killings - I think Crowley has to know that Dean still has...well, DEAN in him. That he's blood thirsty and cruel, but he still has morals that he can't actually shake... or so we think? Anyway, so kill a cheating wife, because apparently we're going back to the dark ages and adultury deserves the death penality. So, Dean goes to the house to do it, but the ex-husband that made the deal shows up.

I do love the conversation between Dean and the idiot. Because my god, that guy is an idiot. Dean kills him for being sexist.

Then he goes to Crowley and thanks him for the chance to kill and satiate the bloodlust, and Crowley is a little angry that he botched the deal and lost Crowley a soul... but, Dean knows the actual score here. Crowley can't control him. Dean ISN'T Crowley's pet or minion or his BFF. Dean has all the power in the relationship and Crowley actually has nothing - so Crowley can't threaten him with anything nor boss Dean around.

Of course, Dean basically lays all this out in front of two of Crowley's minions, so Crowley's authority is thoroughly undermined. It was al ittle over the top, but I did love Crowley turning it into a break-up... the "You can't break up with me, I'm breaking up with you!" kind.

Now lets talk about Cas...

Cas is still dying. Sam calls him to have "all hands on deck" and at the time, Cas is with Hannah and Hannah comes along for the trip. Though she protests that the Winchesters are a bad influence on Castiel. Cas argues that they're the best men he knows, and they're his friends...AWWW... and then in the most hilarious non-segue ever, Hannah says, "I always liked looking at them...." and we're like "Uh, Sam and Dean? Yes, me too!" but then she finished with "...the stars." Oh. Sudden topic change. Right.

But she should have been paying attention, and she also shouldn't have let the dying man drive, because BAMMO! Traffic accident. Cas falls asleep, they nearly hit a truck, and then they end up in a ditch.

They get towed to a tow-truck drivers place. I like the fact that the tow-truck driver is a woman. I also like that Hannah doesn't understand sarcasm. Anyway, Cas falls asleep on the couch, and Hannah is all caring about it.

Then in the morning, Cas wakes up to an adorable little kid, and they are adorable together...and Hannah and the tow-truck driver are like "awww...men with babies are attractive."

On a more serious note, angels apparently don't dream - not even dying ones. Sleep must be VERY boring for them.

Hannah drives this time (I guess she knows how!) and Cas falls asleep in the passenger seat, only to wake up at the gateway-to-heaven park... and we discover that Hannah has gone to the prison to ask Metatron is any part of Cas' grace was recoverable. Metatron names his price as freedom, but then promises to move to a different planet or galaxy. I do have to wonder - if the angels have ALL THE UNIVERSE to roam around in, why choose earth in the first place? The universe is VAST. I do not subscribe to the theory that we're the only life in it - nor do I think we're the BEST life in it - there has got to be some people out there that have their shit together better than us.

Anyway, Cas comes in to stop her. Telling her that deals are bad and that dying is his choice, not hers.

Oh, before we get to that though, more sexism! Man, if Metatron wasn't a jackass before - what the hell is with him telling Hannah that she needs a strong person to dominate her? Ugh, so gross. I'd have stabbed him.

Anyway, Hannah leaves, but Metatron goads Castiel some more, telling him that he WILL eventually escape, and that Castiel should have killed him when he had the chance. Also, that there IS enough of Cas' grace left to save him - but of course, he's not going to tell him where he can find it.

Okay, now back to Sam and Dean.

Sam catches up with Dean at a piano bar. It's not exactly a happy reunion. Sam tells Dean that they can cure demons, Dean tells Sam he doesn't want to be cured. He also tells Sam that it's taking all his energy not to "rip your throat out with my teeth" and this is the part where I squeel at the shared line with Teen Wolf.

Sam takes out the demon cuffs, and just slowly approaches Dean. I don't think Sam would have won that fight, not with a broken shoulder.

Of course, that's when Cole strikes. He smokes Sam out, and then knocks him unconscious. And then announces himself to Dean. Dean makes fun of him for the "Inigo Montoya" moment - and he's not exactly wrong. Given the number of monsters Dean's killed, the amount of YEARS Dean has lived since 2003... I don't think he'd necessarily remember Cole and his father even if he weren't a demon. Which is such a huge insult to people who have dedicated their lives to revenge - "I know I'm all you think about, but you aren't even important enough to me to remember." And, of course, Dean bests him in a fight, no problem.

He doesn't kill him though, and it's enough of a distraction that Sam's able to get the cuffs on him.

We find out that the deal between Sam and Crowley for Dean's location was that Sam would turn over the blade to Crowley. Crowley says he'll throw it in a volcano or the artic or something - but I wonder if he will...

Then, Sam drives Dean back to the bunker... Sam's also successfully saved the Impala too, and we find out that Dean's not been looking after her. "it's just a car." Sam: "you really have gone dark." - again, it's hard to tell whether Dean has actually lost all sentimentality, or if he's just feigning it.

Sam's trying to figure that out as well - bringing up the fact that Dean didn't kill Cole, he showed him mercy. Dean points out that its not mercy, because the only thing worse than dedicating your life to killing someone and then getting killed by that person, is surviving the fight and living on with the knowledge that you've failed. And, I suppose Dean would know this, since John, Dean, and Sam, all dedicated a good chunk of their lives to avenging their mother's death... so really, ironically, Dean and Cole have a lot in common!

And then we get the sinister (and slashy) promise from Dean that "What I'm going to do to you, Sam, it ain't mercy."


ETA: Oh! I know something I forgot - Cole is hip to the fact that demons exist now! I wonder what sort of hunter THAT is going to create? Also, that librarian should have been calling the cops/paramedics like... a minute ago.

Okay, that was shorter than usual, just because I can't remember the miniutae as well as usual.

Let me know what you thought in comments! Let me know what major points I completely neglected to talk about!
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