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Rewatch S9: Heaven Can't Wait 9x06

Okay! Once again, I apologize for the delay between these rewatches. I actually had an excuse for the first few days, and then I was just lazy. :P

Anyway, to the episode...

Heaven Can't Wait

So, we open on a cabin, with a suicidal guy. Poor dude. Suicide is very rarely the answer (though, this episode DOES give us the one scenario where I do believe it's the answer, but that rarely occurs, so don't commit suicide, folks!)

Oh yeah, I forgot that this angel dude was sort of based off a comic book guy... umm.. the something...damn, it's like a city name? My memory is horrible, but the comic book guy apparently has mouths for eyes or something? Corinthian! Right right? Comic book, people?

I love Cas mimicking humanity. He's adorable. Also, his name is Steve - that's such a great name for Cas.

Nora: "You're not like the other sales associates, there's something different about you."
Cas: "I can assure you there is not."

- Aww Cas, you are trying so hard to fit in that it kind of hurts my heart.

Sam: "That's your big news, that you translated the tablet into doodles?"
Kevin: "It's cuniform. I hit a wall translating the tablet into English..."

- There's really no mythlogical reason for Kevin to have such increasing difficulty translating the tablets, so although I know why they had to do it - and also why they eventually had to get rid of both Kevin AND the tablets, it still bugs me that they never really bothered explaining it in a way that jived with the mythlogy. I mean, it could just be a simple line from Kevin telling us that the language of the individual tablets was different - that it was like going from reading Dick and Jane books to reading Ulysseus or Chaucer or something.
- Also, having a copy of the tablets written out in another language, even if it's also an unreadable language, is better than having no copies at all. When Gadreel takes the tablet, he doesn't take those copies - and Crowley and presumably other old supernatural beings can read that language, so it's hardly as though they don't have the information anymore. And if it's an ancient HUMAN language, there could always be a breakthrough in linguistics at some point.

Dean: "So it's a dead end."
Kevin: "Not quite, most elumite is abstract, but I was able to translate one phrase from Metatron's footnotes - "falling angels""

- See, not completely useless, as I said.

Dean: "Where do we start?"
Sam: "Research! Comb through the library, see if we can find anything else on Elumite."

- (FYI, I do not know how to spell that language name, in case you have't noticed.)
- I love Jared, I do, but he has a tendency to say "libarry" instead of "Library" and it makes me laugh. I shouldn't make fun of him for it, because I had a speech impediment for the longest time that made Rs really really difficult to say, so I can sympathize - but, it's just, sort of adorable and out of character for Sam not to be able to say "Library" correctly, so it's amusing to me.

Dean: "Zimmerman's encyclopedia of extinct languages - Vol. 1 Adai to Adacapa. How many volumns are there?"
Kevin: "24. Don't worry, we have them all :)"

- Awww, Kevin, you are too adorable for words and my god, I wish you would have stayed.

*Dean's phone rings*
Dean: "There is a god!"

- haha, I missed this line the first time through. I want to believe that it MEANS something, either about Cas or about the existence of god - but I highly doubt that the writers meant to hint at anything with it. I just want things to be more complicated than they are sometimes.

Cas: "I may have a case for you [describes case]"
Dean: "Oh, well hello to you too, Cas. How are you?"
Cas: "I. am. busy."

- I love how Cas just launches right into why he's calling with no small talk, and I love Dean's face as he reacts to not only hearing Cas' voice but realizing that Cas is talking business.
- I also love how you can tell that Cas kind of wanted to get Dean's voicemail.

Dean: "How do you want to do this? Do you want to meet at the latest scene, do you want me to pick you up? What?"
Cas: "Um, I've got my hands full over here. I just, um-"
Dean: "Cas, hello?"
Cas: "-thought you would want to know about the case."
Dean: "Hey, you sure everything's *Cas hangs up* O-kay."

- I love how Dean immediately launches into working the case with Cas as his partner. And also, I love how Cas somehow didn't foresee that - that he's not prepared to leave his job and hunt with Dean, that he's not even necessarily prepared to see him again - but we'll get to that.

Sam: "So, he said nothing about where he is or what he's been doing?"
Dean: "This is Cas, it's not exactly like he's Chatty Cathy."
Sam: "And you're not even going to see him when you're in Idaho?"
Dean: "Like I said, as long as he's [something] it for angels, then he's keeping his distance."
Sam: "So, then what's the point?! Dean?! I mean it's barely even a case!"
Dean: "That's why I'm just going to take a little looksee and we're not to waste a bunch of manpower on a big pile of nadda."
Kevin: "In other words, a perfect excuse to bail out on research."
Dean: "You got me."

- I love how Sam is so concerned about Cas. I love that we start seeing that Sam doesn't really understand why Cas is avoiding them, or at least doesn't like it.
- I also like how Dean is obviously downplaying everything in order for Sam to just let him go off alone - like it's a quick errand, rather than a hunt.
- And as much as I love that Kevin basically comes up with Dean's excuse, unknowingly, and that you can basically see from the start of the conversation that Kevin feels like he's put together exactly what's happening - Dean's response of "you got me" is delivered in such a brilliant way by Jensen, because you can see that both a)that's not true, but he's not going to argue, but b)he'd like to argue, because Kevin accusing him of flaking out of important research kind of hurts his feelings, even if it's true that he didn't want to do it.

Nora: "Hey Steve, I found this in the supply closet. Do you know whose it is?"
Cas: "Um, that's mine, thanks."
Nora: "I also found a rolled up sleeping bag behind the tool locker?"
Cas: "Yes, I wanted to be thorough with inventory, so I worked late week and taking a nap here was easier than going back home to my bed, which I- I have, of course, a bed and a home."
Nora: "Wow, Steve, you're so...responsible."

- Holy crap, Nora. How could that have been convincing for you? I mean, the toothbrush and toothpaste is easy to look past, since I've known plenty of people over the years who are a little fanatical about tooth care... but the rest? I mean, GEEZ....
- Also, the way Cas emphasizes the BED aspect of homelessness hurts my heart. I mean, he could have just left it off at "home" and not mentioned the bed... but the fact that he emphasizes the bed not once, but twice, basically screams that he doesn't have one and would very much like to have one.

And Nora asks Cas if he's free tomorrow night without ever once using the word "baby" or "sitting" or any combination of those. So, yeah, it's no wonder Cas interprets it the way he does. Poor Cas.

And he's happy! Awww...

The pink spray is pretty gross. I wonder if it really would be that pink though - I mean, blood turns brown as it oxidizes... wouldn't the rest of human matter be similar? We're pretty goddamn gross.

Dean: "Have you tried professor Morrison?"
Sam: "Yeah, he's unreachable. He took a sabbaticle to live among the trobrianders(?) of Papua New Guinea...."

- I do like the fact that they mention why they can't use the expert that they used before for dead languages and such.

Dean: "Well, there's one guy there that is nothing if not well rested."
Sam: "Crowley?"
Dean: "I'm just saying, we're not keeping him chained up for the one-liners."

- Haha, I just like that line.

Sam: "That sounds like a real case. Dean, I should be there."
Dean: "No, man, that's, uh, that's not necessary. Nah, I got this one covered."

- I didn't write it out, but I love Sam and Dean talking about what it could be before Sam's line about it being a real case - because it's such a casual business conversation. It also really drives home how advanced Sam and Dean are now, with how nonchalant they are about the possibilities.
- Also, I like Sam realizing that he should be there. I like that Sam and Dean have this sort of unspoken "never hunt alone" rule - and more often then not, that's what they get mad at the newer hunters for not following. It's interesting, because John hunted alone their entire childhood and always came out the otherside, but Sam and Dean see it as the complete wrong way to go about the job. Mind you, I guess John also hunted with a series of partners - Bobby, Bill, Paster Jim, that-guy-whose-name-I-forgot, etc. So, maybe the hunts he went alone on weren't actually that many.

And Dean is watching Cas like a creeper - I love how they kind of turn the tables with the dynamic here a little.

Depressed teenager... aww, everything feeling like it's the end of the world is now your undoing.

Dean: "I'll have some beef jerky and a pack of menthols."
Cas: "What are you doing here?"
Dean: "Geez, it's nice to see you too, Cas."
Cas: "It's Steve, now, and you surprised me."
Dean: "Well, the feeling is mutual - I mean, I know you had to lay low from the angel threat, but wow, this is some cover."
Cas: "My grace is gone - what did you expect? Do you have any idea how hard it was when I fell to earth? I didn't just lose my powers, I- I had nothing. Now I'm a sales associate."

- I think Cas is a bit embarrased for Dean to see him here. He didn't actually want Dean to come, he just wanted Dean to do the hunt and stop whatever was murdering people. But, I think he actually is proud of himself, or at least has convinced himself that he is... so, he's in this weird position where I think he feels that Dean is judging him for not being awesome anymore, and the reason that burns so much is because Cas has actually done really well for himself, all things considered. He has managed to secure a job, which is a huge thing when you're a homeless dude...especially in this economy. I mean, I can't even get a job. But, also, it could be that Cas is interpreting Dean as judging him, because Cas is judging himself and then projecting that onto Dean... Cas used to be an angel, after all, so, although finding a job and doing it well IS an accomplishment, he's still technically "fallen" in social stature.
- The thing is though, I don't think Dean actually is judging him. I think he's perhaps deeply amused, but it's not in a mean way - it's sort of in a "my god, my friend is adorable and I love him so much" sort of way.

Dean: "Wow, so you went from fighting heavenly battles, to nuking taquitos."
Cas: "Nachoes too."

- Again, it could be conscued as mean-spirited, but I really don't think Dean means it that way - I mean, I think he feels that Cas IS better than that job, but not in a mean way. In the way where you're kind of sad that the economy sucks so bad that your highly intelligent and educated friend (*cough*me*cough*) can't get a better job.

Sam: "...like it or not, there's still a little part of you that's not a douche."
Crowley: "Sorry, Moose, to the last drop."
Sam: "Crowley, the only reason you're alive is because my brother thought you would be useful. So far, you've done jack. Back to plan B, I guess."
Crowley: "Which is?"
Sam: "Give you up to Abaddon."
Crowley: "You think you can threaten me with that hack! She's all fury, no finesse."
Sam: "I don't know, the last encounter with Abaddon, she was pretty terrifying. Scarier than you've been in years."
Crowley: "Bring that to me."

- Crowley often does this thing where he makes it seem like the Winchesters are getting their way, but really, he's getting his. It's a problem. I mean, I like Crowley as a villain, because he's clever, but sometimes I feel like they've made him a little too clever - he's kind of this insidious unbeatable thing, to the point where it frustrates me. I want there to be a weakness - and it seems like this season there finally was, but absolutely nothing seemed to come from it. Crowley was able to leverage even that to suit his purposes.

Dean: "This is not you, man, you are above this. Come on!"
Cas: "No, Dean, I'm not. I failed at being angel. Everything I ever attempted came out wrong. But here, at least I have a shot of getting things right..."

- Basically, Cas is working from a fear of failure. It's not that he likes his job because it's fulfilling - he likes it because it's so simple that he can't fail at it. It's why I kept my job for 7 years too, actually. Man, Cas and I have a lot in common in that we both kind of suck at life. Ah well.

Nora: "...oh, and tonight, 7 at my place work for you?"
Cas: "Great."
Nora: "You're the best."
Dean: "That's what this is about!"
Cas: "What?"
Dean: "The girl."
Cas: "No, Dean, it's not. Nora is a very nice woman. I'm pretty sure she's not a reaper intent on killing me and she's asked me out. Going on dates, that's something that humans do, right?"
Dean: "Yeah, my dates usually end when I run out of a singles, but yeah, that's something that humans do."

- I love Dean's face when he thinks he's put it together - he's just so goddamn amused with Cas.
- Also, I think Dean wants it to be about a girl, because that's a simple thing - that's a passing thing - it's not a systemic problem.
- Also, I think Dean is kind of bitter about the fact that his lifestyle doesn't include dating.

Dean: "There's another kill, over at the high school. You coming?"
Cas: "I wouldn't be much use, I don't have my powers."
Dean: "So? I've never had powers."
Cas: "You are a hunter."
Dean: "And you're a hunter in training, remember?"
Cas: "Yeah, I remember. You said I sucked."
Dean: "I didn't say that. I said that there was room for improvement! Come on!"
Cas: "My shift's over in five minutes, and my dates' not until later, so-"
Dean: "Thatta boy, I'll go get the car."

- See, I think that Cas sometimes believes that Dean only values him for his powers, and he forgets that, fundamentally, Dean's actually more unnerved by people with powers rather than appreciating them FOR those powers only. I mean, YES, it's Dean's own fault, because he's more than once in the past, told Cas that he's useless when he's been powerless - but I think that's more born of the frustration of the situation rather than actually believing that Cas is useless, or that somehow Cas' worth as a being is less if he's less useful. But of course, the words don't really convey that, so Cas has it in his head that powers=worth, and that's not a good mindset.
- Which is all to say that I really do love the way Dean just says. "So? I've never had any powers" - pointing out that if Dean really thought that Cas without powers was useless, he'd have to believe that of himself too.
- And really, this is the exact same problem that Dean had with Kevin in the second episode - Dean doesn't seem to be able to convey to people that he cares about them BEYOND their utility to him. It's a real problem, I think, and kind of an odd one for Dean to have, given how much he tends to love those around him.
- I also love how Cas basically equates being a trained hunter as having powers though. That's kind of oddly cute. Man, there must be something in the water, because I'm just finding Cas all kinds of adorable in this episode, and I don't usually feel that way (or at least, I don't think I do.)
- I also love Dean's "thatta boy"

Man, Cas' face when he realizes what's doing the killing.

I like the teenager, with her definition of "kinda bummed."

Dean: "Cas? What's wrong?"
Cas: "I've seen this before."
Dean: "What? Where?"
Cas: "In Heaven."
Dean: "You're saying an angel did this?"
Cas: "It's no ordinary angel. Dean, this is bad, this is very bad."

- awww, poor Cas. He's so frightened and it makes me sad. I also think it freaks Dean the fuck out.

I do love the mythology here though, for the "Hands of Mercy" - it's pretty goddamn awesome. I also like that the deaths are virtually painless. I mean, they can't do anything for the fear, but it's still nice to know.

Dean: "Yeah, but this latest victim was not suffering. It was just a normal moody kid."
Cas: "But he just got here. The ebb and flow of human emotion - Dean, I've been on earth for a few years, and I've only begun to grasp it. To him? Pain is pain."

- I also like this little addition to the mythology, that angels have difficulty understanding human emotion. I know that Cas has been stationed on earth for a long time - but I think perhaps in their true-form, they're removed from the ebb and flow of human emotion, and it's only when they're in vessels and actually interacting with humans that they can feel it. It brings new meaning to Cas' squinty-eyed "You don't think you deserve to be saved" revelation about Dean in 4x01. So, in essence, Cas has been trying to sparse human emotion for 6.5 years (non-consecutive, he took a year off from humans between S5 and S6 - his "people skills" were "rusty.")

Dean: "Well, we've got to stop him."
Cas: "You've got to stop him."
Dean: "You're scared."
Cas: "It's different now, Dean. Everthing feels different."
Dean: "You're right. Okay, I'll track down this Kevorkian wannabe and put him down."
Cas: "Okay."
Dean: "You stay safe, go on that date, go live a normal life."
Cas: "Okay."
Dean: "Well?"
Cas: "I need a ride."
Dean: "Right. :)"

- My god, why are these two so goddamn adorable to me today? Is it hormones? I mean, christ. Dean's compassionate when he realizes that Cas is terrified. He tells him to stay safe and he MEANS it. It's completely without judgement, despite earlier insisting that Cas was above the work. And then that smile he gives Cas when he remembers that Cas can't fly away on him anymore... I mean, MY GOD. I'm usually so anti-destiel, but THEY ARE WEARING ME DOWN.

Kevin: "Seriously, you want to let Crowley communicate with Abaddon? A king and a power-mad knight of hell isn't enough for you? You want to throw a demonic team-up into the mix?"
Sam: "I don't think so. I don't trust Crowley either, but I can't honestly see him working with Abaddon. He hates her too much."
Kevin: "You said it, we can't trust him."

- I love that Kevin's a voice of reason here. I also love that Sam obviously went to Kevin to talk him about it, rather than just following through with the idea. Sam's including Kevin in the decision as a full member of the Winchester team. This is something that Dean really should also do, but Dean tends to hail more from the John Winchester school of communication - where everyone is on a need to know basis. Well, okay, that's perhaps unfair... when Dean messed up by not warning Kevin about Gadreel later, it's mostly, I think, because Dean wanted to fix it without anyone knowing what he'd done except Sam - at that point, he was so used to keeping it a secret, he didn't know how not to.

Dean: "Cas, wait. I can't let you do this."
Cas: "What?"
Dean: "Your going to wear that? on a date?"
Cas: "This is all I have, Dean."
Dean: "Okay. Lose the vest."
Cas: "What're you-"
Dean: "Lose the vest, come on. That's a little better, alright. There we go, alright. And your buttons, why don't you unbutton it? That's far enough, Tony Romaro. Yeah, good, alright...."

- Again, adorable - so is the whole walk up to the porch and Cas getting Dean to drive away.
- Also, why hasn't Dean given Cas some spare clothes - I mean, crissakes, the Winchesters hve enough to spare. Also, clothes sharing is the bestest.

I also love Cas' face when the baby starts crying. But aww, poor Cas.

Ugh, that's not how you draw blood, Kevin... that's how you draw, like, musle tissue or something. I don't know what the hell you're doing.

Anyway, I skipped over it, but it IS kind of cruel for the Winchesters to expect Kevin to cooperate with the dude who killed and/or tortured his mother, IMHO.

Cas with the baby... poor Cas.

The Greatest American Hero theme is pretty amusing as a lullably. I wonder if it's hard for Misha to sing in Cas' voice. I know originally, they wanted to have him singing some hard rock tune, but they couldn't get the permissions. I think that would have been better, but ah well.

Cas: "...or why this confusion, which feels like it's a hare's breath from terror, or pain, and just when you think you do understand, it'll turn out you're wrong, you didn't understand anything at all..."
- It occurs to me that we also have no idea at this point what Dean told Cas to make him leave the Bunker. Perhaps, Cas believing that Dean thinks he's useless now is related to that - why would Dean send him away if Cas could still be of use to them? Dean's affection for Cas in this episode might actually be confusing Cas to no end as to what the hell is going on with their relationship.

Dean: "Is that his truck?"
Cop: "Yes."
Dean: "Cas."

- Aww, Dean's face when he realizes that Cas is possibly in danger.

Ephraim: "...but you were already a legend..."
- I like the fact that Castiel is a legend in heaven now, for good or bad. I've got this huge love, it seems, for the story of people becoming legends - it's ultimately what I want to happen to Sam and Dean, them ascending to be on the same scale as the legends of gods. Edlund, I always felt, shared that vision - but sadly, he's not there anymore, so who knows what they'll actually do in the end.

Cas: "It's a fever, Ephraim, it will pass."
- I love the twist that Cas thinks Ephraim is there for the sick baby, but he's not.

Ephraim: "I won't stop, until I wash the planet clean of all suffering."
- That's going to take you a while, buddy. All you'll feel is pain and suffering wading through Samsara.

Ephraim: "I just followed the sound of your pain. You have no idea how loud it is. I could hear you for miles."
Ephraim: "...If this is the best that the famed Castiel can do, you're a more urgent case than I thought. I used to admire you, you failed more often than you succeeded, but at least you played big. Now what are you doing? Burying your head in the sand when your kind needs you the most."

- The thing about it is that Castiel will always be miserable being a human. It's one of the interesting things about his friendship with Dean, who values humanity above everything else - and Castiel values PROTECTING humanity, but not as a human himself. I don't think he's wavered from his standpoint in The End, which is that being an angel is BETTER for HIM. Castiel was made to be an angel and just like Dean wouldn't be happy not being human, I don't think Cas could ever be happy not being an angel. You can call it a prejudice, certainly, in the earlier seasons, Dean treated it that way - hating all things non-human and, accidentally or not, treating Sam like a freak when it turned out that Sam was something supernatural. I don't necessariily see it as a prejudice anymore though, it's more like a gender identity. I'm female, and if someone forcibly stuffed me into a male body, I don't think I'd be happy...I mean, I might enjoy aspects of it, more convenient peeing, more societal priviledge, making my own gay porn... but fundamentally, when I looked in the mirror, I'd be like "Ugh, this isn't me. I wish I were myself again." Is that a weird over-the-top analogy? Perhaps, but it was the only comparison I could come up with that sort of explained how I view Cas' feelings about being human. Cas loves humanity, but he doesn't want to BE A MEMBER of humanity.

Crowley: "You're taking souls before their time, voiding my contracts."
- See, this is what I wnated to be Abaddon's undoing.

Cas: "I want to live."
Ephraim: "But as what, Castiel? As an angel or a man?"

- Exactly, I was just talking about this. Ephraim can tell that Cas doesn't want to be a man, and he also knows that there's no way out that but death (that he knows of, anyway.)

Crowley: "Your way will backfire. You will burn."
- Ugh, I WANTED IT SO BAD. I wanted Abaddon's death to be poetic justice,  not just Dean... but, whatever... I'll get over it... maybe.

Crowley: "Bring me the translations. I keep my agreements."
- Yes! And this is the one GOOD thing about Crowley.

Crowley: "...it's irreversible."
Sam: "What?"
Crowley: "The spell can't be undone. The new world order. We're stuck with it."

- It's interesting, because the problem the writers always had with the angels was that they made them TOO powerful from the get-go. I mean, yes, you could argue that Crowley doesn't actually translate it for them here, that he just tells them what it says. (And by god, why didn't they have him write out a codex! For chrissakes. A rosetta stone would have solved all their problems... I mean, I know why they didn't do it from a writing standpoint, but it certainly has the consequence of making Sam and Kevin look like idiots for not taking the opportunity.) But yeah, I think Crowley might actually be telling the truth, which means that angels now have difficulty traveling, that they can't swoop in and be gods from the machine anymore, or at least, not as easily... and they never will be again. They're a depowered version of themselves, something more managable to write with.
- It is pretty horrible though that Sam and Dean set out to depower hell, and along the way they ended up unleashing a Knight of Hell, NOT closing the gates, and causing Metatron to seize and opportunity and depower HEAVEN. "No, this is the opposite of what we wanted."

Ephraim: "You say you want to live, but you can't see what I see. By choosing a human life, you've already given up. You chose death."
- Way to rain on someone's career asperations parade, Ephraim. I mean, just because Cas is taking the "I can't fail if I don't try" route doesn't mean he's given up on life!
- It's also interesting that the angels seem convinced that Cas must have chosen to be human, when really it was forced upon him against his will. I wonder if this is a side-effect of being legendary, or a misunderstanding on the angels part about the difference between loving something and wanting to be that thing.

But, Ephraim bites it, thanks to Dean throwing Cas the blade. Good teamwork.

Sam: "...there is no putting the angels back in heaven. It's done. You going to tell Cas?"
- Ugh, Dean's face. I can't take it.

Nora: "Steve, the part of you that overreacted, that cares so much? That's what makes you special."
- Awww... it's true.

*nighttime at Nora's*
Dean: "Where to Cas?"
*Daytime at the Gas'n'Sip*
Dean: "Listen, Cas, back at the bunker, I'm sorry I told you to go. I know it's been hard on you, on your own. But you're adapting. I'm proud of you."

- Where are all the fics about what happened between driving away from Nora's house and arriving at the Gas'n'Sip the next morning? Did Dean get him a hotel room to live in so that he wouldn't be homeless? Did they have sexy times? I mean, come on, it's the perfect canonical opening to assume sexy-times. I'm assuming sexy times and I don't even ship them! (Ugh, maybe I do, this episode has given my a shipping identity crisis).
- Okay, on a serious note, I love how Dean leaves it entirely up to Cas as to what he does next and I think he takes his cue for what to tell him from there - Cas chooses to return to the Gas'n'Sip, so Dean let's him go with as much joy as he can leave him, and that includes purposefully not taking hope away. And Dean tells him that he's proud of him, so that Cas knows that he's not letting Dean down by choosing to live like a normal human, to just be a sales associate rather than a hunter in training or whatever else Dean thinks he should be doing instead. Dean lets him life his own life.

Cas: "Thank you, Dean. But there's something Ephraim said - the angels, they need help. Can I really sit this out? Shouldn't I be searching for a way to get them home?"
Dean: "Me and Sam will take care of the angels. You're human now. That's not your problem anymore."

- Ugh, my heart.

Okay, enough of this crazy shippy episode. My god, man.

As usual, let me know your thoughts in comments!

I'll try to get the next episode up way quicker. I don't have anything going on this weekend except on Saturday (It's Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday, but my family was never big on Thanksgiving, so it's basically just another day and no biggie, but my sister IS coming for a visit on Saturday - possibly because her boyfriends family makes a bigger to do on Thanksgiving? I don't know. I don't ask these sorts of questions.)
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