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Supernatural Retrospective

That was cute!

I don't have much to say about it. I loved how they got Rob Benedict to narrate it - that caused me to have emotions, because it was like God still cares about the Winchesters... which hey, maybe he does!

As usual, I'm conflicted about them saying that it could go on for many more years - on the one hand, I love the show, on the other hand, I want to see Jared and Jensen in other roles too and they can't do that as long as they're on the show. But, that being said, maybe when the show ends they'd both just retire anyway and become househusbands or pursue some other career. Also, I think if they're really going to go "many more years" then they've gotta come up with a multi-season arc instead of just taking things season by season, which they've really been doing since the S1-S5 arc ended. I mean, S7 is a consequence of S6, sure, and S9 is a consequence of S8, but no seasons lay the groundwork for later seasons... like, S9 didn't make us say, "oh my god, that's why such-and-such happened back in S7!", ykwim? I guess I just like the long-arcs, though, maybe that's a personal taste thing. I like it slow and sensual, rather than quick and dirty. ;)

One thing that was hilarious, and I don't know if this happened for anyone else, but the CW channel that I was watching had wonky sound, so every once in a while a random word would sort of be "bleeped" out by a digital audio glitch-noise... what it meant was that if the timing on the glitch was right, it made it sound like people were swearing. Especially if the glitched word was "show" or "family" and all I got to hear was "sh-" and "fa-".

ANnnnnnnnnnnnnnyway... yeah, cute little retrospective! I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!

On the rewatch front: I'll get back to them, I swear! Perhaps tomorrow! I had a busy week last week, and my birthday was on the weekend, so I was mostly hanging out with friends and such. But I'll get back into things with the rewatch, I promise. :)
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