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Rewatch S9: I'm No Angel 9x03

And another! I'm going to have to slow these down eventually and return to looking for work and whatnot, but until then, more rewatches!

9x03 I'm No Angel

Guy: "Hey Clarence, how much longer are you going to be with us?"
Clarence: "I'll be moving on tonight after work. It's time. Can I ask you something?"
Guy: "Sure."
Clarence: "Do you ever tire of urinating? I'll never get used to it."

- YES. I mean, I know this is a joke, but goddamn it, I get so tired of urinating... and eating, while we're being honest. The fact that I have to eat all the time really annoys me, as does other bodily functions. I'm glad I'm not the only one, even if this is a really weird character to find comradery in.

Cas in street clothes is pretty cool, I have to say. If he HAD gone for the permanently human route, I'd have probably started keeping track of his clothes too.

And dead priests, never a good sign.

[D- robe. S - dark coat, blue plaid. Takes off coat.]

Dean: "....but Sam, you went through the trials and that put a big strain on you. I just think it'd be better if you took it easy, and didn't act like you were-"
Gadreel: "Possessed by an angel. And he does feel better. Work in progress of course, but I'm still healing him."
Dean: "That's great, but-"

- Gadreel aside for a moment here. I think Sam's probably looking forward to Dean stopping with the mother hen routine - since he fought it all through the trials too.
- I really love the transitions Jared does in this part.
- Also, I think Dean had a mini heart-attack there, possibly not realizing right away that Sam had switched to "Ezekiel".

And Gadreel has news on the angels... I forgot that they didn't know if Naomi was dead or alive at this point.

Sam: "I mean, Cas is human now - it's going to take him a lot longer to travel."
Dean: "I'm going to get whiplash."

- Again, I love the transitions.
- Also, I've said this a billion times, but I love how the Winchesters are constantly switching roles for each other. When Sam was worried about Cas, Dean was confident that he'd be fine. And now that Dean is worried about Cas, Sam is confident that he's fine.

Dean: "If the angels are organizing..."
Sam: "What makes you think they're organizing?"
Dean: "It makes sense!"

- Haha, I love Dean's face.

And we get the evangelical TV preacher. It's a pretty smart idea - and one they've sort of used before, when they used the street preachers to keep an eye out for Dean back in S5.

Buddy: "Thank you, Bart."
Bartholomew: "It's Bartholomew."

- I liked Bartholomew as a bad guy. I kind of wish they'd done more with him, but then I guess they wanted to bring Metatron in as the big bad instead... still, all these faction fights seem like they're possibly leading somewhere and then they just kind of...don't. Mind you, I'm not usually one for political intrigue, so maybe I would have hated a political-angel plot.

The girl exploding is super gross. Also, it's obvious that Bart KNOWS that she's not the right bloodline - why kill her? Why not just explain that she's not suitable? Or that she can serve them in other ways, like continuing to be Buddy's PA or whatever she was. I guess it shows that Bart's the bad guy, but I don't think we necessarily needed that confirmed. We've already been conditioned by society to distrust blonde good-looking dudes in suits who align themselves with religious fanatics... or at least I have.

[D- dark shirt. S-ibid]

Cas: "You know, I'm finding that often, the people with the least to give are the most generous."
- There have actually been studies that prove this is true. However, it is not true for me. I am completely broke and I am not generous at all.

Cas: "Well, I'm going to try falling sleep. It's quite a process isn't it?"
Guy: "Try counting sheep."

- Sleep IS kind of weird when you think about it. Your body basically paralyzes itself so that you can safely hallucinate for a few hours... and you do this EVERY DAY.

Cas: "What sheep?"
- So, yes, funny line... but the thing that gets me is that by his phrasing, the guy could have also meant "you think falling asleep is a process? Try counting sheep, buddy - now THAT's a process." If you didn't know the trick of imaging sheep and counting them, if you didn't know that phrase - I think you'd be more likely to believe the guy meant it in the second interpretation. But then we wouldn't have the punchline of Cas not realizing the guy meant imaginary sheep.... and instead we'd have to explain how Cas now believes that guy used to be a sheppard.

And pharmacist guy finds him.

Where does Cas keep that angel blade?

Pharmacist: "You're human?!"
- So, it's also interesting to me that the other angels can't tell that Cas is human. So, there's gotta be something about Cas that still gives off angel-vibes, even though he's not an angel. So, Cas is some sort of weird angel-human, and I guess Anna was the same.


Dean: "...good news is he's getting cagey. He's using a fake name - Clarence."
Sam: "That's what Meg used to call him. 'course, he doesn't get that's the name of a pretty famous angel."
Dean: "What?"
Sam: "It's a Wonderful Life? Dude, seriously?"

- I still think it's really weird that Dean wouldn't know the reference. I mean *I* know the reference and I've never actually seen It's a Wonderful Life. Also, was Dean never in the room when Meg called Castiel Clarence? Or did he just not note it? Anyway, my point is that this dialogue seems odd to me.

Cas gets a tattoo! I wonder if he still has it. The tattoo artist is really pretty. Also, it's a pretty weird shop that you can just walk in and walk RIGHT up to the tattoo artist who is in the middle of working on a dude and have a conversation about what you want done with her RIGHT THEN. But hey, I guess it IS supposed to be a sketchy tattoo place.

Lady: "I guess that's why we pray. We get dealt such a bad hand sometimes. You need something stronger than yourself."
Cas: "That's a wonderful idea, but..."
Lady: "What?"
Cas: "What if you were to find out that no one is listening? That God pretty much left. That heaven had gone out of business. What would you do?"
Lady: "But that's not possible."
Cas: "It's completely possible."
Lady: "No. You're missing the point. It's not possible, because I have my faith."
Cas: "But when I tell you the truth."
Lady: "Your truth. Not mine. Your lack of faith doesn't cancel what I believe, that's not how it works. You know, I think you might feel better if you tried it my way. Someone IS listening."

- This is another dialogue that I can't really wrap my head around its purpose - or its intent. Maybe it's because I'm an atheist. I understand that prayer is the same as hope - this lady believing that God might send an angel to heal her husband is the exact same as just hoping that her husband will pull through and survive. If he does, she'll call it a miracle and thank God for hearing her prayers. If she didn't believe in God, she'd instead thank the doctors, or her husbands immune system or strength of will, and she'd still think it a miracle. So, in that respect, Castiel IS kind of missing the point - her needing to believe in something stronger than she currently feels is something independent of God existing or not existing. She feels like she needs to lean on someone to go on, but her husband is currently weak too, so she leans on an "imaginary" strong person.
- But on the other hand, what Cas is experiencing isn't a lack of faith, but rather the fact that he KNOWS that God is gone and Heaven is closed and all the angels are douchebags. So, in that respect, "his truth" is actually THE truth and that DOES cancel faith. You can believe all you want that when you bite into a lemon, it will taste sweet - but that won't change the fact that it's actually going to taste sour.
- Now that all being said, in the Supernatural universe, faith in Heaven and faith in God are two separate things. Cas lost faith in God back in S5, true, but then God brought him back in 5x22 - whether it's in Castiels "programming" not to die (my personal headcanon) or whether God is actively keeping him alive, we don't actually know. So, technically, Cas COULD still put his faith in God again and leave heaven and the angels out of it. Whether that would be a source of comfort or frustration, however, is another matter altogether. Castiel has a very different relationship with God than humans do, since Castiel's God is in fact "the God that turned away" which is something Castiel doesn't understand. Really, Castiel's relationship with God is probably a lot like the crisis of faith that a lot of Jewish people had after the Holocaust - in that they could not reconcile the fact that God would let such an atrocity happen to his chosen people. Anyway, it's all rather facinating.
- My point, however, is that I'm not entirely sure what the writers were trying to communicate here.

Bart: "...our ability to track him has been jammed. Which brings us to you."
Reaper: "My kind, we always get who we're looking for, chief."

- See, here we have a reaper as being something OTHER than angel. The angels can't track Castiel, but the reapers can. Therefore, reapers aren't angels.

Bart: "...but some of you have taken your skill set to a whole new level...and are willing to freelance, for a price..."
- So, the freelancing Reapers... fine, I'll bend enough that I can put up with these guys. But I still prefer reapers as more akin to a force of nature - to something OTHER."

[still suits]

And Cas meets April.... there's some ambiguity here, I think, where April could have been human when she gave him a sandwich, but a Reaper by the time she weirdly decided to invite a homeless dude back to her place and sleep with him. I mean, it'd be pretty weird for a reaper to work all day at a job when their target was just outside.

[S- Dark coat. Pink plaid. D- Dark blue coat. Tan or green shirt.]

So, Cas is in detroit - which is decidedly not anywhere close to the bunker, which makes me wonder if he was actually listening to Dean and trying to get there, or if he decided to strike out on his own... or if he IS trying to get to the Bunker, but his sense of georgraphy sucks when he's not an angel and he doesn't actually know where the Bunker is in relation to anywhere else.

See, April also seems to be surprised that Cas is still there. So, yeah, I'm super confused as to what game she's playing if she's a reaper. Maybe she's possessed in the middle of the night? Still, weird girl for inviting a homeless dude back to her apartment and sleeping with him.

April: "I'm April, by the way, April Kelly"
Cas: "Castiel."
April: "One name?"
Cas: "Yeah, like God."

- Haha.

And Dean and Sam get the jump on the reaper that's trailing them. I love it when they do stuff like that.

Mmm...naked Cas.

Again, guy in your apartment admits that he stabbed someone. YOU START RETHINKING THINGS. Yes, I know she's secretly a reaper, but I honestly don't know WHY she stretches it out this long. Does she just like having sex? I mean, fair play if she just likes to give her victims one last good time - but I still find it bizarre character-wise.

Cas: "Vanity. I thought I was more important, more effective than I am, that I could fix everything - now all I can do is keep running."
- So, maybe she takes this route to get information through kindness rather than torture? But then, why does she switch to torture in the morning?

Mmm... make outs.
Haha, that was a well places scream.

Sam and Dean torturing a reaper for info. Here's where they find out Naomi is dead and Bartholomew is the faction tryng to find Cas. And then they kill the reaper. Again, I'm fine with rogue-reapers being killed by angel blades, because as far as I see it, going "rogue" means they lose Death's protection. BUT THEY ARE NOT ANGELS! RAR!

When did April and Cas light all those candles? Here's a pro-type guys: stopping the make-outs to light candles before sexy times, in my opinion, tends to diminish the sexy-times rather than enhance them. But then, I AM horrible at romance, so what do I know... I'm good at sexy-times though, or at least I was back in my youth.

April: "So, that was okay?"
Cas: "Very much so. Um, what I did, that was correct?"
April: "Very much so."

- Aww, cute.

April: "Whoever you trusted. Can't they help undo this?"
- Ah, so, this IS definitely reaper-April trying to get info through kindness... but yeah, weird way to go about it, and why she switches to torture is still a mystery.

Dean: "I think it's time for Plan B"
Sam: "I'm not following."
Dean: "I'm letting you know."
Sam: "Uh, okay, letting me know what?"
Dean: "I'm letting YOU know."

- Ah, Dean, so smooth.

Gadreel: "What is it, Dean?"
Dean: "I need your help."
Gadreel: "That is flattering..."

- HAHAHAA, oh man... I didn't remember that line. Brilliant. I love Jared's delivery there.

Dean: "There might be a reaper for rent on his ass, could you find them?"
- Dean's pretty brilliant.

April: "I miss being her, very sweet, didn't mind me entering her one bit."
- Again, it annoys me that the reapers are using angel terminology. I mean, yes, I know I have to just accept the fact that the show made them a subset of angels and move on - but ugh, I just hate it so much.

April: "...I had to gain your trust."
Cas: "And that required intercourse?"

- So, now Cas is feeling used, which sucks as a first time sex experience. Also, if April went to all the trouble of gaining Cas's trust, why BLOW it by tying him to a chair and torturing him now? Why not stick by him and trick him into walking right into Bartholomew or something. Or pumping him for more information about what Metatron did - it seemed like Cas was quite willing to talk to April about it. Man, I'd be so much better at April's job than April is - including the sexy-times. I wouldn't stop to light candles, for one.

Cas: "It may be unwise to kill me. If my grace were key to empowering the spell, I may be key to countering it."
- I still want this to be true. Perhaps perhaps...

And Cas is killed.

I wonder how Dean explained to Sam how he knew where Cas was.

Dean: "Cas! Cas? Cas?! Cas... no."
- :'(

Dean: "Sam, he's gone."
*Gadreel heals Cas*
- So, here Gadreel heals Cas, even though he's actually terrified of being around him lest the other angels discover Gadreel. So, yeah, Gadreel isn't THAT bad. Dean didn't even demand that he heal Cas here, Gadreel just DID it.

Cas: "Dean?"
Dean: "Hey, hey, hey, yeah."
Cas: "And Sam?"
Sam: "Cas? You're okay."
Dean: "Never do that again!"

- Ah, Dean, the safest emotion is always anger. Supernatural really is a study in the ridiculousness of performative masculinity.

Dean: "Well, you got dinged. And you - I made a deal with her. I said she wouldn't get kebobed if she brought you back. She brought you back."
Cas: "You lied."
Dean: "I did. I do that."

- I love that Dean is technically telling the truth with the second line.
- I also love that Castiel looks pleased that Dean lied and saved him.

[S- dark blue plaid. D- MY SHIRT! Hahaa... windriver shirt... one copy of which I own.]

Dean: "I told you, I went through Maurice's pockets, found an address, took a shot."
Sam: "I don't remember seeing you go through Maurice's pockets."
Dean: "What are you talking about? I don't see you half the nerdy stuff you do, doesn't mean you don't do nerdy stuff."

- Ah, that's how he explained it.

Cas: "Yes, there's more to humanity than survival, there's purpose - and you must not be defeated by anger or despair, or hedonism for that matter."
Dean: "Where'd hedonism come into it?"
Cas: "My time with April was very educational."
Sam: "Yeah, I mean, I'd think that getting killed is something."
Cas: "And having sex."
*Dean chokes*
Dean: "You had sex with April? So, did you have protection?"
Cas: "I had my angel blade."
Dean: "He had the angel blade."
*Sam makes strangled noise.*

- Okay, so firstly, this is hilarious.
- Secondly, I guess this kind of answers my question as to what the scene in the church was about - it was about Castiel succombing to despair. So, this episodes was kind of about him moving past that.
- Thirdly, I hope before they ship him out on the road, Dean or someone sits him down and has the safe-sex talk.

Gadreel: "Castiel cannot stay here. He'll bring the angels down upon us."
Gadreel: "... he is in danger. I am in danger."
Dean: "*You're* in danger? From who, the angels?"
Gadreel: "If he stays, I'm afraid I will have no choice but to leave."

- So, Dean REALLY should have pursued the line of questioning. Instead he doesn't, he lets Gadreel hold Sam hostage without asking him WHY Gadreel is in danger from the other angels. I usually try to skirt around plot-holes, but I really feel like this is a pretty glaring one - there's no way that Dean's curiousity doesn't get piqued here. I don't see why he would leave this one alone. But, I understand why the writers needed him to leave it alone... because if Dean kept questioning him. If Gadreel actually told Dean who he was and what his backstory was, then I'm pretty sure Dean would be sympathetic, which was really all Gadreel wanted - was to have someone be sympathetic to his plight. Which, of course, is the very thing that Metatron ends up exploiting. Anyway, frustrating to me, because it's yet another thing that leads to the disaster that Gadreel's presence becomes, when it really could have EASILY been avoided.
- But yeah, Gadreel IS holding Sam hostage at this point. So, Dean has really backed himself into a corner. He either lets his friend stay and watches his brother die, or he turns Cas out on the street again and Sam lives... one of those options involves a certain death and the other just makes him a shitty friend, so yeah...

Dean: "Cas, can we talk?"
Cas: "Of course, Dean, you know I always appreciate our talks and our time together."
Dean: "Listen, buddy, you can't stay."

- Aww, just to make Dean feel the shittiest possible.
- I do like how Dean calls him "buddy" though, trying to emphasis that he does love Cas, without actually coming right out and saying it.


It's a Buddy Boyle scene - with Buddy recording, and looking quite demonic. I can see why they cut it. It makes him look like a sinister being rather than a hapless pawn.

Let me know your thoughts! I'm not sure if I'll have another one of these for tomorrow or not. I might take a day off.
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  • Dean's S9 Blue Plaid

    Dean's S9 Blue Plaid This plaid shirt is similar to Dean’s Stolen Plaid, but different! It’s got a very simple plaid pattern.…

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