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Rewatch S9: Devil May Care 9x02

Wooo... here goes another one...

This time with wardrobe notes. Just ignore those.

9x02 Devil May Care

That's at least the third time they've used that shot of that house.

[same clothes as 8x22 still - they must be so smelly by now]

Sam: "So, Cas is human?"
Dean: "Ish. I mean, he has no grace, no wings, no...harp - whatever the hell else he had."

- It's interesting how Dean defines human. Cas is, essentially, human... without grace, wings, any of the other things that signify 'angel', what is Cas? What was Anna?

Sam: "Well, where'd he crash land?"
Dean: "...longmont, Colorado [...] I told him to just head for the bunker."
Sam: "You think he can handle a road trip like that?!"
Dean: "Cas is a big boy. If things go breaking bad, he knows our number."

- I think Dean should have listened to Sam here. I'm all for having faith in your friends, but for all times for Dean to treat a family member like an adult - I'm not sure suddenly-human!Cas is the right time. Though, with Gadreel on board, them going to fetch Cas would only lead to Dean having to turn him out again sooner.
- Also, I'm not sure I understand the breaking bad reference in this context.
- Also, Dean IS kind of right. Cas DOES know their number and he never really does bother to call. He doesn't really appear to be heading for the bunker - but I'm getting WAY ahead of myself, that's not even this episode.

Sam: "What about Crowley, you *mimics slicing throat*?"
Dean: "I would have loved nothing better than to ice that son of a bitch. But then I thought to myself, what would Sam Winchester do?"
Sam: "I'd, uh, stab him in the brain."
Dean: "Oh."

- I love this. I love this so much. I love how Dean gets Sam completely wrong. I love how Sam would stab him in the brain. I love how this just goes to prove that Dean doesn't actually know what Sam's decisions and actions would be and how this is just another sign that Dean should NOT be making decisions on Sam's behalf.

Dean: "Well, I figured the King of Hell might know some things, so why not zero-dark-thirty his ass?"
Sam: "So, Crowley is alive?"
Dean: "oh yeah, he's the junk in my trunk."

- I love how Sam's been driving with Dean for anything between 3-6 hours, and he didn't know Crowley was in the trunk.
- Also, going back to the point I made above - keeping Crowley alive in order to torture himself for information is what DEAN Winchester would do, not Sam. So, again, Dean is like the ultimate projector, where he claims to be acting on Sam's wishes, but really he's acting on his own. Like it or not, Dean's the interrogator in the family.

And Abaddon's revival. Interesting how she's resurrected without clothes, but yet still has eyeliner and lipstick on.

[D: green jacket, blue shirt]
[S: green no snap, rainbow plaid]

Dean: "The hell?"
Kevin: "Dean?! You're alive?"

- My instinct is to say that Dean completely forgot about Kevin, but I think I just want to say that because *I* did. I am the projector calling the projector a projector.

Dean: "Listen, next time the world is ending, grab a gun."
- No. Crossbows are MUCH better weapons in a post-apocalyptic world, Dean, and if you haven't come to this conclusion than you are pretty short sighted. Unless you have the means to produce ammunition for your guns, you're SOL. Crossbows are easy to make and repair, and crossbow bolts or arrows are ALSO easy to make. You can fire nearly anything with a crossbow (I once turned playing cards into a projectile), you cannot fire anything from a gun. If the world ends, you get farther with a crossbow and a hatchet, at least in terms of long-term survival.

Crowley: "You have no leverage, darlings. You're not going to close the gates of hell because you didn't. You're not going to kill me because you haven't. So what's left?"
Crowley: "Torture? Bring it. I can't wait to see Sam in stilettos and a leather bustier, really putting the s-a-m into s-and-m. Honestly boys, what are you going to do to me that I don't do to myself just for kicks, every Friday night?"
*Sam and Dean walk away*
Dean: "Have fun."

- I actually think this is pretty ingenious and I wish they had stuck with the guns on this one. Solitary confinement is really the ONLY torture that has any chance of working on Crowley.
- Though, I too, would have liked to see Sam in heels and a leather bustier, but we can't have everything.

Kevin: "What's Crowley doing here? Why didn't you kill him? Why aren't you stabbing him right now?!"
Dean: "Chill out, okay. We need him."
Sam: "Just stay away from him alright?"

- I also wish that Kevin had stayed away from Crowley, but, again, you can't have everything, I guess.


It's interesting, because Abaddon talks about some sort of golden age of hell, but before yellow-eyes, hell was pretty quiet. There were maybe 4 possessions a year (according to Bobby). Granted, Abaddon had her soul farms, which we find out about later this season - so I guess there's that.

I always wanted to see Abaddons undoing as a fundamental lack of understanding of how to run hell... like, running it via chaos doesn't actually work... but maybe I'll get into that in a later episode too.

[No coats]

Hunter: "It's what we do. I remember this case me and Bobby worked up in Saskatoon-"
Dean: "The werewolf siamese twins!"
Hunter: "He told you about that?"
Dean: "Every time he drank Labatts."

- CANADA! Hahaha... Labatts is horrid.

Navy guys!
- And I did like the contrast between Crowley's bureaucracy and Abaddon's militarism. Again, something that could have been explored a bit more - but then, I guess people would have complained about not having enough Sam and Dean.

I like the female hunter.


Dean: "Hey, Agent Stark and Banner, FBI - we just want to have a look around..."
- Haha, awesome.

And the phone-call with Kevin is GOLD. I'm not going to type it out, but it's amazing. I love it. I WISH THERE HAD BEEN MORE OF THIS. Ugh, I wish Kevin had survived and HE took over for Garth and became the guy in the bunker at the other end of all the phones, and it would have been so awesome!!

Dean: "Kevin, what the hell did you just do?"
Kevin: "All military systems are linked to the same computer..."
Dean: "And?"
Kevin: "I hacked it."
Dean: "Kevin?"
Kevin: "Yeah?"
Dean: "Good job, buddy."

- Awwww, come on! Why couldn't he have stayed!!

And torturing other hunters to get to Sam and Dean...

I love the shoebox full of phones.

Dean: "Alright, new job - dig up everything Men of Letters have about Knights of Hell"
Kevin: "Knights of hell? Sure."
Dean: "You find a way to kill one. I mean permanently. You drop a dime."
Sam: "Thanks Kevin."

- See, Kevin's so USEFUL. That being said, the Winchesters DO have a way of overworking that poor kid.

And Kevin has to go into room 7b... and Crowley goads him, of course. Oh Kevin - you are so weak to psychological tortore.

[same jackets. S - blue&brown plaid. D - black henley.]

And Sam and Dean rescue the hunters - and we get our first hint that Tracey is not a Samgirl.

Kevin: "You tortured me."
Crowley: "I torture all my friends. It's how I show love."

- Awww

Kevin: "You killed my mom!"
Crowley: "Did I? I mean, are you sure? Did you ever see a body? How can you be sure she's dead?"

- I think this is the most Crowley has ever reminded me of Mark Sheppard - because this is so much like Mark at Conventions - "How can you be sure Crowley's a demon?" (Mark really wants Crowley to be something other than a demon, even though I think we have enough evidence on the show to support the fact that he is.)

And Crowley successfully goads Kevin into beating the shit out of him, which means that Crowley's solitary confinement is replaced with violence, which Crowley clearly gets off on.

Sam: "They're coming."
Dean: "Good."
Sam: "They've got assault rifles."
Dean: "Okay, less good."

- I guess there IS something to be said for Abaddons militarism.

Tracy: "Don't touch me."
Dean: "Whoa, what's the problem?"
Tracy: "My family's dead because of him."
Sam: "What?"

*Tracy recounts that demons were celebrating that Sam let lucifer out of his cage*
- Why don't you try to be a bit more devasted there Sam, I'm not sure my heart is broken enough.

Dean: "Okay, we gotta move. Girl's with me. Irv?"
Irv *to Sam*: "Let's go, son."

- Awww, I like how Irv makes sure Sam knows that he still loves him.

I do feel bad for Sam though, because I guess letting Lucifer out of his cage is the kind of mistake you can never atone for, even when you spend 180+ years in Lucifer's cage after having defeated him with the power of love and you FEEL like you've atoned - people are still going to use it against you. I guess it's the same for a lot of great crimes though - I mean, you murder someone, even if you serve a life-sentence and you realize the error of your ways, you're still going to be a murderer and people are still going to treat you like one.

And Crowley tries to bargain with Kevin with the one bargaining chip that he has left - Kevin's mother.

Crowley: "You're going to lose, Kevin. Everything. It's only a matter of time. When the Winchesters are done with you, they'll toss you aside without a second thought, because they can, because they think they're special and because, well, there's always another prophet waiting in the wings. I'm the one in chains, but we're both prisoners here."
- Oh, Kevin. The thing that breaks my heart here is that Crowley's not wrong. I mean, yeah, the Winchesters LOVE Kevin, but being loved by the Winchesters MEANS that you lose everything eventually. And Kevin, I'm sure, does feel pretty trapped there at the moment.
- The truth of the matter is that Sam and Dean kind of ARE poison to everything around him, and they're quest to save each other DOES end up killing everyone around them who isn't the two of them. Zachariah said as much to Adam in 5x18 and Sam and Dean never actually proved him wrong. Yes, they came for Adam then, because Adam and for one glorious moment Adam felt like he was part of that family - and it WASN'T a lie - but Zachariah was right that when push came to shove, Dean chose Sam, not Adam, because Adam was basically a stranger - Adam was either dead before he hit the cage, or he's still in there... but either way, there was never a plan to rescue him after Death refused (and for the record, I'm not advocating that they rescue him now - after 4 years, I'm kind of tired of the 'what about Adam?' questions at Cons, and so I'm in the let-him-stay-in-the-cage-forever camp now possibly purely out of spite). There was just an acceptance that there was nothing they could do. Likewise, Kevin DOES end up losing everything, once again, because of a decision that Dean makes to save Sam.

Dean: "...you want to be pissed off at Sam, that's fine, I get it. But you want to go after somebody, you make sure they've got black eyes. Gotta know who the real monsters are in this world, kid."
- I like this speech, because Dean's not telling her not to be angry at Sam, all he's doing is making sure that she's not going to pull a Roy and Walt and try to kill his brother.

Poor Irv. No wonder he doesn't blame Sam for the Lucifer businee - he gave up all his friends under torture. Also, he doesn't know how to stay out of a snipers line of sight.

Dean: "We going to fight or make out? Because I'm getting some real mixed signals here."
- Me too, Dean, and I vote for make out.

Abaddon: "... you know, I've liked this body since the first moment I saw it. You're the perfect vessel, Dean. You give a girl all sorts of nasty ideas."
- Dean's face here is important, because this is hardly the first time he's been threatened in this way. And, since I'm definitely in the possession-is-a-metaphor-for-sexual-assault camp, I think Dean's look of resigned digust is just perfect.

- I love it.

Abaddon: "An angel?"
Dean: "What'd you think, we'd roll up to this mouse trap without some back-up"

- The thing that gets me here is that the explosion of white could either be an angel fighting (such as Castiel in Mommy Dearest) or an angel dying (such as Balthazar in uh... 6x22?) If I were Dean, I'd be pretty terrified it was the latter.

Gadreel: "You are troubled still."
Dean: "Yeah, it's just uh, this is on me. I was the one who talked Sam out of boarding up hell. So every demon deal, every kill that they make - you're looking at the person who let it happen!"

- Ah, right... another important reason why Sam's Lucifer-mistake was thrown into his face in this episode. Dean's dealing with similar guilt. Whether it was a mistake or not to save Sam, Dean has to deal with the fact that he did save Sam at the expense of protecting the earth from evil.
- Also, Dean has a LOT of trouble making eye-contact with Gadreel!Sam... I noticed that last episode too, but neglected to mention it. It must be pretty creepy for Dean to look at Sam and be talking to someone else... anyway, I just love the acting decision Jensen made there, where you can tell he really just does not want to be looking at his brother's face while talking to Gadreel.

Gadreel: "I'm in Sam's head. Everything he knows, I know. And I know that what you did, you did out of love."
Dean: "Look, Zeke - I'm going to call you Zeke - I'm not really with the whole love and... love."

- Oh, Dean.
- Also, here, Gadreel seems to say that Sam doesn't blame Dean for talking him out of it.
- I also love the fact that Dean's already shorted Ezekiel's name after basically just one day.

Gadreel: "It is why I said yes."
Dean: "Yeah, and this goes sideways that's on me too."
Gadreel: "That is not going to happen."

- Oh Gadreel, if only you were right. I really really wanted you to be right. But no, you've gotta end up being a gullible idiot who can't recognize right or wrong anymore for some reason.

Dean: "I sure hope you're one of the good guys."
Gadreel: "I am. Though, I suppose that is what a bad guy would say."

- Salt. Salt in my wounds.

Dean: "Sam? Sammy?"
*Sam reacts defensively*

- I love the fact that Sam's defensive reaction is to raise his hand up and out - as thought he could still use his demon-blood powers, or angel powers.... or, it could just be what it is, the universal sign of "don't hit me."

Sam: "You killed 3 demons, alone?"
Dean: "I took them by surprise. They got a little messy, I got a little lucky, or and I'm awesome - there is that."
Sam: "Geez, you are pretty damn awesome."

- So cute. If only it were true.

Slowest car grab ever, Tracy.

[same jackets. S- greenshirt white buttons. D - red and blue plaid]

And the conversation between Dean and Kevin...

Dean: "Well, if she is alive, then she's dead - in anyway that matters, she's dead, Kevin, and I'm sorry."
- Dean sure does give up hope fast when it comes to possible torture victims. Kevin's mom has only bee missing for a few weeks at this point that they know of. It was maybe only a month ago that Crowley told Kevin she was dead just before abducting him. So, yeah, I'm kind of as frustrated as Kevin is that Dean and Sam seem uninterested in investigating, at the very least, they could go put her out of her misery.

Dean: "... this is still the safest place for you, it just is. And we need you, man."
Kevin: "Because I'm useful."
Dean: "Because you're family. After all the crap you've been through, after all the good you've done, man, if you don't think that we would die for you... I don't know what to tell you. Because you, me, Sam, and Cas, we are all we've got, but hey, if none of that matters to you, then I won't stop you."

- So, on the one hand, this is touching - on the other hand, this could be seen as some clever emotional manipulation on Dean's part. Kevin IS pretty susceptable to people playing with his emotions and mind... that's an extremely cynical other hand though. Personally, I believe Dean means this 100%. Dean has come to care deeply about Kevin and wants to protect him, and treat him like a little brother. The problem, I think, is that someone needs to sit Dean and Kevin down and explain that Dean and Sam being willing to die for Kevin is all great, but, if Kevin wants to stay, Kevin has to decide whether he's willing to die for Sam and Dean. Kevin's so worried about Dean and Sam's motivations for keeping him, that he neglects to examine his motivations for staying - does he care about the Winchesters? Is he devoted to the cause? He spent the past year trying to find a way out - convinced that once he decoded the demon tablet, they'd let him go, angry that they then brought him an angel tablet. Why does he care whether they love him or not? The real question is: Does Kevin want to be there and is he willing to die for this makeshift family. He's certainly stared down death before, so perhaps.

[no coats]

Dean: "...he's a tough kid, he'll bounce back. What's up with you?"
Sam: "Nothing. It's just when Tracy said about me, she wasn't wrong."
Dean: "Sam, listen to me - you have helped a lot more people than you have hurt. So all that, that was then. Here's to now."
Dean: "How about you, how's the engine running?"
Sam: "Honestly, I feel better than I have in a long time. I mean, I realize it's crazy out there and we've got trouble coming for us, but I look around and I see friends and family. I'm happy with my life for the first time in... forever. I am, I really am, it's just things are... things are good."
Dean: "Never better."

- So, Sam's no longer suicidal, yay! Not only that, but I think the reason he brought up Tracy is because he HAS moved past it - he doesn't feel guilty about it anymore. He felt he had atoned for that all the way back in S7, and now with the more severe mental problems seemingly squared away, he's actually feeling pretty damn good. So, I guess that answers my "is Sam suicidal" debate that I started last episode... OR DOES IT! Dun dun dun.
- The point is that Sam has learned to make peace with the fact that he's not getting out of hunting - he chose to marry Dean, and he's finding happiness in that choice.
- But, of course, really the point of this conversation is to make Dean feel like shit - because it's impossible to tell someone bad news when they've just declared that they're the happiest they've ever been. Who would want to spoil that? It's why people don't break up over the holidays. So, Dean is left knowing that Sam's happiness in the moment is actually just the happiness of the ignorant and it's all his fault.

And thus ends the episode... let me know what you thought in comments!
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