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Rewatch S9: I think I'm Going To Like It Here (9x01)

Rewatch time is upon us!

I'm going to be starting off with the BluRays at my friends place - and then when my friend gets back from their weekend away, they're actually bringing me the DVDs (a gift from my American sister). So, yeah, starting off NOT paying attention to the wardrobe, since I need the DVDs to do that - so, this will either make these go quicker for me, or it'll create more work when I have to watch the episode again to do the clothes... *shrug* (ETA: It did not go quicker. It still took me 4 hours to get through one episode.)

What I AM going to do though is that, as long as I'm going off the BluRay, I'm going to be making little notes to myself when they change clothes - just so that when I got back over these episodes with the DVDs, I know what scenes I have to pay attention to. For those who are curious, this will give you a little insight into how I do the clothing catalogue. That being said, they don't change clothes in this episode, so this will probably kick in during 9x02 instead.

The Road So Far... I like the song they chose for S9 (Who Do You Love?)

Sam: "Look at this, they're calling it a meteor shower! I mean - seriously?!"
- What I like about this is that even in Sam's head, he knows what's going on outside. He's in a coma, but this is exactly what they ARE calling it on the outside. I'm pretty sure they never say WHEN Sam fell into the coma, but based on the timeline, I'm pretty sure it was while they were sitting by the Impala in the rain watching the angels fall.

Dean: "...you're dying, Sam"
Sam: "Shut-up."
- Sam also knows that he's dying. I have a love for psychological episodes, I'm not going to lie. This is the definition of denial. I love watching Sam move through the stages of dealing with the knowledge that despite deciding NOT to, he is still dying.

Doctor: "I'm afraid that's in God's hands now."
Dean: "You're a doctor. You're a medical professional. You're tryin' to tell me that my brother's life is in God's hands - is that supposed to be a comfort?"
Doctor: "Mr. Doughertry..."
Dean: "No, God has nothing to do with this equation at all!"
Doctor: "I didn't mean-"
Dean: "That's not good enough!"

- Ah, never tell an atheist that they have to rely on God. Especially an atheist that KNOWS God is gone.

Dean: "Cas, you there? Sammy's hurt. He's hurt real- He's hurt pretty bad..."
- Ugh, my heart.

Dean: "....And uh...I know you think that I'm pissed at you, but I don't care that the angels fell - so whatever you did, or didn't do, it doesn't matter. We'll work it out. Please man, I need you here."
- And there goes my other heart (I'm a timelord). I know part of the reason Dean's calling Cas here is because he hopes that Cas will appear and be able to save Sam, as he has before... but I also think that Dean's also just asking for his best friend to come and be there for him in his time of need.

Dean: "Screw it. Okay, listen up. This one goes out to any angel with their ears on. This is Dean Winchester and I need you help. The deal is this...[...]... the first one to help me gets my help in return, and you know that ain't nothing. It's no secret that we haven't always seen eye to eye, but you know I'm good for my word. And uh, I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't needin'."
- I love the change of tone here. Also, I love that, unless I heard incorrectly, what Dean is offering is a favour! I love the fact that the Winchesters are basically so powerful at this point (without actually having powers), that they can offer favours to angels and have that be a good deal.
- Also, TAHMOH! He's dreamy... and Dene. He's a dreamy Dene!... hahaha... sorry.

Dream!Dean: "Just because you're dying doesn't mean you're dead. We've jimmied ourselves out of worse..."
- I love how Dean in Sam's head is almost like his optimism. Dean is his tenacity.

Sam: "If I'm dying, and I believe you, I do. But if you're you, and you're really me, and you're the part of me that wants to fight to live-"
Dream!Dean: "Yes. I have no idea what you just said, but continue."
*Sam gives him squinty look*
- Hehehe, I love that Sam's like - how could an aspect of myself not know what I just said?

Sam: "But if you don't have any idea how I'm supposed to fight, then am I even supposed to be fighting at all?"
Dream!Dean: "You serious?"
- Let's talk about the fact that Sam is speaking in "supposed to"s... Sam, who has always tried to buck whatever he's "supposed to" do over the course of his whole life. He's been trying to defy fate since he was a kid, and it seems pretty weird that he'd be worried about whether he was "supposed" to die now. It doesn't sit quite right with me character-wise... though, I AM basing this on pre-5x22 Sam. The truth of the matter is that S6-7 didn't really give us any indication on whether Sam was still the anti-Fate person that he always was... which is kind of important knowledge to have, considering that in 5x22 Sam thought he was going to be gone forever and had made peace with that fact. In S6-7, we don't really get how he FEELS about being back, because he's just reacting to the fact that he IS back and the mental repercussions that has. Then in S8, we got that weirdness at the beginning of the season that I'm not even going to talk about - and then Sam basically recommitting himself 5x22 style, to dying for a good cause.
- So, in that respect, Sam wanting to die isn't at all surprising... but here, Sam is no longer dying for a good cause (unlike in 5x22, this time Dean stopped him), so it's understandable (to me) that Sam would be angry at Dean for that - that if Sam was dying anyway, if there was no way to stop it, then they should have just gone through with it.
- But yeah, "supposed to" just seems to be a thing that Sam shouldn't care about.


Driver: "What the hell you doin' in the middle of the road like that?"
Cas: "I heard angels."
Driver: "How about we get you some water."
- It's interesting to me that Cas could hear the angels. I guess Cas is like Anna was now. He's human, but has uncontrolled access to angel radio? Anna could hear it all the time, but maybe Cas just hears it in uncontrolled bursts?
- I also love this driver guy, because he knows the signs of dehydration.

Driver: "How about a lift?"
Cas: "Yes, yes... I would fly, but I have no wings. Not anymore."
- Ah, Cas. Never change.

*Dream!Dean and Dream!Bobby arguing*
Sam: "Shut-up! Both of you! I can't hear myself think!"
- Uh, Sam, that IS you thinking, honey.

Dream!Bobby: "Excuse me? Are you dead? Because I am, and maybe I'm here because I'm the part of Sam that knows what the hell he's talking about-"
- So, Bobby here is the part of Sam that wants to die, or, at the very least doesn't want to fight for life - doesn't want Dean to do some harebrained thing to keep him alive. And I actually like this on a couple levels. 1)Bobby is someone that Sam cared about who is dead. If Sam dies, Sam might get to see Bobby again. 2)Bobby, when he was alive, was always pretty sensible about death. He didn't approve of deals or whathaveyou... he was very much in the "what's dead should stay dead" camp... and, before you say anything, wait for my next point....
- 3) Bobby in this role also raising another point. Bobby was sensible about this when it was all hypothetical or theory, or when it didn't affect HIM directly... but as soon as his wife was brought back, or Bobby himself died, it suddenly was really just all talk, because Bobby didn't want to investigate WHY his wife had come back, and he didn't want to let go when he himself died. Nearly every time we've seen him since his death, he's asked to stay or for them to find a way to bring him back. And this was even after he momentarily returned to his senses long enough to say his goodbyes and let them burn his flask and dispell his spirit. But even after that, when Sam rescues him from hell, Bobby asks to come back to earth, not go to heaven - which makes Sam SUPER UNCOMFORTABLE. My point is that this is a very controversial role for Bobby to take in Sam's head, because the person that Sam remembers most is the one that would be accepting of death, but I doubt Sam has forgotten that when it boiled down to it, Bobby was actually a hypocrite on this topic.

Driver: "Hey!"
Cas: "No, I can't take your money."
Driver: "For the phone - or a sandwhich if they have any."
Cas: "It's okay, I don't need-"
Driver: "You'll figure something. Take care, kid."
- Aww, driver guy... I do like the fact that despite everything Cas subsequently goes through, he DOES start off with seeing the best in humanity.
- Also, I doubt Cas and the driver are THAT far apart in age. It seems weird to me for people over 30 to be called "kid", but then, maybe I'll feel different when I'm over 50.

Cas: "This is an emergency, I don't want to hurt you."
- So, the weird thing here is that Cas doesn't KNOW that he's human? He knows that he doesn't have wings. He knows that Metatron took his grace... but for some reason he still thinks that he'll be able to use angel powers? It's sort of bizarre.

Dean: "...inevitable? That's a fighting word where I come from."
- See, YES! Not that I actually agree with Dean's methods here or agree with him not being able to let Sam go, to the determent of Sam, himself, and everyone around them... but, I DO agree that "nothing is inevitable" is a mindset that both Dean and Sam shared once upon a time. The fact that Dean still has that mindset is keeping with character.

Kim (grief consellor): "So, unless you're telling me that you've got a direct line to those angels you were talking about earlier..."
Dean: "No, I guess I don't - but I might have something better. I've got the King of Hell in my trunk!"
Kim: "Uh, sorry... is that... is that a metaphor?"
- Hehehe
- I also love that Dean basically FORGOT that he had the King of Hell in his trunk.

Dean: "Crowley! One for yes, two for no, you alive?"
Dean: "Come on, don't be a pouter"
Dean: "There we go."
- Hehe, I love Dean.

Gadreel: "... are we creatures of wrath or compassion? I would argue the latter."
- I mean, an argument could be made for lying, but since I know the ending, I know he's not - so, this is the Gadreel that I love. He's basically a proto-version of Castiel (since I'm counting as him actually coming first)... he's a compassionate angel who is stupidly gullible.
- I really had high hopes for Gadreel/Ezekiel, being a good guy and eventually becoming Sam's angel friend, like Cas is Dean's - but I guess there is only room for one angel-friend on the show.

Gadreel: "Come now, is that any way to treat a brother injured in the Fall?"
- Gadreel is too damn romantic.

Dean: "Who are you?"
Gadreel: "Nevermind me. You're Dean Winchester. I heard your prayer. I'm here to help."
*Gadreel passes out*
Dean: "...okay."
- Beautiful.

Hale: "Your grace? It's gone?"
Castiel: "I can still hear angel radio though."
- It DOES still annoy me when the angels call it angel radio. It should be called something else - but hey, maybe it has an untranslatable name in enochian and they're just sticking to english for no apparent reason.

Castiel: "It's an opportunity for you and the others who've fallen to finally do what you'd like to do, not just what you've been told."
- I like that Cas is trying to put a positive spin on this by thinking that the angels might at least learn what free will is. Oh Cas, I don't think that's ever going to happen, boo. You are the only angel that takes to free will without it turning into hedonism or despair.

Hale: "There's a place. I built it when I was last here, many years ago... the Grand Canyon. I'd like to see that."
- I like the idea that angels built places, but I also like the idea that they just set up the world to build places. Like, Hale just decided, this river will flow here - and thousands upon thousands of years later, BAM, Grand Canyon, and now she gets to go see the results.

Dean: "You want to help? Start with a name."
Gadreel: "Ezekiel."
- Arguably, this is the only lie that Gadreel ever told, up until Metatron intercepted him.

Gadreel: "You put out an open call, just like that."
Dean: "Did I? I must really be desperate."
- I love Dean's face here, because it's very much a face that admits that he's shown all his cards and he knows it.

Gadreel: "Believe it or not, some of us still do believe in our mission, and that means we believe in Castiel and you."
- See, this is what I don't get about angel prison. It seems to be an eternal sentence without parole or rehabilitation. Gadreel has made one mistake in his life. He was tricked by Lucifer... and then he was locked away for an eternity. He's actually more true hearted then 99% of the angels that are free, but he's locked away and tortured. Basically, I'm saying that the angel penal system needs an overhaul. Also, why wasn't Cas arrested after S4? Maybe only God can make arrests.

Sam: "I want to fight, I do, I just feel like-"
Dream!Bobby: "That you got nothing to swing at? Punching at shadows?..."
- I wonder if this goes all the way back to S7, and Sam being "tired." Because, when I was discussing Sam's mind set before, I mentioned that S6-7 was him just reacting to the consequences of 5x22 without really going into how it may have changed him as a character... but we DID get him almost dying in S7 and telling Dean he was too tired to fight then. Maybe he still is. Maybe the toll that 5x22 took is actually greater than the show ever makes it out to be - maybe it DID fundamentally change Sam, wherein just dealing with his memories is enough to wear him out to the point where he WILL just drop everything without Dean to pull him along (post-7x22) and he will just decide to succumb to death if that looks to be the way things are heading anywa (7x17, S8b). Mind you, this doesn't explain the speech he gives Dean about how he wants to survive the trials and therefore he should be the one to do them...but I'll talk about that a little later.

Dream!Bobby: "...You saved the world, son. How many people can say that?...[...]...what you call dying, I call leaving a legacy."
- See, this seems to confirm my above guess. That after saving the world, Sam actually IS spent. It's funny, because the show gave Dean a renewed sense of purpose after purgatory, but they didn't really do that with Sam - they didn't give Sam any reason to want to cling to his mostly-miserable existence. I think s10 will be different, because, like Dean, Sam is usually energized when he feels his brother needs him. (Note: This is different than when Sam believes his brother is either dead-dead or in heaven.)

Cas: "Metatron tricked me. It wasn't angel trials, it was a spell. I wanted you to know that."
- Again, there are feelings to be had here about how Cas needed Dean to know these things, but I don't feel like going into exactly what those feelings are.

Cas: "What's wrong?"
Dean: "Sam - uh, they say he's dying."
Cas: "What happened?"
Dean: "I don't know..[...].. have you heard my prayers, I've been praying to you all night!"
Cas: "Dean, Metatron... he took my grace."
Dean: "What?!"
Cas: "Don't worry about me. What are you doing for Sam?"
- Cas is a good friend. He's homeless and human and graceless, but he's knows he's not currently dying, so his needs are second to Sam's.

Dean: "Cas, I know you want to help, I do. But helping angels is what got you into trouble in the first place. I'm begging you, for once, look after yourself..."
- Ah, Dean, you just had to point out that Cas being a good friend is actually what constantly gets him intro trouble.

I do like the fact that they brought back the room shaking for unvesseled angels.

And Cas starts off life as a human with a massive concussion.

Hale: "We're going to become more than friends, Castiel. We're going to become one."
Cas: "You want to possess me."
Hale: "You're vessel is strong. This one won't hold me much longer."
- So, my persoal headcanon was that the bloodlines were for specific angels. Campbells for Lucifer, Winchesters for Michael... Novaks for Castiel...
- BUT, it seems like the show treats the bloodlines more like car makes and models. Campbells and Winchesters are high-end, Novaks are lower end, but they have nice features like radio-access and horsepower.... and then you have lower end cars that just don't last that long or perform as well.

I love the colours in Sam's head.

Dream!Bobby: "Go on, son, I'll be waiting for you with a couple of cold ones."
- Awww, my heart. Sam wants to hang out with Bobby again.


Dream!Dean: "Sorry, Old Man."
- I love how Dean calls Bobby a slang term for "father" here.
- Also, Sam seems to have a subconscious phobia of his loved ones getting stabbed in the back. Hallucifer did the same thing to Bobby back in S7. Jung, Carl, tell me, what does that mean...

Sam: "Dean! Are you insane!"
Dream!Dean: "Come on, Sam! Bobby was the part of you that wants to die. I'm sorry, but he had to go."
- Again, I love the version of Dean that Sam has in his head. He's tenacious and non-relenting, which is I think what Sam loves about Dean - but he's also tenacious to a frightening degree, which is also, I believe, what Sam fears about Dean. Sam KNOWS what Dean is capable of when Sam's life is on the line and it, rightfully, scares the hell out of him.

Sam: "When are you going to realize it's over! There's nothing to fight for!"
Sam: "What's your plan, Dean?!"
*Dream!Dean starts beating Sam up*
Dream!Dean: "My plan is to fight! My plan is to try! My plan is to give a damn! You're telling me there's nothing, huh - you're telling me that there's nothing to fight for? That there's nothing to hope for?"
Sam: "No, I'm telling you there is. You might not like it. You might not accept it, but it's in there, it's in that house."
Dream!Dean: "You know what's in that house!"
- There are a couple of interesting things here. Firstly, that Sam imagines Dean beating the shit out of him... it's brutal, but at the same time, it's actually to character. Sam is actually USED to Dean beating the shit out of him when Sam makes him truly angry. It's kind of sad really, and I know other people's headcanons vary, but I think it speaks to the kind of childhood they had. Maybe it's not a pattern of abuse, since older siblings HAVE been known to punch their younger siblings even into adulthood without a history of parental physical abuse as the cause - but I think it at the very least speaks to the fact that there was never, or rarely, anyone around to tell Dean not to hit his brother.
- Secondly, what Sam is proposing here is that Sam is actually fighting FOR DEATH. He's hoping FOR DEATH. Which, you know, is pretty suicidally depressed thing to do, and brings us right back to S7 and Sam being tired. Cas cured Sam's dementia, but was the depression part of that or separate? It looks more and more like it was separate. So, why hasn't Sam killed himself? Well, not to get too morbid here, but there's a difference between wanting to kill yourself and hoping to be put out of your misery. The show is seeming to suggest that Sam's been wanting to be put out of his misery for a while now, even though when he first started the trials, he told Dean is was because he had more hope to live through it than Dean did - obviously that either wasn't true, or Sam wanted it to be true, or it was true in that moment but quickly became untrue. (And yes, these could also be seen as character inconsistancies which could be blamed on the writers, who I'd argue have been very inconsistent with Sam in S8-S9, but on the other hand, humans are pretty inconsistent. I mean, sometimes I really want to date, find someone to love, get married, have kids... and then sometimes an hour later I want to be alone forever... and the odd part is one feeling doesn't necessarily invalidate the other.)

And Sam dismisses his tenacity for life...

And Dean gets the shit kicked out of him.

Death: "Hello, Sam. I've been waiting for you."
- So, I know Julian Richlings has said that he played this episode like he was a figment of Sam's mind just like Dean and Bobby were - but it could really go both ways. We saw when Bobby was in the coma that the reaper approached him in his mind as well. And I kind of like the idea of Death personally greating the Winchesters.

Dean: "Wait wait wait - I'll tell you where Cas is. I just have one question. If Heaven is locked, then where do you go, when I do this?"
*hits hand on angel sigil he just painted on the floor in his own blood.*
- Oh, Dean, you're awesome.

Dean: "Are you telling me there's no way to save my brother's life?!"
Gadreel: "No good ways."
Dean: "Then what are the bad ones? We're out of options here - good or bad, let me hear them!"
- I like the fact that looking back, we can take Gadreel's words on face value a bit more. He didn't come with the intent of possessing Sam. It's one of the "bad" options. Most likely bad, because it puts Gadreel working with Dean Winchester who is a highly visible figure to the angels, when all Gadreel wants to do is hide from other angels.

Gadreel: "..It's your call."
Dean: "No, it's Sam's call. And there is no way in hell he'd say yes to being possessed by anything."
Gadreel: "He would rather die."
*Dean nods*
- See, Dean KNOWS it's Sam's call here. He KNOWS that Sam wouldn't say yes... but he can't let go, so he does it anyway. It's the old DNR order and the family disregarding it. That's why Sam's pissed at him when he finds out - which I think the writers should have made WAY clearer than they did. There seems to be a weird tendency in S8-S9 to muddy the Winchester fights and have them poorly explained, as though the writers are afraid that if they're clear, the fights might be too easy to resolve? I have no idea - but I wish they'd stop it. It confused the fanbase who has a tendency to demonize (heh) one brother in favour of another already, and not having the sides of an argument clear only contributes to that, while making for confusing character representation too... but I guess I'll get into that when I rewatch 9x10-9x22. I think you can have CLEARLY explained fights and still have them be as compelling and difficult to work past.

Gadreel: "I'll leave you two alone then."
Dean: "Wait."
- Oh, Dean.
Death: "I consider it to be quite the honour to be collecting the likes of Sam Winchester. I try so hard not to pass judgement, not at times like this, not my bag, you see... but you, well played, my boy."
- I think this actually supports the idea that Death ISN'T part of Sam's head - because this is uncharacteristic of Sam to be so self-aggrandizing, even if warranted. Sam's WAY more humble than this. I'd understand Sam imagining Death as the reaper that collects him, mainly because Sam doesn't know many reapers and Death certainly makes an impression enough to remember... but I'd imagine that Sam's idea of how Death would speak to him would be a lot more patronizing and possibly mean.

Sam: "I need to know one thing."
Death: "Yes?"
Sam: "If I go with you, do you promise that this time it will be final? That if I'm dead, I stay dead. Nobody can reverse it. Nobody can deal it away. And nobody can get hurt because of me."
Death: "I can promise that."
- And this is the thing, because Sam sacrificed himself to save the world in 5x22, and then in S6, Castiel trying to bring him back led to Sam causing the deaths of a lot of people... so, Dean and/or Cas bringing Sam back from the dead, the way Sam sees it, brings Sam back at the expense of other people... much like Sam saving Dean way back in S1's Faith. And Dean was SUPER pissed off about that back then... but, I guess because there's not a direct correlation - there's not someone beside Dean who drops dead when Sam returns, Dean doesn't see it the same way. He trades himself, that's fine, his choice... but when Cas brought Sam back in 6x01 and botched it, suddenly there's strangers dying because Sam's alive again. When Dean stopped Sam from doing the trials, it meant that hell wasn't closed - which, I suppose, to Sam, might mean that anyone who died after that because hell wasn't closed was somehow on him, because he shelfishly chose to live.

Dean: "What the hell are you doing, Sam?"
- And I can't imagine that Dean can't understand this - but apparently he can't.

And Cas uses the power of seatbelts to get out of a jam.

Dean: "Even if I say yes, that doesn't mean squat. Sam will never say yes, not to you."
Gadreel: "But he will say yes to you."
- Okay, so lying about his name, and urging Dean to trick Sam into consenting are so far the only "bad" things that Gadreel has done.
- And I think it says a lot about Sam love for Dean, that Gadreel is so confident that despite everything, Sam WILL still choose to live FOR DEAN.

Hale's broken body is so gross.

Hale: "Do you know how ridiculous you sound? Help angels? After what you did? They don't want your help, Castiel, they want you're head?"
Cas: "You're wrong. I'm one of you. I will never stop being one of you."
Hale: "Don't you get it? Together I can protect you, Castiel."
Cas: "I don't need- I don't want you're protection."
- I didn't talk about it before, but I really do think that the fact that Castiel is human in his vessel and can consent to possession, confirms the fact that Jimmy is no longer home.
- Also, I like the fact that Castiel amends his sentence from "need" to "want", because it shows that he recognizes that he probably DOES need protection, and it also reconfirms free will - despite needing it, Castiel doesn't WANT Hale's protection.

And Hale dies. And Castiel is upset that he can't seem to stop killing angels.

Dean: "Wait."
Sam: "Dean."
Dean: "It's okay, Sam."
- The repeating of "It's okay" in Supernatural might be my undoing in the end.

Dean *to death*: "I would have brought cronuts, but..."
- See, Dean also addresses Death like he's actually there.

Sam: "Why are you even here? I'm not fighting this anymore."
Dean: "You have to fight this! I can fix this. Okay? But not if you shut me out."
Dean: "Sam, listen to me. I made you a promise in that church. You and me, come whatever. Well, hell if this ain't whatever! But you gotta let me in, man, you gotta let me help! There ain't no me, if there ain't no you!"
Sam: "What do I do?"
Dean: "Is that a yes?"
Sam: "Yes."
- So, a couple of thoughts here. Firstly... Dean is basically using marriage vows as his weapon. Sam and him got married (I'm sorry, but they did). They basically committed to "you and me against the world", and Dean is using that to get Sam to stay in the marriage... so, on the one hand, I genuinely think that Sam being reminded of this makes him WANT to stay and keep his promises to Dean. It makes him remember that he DID marry Dean in that church and that was a choice that he made of his own free will and he wants to honour that choice. On the other hand, the way Dean is USING that vow here is sort of like assuming that just because you're married, your spouse HAS to have sex with you whenever you want it. Sam being married to Dean, Sam saying YES to DEAN, means that Sam is saying yes to Dean's plan for Sam's body. Now, I kow that's a really harsh analogy, comparing what's going on with spousal rape - but that's why Sam gets so pissed about it later, because that's the way he sees it.
- Now, that all being said, I think if Gadreel didn't erase the memory of this moment, or at least not the conversation with Dean before saying yes, Sam would be a little more forgiving about Dean not letting him die... but, I know why Gadreel couldn't do that, because it would raise too many questions about HOW Dean had saved Sam, and Sam WOULD eject Gadreel - because the problem with the high-end cars in the angel-world is that they've got an onboard computer that will refuse to start the car if they don't like who just sat down.

(we see Gadreel!Sam for the first time)
Oh Jared, what are you doing with your hands? I'm fine with the speech pattern and face, but the arms and hands, man. It's too much.

It does break my heart that Dean knows, he KNOWS, that what he's doing is wrong - but he's doing it anyway, because he can't fathom doing what's right in this situation. So, yeah, he feels like a horrible brother, because he IS one. And I think it would have gone a long way with Sam if he would have just remembered that feeling and admitted to it when Sam found out... but instead, I guess he spends half a season justifying it in his head, so that when Sam does find out, Dean appears unapologetic.

And Cas ditches the trench in favour of stolen clothes and water. Poor Cas. Though, this does beg the question, do I start keeping track of Castiel's clothes? I'm going to go with no, just because he does go back to a uniform pretty quickly... and also, I can't be bothered. :P

Sam: "You've been driving me around with me passed out in the passenger seat for a day?"
Dean: "Well, I mean, I stopped. Let a couple of japanese tourists take a few pictures, no one got too handsy."
- So, Dean's already alluding to the fact that he did something to Sam's body without his consent.

Dean: "I meant what I said in the church. You're capable of anything, Sam. And hell if you didn't prove me right."
Sam: "Good, because we got work to do."
- And Dean DOES reaffirm the church vow again.
- And Sam is back on the job.

Woot! End of first episode!

I apologize for any and all spelling mistakes. My spellchecker isn't working for some reason and I'm not actually THAT great of a speller. English is a ridiculous language when it comes to spelling.
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    Dean's S9 Blue Plaid This plaid shirt is similar to Dean’s Stolen Plaid, but different! It’s got a very simple plaid pattern.…

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    Sam's Tablecloth Plaid Doesn’t this shirt remind you of those tablecloths in Italian restaurants? Well, it reminds me of them and I…

  • Sam's Van Seat Plaid Shirt

    Sam's Van Seat Plaid Shirt This plaid kind of reminds me of the upholstery in my father’s VW camper van that he had when I was a…