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VanCon 2014: Sunday Report

Sunday is J2 day at VanCon and it's therefore the most crowded day, but also the day with the biggest breaks - if you don't have any photo-ops, that is. By Sunday, you are also absolutely exhausted and staying awake by sheer force of will. So, I spent most of my breaks staring blankly into the middle-distance and wondering how I was still awake.

I wore make-up on Sunday, not because I was seeing Jared and Jensen, but because I was afraid if I didn't, they'd mistake me for a zombie and go get the shotguns.

Anyway, because it's Sunday, and because it's Jared and Jensen, and because I know someone, inevitably, is going to get a recording of the full panel, my note-taking sometimes suffers... but we'll see what I managed to capture this year...

J2 Gold Panel

VanCon2014 504
Gone is the breakfast panel. Now we aren't served food, we're just sat down in the theatre for a shot half-hour informal panel. It's still super fun though, so *shrug*.

Jared opened by asking if there was a Misha cruise this year - there was! What was the boat called? The Spirit of Vancouver! Jared said that he was walking with his kids and saw a boat called the Queen of Vancouver that appeared to be full of crazy people, and he thought it'd be really funny if that was the cruise.

They mentioned that they were filming the 200th episode. Jensen was confused as to whether they'd been working on it for one day or two. Jared knew the title was[Spoiler (click to open)]Fan Fiction, though it took him a few guesses to get there - including a guess of[Spoiler (click to open)]Paper Moon, which I don't know if that's another title from S10, because I don't usually read episode titles ahead of time, but I thought that sounded like a pretty title for an episode, so I hope it is one.

Talking about the 200th episode, made Jared think of a story about a plane trip he took - the crowd laughed when the set-up was "I was on a plane"...
- Jared was on a plane and because of the sling, he was having trouble putting his bag up in the overhead bin. The lady sitting next to him offered to help. He thanked her and apologized. She asked how he had hurt his arm and he told her he had been wrestling.
Lady: Oh, in school?
Jared: "Lady, I'm 32! I have grey hair!"
- Anyway, him and the lady got to talking and she found he was an actor on Supernatural, and she told him that she would watch it, and he informed her that if she watched an episode every other day, she'd be caught up in about a year and a half. She was suitably flabbergasted.

The first question from the audience was an inquiry as to how Frank and the Impala were doing.
(For those that don't know, Jared tweeted the other day that the Impala, and their driver, Frank, had been in an accident and asked the fans to keep them in their thoughts.)
-The Impala is doing better than Frank is, but they are both okay. Jensen explained that what happened was that Frank was driving the Impala onto a truck outside the studios to take the Impala to a location - and as he was pulling up to drive onto the truck, the throttle on the Impala got stuck wide open. The brakes on the Impala aren't good enough to stop it when the engine is running at full power like that, so Frank ended up going over the meridian, over a road sign, down a ditch and into some trees - all because he had to get off the road as soon as possible without hitting anyone. Jared mentioned that by textbook, what you're supposed to do is put the car in neutral and turn off the engine, but it all happened so very fast that Frank's instincts could really only react enough to make sure that he didn't hit anyone as he tried to get the car to a safe location.
- Frank snapped his collar bone, pretty gruesomely - as in they could see the break from outside his body. Jensen demonstrated by putting his fingers in his shirt and making a little tent in the fabric along his own collar bone.
- The fire department got their immediately, but the paramedics took 40 minutes to arrive! (Sidenote: I'm wondering if this has to do with the fact that the studio is on the border between Burnaby and New Westminster, and basically therefore far away from both the hospital in Burnaby AND the hospital in New West.)
- Frank was in obvious pain while waiting, and Jared wanted to lighten the mood, so he tried to tell a joke.
Jared: "Hey Mr. Fireman, his face already looked like that, so don't try to fix it. It's just his shoulder. Haha..." - and Frank was like "Haha owww"
- Jensen was just thankful that it happened then and not when Jensen was driving towards camera, since they often do shots where they have the cameras on the road in front of the Impala getting the shot of it pulling up and stopping.
- Jared joked that it'd be a lot of camera men jumping out of the way, and they aren't the most athletic.
- Jensen also informed us that they've since fixed the problem that caused the throttle to break and the car is once again safe to drive. The Impala wasn't damaged at all, amazingly.It is like a tank.

Jared then mentioned how they're all waiting now for someone else on the crew/cast to break their shoulder too. Since that's what happened in S2 when Jared broke his wrist - apparently it was followed by two other people breaking their wrists in similar ways.

How is Jared's shoulder?
- Luckily for Jared, Bob Singer has had shoulder surgery before and so he knew what to expect. When Jared originally called to inform him that he needed surgery, he told Bob that he was going to do his best to be in fighting shape by the time they started filming. Bob just laughed at him and told him that they'd write it into the episodes. So, the first four episodes of the series has Sam in a sling. Back when Jared broke his wrist, it was easier to work with, because it could be hidden under clothes and his hand was stuck in a shape that was good for holding guns - but the shoulder is much more inconvenient and conspicuous.
- Jensen pointed out that Jared is actually still supposed to be wearing the sling. Jared reluctantly confirmed that, telling the audience that he's supposed to wear it in large crowds, during high activity, and when he's sleeping - but he knows that we all like Sam when he's in fighting shape, and he didn't think the sling was right for Sam.)

Jensen then related a very sad Jared story that happened just on Friday. They were filming in a gymnasium, and there were basketball hoops and basket balls... so Jensen was like "sweet!" and between takes, Jensen (while wearing his fed suit) was doing lay-ups and shooting baskets... and then he looked over and there was Jared, dribbling a ball sadly with his left hand and looking pathetic. Jensen mimed as he told the story, and he really captured the puppy look... then he mimed himself feeling bad for Jared and walking over and helping him shoot a basic.

An audience member asked if Osric should sleep with one eye open in fear of retribution?
- This led Jared and Jensen into saying that Osric is a ninja and already sleeps with BOTH eyes open. Then they started taking "Chuck Norris proverbs" and replaying Chuck Norris with Osric Chau.
- Seriously though, Jared knows that Osric feels really bad about it.

The next person that they called on told Jensen a story about how she thought he had died, because a friend of hers sent her a fake news story about his death - and she believed it for a full 20 minutes - so she was really happy that he was alive. Then she said, "but my question is for Jared..." which caused the whole theatre, and Jensen and Jared to crack up.

She then went on to talk about how her father has problems with his shoulder popping out, but he hasn't gotten the surgery, and what did Jared think...
- And Jared mentioned that his brother was an orthopedic surgeon, so his brother looked after him. So, yeah...
(Sidenote: I'd like to think this poor girl was just suffering from nerves, and so that it was cruel of me to make fun of the question later with my friends by pretending to ask Jared and Jensen to look at my strange rash and tell me what they think - since we're apparently asking them for health-care advice now....but yeah, I did think that this was the most ridiculous question of the morning panel, and I do apologize if the girl reads this and I've hurt her feelings. There's a reason *I* never ask questions at Cons, after all - it's because it's easier to throw stones when you're homeless. ETA: The questioner found my report! She's now informed me in comments that what she was TRYING to ask was whether JARED has had problems with his shoulder constantly popping out (and offering the example of her father as a reason why she already knows that can sometimes be a problem), but I was correct in my guess that nerves caused her to jumble the question. But hey, people have jumbled questions far worse than that!)

The next question was about whether or not Jensen has a Facebook page...
- Jensen sighed, and then explained what happened...
- At Comic-Con, at the Nerd HQ panel, some representatives of Facebook approached Jensen and told him that they had his name and that they could give it to him officially. Jared then made fun of Jensen by saying that Jensen agreed and then he mimed holding out his hands as though he thought that they were giving him a tangible thing. Facebook argued that he could use it to debunk all the impostors, so Jensen agreed - and now he has it, but he hasn't done anything with it.

On that note, Jensen moved the conversation over to twitter - restating that he's been resisting for years. However, he said that it's not getting to be too big of a tool in the industry, for connecting with fans, and such - and for things like debunking stories like the one that caused the previous questioner to believe that he had died.
Jensen: "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em."

And with that, Jensen pulled out his phone to officially make his first tweet and join twitter.

What followed was ADORABLE (and I do apologize for those of you who take offense at grown men being called adorable, but you are in the wrong fandom and on the wrong page if that is you.) Jensen admitted that there was a "learning curve here, guys!" But he wanted to take a picture of himself and the audience and post it as his first tweet... he wasn't quite sure how it was going to work, as the room is very wide.

One of the assistants came up with the idea of standing on a chair at the side of the room - so he had Jared stand on another chair and take the picture, while the audience all tried to get into the shot. Then Jared had to help him post it, because Jensen didn't know what he was doing... it was hilarious to listen to them mutter to each other. Jared told Jensen to put a hashtag, and then we hear Jared say "No, that's an @ symbol... hashtag *laughs*"

Jared wondered how many followers he'd get by the end of the day. People floated guesses, like 1 million. Jensen shook his head and told us: "If I just have you guys, I'm happy." (Awww)

Then Jensen asked if had to sign his name to his tweet. The audience told him no! and Jared informed him that the fact that it was him would be included automatically. (Again, adorable...)

At first, the tweet didn't post, because the reception in the basement of the wall centre sucks, but Jared held Jensen's phone in the air, to be "closer to the satellite" and that worked, much to Jared's delight.

Jensen: "Does this mean that I have to do the ice bucket thing?"
- Jared said that maybe if someone nominated him - someone tall, who hadn't nominated anyone yet.
- The audience informed them both that Matt had challenged Jensen yesterday.
- Jensen said that his aunt had already nominated. She sent him a text with a video of her pouring water on herself and then she was like "I nominate YOU, Jensen" - Jared laughed at Jensen's impression of his aunt.

Clif wandered over with a laptop to show them it had worked, and Jared took the laptop and turned it around so that we could see the page - explaining that this was why he couldn't respond to all our messages... because the responses come in WAY too fast - and sure enough, the responses scrolling on the page were impossible to read. Jared joked that we're scary.

Jensen joked that Jared will tweet and then throw his phone to the ground in fear.
Jared: "I go through a lot of phone cases"

I'm not sure what the last comment from the audience was, but whatever it was - it got Jensen to compare Misha to a ball of yarn that he and Jared couldn't help but play with.

And then the panel ended.

Alaina Huffman and Mark Sheppard

VanCon2014 559
This was the first time that I've seen Alaina at a Con - it could very well be her first Con, I'm not sure. In any case, I was unprepared for how amazingly beautiful she is. I just wanted to spend the whole panel taking pictures of her. ... Mark Sheppard was also at this panel. ;P

Oh, I should mention that the arrangement of chairs on Sunday was the WORST. I had a really tall guy in front of me and he was sitting right where one of the chairs on stage was. For this panel, it was where Alaina was sitting, and for the J2 panel, it was where Jared was sitting. I was annoyed, but whatever. My seatmate and I agreed that screw reserve seats, they should sit people according to height. :P

Before the panel started, Rob and the band played sympathy for the devil to introduce Alaina and Mark, and Richard Speight joined in. Richard then went through the rules and regulations again... one of them was that if we had any problems, that we should tell a girl named Mandy, and then Richard put her picture up on the big screen, and instructed us to tell her our problems "as emotionally as you can."

Richard then introduced Alaina and Mark, saying "I personally find one of you very attractive. I'm not going to tell you which one."

I can't read my notes for the first remarks. I was probably distracted by beauty - but Vancouver might be Alaina's hometown? And also this exchange:
Alaina *about her and Mark*: "We get along."
Mark: "Yep."

They talked about how people love to cosplay as Abaddon. Mark told Alaina that it's the 2nd most cosplayed character, after Misha.

Alaina *to Mark*: "How many times did they kill you?"
Mark: "One."
- They killed Alaina three times.
Alaina: "[They] keep me around to get their therapy out - kill me, call my dirty names..."

What's it like playing a mean character when you're really nice?
Alaina - it's fun!

What's it like coming onto such an established show and walking into fandom this late in the game?
Alaina: "What, that show's still on?!"

Does your experience raising your small children prepare you for working with Jared and Jensen?
- Alaina related a story about being in an airport with Jared and Jensen, and Jensen was pulling a wheely-bag behind him, and Jared was walking behind that purposefully kicking it. Alaina says that Jared is 4, Jensen is 6, and Misha is 12 years old.

At this point Mark called everyone who had been partying on Saturday drunken sluts. "And that's just the men." An audience member called something back, that I didn't catch, and Mark accused them incredulously, of trying to start a flame war.

The next question was about Stargate's cancellation.
- Alaina related the story about how they found out they had been cancelled. They had been out at see, visiting a naval base to entertain the troops and such, and there was no cell service out there. So, it was only when they returned to mainland that all their phones started beeping.
Mark: "They waiting until you were in international waters?!!?"
- Alaina told us that the creator of the show was with them too, so that's also how he found out.
- The show was a great time in her life and she's still close with the cast. She'd love to do a movie, but knows that's not going to happen.

Does Alaina think that Abaddon qualifies as a feminist icon?
- There is a certain amount of female power. Alaina wanted Abaddon to have layers, which she got in the episode that Misha directed.
Mark: "[Abaddon was] a worthy advisary for a change, which was good."
Mark: "[You] can't redress that balance in one go" which is why it's important to have characters who are more than just nice to look at.
- Alaina talked about how it was Josie's choice to be possessed, and she thinks it wasn't just to save Henry, but also for the power that Abaddon had that Josie craved.
Mark: "There's the bitch, I know. - I loved saying mean things to you."
Alaina: He even said it off camera.
(Sidenote: I do feel the need to point out that Alaina was obviously joking here and that it was obvious that her and Mark DO get along and these jokes are all in good fun... that doesn't come across in print very well, because you can't hear tone of voice.)

Mark then went into a story about how Alaina accidentally fired a gun one day - it ends up on the gag reel. Alaina told us that the gun was really heavy and she had to awkwardly pull it out of a drawer.

This somehow lead to Mark explaining about how sometimes things get cut because they can't show humans getting killed on the show, only monsters, So, in the episode from S8 with all the would-be prophets in the room, they actually filmed the woman blowing up, but in the episode they couldn't use it because she was human.
Mark: "You can shoot monsters, but you can't blow up women."

If they could do a Shakespeare play?
- Alaina told us that LA wasn't good for threatre, and also, when she's not working, she'd doing laundry... she just takes roles as they come, and doesn't really covet anything in particular.

Can Mark talk about the fact that Crowley is sometimes a good guy and sometimes a bad guy?
- Mark insists that we don't necessarily know that Crowley is what everyone says he is. He thinks Crowley helps more than he hurts, and is more benevolent than malevolent. Mark has his own theories, and insists that we've never seen Crowley's eyes flash. The audience argues here (because I do think that despite Mark's wishful headcanons, we've seen enough evidence to the confirm demon-hood by now.)
Alaina: "Mark thinks he [Mark] is God, anyway."

What would Abaddon have done if she had won and became queen of hell?
- She was power obsessed.
- The questioner thinks that there'd be lots of pain and torture.
Alaina: "50 shades of demon."

If they went into a different field as a back-up, what would it be? The questioner is thinking of studying psychology to help with acting.
Alaina: "Mark is a psychologist."
Mark: "No, psychotic."
- Mark thinks that studying humans is an important part of acting. Actings all about being a sponge and observing. He talked about Andy Kaufman, and how he was once asked how it was that he could seemingly make up an entire make-believe language on the spot. Andy's answer had been "Remember when you're five and you can speak Russian?" It's the ability to be ridiculous that children have, and that people lose as adults. The best actors still have it. Jared, Jensen, and Misha, all still have it.
- Alaina thinks acting is about the connection you have with others and other actors who let you be ridiculous and vulnerable and they don't let you fall.
- Alaina's advice for people trying to get into the acting industry is to also get a life - don't pursue something to the exclusion of everything else. Life is filled with "experiences that make what you do rich."

Do they show any of their roles to their kids?
- Alaina does not plan to show her kids the Queen of Hell.
Mark: "My kids watch Supernatural all the time and think you're hot."
- Alaina's 10 year old swears by saying "Holy Queen of Hell!" But Supernatural is too scary for them...
- Mark's kids aren't scared by Supernatural. He related a story about how in S6, he was on the (speaker) phone with Sera Gamble and his six year old was asking about the "physical aspects" of filming hell hounds.
- Mark's proud of his 14 year old who, without prompting, has decided that he doesn't like watching horrible violence or horrible violence towards women.
- Alaina informed us that her 4 year-old's favourite picture of her is her severed head.
- Mark got distracted talking about how they had also burned Abaddon at one point, and talking about the mannequin they used for the burning... this lead to a joke about an action figure Abaddon that you could burn and then bring back to life, but at the mention of the words "Abaddon toy", Alaina raised an eyebrow and said, "we could go many ways with that one."

Alaina has read fanfic. She followed a link off some fanart that she came across, and the link lead to a story, her reaction: "Woo! You guys write porn about us!"
- Mark then related a description of his favourite fanart, which was a velvet painting of him and Misha in a bath - he mentioned again how it inspired him to lose weight.

What would their crowns be?
Mark: "She never got a crown, I'm the only ruler of hell."
- An audience member suggests that Abaddon's crown would be Crowley's severed head.
- Mark wanted to know who called that out. It was a friend of mine...

How do they stay so healthy?
Alaina: Last night "he went to the gym when everyone was slutting around."
*Mark came over to glare at my friend, but just said "Come here often?"*
- Alaina walks her kids to and from school and goes to the gym. She had 4 kids and looks amazing. "My husband says it's his genetics."

Does Mark want to get Osric back for nominating him for the ALS Challenge?
Mark: "Osric is the sweetest kid in the entire world." He talks about a photo he saw of the two of them hugging, and how they look like the happiest people in the world.

Favourite director?
Alaina: "Misha Collins" - genuinely. The Supernatural crew is a family, and they hold him up, and not let him fail, and Alaina ha a really amazing experience on that episode.

(My noted here just say "camera" - I don't know what that means.)

Then the panel was over, and Richard and Rob came out, he let them have time for the lightening round...

1)Who would win in a rap battle?
- Abaddon.
2)Who would they bring back from the dead?
- Richard raises his hand.
Richard: "Rob, raise your hand!"
Rob *who had been distracted with setting up the band* raises his hand: "I don't know what I'm doing!"
-Richard would bring back Abaddon.
3) How do you think Crowley's son is fairing?
Mark: "If he IS his son! There's no proof."
Someone (I didn't write down who): "Crowley's a drunken slut."
4) Do they prefer to play supernatural or human characters?
- Alaina is happy to play any character.
- Mark: Abaddon.

For the last question, they brought the girl up on stage to add even more pressure - then they had fun adjusting her position on the stage.

What's their favourite thing that a character allowed them to do?
Mark - Everything that Crowley does.
Alaina - Scream at people.

And the panel ended.

Jared and Jensen

VanCon2014 653
VanCon2014 657

Rob and the band opened Jared and Jensen's panel with Carry On Wayward Son - during which, Jensen came out to sing along and the crowd went wild. Rob let Jensen and Jared join in on the little jump he does to cut off the band. It was cute.

Jensen and Jared started by acknowledging and pointing out the crew that were standing in the back of the room.

Jensen then immediately commented on how much they were both sweating.
Jared: "Let's change shirts."
Jensen: "Ok!"
- But of course they were joking. ;)

(Since they brought it up though, just to give you a little ambiance for the room - the theatre is in the basement of the Wall Centre. They have all the doors closed except for one and there's very very little air flow...and by that I mean that there's basically none... when you put around 1,000 warm bodies in that room and then add stage lighting and a spotlight, a/v equipment, etc... that room heats up like you wouldn't believe. By the end of the panel, I was slowly dripping sweat just sitting in my seat - poor Jared and Jensen were on stage under lights... they were basically slowly melting for the whole panel. This is one good thing about VanCon moving to the convention centre next year - the convention centre will have much better air-conditioning and rooms with higher ceilings to that the warm air can rise away from us.)

Jared likes to poll the audience to see who is new. He also asked who had just started watching the show in the past 12 months. A few people cheered or raised their hands. A fan called out: "Where have you been?!" which made Jared and Jensen laugh.

They played Rock Paper Scissors to decide on which question line to start on first. Jensen dutifully went into character and threw Scissors.
Jared: "Always with the scissors."

How soon did they mess with Misha?
- Pretty much immediately. They thought he was weird.
- Jared told us that Misha was in character, so he was sitting there all serious - Jared did an impression. Then Jensen asked Jared what Misha looked like when he wasn't in character, and Jared did the exact same impression.
- Jared related the story about him and Chad Michael Murray being on the set of Gilmore Girls (at the mention of Gilmore Girls, Jensen made fun of Jared, so an audience member made fun of Jensen being on Days of Our Lives - Jensen recited "Like sand through the hourglass..." in response) when a tourist group of Canadians came through, he and Chad were staring at them in wonder, like "Canadians!" and that was basically how Jared and Jensen stared at Misha the first day.

Back when Sam was in Stanford, do they think that Sam or Dean ever called, or had the urge to call, their brother at any time - like when they were drunk or high?
- Jared and Jensen both got a huge kick out of the fact that the questioner said "or high"
Jared: "You know you're in Canada when..." (Sidenote: And I can agree to this, because I didn't think that had been a weird/funny thing for the questioner to say at all! :P)
- Yes, they think that the brothers would have wanted to call. Jared thinks maybe Dean more than Sam, because Dean was still hunting and therefore more things were happening to him that he might have wanted to talk about.

How do they not bring the work home?
- It's easy after so many years. They have each other and the crew.
- Jensen replied that sometimes after a tough take, they might go get a "coca cola" (quotation marks implied through tone).
- Jared related the story about how sometimes they do get affected, like for some reason the scene in Croatoan really upset Jared way more than it upset Sam.

During that question, Tomas called out "Hi Daddy!" from behind stage. Jared said "Hi Thomas" back with a big smile.

Then Jensen interrupted: "While we're talking about his beautiful son..."
- Then Jensen related a story from when they arrived today. Thomas arrived in the green room, but Jensen had just stepped out to use the bathroom. When Thomas got to the green room and saw that it was just Jared there, he said "Where's Uncle Jensen?!" and then proceeded to cry until Jensen got back.

Jensen and Thomas then traded "I love yous" from either side of the stage curtain. It was pretty adorable.

Returning to the question - Jared advised that actors shouldn't use characters to get rid of their own crap, because if they do, the character dies. "Ask Rob or Richard!"

Dean once promised that he'd stop treating Sam like a kid, but has he?
- Jensen thinks that Sam will always be Dean's little brother.
- Jared made a protesting noise at the word "little", so Jensen corrected it to "younger."
- Jared agreed and said that you never really shake those sorts of relationships. In terms of the relationship dynamics, Jared's older brother is always going to be his older brother and his father is always his father, etc.

A baby cried somewhere in the theatre at this point.
Jared: "Is that mine?"
Nope, another baby.

They often make fun of their movies, but which movie are they most proud of?
- Jared knows they joke around a lot, but he's actually proud of facets of all his movies. In terms of watching them though, Jared likes Cry Wolf, because it was a feature film filmed on a budget that was less than one episode of Supernatural.
- Jensen's most proud of New York Minute. He loved the level of maturity and thinks that it transcends.

Is Demon!Dean hard to play?
- Jared got up at this point to poke his head through the curtain at the side of the stage and talk to someone backstage... Jensen thought it looked like he was peeing and made jokes.
- Yes, Demon!Dean was hard....

Tomas came on stage for a second here. Clif put him down just inside the curtain, and he was brave enough to point to the audience, stick out his tongue, and then he promptly turned around and asked to be carried out again.
- Jensen joked that that's exactly how Jared shows up for "blocking" every morning. Jared dutifully acted it out, including going up to Jensen and saying "Carry me!"
Jensen: "And then I carry him back to his trailer."

- Back to the question - yes, it was hard, but the crew is very supportive and they were there to pick up the slack if Jensen did a bad job.
Jared: "He didn't do bad at all."

At this point, a member of the staff put a fan onstage behind the J's chairs. He pointed it mostly up, but slightly out towards the audience.

Has being on the show affected their own brother/family relationships?
- Jared answered it's affected him as a parent, because he now has 2 boys who are going to be brothers, and he wants to teach them what that means - he thinks he'll be a better father because of the show.

While Jared answered, Jensen got up and went back to the fan, holding his shirt out so that the air would blow up it.... from where I was sitting, I couldn't see the fan, or anything below Jensen's waist, so for a moment it looked like Jensen was pretending to urinate on the stage and I was super confused.

- Jensen, once he had sat back down again, said that after 10 years, you're going to learn a lot.

While Jensen answered, Jared went back to the fan and kind of squat down over it. Jensen turned to look at him and said "good, right?" and then he started singing "Heaven isn't so far away..." while the band joined in for a few bars.

- Returning to the question, Jensen said that the show also affected his family relationships because he's gone for so much of the year. He appreciates family more now when he sees them.

How easy is it to jump into character after nine seasons?
- Jensen answered that after 200 episodes it's extremely easy.
- Jared answered that it pisses off the guest starts, because they can goof around and then go right into character - whereas the guest stars can't do that, and they get thrown off guard by suddenly going into a series scene when Jared and Jensen had just been laughing.

Jensen then started relating a story about how he was talking to their focus puller, Matt, at a party - because it was Brad Creasser's (camera-guy, AD) 50th birthday...
- And since Jensen brought up Brad, Jared and him had to make fun of the way Brad dances again - giving a demonstration of his complete lack of rhythm or graceful movement. It was hilarious.
Back to the story - he was talking to Matt, and Matt told him that he had asked a recent guest star how she had liked being on the show. Her reply was that it had been really difficult. Jensen had been taken aback, because he thought she had a good time. And apparently, yes, she had a good time, but it had been difficult to act with Jared and Jensen being goofs.
- They then talked about Misha's line on the upcoming gag reel, where he exclaims, "They didn't teach me this in drama school!" and Jensen's immediately response was to laugh and say "He went to drama school!"
- So, Jared and Jensen can really throw off people who need to concentrate in order to act.

Have their opinions on a musical episode changed?
[Spoiler (click to open)]- No, Jensen hasn't changed his mind. He joked that it was the first time he went to LA to personally meet with the writers. He then shook his head and admitted that the meeting in LA hadn't been for that reason at all.
- They think that the fans will either love the 200th episode, or it will piss them off.
Jensen: "Jared's not singing and Jensen's not singing."

Any lessons they've learned from the show?
- Jared has learned to never give up, to keep fighting until you know what you're fighting for. Jared likes a quote that's more or less: "Success is what happens when you're busy working for it." You shouldn't wake up in the morning and not fight, or try, just because you don't know what the point is.

What would they wish for in the wishing well, like from Wishful Thinking?
- Jensen can't remember episodes - Jared laughs at him.
The fan offers another example, saying that Crowley sold his soul for an extra 3 inches...
Jensen: "Wouldn't help him anyway."
*Jared laughs*
- Jensen threw the question to Jared and says that he's not allowed any "pageant answers".
- Jared wishes for Chrystal Pepsi to come back, and he wants to win McDonald's monopoly, because he's always missing just one sticker.
- Jensen would wish for 10 wishes and then give Jared a chance to redo his crappy wishes.
- Jared would bring back Thundercats and recast Batman.

Jensen then proceeded to make fun of the way Christian Bale sounds as Batman, while Jared pretended to get flustered over how sexy it was - knocking over his chair and then leaving the stage.

Jensen put Jared's chair down off the front of the stage, and then held his finger up to the audience and told us all to quiet down.

Thomas came on a backstage microphone and said "Hi Unca Jensen!" Jensen then asked Thomas if Thomas was eating Jensen's gummi bears.
Thomas: "What gummi bears?"
Jensen: "That's a yes."

Jared came back on stage then and went to pick up his chair from in front of the stage, while Jensen realized the flaw in that particular "prank"...
Jensen: "Don't hurt your shoulder!"
Jared: "I'm not using it!"
*Jared rolls on stage, using his left shoulder, very ungracefully.
Jared: "I'm a cat.... a dead cat."

What's their favourite version of their each other's character?
- Jared likes End!Dean.

Thomas yelled again from back stage.
Jared: "I hear you buddy, I love you!"
Jensen: "I didn't say anything."

- Jensen likes Unlucky!Sam from Bad Day at Black Rock, because Jared doesn't usually ever get to play comedy. "Unlucky!Sam? Shoeless!Sam?" On a darker note, Jensen liked Lucifer!Sam.
- Jared added, that since they were picking more than one, he'd also say YellowFever!Dean, and his line "That was scary!"

The next questioner apologized for the fact that they had had a little emotional breakdown in the photo-ops earlier.
- Jared said that there was no need to apologies. That we're all family here. "This is where we come to be ourselves, not apologize."

Their question was what would Dean or Sam say if they met the other characters that Jared and Jensen had played?
Jared - Sam would think Dean Forrester was a wuss. (There was another joke here that I completely missed. Sorry!)
Jensen - to his character from Smallville - "Nice frosted tips, fruitcake." To his character from My Bloody Valentine - car talk. To Alec from Dark Angel - "What's with the barcode tattoo, babyface?" To his character from 10 Inch Hero - "I've given up on my brother, but we need to talk about your hair."
Jensen: "I could do this all day."

If Sam had demon blood, why does salt not affect him?
- Demon blood doesn't make you a demon, it's just a test for Lucifer's vessel.
- Jared's answer then lead to jokes about it being an allergy test, which Jared then acted out giving to Jensen.

Jared then went back to the fan and tried to do a Darth Vader impersonation, which Jensen totally saw coming... then Jared realized that holding the microphone close to the fan made a noise like the Jaws theme, so he tried to "play" that.

Has Jensen's directing affected his acting?
Jensen: "No, I don't think so."
Jared: "That's deep, man, that's deep.
- Jensen says it works the other way - his acting affects his directing. Jared and him are good technically, so the that comprehension plays into directing. As an actor, he already knew stuff about lights and such - he gives the example of acting with light coming through blinds, where Serge (the DP) will just tell him that he'd dealing with blinds, and Jensen and Jared will both just act the scene while keeping the light on their eyes, without even really thinking too hard about it.
- The crew has really influenced his directing the most. Jensen didn't go to film school.
Jared: "There's a film school?"
- It's more like they've been living in a film school for the past 10 years, and they've had wonderful teachers.

Do they have any tattoos? Do they WANT tattoos?
- Jensen doesn't have any tattoos. He has wanted them from time to time, but he's seen some people's tattoos and thinks "you were drunk" or "you were fully unconscious." He has a buddy who has Marvin the Martian still from when he was 18.
- Jared wanted one on his arm, "Nothing big, like Jensen's face on my face."
Jensen: "That'd be confusing."
- Jared believes that your best quality is also your worst quality - like, Jared tends to live in the moment. He might want to get his family's initials or names... and Jensen's family's initials. Since he's an actor, it's not like he can get a neck tattoo or a tear-drop. (*Jensen laughs*)

At this point, Clif came to tell them that the panel was over, but he brought Brad Creasser with him. Brad has been with the show since S1 - The Benders. We all sang him Happy Birthday, and then Jared and Jensen insisted that he dance with them, so they all did "The Creasser" to close the panel.

Jared held Thomas as he signed the banners. It was cute.

Misha Collins (2nd Panel)

Loudain Swaine played Trigger Happy, which Rob wrote about Richard and his fear of flying. Rob explained that Richard is afraid of flying, but he's not afraid of anything else. And Rob is afraid of everything, except for flying. So, when they go on plane trips, "It's the one time I get to be the guy."

Misha came on stage after the song was done, and dismissed Rob and the band.

The first questioner said:
"Hey Misha"
Misha: "I knew it was you - slut! *to audience:* She's actually not. She's very difficult to seduce."

The questioner asked "What do you do to pamper yourself?" but Misha heard "Handle yourself" then admitted that his answer would be the same,
- "Can we start over? I think I'm off to a bad start."

The questioner then went on to tell Misha that (I'm assuming on the cruise), he mistook her brother for her boyfriend.
Misha: "I insinuated their was a relationship between you and your brother."
A fan yelled out -  "This IS a Supernatural Con" to which the rest of the audience yelled out either disgust, or in one case, "It's beautiful!" much to Misha's amusement.

Misha was asked about the two silver rings that he wears.
- He explained how his wife had made him a wedding ring with 9 holes in it, for each year they had been together - except they had been together for 10 years, so they had an argument. Then he lost the ring when he was at a party on a river once, and he was in the water with two topless women, and the cold water made his finger shrink. So, his wife made him a second ring... which he also lost. Then his wife bought him a ring for $30. So, that's the top ring, because it now hold the other ring on - which is the third ring that his wife made him. She told him that she put 9 holes in it, so that it would be like the first ring, only he counted and there were only 8 holes. So they had another fight.

The questioner than thanked him in Finnish - "Kiitos"
Misha: "Your witchcraft doesn't work on me!"

If he were socks, whose socks would he be?
- He'd go on his son's feet, because then he would gain freedom immediately.

He was asked about a shirt that supports a Haiti charity. It's the Art Creation Foundation for Children. (ACFFC). it's available on spreadshirt. At one point, during this question, Misha stuck out his tongue. The Finnish girl who had just asked a question missed getting a photo of it and asked him to do it again, instead he flipped her off. (All in good fun.) But I happened to be sitting right behind her, so:
VanCon2014 726

If he had to be stranded on an island with Jared or Jensen...
Misha: "No."
Misha: "I would swim."
Misha: "Is it shark infested waters?"
Fan: "Yes."
Misha: "I'd swim."

The next questioner brought worm snacks for Misha to try. They were indeed cheddar flavoured dried worms. Misha told them they had to have some too, then proceeded to poor all the worms into their mouths.
Misha: "Oh, none left for me!"
But they had saved one, and he did try it.
They then asked about Jared's farts, so Misha dismissed them.

Misha was asked about a GISHWHES item that apparently involved a guy at an ice-cream shop in Puget Sound. Misha explained that this guy had been working at this ice-cream place (he's since quit and/or been fired) and he made this sundae that is a challenge to eat. Misha was there with four 8 year-olds once and they were determined not to be defeated, and it was disgusting.
- The guy is a bad waiter, because he would talk to customers for 40 minutes and such. During GISHWHES, he would drive people to the ferry who came to see him, but he didn't have a license. He has different walks for different moods. It basically boils down to "Alex is great and we wish him the best in his future pursuits."

Did he go to film school? Does he have any advice and/or film aspirations?
- Misha didn't go to film school. He didn't go to drama school either - that line in the gag reel "just came out in a frustrated moment."

Misha asked for clarification on the question and the questioner instead asked:

Is he on tumblr?
- He is not. "It's too confusing for me." People get confused because he'll tweet links to things on tumblr, but he's not on it. "....that you know."

Misha then made fun of the questioner's hugely disparate questions: "Advice for career.... do you write destiel?"

What was it like being killed in the French Mistake?
- The death was cathartic.
- Misha wanted to be the quintessential douchebag actor in that episode, but the writers didn't douche it up enough. So Misha added things, like pushing away the make-up lady, and ignoring the PA. Then he was shocked when people thought he was playing himself.

First impressions of Jared and Jensen?
 - Jensen - friendly. Jared was gruff, no not gruff, intimidating. He warmed up them.
Misha, then told us not to tell Jared and Jensen, but: "I like going to work. I like those guys. [...] I do feel lucky to be working with these guys."

Then Richard came to end the panel, and Misha let one more person ask a question quickly.

If Dean and Cas were canon-
Misha: "If Dean and Cas were canons?! I'd try to make myself as aerodynamic as possible."


I continued my tradition of just saying "Hello" and "Thank you" to Jensen. In the spirit of my first Con, I told Jared to give my love to his wife. He smiled and said he would. :)

And with that, the Con was over. I went out for some great Korean food at the Red Chicken over on Bute near Robson, and then I headed home....

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  • Dean's S9 Blue Plaid

    Dean's S9 Blue Plaid This plaid shirt is similar to Dean’s Stolen Plaid, but different! It’s got a very simple plaid pattern.…

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    Sam's Tablecloth Plaid Doesn’t this shirt remind you of those tablecloths in Italian restaurants? Well, it reminds me of them and I…

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    Sam's Van Seat Plaid Shirt This plaid kind of reminds me of the upholstery in my father’s VW camper van that he had when I was a…