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VanCon 2014: Saturday Report

Saturday started bright and early. So early, in fact, that Richard wasn't around yet, so Rob played host before the first panel. He came out with the band to set up:
Rob *to audience*: Are you ready?!"
Audience: WOO!
*Rob continues to plug in instruments*
Audience: "Are YOU ready?!"
Rob: "Not quite, but we will be!"

Tahmoh Penikett

VanCon2014 184

Rob and Tahmoh made fun of Richard for not being around, blaming it on him being ruined after Karaoke... apparently, the tradition is to drink bourbon at karaoke, something Tahmoh also indulged in.

The first question was about Tahmoh's experience on Dollhouse.
- Joss Whedon was really sad when it was cancelled. They all saw the cancellation coming. They had to wrap up all the plots in only 6 episodes, and the show was never able to reach its full potential. Fox had originally lured Joss back to them (after the Firefly disaster) by telling him that they'd let him do whatever he wanted, but then they didn't follow through on that promise at all. Fox butchered the original pilot and it messed everything up for the show and the actors.

The next questioner wanted to ask about Tahmoh's heritage and the aboriginal community in the Yukon. They phrased the question kind of funny though (nerves will do that to you), and at one point said, "You were part of the aboriginal community... if you're still part of it."
Tahmoh: "Yeah, can't get rid of that."
- Tahmoh went on to describe how his family is from divided by the American border between the Yukon and Alaska. When they put the border through, it was arbitrary, and no one cared about the native communities that lived there freely in both places.
- Tahmoh is Dene (I didn't catch the name of his specific Nation, though he did say it.) Most of his family is on the Alaskan side of the border. They live in a very isolated place. The culture is very rugged.
Tahmoh: "I don't miss the winters that much." But he does feel bad that he hasn't been back there recently. He used to go more often when his grandmother was alive, because he and his grandmother were very close. His grandmother was the one who named him. Tahmoh isn't pronounced how most people say it, it's pronounced more like Ta'mo', but that's hard for people to pronounce correctly.

The next question was about the comedy film Portal, and how it looked "hysterical."
- Tahmoh misheard the question and thought they said "terrible" and was super confused, because it had sounded like a compliment, but they had called it terrible. The audience corrected him and we all had a laugh.
- He was approached by people that he had wanted to work with, so he was happy to do it. The only problem was that he messed up his dates when he booked it. He was on a trip to Thailand and had to rearrange flights and it ended up costing him $800 extra to go back a day earlier. On top of that, he had a stomach bug, and he was going from Thailand, which was warm and sunny, to Toronto which was -32 degrees. Then they showed him the costume and it was just a vest!
- So, he was miserable for the first 3 hours, but then he started having fun. At first they couldn't decide if they wanted a British accent or not, and kept trying to get him to do a mixture of British/north-american accent - but he told them they could either have one accent or the other, they couldn't have both.
- He ended up having a blast.

What did he think of the BattleStar Galactica ending?
- He liked it. He thinks everyone should watch BSG. "Next time I see you, if you don't see it, then... you'll get a funny look next photo-op!"
- He then mimicked turning his back to the camera at the last moment, so that you'd only get his backside in the photo-op. One or two (or three or a lot more) members of the audience said that they'd have no problem with that. ;)

If Freaky-Friday happened in Supernatural, and he switched places with one of the characters, who would he want to switch places with?
- Crowley.

What did he think of Gadreel's backstory and playing a character with such a big backstory?
- He thought he was playing Ezekiel. Also, he auditioned for the part playing his version of an angel, got the part, and was all prepared to be that sort of angel, and then five minutes before they were going to start filming, someone on set said to him. "Oh hey, do you want to see what Jared is doing with Ezekiel?" and Tahmoh was like, "Uh...yeah." So, he had two and a half minutes to re-prepare for the part.
- His first scene filmed was the fire-circle with Jensen. Tahmoh explained that Jared had done very purposeful movements as Ezekiel and held his body in a much different way, more formal... Tahmoh demonstrated picking something up as Ezekiel/Gadreel and walking... the audience loved the demonstration and cheered, Tahmoh laughed.
- As time went on, the writers started writing specifically for Tahmoh a little bit.

If he had to chose accomplices for a bank robbery?
- Dean and Mark Sheppard.
Tahmoh: "I've gotta bring Sheppard with me. I love Sheppard."

Tahmoh then complained about how the directors chair he was sitting on was super uncomfortable and he kept slowly sinking down in it. He demonstrated.

The next question was about the Vancouver acting community.
- Tahmoh explained that you get a lot of repeats, of people going back for different characters in the same show. Tahmoh had seen Ty Ollson around for years, but didn't actually have a conversation with him until the conventions in May.
- Vancouver has a lot of talent and the crews are some of the best in the business. Tahmoh thinks that we're going to see a lot more indigenous work coming out of Canada, given the success of things like Orphan Black and Continuum. Tahmoh then went on to praise Tatiana Maslany's work and how amazing she is as an actress, and how amazing that show, especially on "a Canadian budget."

Tahmoh was then asked about his work on a show... I think maybe Castle? With Nathan Fillion? Unfortunately, I missed writing down the question.
- Tahmoh loved working with the actress on that show and praised how tough she was and hard-working. They had a giant fight scene on a roof and his character was supposed to through her off, and she wanted to do the stunt of being thrown off the roof... they were 17 stories up. She was "charming and incredible."
- They did have a bit too much input on the stunt scenes in the beginning, and it was a bit convoluted though.
- Also, the stunt guy that they got to double Tahmoh had an ankle injury and walked wrong. That kind of stuff really annoys Tahmoh, because he can tell it's a different person on the wide shots.

Any embarrassing moments?
- He gets embarrassed when he forgets his lines. In Stargate, he had one line and he knew the line, and he said it perfectly fine on other people's coverage, but on his coverage it just suddenly went out of his head.
Tahmoh: "Oh my god, this is the end of me and my career."

Karaoke was fun (seriously, I just suddenly have that written in my notes and I can't remember the context.)

Since Tahmoh is technically part of the Whedon'verse and Whedon is directing Marvel movies now, is there any superhero or villain that he'd like to play?
- Tahmoh would love to play Guardian from Alpha Flight. As a Northern Canadian kid, Tahmoh just loved Alpha Flight and Guardian especially. Tahmoh was devastated when he died.

- Tahmoh would also like to play a villain though, he's played a lot of good characters in his career so far and it'd be nice to do something a little different.

Was he ever afraid of being pigeon-holed in genre television?
- After Dollhouse, he didn't want to do another genre show. But after years in the business, he's grateful to still be part of it all. He loves sci-fi, because it has such good stories and the fans are the best! Geek stuff is also huge now.
- Tahmoh would love to play a werewolf, he hasn't done that yet. When he was a kid he used to run through the woods pretending to be a wolf. (And thus Tahmoh stole my heart forever.)

When did he know Gadreel was going to die?
- He knew they were going to wrap things up that season. Gadreel had a good arc. Reading that final scene on paper though was different than how it was shot, because some changes had to be made on the day, given the set - but they sorted it out, and Tahmoh thinks it worked well.

Before the next panel, Richard appeared in a bathrobe and shades with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, pretending like he had just gotten up.

Osric and Gil

VanCon2014 202
Osric and Gil bantered a little at the beginning of their panel. They didn't know each other before their first panel together (which I believe was the last time Gil was at a Con) and their a little mystified as to why Creation thought they'd be a good pairing, considering they've never had a scene together and their characters aren't related at all.. but it seems to work well anyway.

If they could come up with a catchphrase for the show, what would it be?
Osric: "Winter is coming."
Gil: "Assbutt!"... "I don't know what that means."
Osric: "If you love it, we will kill it."

What's their favourite music?
- Gil can't stop listing to Sam Smith. Smith is the kind of musician that just makes you want to stop trying because he's so good.
- The questioner agreed and related that feeling to writing, but Gil turned it around and said, "but you don't stop, you keep going and you power through!"
- Osric is stuck in the 90s, he likes eminem and boy bands. Gil made fun of him for the boy bands. When Osric is driving alone in the car though, it's rap all the way.

There's apparently a remake of Enter the Dragon in the works, and there was a poll online for who would play Bruce Lee, and apparently Osric is winning it.
- Osric once made a short film that was Enter the Dragon in 60 seconds. He came to Bruce Lee fairly late in life. He would obviously love to work on the project, if they did ask. And he admits that he did "creep" on that project, "as I creep on most of the fandom."

Favourite Superhero and Villains?
- Osric likes Goku, the Hulk and for villains, he likes any villain that is well rounded - like the Watchman - where they are rational and have good points.. such as the ends justify the means.
Osric: "I hate the guy, but he's kinda right."
- Osric thinks Crowley is a little like that.
- Gil likes Batman and the Joker. This led to a brief discussion on Batman films, since Osric hasn't seen any of them, but only knows of the infamy that was Cloony Batman.

Osric was asked about his cello playing in his first episode...
- Osric explained how stereotypically Asian his character was. He then answered the question, saying that it was the hardest scene, because he can't play the cello. It sounds so bad when you fake it. He kept apologizing after every take - "I'm sorry, everyone!"
Osric: "Maybe that's why they didn't bring the cello back."

Are they going to do the icebucket challenge with Matt?
- Gil's excuse for avoiding it so far has been the drought in California.
Osric: "You're in Vancouver, there's lots of water."

Osric was asked about his GISHWHES experience.
- Osric knew his team would all become friends, but he didn't expect that he'd also be affected. "It's cheesy, but I knew I was going to change 14 lives, but I ended up changing 15."
- Osric was wearing his GISHWHES team t-shirt. "Team: Advanced Placement"

Would Gil do a scene with Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John? And if Henry and John did a scene, what would they say?
- Gil would be intimidated.
Gil: "I'm still wrapping my head around the fact that I'm his father."
- Henry would tell him that he was sorry and that he's make it up to him.
- Gil would love to work with Matt too, just as long as Matt doesn't take his shirt off.

Do they have any regrets?
- Gil - nope. Sometimes you think of ways you could have done things differently, but you do the best you can.
- Osric - so many projects could be terrible and they ARE - and you could regret it, but you could also learn from it and know what to avoid in the future. Osric has trouble watching himself, because he sees all the mistakes, but would he stop acting? No. He just keeps trying to make less mistakes.
- In terms of situations to avoid, Gil said that one director slapped him in the face, completely unwarranted.
Audience member: "Misha?"
Gil: "It was Misha - no that was warranted and I liked it."

What kind of animal would their characters be?
- Osric - Kevin would be a honey badger.
- Gil - Henry would be an owl. "A wise owl, soaring through the tree tops, judging everyone."

If they swapped bodies with someone?
Gil - Jensen!
Osric - Mark Sheppard.
Osric: "I just want to know what it's like to be mean to people."
Gil: "And not feel bad about it!"

Any hidden talents?
Gil - his singing talent isn't that hidden, though he didn't do it on the show. He whistled on the show. Osric then asked Gil to do the whistle. So he did.

Do they ever quote their lines from shows to get out of situations?
- Osric - He doesn't think so, but he thinks that when he gets confused next, he's going to yell "What's happening?!?!" No, he's never quoted himself to get out of a situation. "I don't play characters that get out of situations."
- Gil - No, he quotes other shows, like Zoolander. He and Osric then quoted the line about Hansel being "so hot"
Osric *to Gil*: "Your names not Hansel, but you're so hot."

If they could rescue another character?
- Osric would rescue Adam.
- Gil agrees. "He's in a pit somewhere!"

The next question was a command for Gil to sing some Sam Smith. He did. It was nice.

If they could slap a cast member?
- Osric would slap Misha - "He's the reason for so many things that are uncomfortable in my life."... "and I've already hurt Jared."
- Gil - "I don't know why, but probably Mark - I don't know him that well and I've never worked with him..."
(Osric then made a joke, but I either didn't hear it or didn't write it down. Apologies.)

What shows do they like?
- Gil likes Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful.
- Osric likes Game of Thrones, House of Cards, Avatar: The Last Airbender, South Park, Futurama, a lot of cartoons, Breaking Bad and Harry Potter.
Gil: "You're such a geek."

What does it mean to be a man?
- Gil thinks you should be humble and help others, and that's what both his character and himself thinks.
- Osric thinks that Kevin would say that the ends justify the means, and that sacrifices need to be made. Osric himself thinks that everything is relative, and that you should be aware of both sides, humble, gracious, and take it all in stride.

There was a lack of questioners, so Osric and Gil did push-ups.  Then they discussed what Matt might wear in his icebucket challenge video - definitely no shirt, perhaps nothing. They then talked about GISHWHES a little...

The funny thing was that Adam from Creation got on the mic and told Osric that he had to go to photo-ops, and Osric sort of leaned forward as if to get up, and then just shrugged and leaned back again, and completely ignored the command to leave.

Then Richard appeared with Matt Cohen and they talked about how Matt had missed Karaoke.
Matt: "It's the first karaoke, I've missed in my years as a con...artist."

What's their dream car?
- Osric's not really a car guy, but he's been reading The Oatmeal recently, so his answer is the Tesla.
- Gil's answer is the same.
- Matt agrees.
- Gil's first car was actually a '62 Impala, it had a big backseat ;)

Finally, Creation was able to convince Osric to leave the stage...

Matt, Richard, and Rob

VanCon2014 213

Okay, it's actually HERE that I have "two fingers of Matt Cohen" written down... I'm not sure if that's because that's when it was first said, or if it's because they talked about... maybe they just talked about it.

The three person panels are very hard to take notes on, especially since Richard is so quick witted.

They talked about how Richard came up with "PornCouver" and Richard admitted it's basically just "Porn*yourcityhere*" - which lead to Rob saying "Porn Angeles"

Basically, a lot of banter to open the panel.

They talked about how Richard had been late that morning, and Rob pointed out the fact that Richard was carrying a juice that he'd obviously gone and bought - so while he was supposed to be working, he was off buying juice.

Richard then explained that for some reason Creation had scheduled him to be ready for 10am, rather than BEFORE 10am, which was when the convention already started - so what else was he supposed to do while he waited for 10am to roll around, besides go out and get some juice?

The first questioner had a solution to Rob's "Rob Hates Perth" problem, and that was to give him a hat and button that said "I <3 Perth". Rob gladly took them and wore them.

Richard said the white of the hat brought out the gray in Rob's beard. Matt said he looked like a tour guide, and he mimicked Rob getting people to follow him.

Somehow, Richard's juice from that morning was brought into the conversation, except that someone misheard and thought it Rob said "Jews", so this became "Rob hates Jews"
Rob: "This is how it happens."
Richard: "You're going to need an I <3 Perth yamaka"

The next question was very long winded and Rob lost track of it.
Richard: "I think your question has circled around his head and hit the stroke part."
Richard: "Before the stroke, he loved the Jews."

The question, as it turned out, was about how the rooms at the hotel didn't have microwaves and did they have any stories about crappy hotels (or something like that?)
- Richard has never stayed in a hotel that had microwaves and now he wonders if he should have demanded them. Maybe he should start carrying around hot pockets and demanding "How am I supposed to kill myself slowly with these!?!"
- Rob told a story about him and Richard trying to find a restaurant close to the Dallas hotel... and they asked the guy at the desk, and he acted like he had never been asked about restaurants before, and he told them to ask the valet - and the valet acted the same way, like the question was really perplexing. Finally, he gave them a name of a place, but it turned out to be 20 minutes away! When they told people about it the next day, they were like "he sent you THERE!?!" But it turned out they liked the restaurant and they plan to go back.

The next question was for Matt, how would John react to finding out Dean and Sam were his sons, if he had been told in The Song Remains the Same?
- Richard demanded that this called for impressions. Which meant that the question didn't get answered, but we got treated to impressions of Jensen and Jared.
- For his Jared impression, Matt did the hair toss, but with his right arm in a sling. Richard and Rob joined in too, and held their arms as thought they were in slings... then Richard added, "Stop the train!" and "Fuck American Airlines!"
- Matt's Jensen impression - which he did as "Jensen using an elevator" and he crouched behind the directors chair on stage - only we could see his face, so it was a glass elevator. Then he couldn't get his line out because he was laughing too hard... finally, he said "My favourite episode is Tall Tales", because that was how Richard was answering all questions right off the bat.

What are your characters' defining characteristics in one or two words?
Richard: "My favourite episode is Tall Tales."
Richard: "Robbie - Heavy drinking?"
Rob: "Sure."
Richard: "And your character?"
Rob: "God."
Richard: "Alive"
Matt: "I-am-great-at-procreating."

The next question was about how they're so beloved by fandom, even though they've been in so few episodes.
Matt: "Great question, do you have one for Rob and Rich?"
- Rob thinks it's great.
- Rich thinks it's awesome.

Do they believe in the supernatural?
Richard: "Chad [Lindberg] does."
Rob: "Chad does and I believe in Chad."
- Rob then related a story about how Chad terrified him in vegas by leaving him in the room with his audio spirit detector. Then they joked about how it was probably just picking up radio signals... then they decided that maybe it was a dead weatherman.

Did Richard do any research for the Loki roll, because he's one of the questioners top two Loki-portrayals, alongside the Loki from The Almighty Johnsons.
- Richard thought he was playing a janitor. He did a conference call/table read with the director and the writers and thought that they might give him more insight into how to play the character, but the only adjective and adverb they would use was "supernatural"
Richard: "For the love of all that is holy - give me another word!"
- The first scene he filmed was the fight between Jensen and the girls in the auditorium.

Rob and Richard were asked what the episode would be like if their characters met.
Matt: I think it starts soft and slow with gentle music...
- Matt then proceeded to narrate the episode while Richard and Rob acted it out. It was pretty funny, because Matt had Gabriel being terrified of God...

What kind of brother would Gabriel be to Castiel?
Richard: "Cas would be a monotone boring brother." - No, he thinks that Gabriel would get a kick out of Castiel and how seriously he takes everything.

This is when they launched into their Lightening Round to finish the panel...sometimes I wrote down the question and the answer, other times I just wrote down the answer.
1)Will Richard come back?
Richard: "I don't know what's happening next season, but I know what's happening right now!" *hugs questioner*
2)What set was Matt stuck on last night?
-Criminal Minds.
3)If Gabriel could bring someone back? - Chuck and John
4)Ideal plot? - Stay alive. Rob - explaining why he's God and how and why...
5)Rob: "In real life I'm not really God."
6)If they could make their own GISHWHES item or Icebucket-like challenge? - spray yourself with fire.
7)Richard summarizes the train story in ten seconds.
8) How would you like to come back? Richard: Gabriel leaps out of a cake.
9) If they were genderbent who would play them?
Rich- Jeanine Garofalo.
Matt - Rob would be Flo from the progressive commercials.
Rob - Matt would be Wendy from the Wendy's commercials.
Matt - Richard would be the Colonel from the KFC commercials.
10) Favourite joke or funny story?
Richard - southern joke - "How is my hand like a pie? It's got my ring on it."

And thus endeth the panel.

Mark Sheppard

VanCon2014 255
Next up was Mark Sheppard. Mark can be a bit of a frustrating guest, because he doesn't like to answer questions, yet he has a deep love and understanding of every show he does and he's done so many shows! He also comes across as very mean, yet he's fundamentally a nice guy... so, yeah, it's sort of a really weird reaction to him that you end up having in your head.

Mark started by polling the audience. He asked if anyone was there on their own, and then urged everyone to make friends with those who clapped or put up their hands. (See, that was sweet of him.)

He's now a series regular, as Richard pointed out, and Mark says it sounds like a breakfast cereal. "It's good to be regular." He thinks it's mainly just to give the boys more weekends off. There will just be episodes of endless dates with Jodie Mills. The fan who was standing at the mic laughed at that, and then was embarrassed about laughing into the mic, and Mark teased her a little for it.

Was his intent in the final scene the same as the fan interpreted it?
- Mark asks who hasn't seen the final scene of S9 yet? "If you don't want the score, don't go to the pub."
- Mark says it started as a eulogy, then he gave the audience hope that Crowley would bring Dean back, then he revealed that he knew what was going to happen.

Mark then mentioned the line about torture and how he - or Crowley - hates it because it ends in a preposition. But that added to the effect that it was something that Crowley came up with on the spot, because if he had time to think about it, he wouldn't have ended it in a preposition.

Mark went on to praise Jensen's line in 5x10, where Crowley calls Dean and Sam morons, and Dean replies "You're the moron..s" and how the pause before the "s" makes it sound unscripted, and it's those little subtle things that make lines seem spur of the moment rather than from a script.

Does Crowley have honour?
Mark: "Ooo, aren't we judgmental today!"
Mark: "He has a lot of honour - he's never really lied, except when it been really necessary to ensure the safety of those he holds most dear, like himself."

Mark then wandered backstage with the mic and found the snacks back there. He wandered back towards the audience munching on some apple slices. An audience member noticed that his show was coming untied, and Mark put his foot up for her to tie it. She did.

How was working with James Patrick Stewart, since he's a friend?
- Fun. And they had a lot of fun with the dick jokes that year.

Do fans bug you when they... (I can't read my wriing, it looks like "catch faling" but that doesn't make any sense.)
- No.
- Mark then got distracted by the fact that the girl with the "no." tattoo was there. He explained that she had asked him to give her some words to tattoo on herself, and he replied "no." so that's what she tattooed on her wrist.
Mark: "As a father, I think it could come in useful - though I could think of another place to tattoo it."
- Mark loves the fans.
The questioner said that some people seemed annoyed by fans.
Mark: "Some people are serial killers."

Mark wandered back stage to get more food, then returned with broccoli and continued talking about fans. Fans are an honour and the nicest thing.
Mark: "If someone doesn't respond to you in an appropriate manner - erase everything you've ever recorded of them."
Mark: "Plus, you pay our bills."

Mark met Peter O'Toole once and was gobsmacked.
Mark: "All I could get out was 'It's a pleasure to meet you, sir'"
- Mark was also kissed by Smokey Robinson. He got a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

Mark doesn't like photo-ops, but he loves panels. (And here we come to the weird thing about Mark Sheppard - because he seems to associate photo-ops as being a chore, and panels as having a positive interaction with the fans... now, maybe he has a point, because photo-ops are so rushed, maybe he feels like it's impossible to have any interaction with fans at them. Also, Mark doesn't seem to like being goofy AT ALL. He specially mentioned that he didn't like putting things on his head and he doesn't like participating in photo-jokes that he doesn't think are funny... probably, because he's like me, which is rare for an actor, and doesn't like looking like an idiot, even for a laugh. Anyway, my point is that I've heard of plenty of actors who DO turn photo-ops into a meaningful interaction with fans... people ON the supernatural cast. So, yeah... it's kind of weird that Mark points to the panels as something he does because he loves the fans, but then talks about the photo-ops like the fans who get them are the bane of his existence and he doesn't like them...especially when answering a question about how he doesn't get annoyed by fans.)

Mark then looked at an audience member and said, "You know, if you put the camera down, you can experience me live."

Mark then ended up somehow on the topic of those pop-dolls and how there isn't one of him, but they made on of Charlie Bradbury.

Was it a stretch to play Crowley?
Mark: "How much of a stretch to play the King of Hell from my normal everyday life? Well, I've been married 3 times, have 2 kids..."
Mark: "It's my job."

Perfect cast and place to work?
Mark: "Supernatural in Vancouver"
Mark: "I've been working in Vancouver for 21 years."
Fan: "ew"
Mark: "Ew? You just realized I'm 50."

The next questioner was dressed as Castiel. And Mark commented that the reason Castiel was a popular cosplay was because it was a cheap costume.
Mark: "You can double as Constantine."

What kind of stuff are you interested in working on?
Mark: "The stuff you guys like is the stuff I'm interested in."
- These days people write for him. The part on 24 was written for him. Firefly was Joss Whedon putting Joss Whedon into Firefly without using himself, because he's a terrible actor. Crowley wasn't intended for the long term. Mark was only hired for one episode.

Mark was then asked about the torture line - how long did it take him to learn?
- Not long. Mark has the questioners repeat it to him twice, and demonstrates thusly that it's easy to learn lines. He then reiterates that you have to make it sound like you just came up with it.

Who would you make a deal with and for what? Power? Just to kiss?
Mark: "For power? I don't have enough power? Look at the power I have over you!"

Doctor Who set vs. the SPN set?
- Mark answered with a story about Jared blocking Mark's car in using Jared's huge SUV. Mark debated calling the airport and giving them a reason to hold Jared up. (I'm thinking his answer was that he didn't have to put up with Jared on the Doctor Who set.)

Richard came out then, and Mark showed him the girl's "no." tattoo, because Richard was involved in the twitter conversation whence it came. Richard could think of worse things Mark could have said.

And the panel ended.

It was time for lunch! Yay! They had the auctions while I was away at lunch... but I got back for the tail end of one, and my goodness, things were going really cheap this year. Still too rich for my blood, but you can definitely either see the over-saturation of SPN goods in the marketplace, or the evidence that we're currently in an economic depression.

Production Panel - Russ Hamilton, Kevin Parks, Adam Glass, Jim Michaels

VanCon2014 279
For those who don't know: Russ Hamilton (Locations Manager), Kevin Parks (1st Assistant Director), Adam Glass (Writer), Jim Michaels (Vancouver-based Producer, ie: Producer on set.).

They started the panel by attempting to banter and relating the story about how Russ got a pie in the face etc... sometimes I wonder if creation doesn't tell new guests about the microphones and lines of people waiting to ask questions at the side of the room... because man, with actual production people on a panel, I just wanted to get straight to the questions. So, in frustration I just wrote "answer questions!" in my notes.

Be careful what you wish for though, because the first questioner started off the panel by criticizing S9 heavily, and not in any sort of polite manner...
- Adam Glass is a professional though, and he thanked her for her opinion and said he was glad that she shared it. He explained that at the end of the day it's hard to make everyone happy, and that she should know that everyone on the show has the greatest intentions to tell the greatest story they can.

The next question was about the development of Josie Sands (Abaddon's vessel)
- Adam explained that that wasn't part of a great grand plan that he had from the beginning. It was more that as the show went on, he was worried that Abaddon was becoming too one dimensional. He pushed Jeremy to let him add more layers.
- Adam also credits Misha for his direction in "Mother's Little Helper". Originally, Misha was a little worried that they hadn't given him a funny episode. Misha decided that he wanted to make it a "Kim Manners episode", and pay tribute to Kim's style.

If they had to chose one episode to put on their resume that reflects their work?
- Jim would put the 200th.
- Adam would put Bad Boys.
- Kevin would put Frontierland or In My Time of Dying.
- Russ would put Monster Movie.

What was the development process for As Time Goes By?
- Bob Singer wanted a permanent set, after they destroyed Bobby's house and everything (including the car) in S7.
- The Men of Letters came out of a conversation between Andrew Dabb and Adam Glass. "Men of Letters" was originally just a holder word for a better title, but then it became the actual name.
- Everyone is so involved in the show, and writing the bunker was also a huge collaboration with Jerry Wanek, the set designer.

The next question was about the cinematography, and how the questioner felt that it changed after S5 and never changed back - will it ever return to the low saturation of the Kripke era?
- Jim responded that Serge works from the feel of the script. The show started on film and switched to digital, so that changed some things. But the lights are all still the same as always. They have a huge lighting crew. The lighting may have evolved organically, but it isn't some conscious decision to change looks, so he can't speak to how it may or may not change in the future.

With such a long running show, do you ever repeat yourself?
- Jim talked about the finite city, there's only so many mansions to film in, etc.
- Russ agreed, but talked about how the location scouts are in charge of finding new places or places that had never been available before. It's a good challenge and it keeps the work fresh.
- Kevin added that sometimes VFX will go in and change the look of a location, because they can do things like paint in whole buildings - such as they did with the Men of Letter's entrance, which is actually under a bridge, not an old power-plant.

Do they spell Cas with one S or two?
- Adam spelt it once with two Ss and got 4 thousand twitter responses of "Fuck you, Adam Glass" so he now only spells it with one. Kevin spells it with two on the call sheet, because that's how it originally appeared.

Where did the Men of Letters come from? Europe? Will we ever see the original story?
- Adam responds "I have no idea what you are talking about." He then says that there have been ideas "in the room" and hopefully one day we'll see it.

The next question was about the power of souls and how heaven and hell use them differently - like, hell is a combustion engine...
- Adam calls the questioner "Edlund", and then states that although they use the power of souls a lot to explain things, he has never thought about it beyond "souls are the most powerful force", so he has no idea if heaven and hell can be compared to combustion engines.

Does Kevin have any rescheduling stories? What's thrown the biggest spanner in the works?
 - Kevin replies that it was the babies, with both Jared and Misha. Also, in S2, Simon Said, Jared had just had surgery on his wrist, and although they gave him day to recover, when he got back he was still too high on painkillers to work, and they had to frantically reschedule the day because Jared was useless.
- Jensen had his baby and marriage on hiatus. So is he the most considerate?
Jim: "He has the best timing."
Adam: "Because babies are timed."

Any crappy episodes?
- Adam praises the post-production people and how everyone always pulls everything together. There are sometimes things he wishes he could change about his own work on an episode, but not any one elses.

How do you divvy up episodes in the writers room and also manage the complete arc?
- Jeremy and Bob come up with the arc. They write the beginning, middle, and end - then the writers pitch the episodes in between. They have to sprinkle myth throughout their episodes.
- Everyone LOVES the show and there is lots of collaboration between the writers. Everyone gets along.
- On set, they get the scripts way in advanced compared to other shows. Right now they are reading episode 12, while they're shooting episode 5. Some shows, they only get the script the day before.
- For the 200th episode, they spend extra time prepping it. (They MIGHT have said that it's written by Robbie Thompson - I really hope that I wrote that down correctly and it's true, because I think Robbie is my new favourite writer now that Edlund is gone... with Adam Glass coming in a close second or possibly tied.)

Misha interrupted the panel from a backstage microphone at this point - and, using an accent of undetermined ethnicity, asked what they all liked best about Misha Collins.
- Kevin likes that he's the quiet one. "He was once really good, then Jared and Jensen ruined him."
- Russ thinks Misha has a great ass.
- Adam: "Which one is Misha?"
- Jim - Misha can out drink him.
- Adam then told a story about how during the filming of Mother's Little Helper, Misha gave Adam and his daughter (then 13 years old) a ride home on day. After Misha dropped them off, Adam's daughter turned to Adam and said, "He's weird."
Misha *yelling from backstage without a microphone*: "You never told me that!"

The final question came from an aspiring film student, who bestowed much love on the panel and then asked about breaking into the industry in a sort of convoluted broken way. Jim Michaels asked her if the paper she was holding was her resume. She said yes, so he got up and took it from her. She was very happy.

(Just a side note here, Tips for people wanting to get jobs: 1)I later heard her tell someone that "Russ" had taken her resume - if you are trying to get a job, know exactly who you are talking to, and their job title, and where they are in the hierarchy of the organization/business you are applying to. 2)If you are trying to get a job in the film industry, do not approach people at fan conventions. From what I've heard from my friends in the film industry here, although the people in the industry genuinely do love the fans, they don't actually want to hire them - at least not the ones that come across as obsessive-to-the-point-of-irrationality. Most people I know who work in the industry might be fans, but they avoid fan conventions, or, if they do go, they TONE IT DOWN. Maybe Supernatural is different, but I doubt it. They don't want to be in a situation where the actors have to deal with fan-behaviour on SET, so people who work on set, while they can be fans, they have to be professionals first and only "casual" fans - and, unfortunately, you aren't going to come across as a professional if you spend your first encounter with your would-be-employers acting exactly like the type of fan they don't want to hire.)

And the panel ended on that high note, which was nice given the way it began. I absolutely loved the panel and REALLY hope they continue with panels of this sort at future Cons... at the very least in Vancouver and LA, when the convention is right there in the same city as some of the production crew/writers.

There was a small break here, and I went and had a chocolate martini. It was DELICIOUS and I basically ended up throwing it back like a shot.

My friend Kathleen told me and thestarkat a funny conversation that she had with her seatmate during the production panel. I loved it so much, that I told her I'd put it in my report.
- During the panel, when Jim was talking about the 200th episode. He called it "a love letter to the fans"...
Kathleen *to seatmate*: "Maybe the boys finally have sex."
Seatmate: "Yes, that's why it took so long to prep it."
thestarkat: "I wonder how many fingers of Matt Cohen that took."

Then I went back downstairs - on the way, I passed by Kevin and Jill, with their dog Kuma... and proceeded to trip over my own feet in the middle of saying hello to them. *headdesk* Jill was very nice and helped me up and we chatted a bit. I told Kevin how much I loved the panel and that I was so happy they finally had a production panel and I hoped there'd be more of them in the future.

The costume contest was just wrapping up when I got back down to the ballroom. In previous years, they've had Misha come out to judge the castiel's, but I guess he was too busy, because this year Adam from Creation just decided. Ah well. The dude who does Cas really well, and won last year, entered again, and he was great again - but Adam chose more interpretive costumes as the winners... including an entry that looked more like a 1980s female-superhero costume than Castiel, but WHATEVER, it was creative and an elaborate interpretation, so maybe that's what he judged it on... and that dude won last year, so it was good to give someone else a turn to win.

Misha Collins

When Misha came out, his chair wasn't on stage yet, so Richard came out with it - then Misha started to give him directions on how to adjust it.. which led to Richard and Rob both staying on stage and acting like they were Misha's servants. Misha told Richard to sit on the stage, while Rob just stood with his head bowed. They remained there while Misha started answering questions.

The first question was about the world records that Misha decided to try to break each year with GISHWHES - how does he decide which ones?
- Misha likes to find ones that they could break in a single event. He wanted to find something that wouldn't hospitalize people. Apparently this year he failed, because he asked the audience "Who was hospitalized?" and 5 people put up their hands.
- Misha then went on to explain, mostly to Rob, that it was very hot and sunny when they were trying to break this weird hula hoop record - you hold hands in a chain, and then pass the hula hoop over your body to the next person without letting go of their hand. Because they couldn't let go of each others hands, the people who were fainting and had heat exhaustion were actually real troopers, because they never did let go. Rob was suitably amazed and slightly horrified.
VanCon2014 309

Does Misha have any favourite images from GISHWHES?
- While he answered this question, Misha went over to where Richard was sitting on the stage to "think about it"...
VanCon2014 315VanCon2014 325
Richard: "I was giving the audience a hard time about following your orders..."
Richard: "This is also on the heels of a conversation where Rob was complaining about how he doesn't get enough respect."... and now look at us.

Misha laughed and then kindly dismissed them from the stage.
Richard: "No! I'm not following your orders!"
*laughes and then leaves stage*
Misha: "Those are two of the best... manservants in the business."

A few members of the audience then volunteered to be Misha's manservants. Misha told them no, because "I already know you don't fair well in the heat."

How would Castiel react if the Impala got turned into a human? Asked a questioner who informed Misha that she was dressed as a human Impala.
- Misha wanted to know what she was trying to accomplish by wearing the costume - (Did she want to be ridden?). The audience laughed and then suggested "two fingers of Matt Cohen!" which then had to be explained to Misha.

Misha laughed and that led into a story about how he learned a joke when he was 9 and he didn't know what it meant, but he knew it was funny, so he told it to his grandmother.
The joke: "I bet I could make you come with one finger" *makes 'come here' gesture with finger*
Misha: "And then she slapped me."

So what would Misha do with a human impala? Misha decides that he would give the Impala a big hug *he hugs the fan* and...
Misha: "Then send you... car wash" *gestures for fan to leave the stage.*

What's the plans for Fast and Fresh with West?
- Misha is willing to do those videos until West is 40, though Misha's not sure what West will think of that.
Maybe West will become a professional chef?
Misha: "Not a good idea."
- Misha went on to explain how there was a GISHWHES item where you had to get a professional food critic to critique West's pasta and jam-sauce dish... and the kindest of the critiques basically said "this won't poison you."

Happy Birthday Misha!
- Misha just turned 40, so he's "an adult age now."

The next questioner told Misha that GISHWHES helped her with her panic/anxiety problems and thanked him...  but what she wanted to know was what was the weirdest thing a fan had ever said to him?
- Misha addressed the first part of her question by saying that he didn't deserve her thanks. That he happens to be on the TV instead of watching it - that he is just playing in the playground...
Fan in audience: "Play with me!"
Misha: "Are you over 40?"
Other fan: "You have a wife!"
Misha: "Ehh... we have an agreement... if they're over 40."
*a certain segment of the audience cheers*

To answer the second question, Misha explained that one of the items in GISHWHES was to suck blood from a donut, and someone actually got REAL blood, injected it into a donut, and then sucked it out. As it turned out, the person who had done that was in the audience! Misha began to ask her questions about it - it was her own blood, and she's a nurse.
Misha: "Oh, and that makes it okay?! Just part of the job?!"
She came up and showed him pictures. She drew the blood from a vein in her hand.
Misha: "Girl, you is freaky."

What with Kale?
- Misha told a story about Maison picking mint in the garden, and how, first off, she was picking it wrong, which drives Misha crazy, but then Misha told her, "Maison, you picked some mint!" and she replied, "No." Misha - yes... Maison: "No, it's leaves." *in a tone of voice that suggested Misha was a moron.
- Misha asks the questioner (or perhaps another audience member who spoke up and said they liked Kale) whether they'd heard of 'massaging Kale' - they hadn't, so Misha went on to try to explain, only his hand-gestures for "massaging" were a little suggestive, so it was pretty amusing.
Fan: "but why Kale?"
Misha: "Have you ever had Kale?"
Fan: "No."
Misha *shocked*: "Does anyone have any Kale!?!"
Another fan: "Kale's gross."
Misha: "What is this? An insurrection?!"

How would Castiel react to a 9 year-old's birthday party?
- Misha made a face here, which prompted the questioner to ask: "Is that you or Cas?"
Misha: "Oh, that's a weird crossover moment."
- Misha thinks Castiel would take the birthday part really seriously. Cas doesn't have a barometer for things like that and would take the birthday party as seriously as the apocalypse.
- Misha then mentioned that there is a scene coming up where Cas doesn't react correctly - it's a scene that has to do with full-frontal nudity.

Supernatural spans a lot of genres - fantasy, comedy, drama, post-modern metafiction, tragedy... does Misha have a favourite genre?
- Post-modern metafiction. In all seriousness, though Misha laughed about the discription, he does think it's a contributing factor to the show's success.
- The fans are such supportive, amazing...
Fan: "Nutjobs?"
Misha: "You say nutjobs, I was going to say psychopaths."
- But Misha believes the fans are so amazing because the show plays around.

The next questioner had a question, via-twitter, from William Shatner. She was on his GISHWHES team.
Misha: "A mole!"
Shatner's question starts, "cupcake..."
Misha: "How did I end up with that nickname?"
- Apparently it has to do with him wearing an apron that said 'cupcake' at Comic-Con. Misha had a feeling he would regret that when it happened.
Shatner continues to ask when Misha is going to announce him as the winner.
Misha: "I'll gladly make that announcement when hell freezes over."
- Seriously though, judging GISHWHES will take a bit of time.
*as the questioner returns to her seat*
Misha: "Don't trust that girl in the hat..."
*she takes off her hat*
Misha: "Damn it! Now she's invisible to us! Don't trust anyone!!!"

Any funny pranks pulled on him?
Misha: "None of the pranks pulled on me were funny."
- Misha then went on to talk about the pies-in-the-face.
Misha: "The first one was, 'oh hey, haha... you got me'. The second one was like 'ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!'"
- Misha also explained the director's chair prank, where you can alter the chair so that it looks normal, but as soon as you sit in it, the seat bottom collapses.
Misha: "That happened to me three times."
The audience suggests that maybe he should have learned after the first time...
Misha: "At the end, I was getting fairly angry with myself."

Did he really grab Sam Ferries' boobs once? Sam told a New Zealand convention that he had.
Misha: "We were at an aquarium, it was weird."
- Sam tweeted Misha asking what was going on with SPN before that convention, because she didn't know - which was why she had to fall back on stories about him grabbing her boobs.
Misha: "Is Sam here this weekend?"
Fans: "No."
Misha: "Too bad." *mimics grabbing boobs*

Now that Castiel knows pop-culture will things still go over his head?
- Cas is very literal. He doesn't understand nuance or metaphor. So yes, things will still go over his head.

Did you know GISHWHES would get popular?
- No, though he DID name it The Greatest Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen - so there's a certain amount of hubris there.
Misha asks if the questioner entered.
- No, no money.
Misha reminds us that we can sign up without having to pay the entry fee.

And then for some reason I have Misha's shoe-size written down, though I completely forget the context of this information. Anyway, Misha informed us that he's a size 12 shoe, size 14 women's. And I love the fact that he knows what size women's shoe he needs.

If Castiel could be in any movie? Like maybe a Marvel movie?
- Misha was thinking more like Gilligan's Island, because then Cas could teleport and fetch things for them.
Fan: "Then you can just leave the island."
- Misha laughed at himself and then suggested that it'd have to be renamed, "Gilligan's World Travels."

One of the judges they had for the GISHWHES Seattle event was there with his daughter. He's a judge and a lawyer. Apparently his daughter forced him to come.

Richard came out to end the panel, but Misha pleaded that he really wanted to answer ALL the questions - so they proceeded to do a rapid fire round - here my notes get harder to decipher, so bare with me:

1)How does Misha cope with a tough day?
- Terrible rapid fire question. He has a popscle - two fingers of bourbon... no, actually, he uses running and meditating to cope with stress.
2)Weirdest thing kids have said?
- Misha had one in mind,but he couldn't remember it. It had to do with "poop" and "my sister" - he said he'd tweet it later.
3)Music he listens to when running?
- Various artists from folk to electronica, also radiolab, and podcasts like On Media and The Moth.
4)Any advice for kids who are being named Castiel?
- It's a complete coincidence that people started naming their kids Castiel in 2009. His advice is to tell them how you're allowed to legally change your name.
5) Llamas or alpacas?
- Llamas spit and they're gross.
6) Does Cas know that Meg's dead?
7) GISHWHES origin?
- List of art projects he wanted to do, but wasn't getting to, like a wood powered jacket, a gasoline turtleneck, or an advertisement for snake oil.
8) How long will he do GISHWHES?
- Forever.
9) If Cas found out that Chuck was God, would he regret making Chuck take his hand off of Cas' shoulder in 4x22?
- Yes, Cas would replay that moment and cringe.
10) Most scared of and most attracted to of the characters?
- Sam is scariest, Cas is most attractive.
11) Craziest thing you've ever seen?
- Misha went to go see a witchdoctor in Nepal who's method of treatment was to stab people with a copper pipe, suck their blood out, spit it into a spittoon, and then send them on their way... she did not wash the copper pipe between clients. Misha quickly left before reaching the front of the line to be treated.
12) Dean said he had perky nipples in 4x01, what did Cas do to him to make his nipples perky?
- That's been answered in fanfic.
13) Misha should know that the people at the Seattle event don't blame him for what happened.
- Misha thinks that's nice of them, but points out that he IS responsible. Everyone is fine now though.
14) Would he bond with Castiel over a particular piece of media?
- An audience member tried to offer a suggestion, but Misha misheard it as "Lamas" and then decided that that worked, and Misha and Cas would bond over a birthing class.
15) Musical Episode?
- No.
16) Anything he wanted human Cas to do that he didn't get to do?
- Have [illegible - tuds? trids?], get arrested.
17) - When he did the movie Karla, he dreamt his character's (serial killer Paul Bernardo) dreams - Misha reminds us not to watch or support that movie.
18) What does he like the most and the least about Vancouver?
Most- the weather, least - the people.
19) If Cas got a job what would it be?
- Time travel escort.
20) How was Whose Line?
- Loved it. He'd spread his legs for that show any time.
21) My notes just say "Inspiration - lovely"

Finally, the panel ended and the band started playing, this time with Mark Sheppard accompanying them on cow-bell.


On Saturday, the only autographs included in the gold ticket were Mark Sheppard and Tahmoh. I didn't say anything to Mark, because he spoke first, telling me that I was the second person with my name that he had done an autograph for that night. "With the same spelling?" I asked, "yes." "Wow, that never happens! Oh, uh, thanks!" Seriously though, I've never actually officially met another person with my name, though I know there's a fellow fan with it. She's a huge Misha fangirl and I keep getting confused on the internet, because people talk about how she showed Misha her ass or something alarming sounding, and I will be like "NO, I DIDN'T!!" before I realize a split-second later that they aren't talking about me.

With Tahmoh, I told him that I hoped he got to play a werewolf soon. He told me that "a girlfriend of mine has a show called Bitten," and he's hoping to work with her. I told him I'd keep my eye out for him.


This was my first time going to this new event. While, in the videos that I'd seen from Vegas, it appeared to be an audience talent show type thing (hence my hope on Friday that I'd get to hear Matthew Gerard sing again), this weekend, I guess because they had Gil there and Mark Sheppard, they decided to make it a talent show for the actors - though, primarily, it was a Louden Swaine concert.

Of course, Misha, who is the official host, didn't know any of this - so it was sort of amusing as the concert opened to have Richard and Rob telling Misha how the event was going to work.

Osric came out to play some songs that he's been working on. Osric decided to learn to play the guitar recently, when he was watching a movie and thought "I always wanted to learn guitar" and then realized that that was a stupid thing to say, so he paused the movie, went out and bought a guitar, went on craiglist, and 3 hours later was having his first guitar lesson.
VanCon2014 407
This was only Osric's second time playing in front of people. He said it was "a testament to you guys" because "I would not do this in front of any other crowd." The crowd, predictably, was very encouraging, and it was all very sweet.

Osric played two songs, the final of which was "Kiss me" so Matt Cohen came out and gave him a kiss after. Misha, meanwhile, took out Osric's ear plug and kissed it (gross), then they made everyone bow to "Master Chau", and then Misha put Osric's ear plug in Matt's ear. (gross).

Then there was more Louden Swaine.

At one point, I think it was Richard, complimented the front row on being rich. One of them tried to argue that they ate ramen the whole year so they could afford the front row ticket. The response was "You eat ramen the whole year so that you can know what it's like to not have money?"

Next up was Gil McKenny, who sang "oh what a world" and "at this moment." It was very lovely.
VanCon2014 423

There was more Louden Swaine and then Mark Sheppard came out to play drums for a song.
"Mark, is there anything you'd like to say before we begin?"
They played The Weight.

Then Gil and Rob did Happy. Then Louden Swaine played too more songs.

Cocktail Party

I think they (and by they, I mean the actors) are trying to slowly dissolve what the cocktail party used to be. I usually don't go to this, as the first two times I went, I was just too spent from the day to enjoy myself. This year, I let a friend drag me there for the first half-hour. The only actors there were Matt, Osric, and Gil, and they made it clear that the party was for the fans to enjoy - drink, dance, mingle...ie: it wasn't about sitting at a table while actors came and sat down for 90 seconds to answer the question of whoever at the table spoke first. The actors didn't stick around for long... they still had the centrepiece competition, but then they pretty much immediately took off.... and so did I.

And thus ended Saturday!
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