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VanCon 2014: Friday Report

This is the first Con I've been to where they had the house band - "The Electric Waistband" aka Louden Swain. VanCon is a pretty small venue (which will change next year when they move to the Convention Centre), so it's a lot of sound for the room - but it really makes for an instant party atmosphere, which is pretty awesome!

Anyway, let's jump right into the panels....

Host: Richard Speight Jr.

VanCon2014 021

Richard is the MC now for the Cons, which is pretty great. Rob introduced Richard as his best friend and "good-looking, if you're into that kind of thing."

Richard came on and they had some great banter about Misha's cruise (which was offered again this year at registration) and how it sounded like a terrible idea. Rich hoped that they weren't letting Misha drive.

Richard kept the theme of Porncouver, which he did to VanCon last year, so he gave the band all porn names, he introduced Rob - "and on the shaker, the nerdiest of all instruments..."

Richard went through the rules and regulations, thought he kept saying that there were no "photos" allowed, even though what he MEANT was no audio/visual recording - but it was all very heavily wink-wink anyway. Later, my friends and I reflected that he should have gone over the "don't give you life-story when asking a question" rule, but whatever - people would have probably done it anyway.

Richard is really quite hilarious and I'm not quick enough to catch all his great lines, but in this case, I did write down that I loved when he "admitted" that the Cons are like Lord of the Flies.

Rob Benedict

VanCon2014 047

Rob was the first panel of the day. He had to quickly run off the stage and get out of his Elastic Waistband costume, so when he came back on, he was very sweety - He joked that it'd be i all the pictures and it'd be all over twitter - "Rob sweats through shirt."

Rob reported that he's feeling good these days.

The first question was a follow-up to his panel at DC-Con, where the questioner heard the punchline "that's just my face" (or something along those lines), but had missed the set-up.

Rob explained that it was a conversation about having a "resting bitch face" and the question came up about what to call Rob's resting face, which was "scared and confused" or as thought something was the matter. Then we tried to think of a name for the face. Rob's first idea was "resting unsure face" then someone suggested "resting perplexed face."
Rob: "RPF..."
The audience quickly told him that he probably didn't want to use that initialism.
Rob: "Is that something else?"

Rob went on to complain that there was no emoticon for his expression. He needs one that communicates "I'm happy, but where are we going?" He then decided that question really summed up the face well - "where are you taking me?"

The next question was another follow-up, because the questioner thought that last year Rob sold himself short saying that his "animal representative" was a jumbo shrimp.

Rob agreed - "I have an answer, but it's not going to solve the problem." Rob said he had a similar question in Vegas, and they had come up with the idea that the squirrel-like character in the Ice Age movies was Rob's "spirit-animal."

This lead Rob to consider the were-squirrel (which might have been an audience suggestion?). Rob decided that he liked the idea of being a were-squirrel. But hilariously, he went on to talk about it like he was a squirrel by day and a were-squirrel by night... rather than a man by day... which is not how weres work!

What was his favourite scene?
- The scene where he hit Jared with a plunger... he liked the tooth-in-his-hair gag in that scene. Jared still remembers that scene. Rob then mentioned Master Chau, and reminded us "no eye contact with Master Chau!"

When did you realize that you wanted to make movies?
- He was always playing with a camcorder in High School.
Shoving it in people's faces?
- No, he wasn't "THAT guy!"
- His movie Sidekick, which he made himself comes out in the fall online. Rob talked about how with today's technology, people are free to just make things, instead of having to wait for studios to greenlight them. Rob then explained the premise for Sidekick - it's about an superhero's sidekick who gets fired when he's 40. Sort of like if Batman fired Robin, because he was getting too old for the job.

What would Chuck say to Metatron?
Rob: "Go back to where you came from. I got this."

The next question was from a first-time con-goer, who asked Rob if he wrote at all.
- Rob answered this question by doing a big summary of himself for the Questioner, and then he talked about how he and Rich are friends, and Matt's the really hot third in the trio.

This question somehow morphed into Rob talking about whether there is fanfic of his character -
Rob: "Just so you know, I'm available!"
Rob: "I just like to be included!"

He joked that he liked the idea of there being a dirty fanfic out there where he's just in the corner watching... "with a camcorder."
The audience called out that someone will write it now, and then one member of the audience called out "I already did!"

The next question was about his work on Psych.

Rob talked about how the guys on that show improvise so much. He called them "Dule and... the other guy." Then Rob laughed and said, "I had a stroke in Toronto. It's my excuse for everything. Rob, your pants are on backwards! - I had a stroke."

The cast of Psych all get along, and Rob had done a project previously with one of the actresses.

The next questioner told Rob that they were glad he was well again. Rob told us that the fan support was really helpful. He said, "it's remarkable I'm even here," and he feels the good wishes must have been heard by someone.

The questioner then asked what his inspiration was for his music or acting. Rob is inspired by everything - everything he loves. He gets his sense of humour from the comedians that he loves listening to, as an example.

The next questioner asked him why he keeps doing conventions! It was pretty hilarious question to ask, though I'm sure they hadn't intended to be rude. Rob laughed and explained that it's an amazing experience. He talked about the friendships formed with the cast and also with the fans. "It's an amazing thing that isn't understood by people outside of it."

How would he like Chuck to return?
-Rob would like him to appear exactly where he was when he disappeared in S5 and say "How long was I out?"

Rob then started joking about a Chuck sit-com spin off called "Chuck's house", and then he did a funny Castiel impression, where Cas comes to Chuck's door and says, "Chuck, I have a message for you... your dry-cleaning is ready." "Or, you know, something funnier than that."

The next questioner was from Perth, and asked about the recent #RobHatesPerth stuff.

Rob explained that Richard thought it'd be funny to say that Rob hated Perth, and now no one believes him when he says it's not true.

At this point, Richard returned to the stage. He explained that the Rob Hates Perth thing was out of his hands and had taken on a life of it's own. Rob told Richard that was like that he put gas in the tank, turned on the engine, and then stood back and said "look at that thing go!" while pretending he had nothing to do with it.
Richard: "The word you're looking for is Thank You."

Acting Advice?
- Go to acting workshops - it's a way to meeting casting directors. Rob's first gig was as an extra in an Alec Baldwin film called The Shadow. You have to be okay with being rejected.

Is Chuck God?
- Chuck is Eric Kripke, when Eric left the show, he took Chuck with him.

Two Fingers of Matt Cohen

I actually can't remember when this was said, but I think it was before Osric's panel... so that's where I'm putting it. If I'm mistaken, then invision this conversation happening at another time on Friday:

I believe this might have been where they announced that Matt wasn't going to be able to come to Karaoke, because he was working, at which point Rob said that he missed Matt, and his life could always use a little more Matt Cohen in it. Richard joked about decorating the house - "This place needs something... fresh flowers? No... new throw pillows? Nope... oh! Matt Cohen!" and then they got into talking about how MUCH Matt Cohen was a good amount, and Rob responded that he liked "Two fingers of Matt Cohen", meaning to use a whiskey/bourbon measuring technique, but, of course, that statement could have another meaning and that's the one that people ran with for the rest of the Con.

Osric Chau and Lauren Tom

VanCon2014 087

Osric and Lauren's panel started with a Dragonball Z intro, where they had replaced one of the character's heads with Richard Speight's... and then at the climax of the anime clip, Osric jumped on the stage dressed up as Goku (sp?). He did some quick martial art movies that were great. It was very cute.

Once Osric had broken character, he introduced Lauren - who came out and immediately went into a Mama Tran bit about the way Osric was dressed. Lauren: "If you weren't dead, I'd kill you!" Osric was amazed that they hadn't used that line on the show yet.

The first question was "Why did you break Jared?"

Osric was chagrined. You can tell he honestly feels horrible about it. But he explained that these things happen when you have 10 guys in a room - they wrestle. Osric: "So we just went at it." (Me: *giggle*)
Lauren: "I can't believe I wanted my own sons to be like you. You're a nincompoop."

Osric went on to say that since the accident, Jared has tried to keep the extent of his injury from Osric (which I think is the sweetest thing), but Osric found out about how Jared had to have the sling written into Supernatural, and he REALLY bad. Jared has tried to comfort Osric by telling him about how Jared dislocated Misha's elbow once, and Jensen lost half his forehead to carpet burn.
Osric: "We should probably stop wrestling."

The next question was about Osric's work on the Halo webseries.
- It's all very secretive and Osric didn't even know what he was working on when he was working on it - though he clued in when he saw the particular tanks that are unique to Halo - even then though, his first thought was that they were copying Halo, not that they WERE Halo.
- Halo features were more like feature films. Osric bonded with the cast through the shared experience - sort of like the bond between the Supernatural cast who regularly attend Cons.

The next question was about whether Osric still likes maple syrup after (apparently) having been covered with it during GISHWHES.
- Osric's Canadian, so there are two things he associates with that: Maple syrup, and smoked salmon. So yes, he still likes it. However, he doesn't recommend being covered in maple syrup, because you end up smelling like syrup for a long time.

Finally there was a question for Lauren! Yay! The questioner complemented Lauren on the fact that despite being only 5' tall, she dominated every scene that she was in. Does she have any advice related to that?
- Lauren answered that it helped that Linda Tran was a badass. Lauren then also added, "I don't happen to be intimidated by extreme beauty." Though, she admitted that she often found herself just staring at Jared and Jensen in awe of their looks. She then explained that her husband is 6'5'', so she's used to being around very tall men. The height difference almost prevented her and her husband from dating, but her husband declared that "well, when we get horizontal, it's not going to make a difference."

The crowd loved that. Lauren asked if Osric regretted hearing that, and he admitted that it was a little weird.

Osric was then asked about the Akira project that he's worked on.
- He's not sure what's happening with it, but he was happy to have a chance to work on it.

Osric then went back to address the previous question to Lauren, and said that Lauren fit right on set. Though, Osric joked that Jared kept looking around wondering where "that noise" was coming from, and Osric would say "look down, Jared."

Lauren then launched into a story about how she wrote the department of transportation (?) of Los Angeles the other day because she stopped at a meter that was too tall for her to read. She told them that if she were two inches shorter, she'd be a little person, but since she's not, then they should be putting meters at a height that she can read. They wrote her back right away and told her that they were going to lower the meter.

What was Kevin's room in the bunker like?
-Osric himself likes to make a nest, so he thinks Kevin would be similar. He'd slowly acquire things... maybe Sam and Dean gave him an xbox for Christmas..., and then Crowley probably stole it.

What does Lauren think that Mrs. Tran's tattoo was of and where on her body was it?
- After polling the audience, Lauren decided that the tattoo was on her inner thigh... and it was of a venus flytrap.

Did Lauren use her own motherly instincts to play Linda Tran?
- Jeremy Carver wrote the part for Lauren specifically, because they know each other - and he knows that she's a mother. The hardest part of the bleed-over of thinking of Kevin as one of her own sons was the scene where Mrs. Tran finds out that Kevin is dead. Lauren credits Jared for being so emotionally available to her and present in that scene.

Where does Osric get his motivation for working out and practicing martial arts?
- Osric is EXTREMELY competitive... it's a problem. He just wants to beat everything at everything. He started martial arts when he was 13 and he realized that there were people out there who had been doing it since they were five, and he worked out how many hours he'd have to train in order to "catch up" to them.
- So, basically, his motivation comes from always feeling like he is behind and needs to catch up.
- His competitive nature became a problem when he got into competitive gaming, because he just wouldn't sleep... because he knew that while he was sleeping, there were people on the other side of the world who were awake.

Lauren complemented him and told him that he was looking very buff. Osric informed her that it was all make-up work done by his friend Devin(?)... it's all shadows.

Lauren was asked about voice acting vs. on-screen acting and which she liked more.
- She likes that she can play more characters in voice-acting. She can also work in her pajamas. She was 9 months pregnant doing voice-acting work, "up until my waterbroke...sorry, that's too much information."

Osric was asked about whether he thought the recent rise of popularity of anime might lead to more roles for Asian actors.
- Osric talked about the stereotypes and racism you see in a lot of parts. He was initially worried about Kevin Tran, thinking that he'd look back on it and say, "that was my super-duper Asian character"... but then they brought him back in S8 and started to add layers to Kevin that made him more than just the stereotypical Asian honour-student cellist.
- In conclusion, Osric declared that he was optimistic that there would be more roles for Asian characters in the future, yes.

When did Osric find out that Kevin was going to be killed off?
- He found out months before, because Jared saw an outline of the episode. Jared broke the news, but Osric thought that Jared was messing with him - wondering if Jared would go as far as creating a fake episode outline. But then he got the actual script and it was confirmed.
- He was sad. The saddest part was conventions, where fans would ask him "what do you want Kevin to do next?" and he wanted to say, "Not die!!"

Lauren was asked for advice for someone entering a male-dominated field.
- Laren said that you have to be so awesome that they can't not hire you. You have to study hard and do the absolute best you can possible do, so that they can't deny your talent.

Osric was asked what sort of GISHWHES item he would create if he had the power.
- Osric said it'd have to be a Misha oriented item.
Osric: "Catch Misha off-guard with a pie in the face? ... but then he might get hurt..."
Audience member: "So, bonus points!"
Osric laughed. Then wondered about an item where you had to tattoo Misha's face on Misha's body... there was a brief discussion about how Misha might be willing to do that, but that it'd definitely limit the roles he could get in the future.

Is there a particular scene that pops into their memory when they think about the show? Is there anything they wish they could do differently?
- Osric hates watching himself and wishes he could do everything differently. But the scene that pops into his head when he thinks of the show is the scene where he is running away from Jared in his first episode. It was the day that Genevieve went into labour. He also found out that Jared is competitive too - so they were both being cocky to each other about how fast they could run, then they ended up having to zigzag because Osric was too quick for camera. He could outrun Jared though. "It's the little victories."
- Lauren remembers running from Jensen, but specifically, the scene where Jensen has her up against the pillar and a knife to her throat, because the way he was leaning over her, it felt like he was going to kiss her.

What was their most difficult scene?
- Lauren's most difficult scene was finding out about Kevin's death.
- Osrics most difficult scene was his death scene. He had prosthetics over his eyes and couldn't see anything. He could only hear Jensen saying "Kevin" sadly. Osric was so emotional that he couldn't stick around set after they wrapped, he just had to get out of there.

Richard came out to wrap them up, but before Lauren left she announced that she was going to have a raffle that day. The prize would be breakfast with her and Osric. Osric said that his actual mother might come too, if she could get a rid downtown. A raffle ticket was $20 and the money was all going to a charity that tries to prevent kids joining gangs in Los Angeles.

Rob Benedict then played them off to the tune of "Kevin's Mom has got it going on..." and then Lauren came back out to dance to it and hug Rob.

Adam Rose, Dan Payne, and Chad Rook

VanCon2014 103

This was obviously a panel of SPN one-episode actors. Adam was Aaron Bass of Everybody Hates Hitler, Dan was Abner in Road Trip, and Chad played Desmond in Citizen Fang. Both Dan and Chad are local Vancouver actors. Adam is LA-based.

Dan thanked the fans. Adam seconded this and said that he was only invited because of the fan interest in him and his character. It was their first cons, so Dan declared that the audience had "three virgins!"

Dan is very tall, and he stood up to give a reference for us as to how tall Jared is next to him... Jared is about an inch or two shorter. So, Dan is the tallest. Adam declared that he was the "most Jewish." Chad decided he was "handsomest vampire."

How much did they know the show before being on it?
- Chad is from Vancouver, so he knew about it from the filming community here.
- Dan knew about the show, yes.
- Adam knew about the show, but didn't watch it until he booked his episode, and then he learned a lot about it quickly.

The next questioner informed Adam that his character was originally meant to be played by Seth Green, but that she liked him better and couldn't picture Seth in the part.
- Adam thanked her and agreed that he was more jewish than Seth Green. "That's how that works."

The next questioner mentioned that she had run into Adam earlier in the day and he had hugged her... and then she asked what the highlight of the Con had been for him so far.
Adam: "Hugging you!"

The fan then said that he just made her cry, so Chad and Dan decided to double hug her... and they did, but Adam joined too and it was a triple hug. It was cute.

If Aaron was Dean's gay thing, which characters would be THEIR gay thing?
- Adam said Dean was his gay thing.
- Dan said Gadreel.
- Chad was confused at the  question, but eventually went with Benny... (there was then a joke that I completely missed the punchline of, and I apologize.)

Did Jared and Jensen mess with them?
- Adam - Jared and Jensen make you feel like family by messing with you. Jared held up a graphic picture of the male anatomy next to his face while Adam was trying to say his lines.
- Chad - Jensen told Chad that the last take was really good and he should go look at it in the monitors - so he went back to the monitors (which are in a dark room...) and Jensen shone a flashlight directly into camera and blinded him. They also like to fart and walk away.
- Dan said that was called "crop-dusting" and that they especially liked to do it when you're playing dead and can't leave.

What was the casting process like?
- Adam went in once for the director and Ben Edlund. The scene he read was the scene where Aaron explains the Thule.
- Dan had the same deal, with the addition that they DID ask how tall he was. The director for Dan's episode was also the executive producer (Singer?) and Dan was really nervous on the day he was shooting, because Singer wasn't saying anything to him - he wasn't giving him any feedback at all. He asked Jared about it and Jared informed him, "yeah, you don't want to hear from him," because he only talks when something is wrong.
- Chad doesn't like to talk about his audition, because the audition was mostly just fighting... and then, after the audition, he discovered that he had ripped his pants from the back of the knee right up to his butt cheek, and then he had to take transit home for an hour and a half. He felt like a homeless person and people were giving him pitying looks. Dan said that he misinterpreted the looks, they were more like: "Hm-mm, easy access!"

What does Adam think Aaron was thinking when he said "These guys are psychopaths"
- Adam - "these guys are psychopaths". Aaron said exactly what he was thinking.

Dan was asked about his make-up for his zombie role in Cabin in the Woods.
- It took 4 hours to get on and get off. At first it was really cool to watch the process, but then he just started sleeping through it. He'd sit down, fall asleep, wake up, and then scare himself by looking in the mirror and forgetting that it was him.

The next question was about Ben Edlund. I'm not sure exactly what the question was, because in my infinite wisdom, I only wrote down "Edlund."
Adam: "As soon as I read the title, I thought 'yes!' and then I read the line "Everybody loves bacon" and I thought 'they wrote this for me!'"

Adam went onto say that if fans make enough noise, the show might bring them back.
Chad: "I'd have to grow my head back."
Dan: "I think I'm hooped...[...]  I don't want to talk about it."

Has Supernatural made an impact on their career at all?
- Dan -  Fan support gives energy. Dan has been on shows before that survive solely because of the fans. The networks try to cancel them, and the fans are like "no, you're not."
- Chad thinks that conventions are great because it's like going back to theatre, where you get that feedback.
- Adam says that twitter followers and fan bases have clout in the industry.
- Dan agreed, and added that if you were neck and neck with another guy for a role, it might come down to fan bases, because executives look at that kind of thing now.
- Chad mentioned how cool it was to have people with tattooes of things a character has said, or a character you played, and then added that his brother had a different opinion - "last thing you'll see before their stabbing you!"
Dan: "So you're brother's an optimist?"

Which shows do they binge watch?
Chad - Orange is the new Black and Walking Dead.
Dan - Walking Dead, Californication, and Breaking Bad.
Adam - Orange is the new Black, House of Cards, Comedians in Cars getting Coffee.

Dan was asked about the Divine webseries.
- It was great to work with Misha. The production value was amazing and it was a fun and challenging project. The collaboration was amazing. He just wishes that he could have worn more clothes in it. In episode one, he didn't wear clothing and it was only 10 degrees. Chad: "He always blames the cold weather."
In the scene where he was bloody on the alter - he actually froze to the alter and they had to bring in heaters to get him off. In a further comment about his nakedness, Dan informed us that he does not wax his bum; it is naturally smooth.

Did the actor who played the Golem mention working on the show before?
Adam - He just talked about how much he loved the show. Jared and Jensen were both really happy to see him again too.

Who would you want to come back on the show as, if you could come back as a different character?
Chad would come back as Jensen.
Dan: "I'm Jared's height."
Adam: "Does that make me Misha?"

Then there was some comment that ended with the Adam doing a fist-pump and saying, "Jew power!"
Chad: "I'm German, so..."
Dan then made a comment about the "great wall" which made Chad laugh at him. Dan told them not to make fun of his lack of education.
Dan: "5 out of 3 people are dyslexic."

What would their theme music be?
Dan - "You don't have to take your clothes off..."
Chad thinks having the Jaws theme would be cool. He acted it out, and it was pretty funny.
Adam: "Probably something from Fiddler on the Roof."

Any advice for aspiring actors?
- Chad - do something different in your audition.
- Dan - Study, and remember it's not about you. You are cast or not cast for mundane reasons, like you're too tall... it's hard to be cast as a romantic lead when you're tall, because it makes the love scenes awkward.
An audience member: "We're all the same height lying down."
Chad stood up to demonstrate that starting a love scene with "them here *holds hand at eye level* and here *holds hand at stomach level*  are two very different love scenes."
- Adam says to enjoy the process, even thought he knows that in the midst of the "process" that's the last thing you'll feel like doing.

Did Dan use his height to mess with Jared?
Dan: "Well he's a cute little fellow..."
- Dan went on to talk about auditioning when you're tall. His height is written on his resume, but he'll still walk into rooms and have directors be shocked at how tall he is. He always wants to ask them, "Can you read?"
- Dan likes to hold his height over Jared, because Jared is so tall, good-looking, and young.
An audience member called out that Dan is all those things too, but Dan said that Jared is young enough to be his son. The audience disagreed and thought maybe Dan could be Jared's big brother.
Dan: "I love you people."
Dan: "You're blind, but thank you."

Any funny stories from a set?
- Chad - I didn't catch all this story, but it boiled down to the fact that Chad was working on a project with someone that his sister liked, so he got her an autograph, but then his dad wanted an autograph - only the person his sister liked was very young, so when he asked for an autograph for his dad, his dad ended up sounding like a creepy pedophile.
- Dan - Dan's favourite pick-up line is "Does this smell like chloroform to you?" Chad made a Ty Olsson joke here, but the audience cringed and Chad said, "what? too soon? He's a friend of mine!"
- Adam told a story about working on bones, where he plays the killer... but I sadly no longer remember it.

Does Chad know any German?
- Chad's parents and grandparents speak German, but Chad does not. He has German tattoos though, to represent the fatherland.
- Adam did a holocaust play once, so he knows how to say "Excuse me, you have to leave this place." He demonstrated.

Richard came out to end the panel then, declaring "Nothing like ending on a Holocaust joke!"

Gil McKenny

VanCon2014 125

This was my first time seeing Gil, though I know he's done a Con before. He has a southern-gentleman quality to him, just like the boys have.

Gil started with asking where everyone was from. Gil might have an opportunity to travel to Australia soon. He's excited about it. I believe the winner of the furthest traveled was a fan who had come in from South Africa.

Gil is from Houston and just returned from seeing family, which was exhausting. He told us how his mother likes to show him off to her friends, and if she had her way, she'd be driving him around town with the top down and him in a sash.

Gil loves Vancouver and he loves working on the show.

The first questioner was from New Zealand, and asked if Gil would be interested in going there, since the animals were nicer than Australia... there was a bit of confusion, as it sounded like she was saying the people were nicer, and she quickly had to backtrack in order to not anger the Aussies in the audience. Gil said he'd love to go to New Zealand too.

Her actual question was whether he felt any pressure going into the Henry Winchester role.
Gil: "When you're as unfamiliar with the show as I was... no."
- Gil knew about the show, but it wasn't until he started working on it that he realized the importance of his part.

Any favourite memories from set?
- Gil had that blue suit tailored to him, which rarely happens on TV. Other than that, he just liked hanging out with the guys. He also liked breaking the window of the Impala, because he only had one take to get it right - they had lined the window with charges, so his timing had to be perfect - they told him, "listen, you basically have one one shot at this, so don't fuck it up." And it all went smoothly.
- There was also a take where they were in the car, with Jensen driving, Gil in the passenger seat, and Sam in the back. Jensen peeled out of the parking lot and did a 180. There are no seatbelts. Once Jensen came to a stop, Jared and Jensen looked over at Gil and just started laughing. Jared asked him if he needed to change his shorts.

What kind of tree would he be? (yes, that was the question)
- Pecan tree.
Fan in audience: "Morningwood!"
Gil: "Damn it! You're funnier than me!"
- Everytime he eats pecans, he thinks of his grandfather - "Well, not every single time, that'd be weird" - because he and his grandfather used to go pick pecans when Gil was a kid.

If you came back, how would you like that to happen?
- If we want him back, ask Adam Glass. Gil wants to dig himself out of the grave, because he's never done that. He'd also love to have more back-stories about him and Millie (John's grandmother).

Gil was asked about his singing, and whether he ever considered a music career.
- Gil was a voice-major in college. He chose the acting path though and got away from singing. His mother wishes he was Josh Groban. His mother also found the youtube video of him singing at DCcon and she was listening to it as she dropped him off at the airport. He told her to at least wait until he was out of the car. Singing at the Con though has actually gotten him excited about singing again.

Favorite book?
Gil: "I'm not going to lie: I don't do a whole lot of reading."
- He started reading Game of Thrones, but got confused reading the books and following the show. He loves the books, but they are very dense.

Gil could identify the next questioner by name.
Gil: "I met her in the elevator. We go way back."

Could he talk about his experience on ER?
- Gil was in high school when ER started. It was one of the shows that made him want to act. It was so cool to be on it in Season 14 and 15. Some of the crew had been there since the beginning, much like Supernatural. It was very welcoming. The medical jargon was challenging but fun.

Did he like the last episode of ER?
Gil: "I wasn't in it, so no!" - kidding, he thought they did a really good job.

Can he compare the Once Upon a Time set to the Supernatural set?
Gil: "I might have to censor myself."
- Gil loves both shows and the work, but OUAT doesn't come close to the Supernatural experience. OUAT, having a larger cast, was not as welcoming. Most shows aren't like Supernatural, so the guest actors don't feel as included.
- Gil doesn't know if he'll be back on OUAT, as his character depends on what they do with Ariel's storyline.
- He might come back on SPN, because they didn't burn him. They told him on day one, "You're going to die, but that's okay."

The next question was about what Henry would think of Adam, the third Winchester brother, still being stuck in the pit.
Gil: "Wait, what's his name?"
Gil: "Someone's gotta tell me about him first."
Gil: "You know, it's definitely something I should look into."
- Gil asked who played him and found out it was Jake Abel. Gil can't believe that they made him the patriarch of such an amazing looking family. He says that Henry would probably try to rescue Adam.

Judging from my notes, I believe Richard came out at this point and they did a brief lightening round of questions. I have written:
Weird -> This.
What would he say to John? - That he wants to come back and make things right.
Pranks? - Jared held a picture of a cock up on his laptop during Gil's scene.

And that wrapped the panels of the day! Next was a dinner break, and then...

Only Osric and Adam Rose were included in the Gold ticket. I told Osric that I liked his costume. I asked Adam how he was liking the Con, and he said it was awesome.


I put my name in for a song, but it was a long shot because it's a Canadian classic rather than an American one. So, I wasn't particularly shocked when I was never called.

The actors that were there were all the actors that had given panels that day, except for Dan Payne. Jim Michaels also put in an appearance.

Matt Cohen, as stated previously, couldn't make it, because he was filming a show down in LA. He sent a video from the set with his regrets, and the make-up he was in was a major spoiler for what happens!

[Spoilers for Matt's appearance on Criminal Minds]

His head was bleeding and he had either been shot in the throat or had a tracheotomy

There were a LOT of technical problems, unfortunately. Also, some of the words were wrong in the songs.

There was one kid who got up who sang Frank Sinatra's "My Way" - and he was AMAZING. Unfortunately, I didn't get it together to record it until the final verse, but man... I really wanted them to pull him back up on stage at Saturday's Cabaret, but they switched the format of the Cabaret from what I have seen previously, so it wasn't to be. Anyway, the guys name is Matthew Gerard.

Because of the technical problems, they didn't have lyrics, or, at one point, backing tracks... so they asked if anyone could sing A Capella - a girl volunteered to sing Defying Gravity. My friend and I were sure it was going to be a disaster, but we were happily proven wrong and she was also very good! Yay!

Jim came out and talked about how they were starting to film the 200th episode and that they planned, if the numbers stayed up, to beat the Smallville record for most episodes of a genre show.

I ended up leaving during a particularly bad rendition of Thunderstruck, which was the second to last song, I believe... I got home in time to have 4 hours of sleep before I had to be up and heading back downtown for the Saturday panels...

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