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Autograph Decisions

Once again, it is the week before VanCon... or, the week OF VanCon, actually... and I have no idea what I'm getting anyone to sign. I don't really want to spend a fortune on individual headshots, but Creation never sells any general-poster anymore... and I feel like I've kind of taken too much advantage of raloria's nice printer over the years, and I shouldn't ask her to print me anything last minute anymore - like I usually end up doing every single goddamn year.

Anyway, I have something for Jared and Jensen to sign, but that's about it.

I guess I'll just see what the Con has and make a decision from there. I was thinking this year, I'd either skip getting autographs completely, except for those actors that I've never gotten an autograph from... or I'd get the autographs, but then donate them to the SuperWiki for giveaways to fans who can't afford to travel to a convention. I don't know.

For Jared and Jensen, though, I have to decide if I want them to sign a minimalist poster for On The Head of a Pin (that would cover Misha's autograph too), or if I want to try to get a better version of the picture I had them sign at my first Con (raloria printed me a very nice copy of the picture last year, but I decided to go with something else... but I kept the picture, because I figured I'd be back.)

The benefit of the OTHOAP poster is that it covers Jared, Jensen, AND Misha... the drawback is that it's been rolled up for nearly 2 years and that thing is not going to lie flat for easy signing any time soon. Also, part of me didn't want to get it signed, because I love that poster and I don't want people to scribble their names on it (yes, I know I'm ridiculous.)

Blahhhhhhhhhhhhh.... this is what happens when you've been to Cons for 4 years already and have mostly everyone's signature...

In other news, I have to remember to buy a new notebook for this year. I will once again be attempting to meticulously record everything!

In other OTHER news... friends have already started arriving in town for the Con! Yay! I've had fun the past two days spending time with a friend from Singapore..., and I know missyjack is in town now, but I still haven't had a chance to catch up with her yet. But hopefully I will soon! :)

ETA: I've just been informed that autographs are no longer included with Gold tickets, except for Jared, Jensen, Misha, and Mark. So, I don't know why Gold tickets are $700. If Creation wasn't ripping us off before, they are now.

Anyway, so I guess my only decision now is whether to get the OTHOAP poster signed, or to get the other print signed and find something else for Misha to sign. (In both scenarios, I'll also have to find something for Mark to sign.) Although it'd be fun to get Osric and Lauren Tom's autographs, I'm actually completely and utterly broke at the moment, as well as unemployed - so that won't be happening. I really shouldn't even be going to the Con at all, quite frankly... but it'll be nice to have fond memories when I'm living in my car.

ETAA: Okay, I looked it up myself, and we're also getting Tahmoh, Osric, and Adam Rose... still, a rip off for the ticket price, but WHATEVER. I'll spend $15 and get headshots for those guys (hopefully Creation has good ones.)
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