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The Eastern Townships

I had a nice visit with my friends (A. & M.) this weekend over in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. My French has gotten worse since my best friend moved away...two years ago now, I guess. I still understand most of it alright though - I'm an illiterate mute in French, but I can still understand it for the most part.

I like hanging out with these particular friends, because I originally met them while I was in Germany. Which means that, like my best friend, we can have conversations in an odd mixture of three languages as if that's how everyone talks.

The Eastern Townships are beautiful, but there isn't much to do there. Plus, it was raining the whole time. So, we just hung out - joked and laughed.

I saw Fired Up. Oh man, that movie is funny. I am not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed it immensely. It was the first time I have ever seen Danneel Harris in anything, and my belief that she is a female version of Jensen still stands.

I just got an instant message from M. saying "A. misses you, and keeps singing 'Come Back to Texas' by Bowling for Soup."

Aww...sometimes I don't really want to move to Vancouver, but its not like I'd be making the 5 hours trip to the Eastern Townships that often anyway. I just wish my friends didn't all live so far away from me...and I sort of wish that I wasn't moving even farther away. But, despite the fact that Vancouver is probably going to ruin me financially, I still think it's the best move in terms of being happier in general.

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