Hell's Half Acre (hells_half_acre) wrote,
Hell's Half Acre

May have had a eureka moment about demented'verse...

So, today, in the middle of writing that Captain America ficlet, I suddenly realized the potential of going AU for SPN S9 in the demented'verse... and I actually thought of a possible plot point for my next story that would actually GIVE ME A PLOT. More than that, it'd give me a plot with the characters that I want, the characters that I want to be in the opening "meet-cute" that I thought up years ago.

And MAN, I'm excited. I still have to hash out a LOT to see if it could work... but I think it could work!

The only problem is that it's stupid amounts of ambitious, which inevitably might mean another novel length story... and yikes, that seems a daunting undertaking to me now, because my writing habits have gotten so bad.

On the other hand, there's nothing quit like getting writing habits in gear than writing multiple novel-length stories at one time. :P

Basically, this just me saying that I'm pretty amazed at the fact that in my exhausted state, while writing in a completely different fandom (and also heating up leftover curry for dinner), I could suddenly think of a solution to a problem that was completely unrelated to anything I was doing at the time... and not even something that I had been thinking all that hard about (or didn't think I was anyway.)

But hey, maybe I only think it's a good idea because I'm tired and a lot of things sound like a good idea what you're tired.

But still... yay! Possible excitement!
Tags: in the works

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