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June Ficlet: Self-Destructive (Teen Wolf) Gen, post-S3b

Today's dice roll declared that I should do another daily-prompt... and man, the next prompt working backwards through the dates over at daily-prompt was not all that inspiring. So, I did another dice roll to narrow it down by fandom, and the dice selected Teen Wolf.

So, I wrote a thing. It's horribly depressing and I apologize, but hey, at least it's short! :P

Hopefully tomorrow the dice will be kinder to me.

Prompt: Self-Destructive

Words: 244

Afterward, they talk about it as though there had been just two people inside Stiles – Stiles and the Nogitsune. But Stiles knows that isn’t true. Stiles thinks that maybe Scott knows it too, but they don’t talk about it – and really, what would they say? Because yes, it was the Nogitsune that killed people, hurt people; and, yes, it was Stiles who checked himself into the mental hospital to protect his friends; it was Stiles who tried his best not to fall asleep.

But Stiles knew that there was also someone who figured it all out before Stiles did, before Scott or Lydia or any of the others did. There was someone who connected all the red threads to Stiles and knew just what to do. There was someone who walked out to a coyote den in order to freeze to death, because it was the best way – the best way to keep everyone safe.  It had been Stiles who called Scott, hallucinating and confused, for rescue – and it had been the Nogitsune who taunted him... but it hadn’t been the Nogitsune who walked Stiles out to that cave.

Afterward, they talked about it as though there had been two people inside of Stiles and, with the Nogitsune gone, now there was only one – but Stiles knew that wasn’t true. There were still two people inside of Stiles and one of them believed that the best solution to a problem was the easiest one.

The End.
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