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SPN Musical Episode

I had a dream last night... wait, don't leave! Seriously...

I dreamt that Supernatural had a musical episode... only, it was a musical episode that was filled with the very worst body/medical horror... so, we had Dean (uh, Dean of the S9 finale spoilers variety) singing, but the reaction wasn't "oh, what fun!" it was "oh god oh god, I'm going to throw up...oh my god! Please make him stop what he's doing!"

On the upside, in the dream I was actually on set while they were filming and I got to talk to Jared and tell him all about how I do the timeline and such (to add to the horror of my dream, they had jumped ahead two years at the beginning of S10). Also, for some reason JR Bourne (Chris Argent on Teen Wolf) was there too, so I guess it was a SPN/Teen Wolf crossover.

Still though, now that I've had that dream, if they ever DO break down and do a musical episode (which I sincerely hope that they don't), then I actually really want them to do it that way... the juxtaposition between the happy-singing and the extreme body/medical horror was amazing.

And for anyone wondering... it was Sam who was the victim of the body/medical horror... because, you know, my subconscious doesn't stray TOO far form the themes of the actual show.
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