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SPN Musical Episode

I had a dream last night... wait, don't leave! Seriously...

I dreamt that Supernatural had a musical episode... only, it was a musical episode that was filled with the very worst body/medical horror... so, we had Dean (uh, Dean of the S9 finale spoilers variety) singing, but the reaction wasn't "oh, what fun!" it was "oh god oh god, I'm going to throw up...oh my god! Please make him stop what he's doing!"

On the upside, in the dream I was actually on set while they were filming and I got to talk to Jared and tell him all about how I do the timeline and such (to add to the horror of my dream, they had jumped ahead two years at the beginning of S10). Also, for some reason JR Bourne (Chris Argent on Teen Wolf) was there too, so I guess it was a SPN/Teen Wolf crossover.

Still though, now that I've had that dream, if they ever DO break down and do a musical episode (which I sincerely hope that they don't), then I actually really want them to do it that way... the juxtaposition between the happy-singing and the extreme body/medical horror was amazing.

And for anyone wondering... it was Sam who was the victim of the body/medical horror... because, you know, my subconscious doesn't stray TOO far form the themes of the actual show.


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May. 26th, 2014 07:14 pm (UTC)
A musical SPN, mmmm not sure about that, and especially not your one!
May. 26th, 2014 07:23 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I wouldn't want them to do it either, but they get asked about doing one at nearly every single con... it drives me a bit nuts. :P
May. 26th, 2014 07:31 pm (UTC)
At DC con a few weeks ago, someone asked how they'd feel about a musical ep, and Jensen was like, "Well, Dean can't sing, so..."

On the other hand, I'd be all up for an SPN/TW crossover ep, even if it were a musical!!
May. 26th, 2014 07:36 pm (UTC)
Yeah, they get asked that at like every single con and it drives me insane... because I really don't think it's a good idea. Hence why my brain provided me with the only scenario in which I'd enjoy it. :P

But yes, crossovers are fun! And the more SPN tweeks it's own werewolf mythology, the more it matches up with TW's werewolves... so, hey, not as impossible as it once was, at least in the writing of it.
May. 27th, 2014 12:25 am (UTC)
Wacky Dreaming!
I love it when I wacky dream about my favorite 'verses (BTVS & SPN, 'natch... though I've been wishing I'd have a crossover dream with Walking Dead), even when the dreams themselves are really sad or horrible (saving Tara just to have her die minutes later, Joyce gets resurrected but it only lasts a minute and Buffy never gets to say good bye to her).

If you have any more, definitely post! Maybe it will inspire a fanfiction... like a BTVS/SPN cross over with the connection being Sweet?

May. 27th, 2014 12:40 am (UTC)
Haha, yeah, dreams are a fun playground. I don't think I'll ever dream a BTVS/SPN crossover, because I was never that big into BTVS - but who knows!
May. 27th, 2014 01:43 am (UTC)
That is some weird dream. You must be reading/watching/thinking a lot about SPN and Teen Wolf for you to dream about them together. Too funny.

I agree with you, I think it would be the worst thing ever for SPN to do a musical episode. It also drives me crazy that fans continue to ask and just don't seem to let it go. Enough already, I say. However, I think an interesting take on a musical episode would be to do it like they did it with CSI:NY. The whole first half of the episode was nothing but music, no dialogue, and the actors were continuing to act out the episode. You knew exactly what they were talking about. With Jensen's insane ability to speak so much without words, I think this might be a cool way to do a "musical" episode. This way we could get some really great music in an episode. The second half of the episode did have dialogue, so you weren't completely devoid of it, but it all worked so seamlessly. I thought it was a great episode.
May. 27th, 2014 02:05 am (UTC)
That is some weird dream. You must be reading/watching/thinking a lot about SPN and Teen Wolf for you to dream about them together. Too funny.

It's because I spent a good chunk of yesterday finishing the S9 Timeline...so, it was all swimming around up there. I'm not sure why Chris Argent showed up, besides that my mind might have gotten confused by "hunter" and forgotten that they were from two different shows. :P

I feel the same way as you do about the musical-episode question... and the possibility of the musical episode. I didn't know CSI:NY had a musical episode, that's kind of surprising to me, but that does seem to be a good and amusing way to do it.
May. 27th, 2014 02:13 am (UTC)
Whenever I watch Teen Wolf and Chris Argent comes up stating he is a hunter I always think to myself, "I wonder if he has ever met or heard of Dean and Sam Winchester." I do see how he could have gotten mixed up in your brain with Supernatural.

Yea, CSI:NY had a musical episode, although there was no singing. The first 30 minutes was nothing but songs with lyrics that perfectly highlighted the story that was being told through the actors actions. It was a very well done episode. The last 30 minutes was just a regular episode with dialogue and everything else. It was definitely a unique episode and a very different way in which to do a musical episode. If SPN were to ever to a musical episode, they should consider doing it that way, I think they could do some great stuff with no dialogue for 30 minutes and nothing but music. Just think of some great rock songs they could incorporate into this kind of episode.
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