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Quick Reaction: 9x20 Bloodlines

Okay! So, I'm not as think as you drunk I am...

This was definitely ANOTHER SHOW. It was another show's episode with Sam and Dean as guest stars. So , this quick reaction is going to be slightly different from my regular Supernatural quick reactions. There are a couple of things that you have to pay attention to before you read or comment and I will BOLD THEM so that you pay attention to them, okay? Okay.

1. I am drunker than usual. I apparently didn't have very much to eat today and also arrived at my friend's place already thirsty... and even though I tried to chug a glass of water first, I think I ended up chugging my wine too.

2. I am not going to do a synopsis like I usually try to do. Partially due to point #1, but also partially due to the fact that with all the new characters introduced, I can't remember names very well so... yeah...

3. Listen, I know there's going to be a lot of hate about this episode, because people want the spin-off to actually be connected to Sam and Dean's world or whathaveyou or other reasons. BUT, this doesn't change the fact that I REALLY don't like negativity. So. COMMENTING RULE: For every negative thing you say, you have to also say something nice. Try it! It's a fun game to play in all aspects of your life.

Okay, let's actually discuss the episode....

So, first off, I'm a little disappointed that they had to start the new series off by fridging yet another woman. Was that really necessary? Could the cop not be just as involved in what was happening because he was a COP and you know, it INVOLVES HIS CITY?!! Did they really have to give him the avenging dead fiance storyline?!

That being said, I'm really happy that our audience surrogate in this show is a black dude. Guys, I make no secret about it: I am tired of white people in my television shows. I have a really hard time telling them apart...

Case and point, that werewolf dude - Julian? LOOKS SO MUCH LIKE TOM CRUISE THAT IT WAS FREAKY! Like, seriously, he is a taller/broader younger (currently) version of Tom Cruise! So freaky... and the cop dude, the guy that David-the-Shifter pretended to be for a bit? He looks a lot like someone too, but I couldn't figure out who.

So, to sum up, we have:
Negative: Fridged fiance.
Postive: Black dude lead.
WTF: Tom Cruise look alike.

See, that's how comments should be done! That's a nice example. That's the kind of stuff that I want to see.

Now, let's talk about some other stuff...

The underground monster bar was cool. It was SORT of unbelievable that one human with silver claws could take out that many monsters though... but, then, maybe he timed it so that only the monsters susceptible to silver would be in the bar... or, he had the element of surprise or something.who knows.

Also, what was the lizard woman behind the bar?! I don't think we've had lizard people on SPN before! I want to know what she was!

It was also cool to see Sam and Dean from an Outsider POV.... where they just breeze in and out and don't give straight answers. Oh, they'll listen to you tell you about monsters like they believe you, but then they'll tell you that monsters aren't real and to go home. Anyway, it was cool. I also really like how Sam kept trying to warn Ennis not to get involved at all, because once he did, he'd never get out. I also liked how Sam was all like "I feel your pain, dude, my girlfriend was also fridged." Then my friend said, "Actually, anything I stick my cock into gets fridged." And then we got into a discussion about how if we had to choose a way to go, that'd totally be mine...

Lore changes:
Another thing that I have a SLIGHT problem with is the new Shifter lore. I REALLY liked the fact that SPN Shifters had to shed their skin to shift - I liked the fact that they were gross and disgusting, because I felt that it added a level of realism to it somehow... because all life, really, is gross and disgusting on a certain level. Anyway... the thing is, I KNOW how to explain away the change, which is the only reason I'm not completely pissed off.

Because, much like they did with werewolves (except Garth), you can explain it away by the difference between bitten and born. So, in SPN, born werewolves can better control the shift, and if they're within the lineage of the alpha (without being too diluted) they don't even have to eat human hearts. So, fine.

But wait, Hells, Shifter's aren't bitten! No, they aren't. Shifters are born when a shifter pretends to be a womans husband and impregnants her. So, the shifters we've seen that shed their skin are actually mixed-race shifter/humans. So, what would happen if the alpha male shifter and an alpha female shifter got together?! MAYBE they'd have a baby that didn't need to shed its skin....and hence, I'm assuming, why "bloodlines" are so important to these families.

So, yeah, I'll forgive them their change to the lore if that's the case... if that's NOT the case, then I don't forgive them.

Okay... other things...

While we were watching, I criticized the writing because they pulled the car over in order to get out of it and have a conversation only to get back into the car and drive off. Why did they have to get out of the car then? That was dumb. Then I realized that they couldn't film the conversation in the car like it would have made sense to, because they were using a fan's Impala for this shoot, and in order to film in the car they have to take the roof off... also their whole poorman's process set-up is in Vancouver, not in Chicago. So, FINE, still, I think they might have figured out a less obvious way to weave that conversation into the narrative - for instance, how did they even know where to go? Did we see that scene? Maybe they could have stopped somewhere to get some intel or something and THEN had that conversation about why they weren't shooting David-the-shifter on the spot.

Speaking of David, I DID like him - though you'd think that being a shifter, he'd be able to get those eyebrows under control. Also, what's with his sister getting all dressed up just to stand around her own house?

I'm not a huge fan of Romeo and Juliet storylines.... but, I DO like werewolves and I DO like Shifters, so the idea of offspring werewolf-shifters is cool to me.  But, on the topic of finding a different way to suck Ennis into the world, maybe HE could have fallen for a monster instead? Maybe it could have been that HE was dating Violet and then she could come to him explaining about the monsters and how her brother was being accused and it was going to start a war and could he help?! And they could still have the back story of Violet and David, but in my version Violet would have MOVED ON after being forced to leave David, and that'd make things even more interesting.

That being said, I like the way the show immediately set up the potential slash ship of David and Ennis, with the whole "we've both lost people" blah blah blah... and Dean saying that they needed to "kiss and make up later"... so, there's that. If they went with my scenario, then it'd be one of those slash ships where they start out hating each other because of being rivals for Violet's love and whatnot. So, who knows. I guess I'd just be replacing the fridging trope with the love triangle trope... but at least love triangles can be solved through threesomes.

Did I have a point?

Anyway, i don't know why the hell Violet didn't just tell David that it was his brother who made her not meet him at the train station. I mean, really... what did she have to lose at that point?

Also, I'm not sure why they had to through in whole dead-dad calling at the end... but, I guess they felt they needed another hook. I thought it was enough that he had evidence that his father knew what was what in the city and that might be intriguing enough. Now I'm wondering if his dad got turned at one point and didn't die at all.

IN CONCLUSION: It's obvious that the CW wanted a CW show, not a WB show, which is what SPN still is. Seriously, think about it, SPN is unlike ANY OTHER SHOW on the CW. It's got 30+ year-old protagonists (now at least), it's NOT an ensemble show, it's NOT a romance (and we're not including the epic love story of Sam and Dean or whatever the hardcore destiel shippers think they are watching), and, although it has monsters, it's about HUMANS. EVERY OTHER SHOW on the CW is an ensemble romance show about 20-somethings, who are usually non-human.

So, YES, is would have been cool to get a show about some character we know already - Krissy and those kids, Sheriff Mills, other hunters... Adam and his Golem... some Men of Letters themed show set in the 1930s or something... but none of those would be CW shows.

Also, it makes sense from a writing standpoint to have a show that is COMPLETELY divorced from Sam and Dean... because if SPN is going to continue past S9 or even S10, then you don't want to have to be worrying about getting the canons in sync with one another. The writers don't have to concern themselves with what's happening on the other show, because they're only using the same lore and from now on the Winchesters just can't ever take another job in Chicago and we're good!

Bloodlines is a LORE spin-off, not a character spin-off.

So, what did I end up with?

1. Fridged fiance.
2. Slightly unbelievable-ability bad-guy
3. Slight change to shifter lore that sort of annoys me unless they play it VERY VERY carefully.
4. Slightly awkward writing in places (also awkward directing in places - I didn't catch who directed this one, but the fight scenes kinda sucked.)
5. Not a fan of Romeo and Juliet stories (I mean, I don't even like Romeo and Juliet, I think it's a pretty crappy-ass play with only a couple of good lines. There. I said it.)
6. Why didn't Violet just tell David what Sal said, what's the big deal?
7. Did we really need the undead-dad calling cliffy?

1. Black dude lead! yay!
2. They DID keep the SPN lesson that humans can be just as, or more, monstrous than monsters. So that was cool.
3. Cool underground monster bar scene with lizard woman! New monsters?! I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LIZARD-WOMAN WAS!!
4. David WAS a likable slightly amoral but still more-moral-than-most character. He was easy to sympathize with, despite the fact that he cheats on tests. (Also, what kind of professor leaves the spring final in a folder marked "spring file" on the DESKTOP.. I mean, at least put that sucker in a subfolder in your documents or something.)
5. There are female characters that are sticking around - Violet and Margo are both set up to have major rolls.
6. Potential slash ship with Ennis and David.
7. That Djinn dude was really cool!! I liked how they went old-school with him, making him look more like the Djinn from S2, rather than the ones we saw in S6. I also like the idea of the Djinn being one of the families - meaning that there's the potential for more awesome Djinn stuff. If you think about it, this episode really only dealt with the Shifters and the Werewolves... there's still the Vampires, Ghouls, and Djinn families to explore. So there's a LOT of potential there for more.

All in all, an interesting premise for a new CW show. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of "political" shows - which is what these "mob family" shows are really about. Also, I really hate Vampires. I was happy that this episode didn't ask us to sympathize with any, because I am vampire-racist and cannot sympathize with them at all, but, should the show continue, I'm sure it'd only be a matter of time... at which point I'd start having trouble watching. (For instance, my love for werewovles cannot override my hatred for vampires when it comes to Being Human... and I even like Sam Witwer as a person too. THAT is how much I hate vampires.)

So, it was fun for me to watch this pilot episode just to see what they are trying to do, but the show actually isn't really my cup of tea. Still, I hope for the sake of the actors and crew involved, that the show at least gets one season to see if it can find a good footing.

Okay, so REMEMBER THE COMMENTING RULE: For every negative thing, you have to say something good! If you can't think of anything good, then you are not allowed to say the negative thing!

Also, does anyone know what the hell is going on with the airing times next week?! Apparently the Chicago station isn't airing it until 12:30am?!?! And we tried to look up what time it aired on the Canadian station, but apparently it's not airing until WEDNESDAY in Canada?!?! Guys, I don't think I can stay off the internet that long... so what I'm wondering is if it's airing ANYWHERE in the states at the proper time, because maybe that will mean that I can still get a download of it somewhere - or find a livestream or something?! Any help would be appreciated, especially as it looks like we're finally getting back to some major plot!!

Okay, I think that's it for me... I hope no one is super disappointed by my lack of synopsis this week. Or hey, maybe some of you preferred it? I never know if sometimes I do too much synopsis and too little commentary, so maybe this week is a little experiment in trying something different, where I just do comments and no synopsis at all. Let me know what you think about that too, I guess?
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