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Sam's Dense Plaid

Sam's Dense Plaid

I can’t get a good look at this plaid. It looks almost gold and purple on the interior shot, but then looks a bit blue on the exterior shot. One thing that I can tell is that it’s a very dense pattern of plaid. The plaid the runs up the button strip runs on an angle to the rest, as does the plaid on the shoulders.


In Southern Comfort (8x06), Sam wears this plaid at the end of the episode when he is thinking of Amelia and then arguing with Dean in the parking lot.

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Mar. 23rd, 2014 06:18 am (UTC)
Dang those dark shots. This is a very busy plaid. Can't tell if I like it or not. ;/
Mar. 23rd, 2014 07:53 am (UTC)
Hi there just a query, why are the entries dated 2002 so they don't show up in our flist page and hence we might miss them?

And this shirt, well I think our boys are always well dressed considering they travel around so much :D

Many thanks for all the wonderful information you give us :D
Mar. 23rd, 2014 08:51 am (UTC)
I date them for 2002 for a couple of reasons:
1)I do a bunch in a batch with nothing behind LJ cuts, and I don't want to overwhelm people's flist pages.
2)I post-date them so that when you click on the tag for "if clothes could talk" the first entry is always the master-post.
3)I don't want people to think that my information is complete until I know that it's complete - so I wait until I'm satisfied before announcing that the entries are up.

So, yeah, once all the entries are up and the information is correct. I do a post that is dated regularly and DOES show up on peoples RSS/flist feeds so that people who are interested know they can look at the entries. So, they're not hidden forever!

In this case, I'm having my current researcher-helper run an eye over the entries (if he has the time) while I correct some information in old entries) and then I'll put up the announcement along with some new charts and graphs! :)

And this shirt, well I think our boys are always well dressed considering they travel around so much :D

I think our boys have a remarkable amount of clothes considering they travel around so much! ;)
Mar. 23rd, 2014 08:57 am (UTC)
Thanks for your explanation, you do so much for fandom and we are so grateful :D :D
Mar. 23rd, 2014 09:03 am (UTC)
Aww, thanks! You're a sweetheart. I'm just glad that there are people who appreciate it, rather than just thinking I'm a little bit crazy. I mean, I AM a little bit crazy, but it's nice to be appreciated for it! ;)
Mar. 23rd, 2014 09:09 am (UTC)
It's so nice to still have the few fans who still love the show enough to make such an effort - and it really is appreciated :D
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