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Dean's S8 Army Green Shirt

Dean's S8 Army Green Shirt

This shirt has thick seams and is lighter buttons. It appears charcoal in some light, but green in others.  Not much else to say about it! It looks really really comfy though and I kind of want one.


In Torn and Frayed (8x10), Dean wears this shirt at the end of the episode in Rufus’ cabin when he and Sam discuss Cas and Dean breaks it off with Benny.

In Pac-Man Fever (8x20), Dean is wearing this shirt when he and Sam realize that Charlie is missing. He keeps it on until they save her, but then changes before the goodbye scene.

In Slumber Party (9x04), Dean wears this shirt when he says goodbye to Charlie and Dorothy at the end of the episode.

In The One You’ve Been Waiting For (12x05), this might be the shirt that Dean wears from the beginning of the episode until they’ve finished investigating the antique shop.

In The Thing (13x17), this MIGHT be the shirt Dean is wearing during their time spent in Portsmouth.

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