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Dean's Silver-Snap Blue Coat

Dean's Silver-Snap Blue Coat

Dean has another new utility coat in S8. This time it’s a blue coat with large silver snaps. The unique thing, besides the silver snaps, is that there are no breast pockets. Instead, the coast just has a weird line of extra flap for no reason and the lower pockets.

Brand Info: Levi (Salex Sherpa Trucker Jacket - discontinued) OR Levi Commuter Type 2.


This coat first appears in Goodbye Stranger (8x17), when Dean wears it from after they rescue Meg until the end of the episode. He gets a little bit of blood on the collar when Cas is beating him senseless.

In Mother’s Little Helper (9x17), Dean wears this coat from when he goes to the bar until the end of the episode.

In Brother’s Keeper (10x23), Dean wears this coat when he goes to the vamp nest and gets Rudy killed. He wears it again when he and Sam are fleeing the abandoned restaurant at the end of the episode and the Darkness is unleashed.

In Out of the Darkness, into the Fire (11x01), Dean continues wearing this coat as he and Sam investigate the aftermath of the Darkness. He takes it off briefly in the hospital when he is stitching up Jenna, the deputy.

In Form and Void (11x02), Dean continues to wear this coat for the entire episode.

In Stuck in the Middle (With You) (12x12), Dean wears this coat for the entire episode.

In Funeralia (13x19), Dean wears this coat while they hunt down Rowena, he only takes it off briefly to wear a suit when they go to the crime scene and discuss events with Jessica outside.

In Beat the Devil (13x21), Dean wears this coat whenever he is ABOUT to travel to the alternate apocalypse world, and then once he is in the alternate apocalypse world, he wears it for the rest of the episode.

In Exodus (13x22), Dean continues to wear this coat for the entire episode. Only taking it off once he is safe in the Bunker again.

In Damaged Goods (14x11), Dean wears this coat on his road trip to visit Donna, and then hang out with Mary.

In Don’t Go Into the Woods (14x16), Dean wears this coat when he and Sam are getting ready to leave on the case. He wears it again later in the episode when he and Sam are hunting in the woods for the monster. He wears it until the end of the episode.

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