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Rewatch S8: Special Features

Since I'm a completest when it comes to rewatches, here is my post about the special features on the S8 DVD and BluRay discs.

As usual, these are just synopsis and highlights and little to no additions by me, because I'm burned out and don't have anything else to say. :P

We have:

1. Finding Supernatural: Creating the Found Footage Episode

Writers talk about the found footage episode, and the way it fits into the horror genre and such. They talk about the Ghostfacers, and how it was a reaction to the paranormal reality shows on TV. Whereas, Bitten is more about the film genre.

Robbie: "One of the reasons I wanted to work on the show, other than I love Sam and Dean, was these kinds of episodes."

Robbie talks about the werewolf mythology and how it's about humanity - and whether we're in control or not in control. (I love werewolves... seriously, this MIGHT be related to the fact that I'm a control freak. I wouldn't be surprised.)

They talk about how Sam and Dean didn't end up being in it very much, because they were telling the story from the side of the monster.

And they also talk about how "unprofessional" they wanted to make it look and such - and how they had to rely on the actors to use the cameras etc. Robbie talks about a note from Phil Sgriccia telling him that the script had to specify who had the camera.

During the behind-the-scene footage, I think you can see Serge slowly losing his mind. Hahaha... it's in his expression during rehersal, where he's just like "oh god, what are they doing to me now? This lighting is not beautifully composed!"

Leigh Parker has a British accent, it sounds like.... oh! No, just looked him up on IMDB and it's Australian. In my defense, he barely says anything in this thing so it's hard to tell.

They talk about the transformation scene for Michael and how they used mostly practical FX rather than digital FX. They talk about how the handhelds couldn't have a line to the screens off set, so they couldn't see what shots they were or weren't getting until they yelled cut and brought the camera over and loaded up the footage.

They go into the Editing room - which is I think the first time we've ever seen this process on Supernatural? But yeah, they talk with Daniel Kock (I feel like I spelled that wrong, like that can't honestly be his name... poor dude), who edited the episode, and he talks about editing the sequence of Michael transforming.

They also pulled shots in tighter than what they were originally shot - they wanted to keep the editing reduced to what an amateur could accomplish in Final Cut Pro. They also added film grain and added filters so that some of the more professional looking shots could be made to look poorer quality.

They also had to remove the music. The editor thinks it added to the tension, to hear all the breathing and such instead. Phil agrees, that sometimes music can take away from a moment instead of add to it. They talk about the Milo Green song, of course - which becomes a kind of leitmotif.

2. For the Defense of Mankind: The Tablet Revealed

Talk about diving back into the angel/demon mythology, and what would the tablets for those creatures say. The idea of quest and putting the boys through the gauntlet.

Misha talks about how as an actor, having a heavy mythology link makes it easier to dial into the character.

Then they launch into a desciption of religion and proof and artifacts, and such. I guess because the tablets are artifacts?

Ha, they talk about the spear of destiny - which was the spear that pieced Jesus' side, and that it reportedly had huge power, that it could give you immortality... it's actually in the Bunker, btw. They talk about mundane objects being powerful things.

They talk about prophets and oracles. How the prophets were the ones who could see the patterns in life and make a prediction. Adam Glass talks about how being a prophet isn't something you actually want to be... in the Supernatural universe, at least. Also, they talk about how their prophets are always everyday people, and people you wouldn't expect to be prophets.

Carver talks about how the people that Sam and Dean need most end up being the most damaged in the process. Jensen and Jared both talk about how Kevin is the reluctant hero. Glass ties him in with the hero's journey. They talk about how Kevin grows as a character and becomes very different than how he started out.

Then they talk about the Herculean trials. And how Dean was set to do them, but then Sam ended up doing them. And such and so forth. I think they take this a bit too deep, personally... all "why am I here, what's the meaning of life?" I'm not sure how it relates to the tablets.

3. Angel Warrior: The Story of Castiel

This feature is all about Castiel! Surprise! :P

Carver and the writers talk about how Castiel started out as a warrior, but his character was so rich that he became more - and a way to look at what it means to be human. EDLUND is in this... oh god, I miss Edlund like mad.

They talk about how huge it was to introduce angels, and how the boys were a little trepidatious about it. And yeah, they basically run you through Castiel from casting to present, with interviews with Misha and everyone.

Misha tells us that when he went in to the screening party for his first episode and Sera leaned over to him and said, "your life is about to change" and she was correct.

They talk about how they did the wings, and how Misha committed to the part with the low voice. Jensen was happy that a character actually stuck around and he thought Castiel's ability to pop in and out made things interesting.

Carver: "I don't see Castiel as a mentor or a protector at all. I see him as yet another person who was sucked into the Winchester's orbit."

Misha: "He seems himself as Dean's protector and at the same time sees Dean as something of a mentor."

Singer: "He saw in the boys really the worth of humanity and he became sort of enamored of humanity as channeled through Sam and Dean."

Carver: "I don't think the relationship would have worked as well if he was just a mentor rather than a friend."

Carver: "Just to speak to the Dean/Cas of it - I think you have two increditably dynamic characters slash actors in their own right, who are so good at being exactly what they're supposed to be, and what they are, essentially, is an Odd Couple."

Jared: "Misha's brought so much. I mean, Misha, he's a very intelligent person, and he's brought a soul and an understanding and some awesome humour, and so many other things - I mean, Cas, it feels like he lives and breathes on screen."

Glass: "He's our Data from Star Trek Next Generation. He's our character that lets us explore humanity. [...] he's a refection of us."

Misha: "One of the biggest problems with the character is that he's too powerful [...] there's all these layers that they use to incapacitate him in some way."

They talk about S6 and Crowley and Castiel working together. Sheppard thinks Castiel and Crowley are two sides of the same coin.

They talk about Naomi.
Sheppard: "...adds a second twist to it. [...] I mean, we're getting a sense here that 'for the good of the garrison', let's say, goes beyond stuff that we thought angels were capable of doing."

Dabb: "Cas is seen by heaven as an agent of chaos."
- I love love love this quote.

Edlund: "There's something broken in Cas that resonates with whatever is broken in humanity."
- This one too.

Glass credits Misha for bringing Cas to a whole other level. Misha likes playing a character that is always changing and not stuck in a rut.

Glass: "I think this guy's going to do okay. I think this is not the last we'll see of this 'Misha'"

Then there's the Gag Reel, which is, of course, always fun.

All cut scenes were in their respective episode entries in this rewatch - same with commentaries. :)

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