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VanCon 2014 and other things...

So, it's getting to be that time of year again - when spring is in the air, and I start thinking about getting a ticket to VanCon 2014, and then I make a post that says:

If anyone hears of anyone selling their VanCon 2014 Gold or Silver pass for cheap, let me know!

I'm willing to pay a bit more for an aisle seat, but otherwise am hoping to save a bit of money this year and not pay full price for the ticket. I'd prefer a gold pass, but if a someone was selling a good silver for super cheap, then that's fine.

I know it's still really early in the year and people will be more desperate to sell in June, July and August, but I just figured I'd put this out there now, just in case.

Other things:
I'm going to hopefully be finishing rewatches this weekend. Normally, I would do one during the week, but I'm trying to finish a crochet project before the end of March and it needs to be completed in an allergen-free zone - and this weekend I'm going to be staying at my friend's house with her cats... so yeah, my free time this week has been all about the crochet, since I won't be able to work on it on the weekend. Instead, I will do rewatches on the weekend! Woo!

Once the rewatches are done - which I totally want to accomplish this weekend - I will start posting clothing catalog updates like mad. With the goal to finish those by the end of March.

In terms of fanfiction... I'm hoping SPN gives me an opening for another demented'verse installment, it HAS to be this year if I want to do the idea I have so far - so, yeah, getting a bit nervous that they won't give me a good segway, but best-case scenario, I may just have to wait for the finale and then it'll be clearer were I could shove a story in.

I also want to do another UnfortunateBrother'verse fic.... but, yeah, not sure when/if that will pan out.

I also want to start working on my next novel idea, since I've been using it as entertainment in my head for the past year and procrastinating actually writing anything...which, you know, is not good writing practice really.

I've been watching Teen Wolf and reading a lot of TW fanfic lately - but for some reason, although I enjoy that show immensely, it does not inspire me to pick up my pen, so to speak.

Oh, I'm also going to Emerald City Comic-Con at the end of the month. Yay!
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