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Quick Reaction: 9x15 Thinman

Early quick reaction tonight, because my friends went out and so I broke into their house and watched their PVRed east-coast feed at 7pm... but there was no one to talk to about the episode after, so I just left, did my grocery shopping, and came home. This also means that I'm considerably less drunk than usual too... will that help me better remember the episode?! PROBABLY NOT!

So, standard disclaimer still applies - I have only seen the episode once, while drinking, and quotes and maybe some sequences of events are going to be slightly off in this quick reaction. Please don't correct anything unless I'm WAY off to the point where it affects a major plot or character point.

I'll tell you another thing before the cut too... choosing a song from my iPod for the cut-text has never been easier, given the state of everyone's relationships...

Oh, the anvils in this episode... but I don't even care.

So, we begin with a girl taking pictures of herself in her room... and it reminded me a lot of the Bloody Mary episode, just, you know..., in room decor and general creepiness. Well done.

Dude, rattle off your address to the 911 operator. Scary dude in your room already knows that you're in there... also, do you ever notice that 911 operators always tend to be women on TV shows? I wonder if that reflects real life too, or if it's more a 50/50 split... hmm... personally, I think women's stress/fear response is probably better suited to the job, so I wouldn't be surprised. Women tend to become super-chill in a crisis - statistically speaking, because our brain releases super-chill chemicals in such situations. Personally, i can be a little TOO chill, which is another problem altogether. Anyway, I have gotten WAY off topic...neuroscience is not our topic!

So, we go to the bunker, where Sam and Dean are chillin'... the thing I both like and loathe about the bunker is that you can never tell what time of day it is. They have the lights off in the atrium (shut-up, I'm calling it the atrium), but that just means that they didn't turn on the lights there.

What is Dean even looking for when he comes in the room? Kevin isn't around anymore. Cas isn't hiding around a corner...

Anyway, Dean is taking off for a case, ostensibly without Sam, because Dean figures that Sam wants nothing to do with him. Dean's sort of an all or nothing kind of guy, and doesn't really understand that Sam is still cool with working with him, he just doesn't want to hang out with Dean until Dean realizes what he did was wrong.

So, it's off to Washington state to investigate the death... and they role up to a very nice house that kind of reminds me of my sister's place down in Washington state, so good jorb, locations (kind of easy, since Vancouver has whole neighbourhoods with the same look, but STILL.)

And they talk to the mother of the dead girl...ugh, that sucks. And they find out that she's already been in touch with some "Supernaturalists" (hehehe) who are investigating if there was something paranormal behind the death. So, then Sam and Dean head off to find... wait, do they go to the cops first? No, I don't think so....

THE GHOSTFACERS! I love the Ghostfacers. I've got my own headcanons for them and everything, though I'll get into that later....

And yeah, the scene in the diner is great, with Dean threatening to shoot them with basically every second sentence...or maybe every sentence? And the actors who play Ed and Harry are great as usual at bringing those characters to ridiculous life.

In the course of the conversation, of course, Harry tells Sam and Dean that they aren't dealing with a ghost, they're dealing with Thinman. To which Dean claims shenanigans and storms off in a huff... or something like that... the point is, the stage has been set.

Back at the motel, Sam looks up the Thinman stuff (and I love how Supernatural basically does Slenderman without using the term, but making it VERY obvious that they're doing Slenderman). ANYWAY... Sam looks up Thinman and discovers that Ed and Harry wrote the book on it. Meanwhile, Dean sticks to his ghost theory... even though the EMF readings can't be counted on because of the house being near powerlines... and all this was REALLY reminding me of the first episode with Ed and Harry and the Tulpa, to the point where I was like "It's a tulpa!" and when Sam and Dean didn't say the same thing, I was like "oh god, did the writers forget that they've already DONE a tulpa, WITH THE SAME CHARACTERS?!"

But, hey, not a tulpa... which we'll get into later, again...

I actually forget when Sam and Dean went to the sheriff's place to look at the evidence. So, I'll just talk about it now. I thought there was something up with the Sheriff being away, but I assumed it might be because the Sheriff was the Thinman... all the leaked data was coming from active crimescenes, which meant that the leak was in the Sheriff's office, so yeah... I didn't actually put it together, though I DID suspect that there was a possibility that we were dealing with real people.

Meanwhile, the Ghostfacers are filming their stuff at the dead girls house. Well, Ed is trying to film, while Harry obsesses over his ex-girlfriend, and whether or not she's moved on. Ed finally gets Harry's head back in the game. Though, he does suggest that maybe they should leave this to Sam and Dean...only for Harry to comment about how many chicks taking down the Thinman is going to get them, and how they'll need snorkels because they'll be drowning in p- AND the girls' mother walks in, and I have to admit, I laughed. So inappropriate and horrible, so funny. Also I like the fact that it was Harry saying it, and Ed was just kind of like "okay..." because that fits my headcanons...which again, I'll get into later...

Then the manager at the diner gets it... and it's true that I knew from the few lines that the bus boy and him spoke earlier, that they must be important - but when he died, I just assumed it was to set up who he was before they killed him or something... I'm kind of dumb sometimes, I should have remembered the bus boy spoke too, and that they don't really have to set up their second deaths unless there's something about the set-up that's important.

Sam and Dean go into investigate to find the Ghostfacers already there. The deputy has let them in because apparently the department had some success finding a body with a psychic the year before - so he figured why not? Again, this should have been a red-flag, but it didn't register with me.

Dean tries to talk Harry into leaving, but he pulls the whole "I will out you as a fake FBI, if you press this." So, yeah... a pretty smart card to play, actually.

They see the surveillance footage, and it DOES look like they're looking for something that can teleport....

I totally forget when they have the conversation with Harry and Ed about whether or not it's a tulpa. You'll have to forgive me... but I DO like the fact that they brought it up as a possibility. That being said, Ed's defense of it NOT being a tulpa means that there had to be some point way back in S1 where Sam and Dean TOLD Harry and Ed about what was really in the Hell House.... it's either that, or Ed has actually done research and just knows what tulpa is and possibly still doesn't realize that that's what they were dealing with in Hell House... I don't know, continuity error or mystery for the ages or both?

Anyway, it's split up time. Dean and Sam go back to the hotel and start spit-balling ideas... Sam comes up with the slightly lame Crossroads Demon while playing the game of "what do we know that teleports?"... and then they discover that the surveillance footage has been leaked to the web, and... Sam laments that viral videos used to be adorable things, rather than grizzly murders...

And then we get the CUTEST/MOST-HEARTBREAKING Weechester story!! Though, let's be honest, Weechester stories are always both simultaneously cute and heartbreaking. But apparently Sam jumped off a shed trying to fly as Batman when he was five and broke his arm... trying to imitate 9 year-old Dean who had moments before successfully jumped off the shed and NOT broken anything while pretending to be Superman. And I love how Dean talks like the fault of Sam's plan was that he was Batman and Batman can't fly. Hahaha... awww. But then the story gets even better/worse, because Dean drove Sam to the ER on the handlebars of his bike... and UGH MY HEART. I mean, how CPS wasn't called, I don't know, because that means that a 9 year-old and a 5-year-old were playing completely unsupervised...to the point where there wasn't even anyone around to drive them to the hospital. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeezus.

But Sam and Dean laugh about it, and it's a MOMENT... there's still a ton of love there, even if Sam is super pissed that Dean isn't understanding the problem that they have, and Dean is super pissed that Sam is super pissed.

What happens next? Oh yeah, Ed and Harry... Harry wants to go to the woods to find the Thinman, because he apparently likes trees and the woods is where trees hang out. Ed, meanwhile, is really thinking that should let Sam and Dean handle things... to the point where you can tell there is SOMETHING UP. I wasn't sure if maybe Ed had just matured and realized they were in over their heads or if there was something more too it... but yeah...

And sure enough, Ed drops Harry off at some woods, and then he goes to see the Winchesters himself... and confesses that he invented the Thinman. That he was the one who launched it and promoted it until it became somewhat viral on the forums... and he did it because he needed to keep Harry's attention - because Harry was going to get married to his girlfriend and get a job in her father's company or something... and it would be the end of the Ghostfacers, and Ed couldn't stand the thought of that. He was fine with letting Spruce and Maggie go, but he needed Harry to stick with him.... but now people were dying and he didn't know what to do!

Well, first things first, you go find Harry in the woods... but alas, Harry has already been stabbed! Well, slightly grazed anyway. I loved the whole sequence of them driving up to Harry, who has his hand pressed to his stomach and nearly faints. So good.

I should say, that I love the way that Sam and Dean, while threatening the Ghostfacers too, always treat them like people when the situation calls for it. They actually show a lot of care for the Ghostfacers in this episode, in my opinion.

I also love the fact that Dean goes off to see if he can find evidence of whoever "knifed you" - they're already on the 'we're hunting a person' train of thought. I guess, I like the fact that just because it's most likely humans, Sam and Dean don't stop the hunt. You could argue that they should, but I like the fact that they don't.

Then it's time for the moment of truth between Ed and Harry... where Ed has to confess that the Thinman was never real - that he basically spoon-fed Harry a myth to make Harry feel like he was accomplishing something as a Ghostfacer. And ouch... it's basically saying that the last however-many-years/months of Harry's life's work was a complete fraud. And to top that off, Harry left his girlfriend to investigate the Thinman, believing that it was their big break... and I mean, you could argue that obviously the relationship might have already been in trouble if Harry was willing to do that, and I guess that's Ed's argument - that life wasn't right for Harry and Harry just needed an excuse...

...but you could also see if from Harry's point of view. Where he was lied to because Ed was desperate not to be alone... and not to have the ghostfacers end. And Harry points out that people have died, and personally, in my headcanon, that's part of the problem with Ed. Because my headcanon is that Ed is actually bisexual and honestly DID love Corbett, that that wasn't just a lie that he told Corbett's death echo/ghost. And Corbetts' death kind of means nothing if the Ghostfacers don't stay a thing... like if that doesn't lead to something great, then it was just a horribly pointless death. Of course, this headcanon doesn't necessarily jive with the webseries, where the Ghostfacers disbanded and it was Harry who pulled everyone back together again... but whatever.

ANYWAY... anvils anvils everywhere, because this is once again a lie coming between two bestfriends/brothers... and it seems, an unforgivable lie.

But we still have to resolve the episode! Dean gets info that the car tracks he saw near the park where Harry was attacked belong to a car of the nightshift dude at a factory outside of town... so Sam and Dean head off to investigate.

And as SOON as I saw the cop car, and the door was already open, and Sam and Dean turned their back on the cop - well, in that 2 seconds right before they got tazed, I knew that that the cop had been in on it the whole time.

Sure enough, it's a "scream situation" where there are two partners playing a supernatural being. The busboy and the cop. Busboy killed the girl because she wouldn't go out with him, and his boss because he hated his boss... and meanwhile the cop is just in it for the internet fame. So, they're both pretty much psychos.

They tied Sam and Dean up and plan to kill them too, but of course they monologue long enough that a curious Ed and Harry arrive... Ed and Harry, of course, decide to see the case through to the end and follow Sam and Dean....

Before we get to them though, I do love that despite all their fighting, Sam and Dean still work really well together. I love all the silent communication that goes on when Sam is picking at his cuffs and Dean does his best to distract the bad guys and keep them talking so that they don't notice.

Sam's not quite quick enough though, and Dean is just about to have his throat slit, when Harry and Ed come to the rescue!... by accident. They make a noise and the two bad guys head off to investigate.

I kind of wanted Ed and Harry to actually save the day, but instead they get captured - mainly because they stop to say witty one-liners and argue about how to pronounce meme. (For the record, I also pronounce it wrong. I say "maim' and I don't even care.)

What Ed and Harry DO manage to do is distract the bad guys long enough for Sam and Dean to get out of their restraints and then attack the bad guys themselves - thus saving both themselves and the Ghostfacers.

Dean very slowly stabs the busboy... I mean, it's really rather an intimate killing and, I'm not going to lie, kind of really turned me on.

Meanwhile, the cop guy somehow gets the upperhand against Sam and goes to shoot him, only for Ed to step in front - because he sees this whole mess as his fault. (Ed, it is not your fault that these two people are psychotic killers - if it hadn't been your myth, it would have been someone else's.) Cop guy, being already very much a killer, doesn't see a problem with killing both Ed and Sam... which is when Harry shoots him, thus saving Ed's life.

And I do love the way they do this, because Sam and Dean have become so USED to killing people (again, note the very slow stabbing of busboy), but you an tell that was the first time that Harry ever killed anything... and oh man... the weight of that. And Dean knows it too, despite his desensitization to it himself.

Then we get another conversation outside... Dean's set up the crime scene to erase their presence, but leave enough evidence so that the investigating cops know that the two dead dudes killed the girl and the diner manager. I actually forget what Dean and Sam talk about here, but Ed and Harry have a conversation extremely similar to Sam and Dean's previous conversation. Harry can't trust Ed. Their relationship is now in the "it's complicated" category on facebook. We also find out, either in this conversation or the previous one, that Harry was already planning that Thinman would be his last hunt with Ed... and yeah, now their friendship is in tatters etc....

And then Harry asks the Winchester's for a ride.... and when they ask him if he's okay, he tells them about how you picture growing old with someone, and having them on the rocking chair next to you at the end, and then suddenly having that other rocking chair taken away is super super heartbreaking.....

And of course, that applies to BOTH Sam and Dean... because that's exactly why Dean couldn't let Sam die, and that's exactly how Sam is feeling after Dean betrayed Sam's autonomy. So, yeah, anvils, but probably needed ones when it comes to the brothers seeing other people going through what they're going through and maybe getting some perspective?

The thing that DOES annoy me about this episode is the fact that it leaves the Ghostfacers on the outs. I love those guys, and it's not like we're going to get another episode with them where they make up - whereas we WILL eventually get an episode where Sam and Dean make up. So, now, forever, Ed and Harry are just going to be on the outs.

But, I guess that's why we have headcanons - and personally, I don't think Ed and Harry will be able to stay away from each other forever. I mean, they're best friends! Me and my bestfriend have already decided that unless the other one kills our entire family, we'll basically forgive everything...and even then, our reaction would probably be to try to figure out if there was a good reason for killing our entire family. Of course, this doesn't mean that we never fight or are never on the outs a bit with each other, but when push comes to shove, even when we're on the outs, we're still BFFs. So, Harry will go back home and maybe try to get his girl back - and eventually he'll want to tell Ed something and he'll get back in touch, and Ed will be groveling for a bit, but then it'll just be like it always was... maybe with ghostfacing, maybe without.

Anywho... that's it. That's the episode. I just typed for an hour and a half. Geez..., I hope this isn't too ridiculously long.

Next episode isn't until the 18th, right?

As usual, let me know in comments what I missed or what you desperately need to talk about! :)
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