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Quick Reaction: 9x12 Sharp Teeth

Preamble? Uh... on the way home I left my $30 umbrella at the grocery store and someone stole it. :( So, don't be mean to me, because I am down $30 and doomed to get wet while trying to replace it. ALSO, I write these episodes up after only seeing the episode once, hour(s) ago, while drinking...so quotes are not going to be exact and events may be out of order, and I am already aware of these things.

To the episode...

I think they should have put the events in the THEN in a different order. It was weird to have Kevin die and then see him in the stuff about Garth. They should have had the stuff about Garth first and then show Kevin dying. Also, I really wish they'd stop showing dead Kevin, it makes me sad! Also, I find the burned out eyes really disturbing.

ANYWAY... where do we start? Oh yeah, with Garth running through the woods getting shot at and then getting hit by a car. Ouch.

And then it's Sam come to investigate, having picked up the John Doe report over the police wire and recognizing Garth. But, he's not the only Winchester to have done so... and yeah, when I knew Garth was going to be in this episode, I realized that that would be what would bring the Winchesters back together - concern over a friend.

And things are awkward. Dean tries to get Sam to go and let him deal with it, but Sam's not about to do that. Dean also plans to wake Garth up with a shot of adrenaline but Sam just whacks him in the face, which works just as well. Then it's throw-up city for Garth... and as soon as he took off into the bathroom, I knew he was going to sneak out the window...mind you, that's mostly just because I had seen the preview and new the basic premise of the episode.

But before Garth makes his escape, Dean and Sam have a little awkward "what have you been up to?" conversation. Dean finds out about Gadreel's leftover grace and that "Cas took care of it" and then Dean says he feels like he's in an episode of "Teen Mom" and both me and my friend responded with, "I don't know what that means"...because we have no idea what that means.

Sam sees the Mark of Cain on Dean and is justifiably concerned... seriously, you can't leave that guy alone for a minute, can you Sam? Mind you, he can't leave you alone either, because apparently you suddenly have a death wish...but we'll get to that!

Garth escapes out the window and Dean and Sam go back to instincts and start working the case together without really even thinking about it - Dean sends Sam to find out about the cattle deaths and Dean goes to find the security camera footage of the hospital.

Also, there is a huge Northwest Native art piece in the lobby of that hospital..., but I guess they're in Oregon, right? No, wait, they're in Wisconsin, aren't they? So.. maybe after 9 years, the Supernatural crew is just goddamn sick of covering up all the native art around here and have given up. :P

Once Dean gets the footage, he phones Sam and tries to get him to leave again - but Sam is having none of it and is actually already at the hospital and looks at the footage and tells Dean to stop lying to him...and yeah, we're off to a fine start.

And I really want to timeline this episode - because there's print-outs and there's the fact that Garth has been MIA for 6 months. When was the last time we heard from Garth? I'm going to have to look that up, because it wasn't just his last appearance - it was the last time they actually spoke to him or Kevin says he saw him...and I have no idea when that was.

Anyway, they track Garth down to an apartment and are jumped by a werewolf... and we get the truth out of Garth....who is now a werewolf. And Supernatural slowly changes their werewolf mythology even more... it's actually becoming more and more in line with Teen Wolf mythology, except for the hierarchy/eye-colour-thing. But we now have born-wolves and bitten-wolves, just like Teen Wolf. Now, part of me is like "Ugh, keep your mythologies consistent!!" but another part of me is like, "The more in line with Teen Wolf SPN mythology becomes, the easier it would be to write a crossover!" and then still another part of me is like "Stop writing goddamn crossovers! You have a problem!" So, yeah, I'm conflicted about it. I REALLY love the idea of born wolves, and it's one of the reasons I started watching Teen Wolf...but at the same time, if they have bitten wolves that can control it, it kind of takes away from Madison's tragic death all those seasons ago... now, mind you, the way SPN mythology seems to work is that if you are bitten by a born-wolf of a certain bloodline, you can control the shift...so, yeah, like I said - conflicted.

But I digress...

Garth is married to the born wolf and he insists that the pack he's with is not dangerous to people - only livestock. He asks Dean and Sam to come "pray" with them to prove it.

Oh, before I move onto the next scene - I LOVE the way Garth introduced Sam and Dean. "Dean could start a fight in an empty house, but deep down he's just a big teddy bear." (So true...especially starting the fight in the empty house.). "Sam can be insecure sometimes, but he has good reasons."

Just Dean goes to check out the "prayer group" thingy, because apparently this episode was filmed when Genevieve was having Shepherd, so Jared wasn't around that much (I read the tweets from tonight before I typed this up.)

Dean is super werewolf-racist, but hey, it's Dean, what do you expect! Also, does "Bringing in the Sheaves" not have more words than that? Because my god...that's a dull hymn. They should have been singing Lord of the Dance, that one is much more fun.

They eat lunch, which is super gross because all the wolves are eating raw organs. That's one thing from Supernatural mythology that is still different than Teen Wolf mythology...so, yeah, NO CROSSOVERS! RAR! (Seriously, I don't know what the hell the plot would be anyway, so it's not going to happen.)

The Reverend... Jim, explains how they don't kill people and they live in harmony and whatnot... and they all wear silver bullets around their necks to remember how they're fragile and such... and it's all very...well, too creepy organized religion to me. Sorry organized religion folks, but yeah, it really creeps me out. So, I was kind of with Dean on this one - it was too creepy to be genuine.

That being said, when Garth talked to Dean and told him how happy he was there and how he had found a family and whatnot, I really WANTED it to be genuine for Garth... because I like Garth and the thing I like about him is that he's not fucked up like the Winchesters are, he's optimistic and sees the good in people, etc. So, yeah, I didn't want that taken away from him.

Of course, in the course of the conversation, Dean has to tell Garth that Kevin is dead. :( That sucks.... I mean, one it sucks that Kevin is dead, but I also feel bad for Dean because it really sucks when you're the one who has to tell people that someone is dead. I've only had to do it once, but it was HORRIBLE, and I would like never to have to do it again.

One thing that was funny here though while we were watching...was that as soon as Dean said, "Kevin is gone", my friend's cat meowed the most pitiful meow in the silence that followed. It was hilarious, because it really sounded like she was responding to the show just with her timing.

So, Garth learns that Kevin is dead. Dean has to tell him that Kevin is dead...and everyone is super sad.

Sam, meanwhile, is getting the skinny from the local sheriff about whether the werewolves really are law-abiding citizens. They are.

And then it's just a matter of Sam and Dean sitting on the Impala that evening trying to figure out if they should stay and investigate more, kill everyone, or leave. Then Sam gets a call from the sheriff.

There's a dead dear that has been torn apart by something! Oh noes... it's weird that the Sheriff says that nothing around there could kill a dear like that. I mean, Wisconsin is pretty close to Canada, and there are coyotes in Canada...and bears... also, the Winchesters don't care if werewolves are killing wildlife or livestock.

Anyway, none of that matters because Dean notices that the body is still warm, which means it was killed AFTER the Winchesters were called...and sure enough, the Sheriff is actually a werewolf and trying to kill them - but he is a SLOW werewolf and gets a knife thrown into his chest instead. Yay! I love knife throwing, I really do.

Then they notice that the sheriff has "Ragnarök" carved into his silver bullet. Woo! Norse mythology. I love Ragnorak. It is my favourite apocalypse of the gods. In German it's called Götterdammerung, which literally translates to "Twilight of the Gods." And I mean, does it get more awesome than that? There's such poetry in that name.

So, then it's split-up time again, with Sam going to find Garth and Dean going to...oh! the church! Also, Dean tells Sam to clean up the Sheriff's body. Man, that's gotta suck as a job. "Sam, just take five minutes and cover up this massive crime we just committed would you? It involves hiding a body and disposing of a cop car." "Yeah sure, no problem, i do this three times per week."

So, Sam goes to Garth's place and finds evidence of a struggle but no Garth or Beth. (Betty? Bess? Let's go with Beth). Dean, meanwhile, goes to the church...which is the same church they used in 99 Problems back in S5, I believe. And he finds a book about Ragnarok and what it means to these guys. Apparently they're alternative name was Maw of Fenris (super cool) and they wanted to kill all the humans and rule the world. Dude, you're going to need a LOT more werewolves for that plan.

Also, why don't they take up farming? I mean... wouldn't it make way more sense to farm your own cattle organs rather than killing your neighbour's cattle? Learn sustainable practices, guys!! Geez.

ANNNNNnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnyway.... Sam gets abducted, and then the Reverend comes into the church and sniffs out Dean, and also hears his heartbeat. (Again, VERY Teen Wolf scene, here...except for without the pretty pretty "teens"). Dean confronts the Reverend only to discover that he genuinely seems to have absolutely no idea what half of his congregation is doing.

Also, I like the fact that the Reverend tells us that Dean still gets scared after all these years... that's a cool bit of character info. It's kind of...understandable and also a little heartbreaking? I don't even know.

Back to Sam....who is being dragged into a barn where Garth and Beth are chained up. The Reverend's wife is the one behind the whole cult thing - and she's staging a murder, to get her husband on board with the plan? Or just to get the hunters out of the way? Or something...I don't know, she sends her henchment out of the room and does the standard bad-guy monologue explaining her whole plan. She obviously doesn't watch enough movies, because this gives Dean plenty of time to kill her henchmen, wear their coat to cover his scent, and then sneak up on her. He DOES get jumped by a werewolf, but Dean is super quick with the knife to the heart - so no worries. Then the Reverend's wife pulls a gun on Dean, but newsflash, Dean has a lot more practice with guns that she does, so it's pretty easier for him to be way quicker on the draw.

Before all that went down though, when she was beating on Beth and Garth was yelling at her...I should say that I really like the way Garth DID try to get her attention away from Beth and Sam, like a hero, and I liked him wolfing out in anger...that was really neat. That being said, it would have been nice if Garth had of a bit more active roll in his rescue... one of the reasons I like Garth is that he's a weird bad-ass in his own way, and we didn't really see that in this episode as much. But hey, I guess I can't have everything.

Then it's just the aftermath...with Sam getting his Garth hug, and then Garth and Dean having a conversation... Garth offers to come hunt with Dean, to try to make up for going AWOL and possibly contributing to getting Kevin killed. Dean won't let him take that blame though, because Dean sees it as all his own fault. He tells Garth to hold on to the family he's got and stay with them instead - because it's hard to find. Then he actually ASKS for his hug! Awwww....

So, does this mean that the hunting community is without an organizational "Bobby" figure? No researcher to call? No one to vouch for their false identities?! No one to co-ordinate hunts with GPS tracking? Oh man... someone should resurrect Kevin and just make him "Kevin freakin' Solo" and give him that job. Or Jody...or someone.

Also, if Garth is out of the hunting gig and a werewolf now? Does this mean we won't see him again? Is this like Charlie, in that it's SORT of a soft goodbye to the character?! I guess only time will tell.

Okay, now the end scene. Sam goes to get back into his car, but Dean stops him. I'm not going to lie, but before this episode aired, I kind of wanted Sam to reach out to Dean about coming back...but then Sam basically states that the way he sees it, it was Dean's choice to leave - and so it actually makes sense that Sam WOULDN'T reach out, because he's trying to prove a point by honouring Dean's choices.

Then Dean makes a speech about how he doesn't know what the rules are anymore and I....gotta be honest and say that I actually don't really understand what Dean was trying to say here. I guess I have to watch the episode again and try to parse it out. Sam responds that he can't trust Dean, because he doesn't know what page Dean in on anymore (or something?) because Dean keeps talking Sam out of dying? Sam seems to be upset that Dean is placing Sam's life on a higher priority than shutting the gates of hell forever...but, um, I thought this was something that Sam AGREED with Dean on back in S1, when Sam decided that Dean was right and that killing the YED wasn't more important than family. That being said, when Sam points out that Dean keeps using "family" like it's a good thing, but that it seems to also be the reason that they do everything wrong in their lives... and yeah, I mean, the whole apocalypse basically happened because Den was unwilling to let Sam die...or John was unwilling to let Dean die... I mean, technically, the angels were hellbent on it (ha!) so it probably would have happened somehow anyway...but still, Sam has a point that they might have to set some limits on what they're "family" excuse can justify.

Anyway, basically, Sam finishes this confusing conversation by basically saying that they can keep working together in a professional capacity, but that Sam's not big on being family right now. Dean is naturally devastated by hearing that a)he can't be trusted, and b)he is currently not considered Sam's family.... and part of me can't help but think of 5x01, where Dean told Sam that he couldn't be trusted. So, now I guess it's Dean's turn.

But really, Dean can't be trusted because he won't let Sam kill himself for the greater good? It's kind of weak, because wanting to kill yourself, even for the greater good, isn't really the healthiest attitude to have - which I THOUGHT was what Cas pointed out to Sam last episode, and again, what Sam agreed with in S1 (though, I admit that was a long time ago and opinions can change.) I DO understand Sam not trusting Dean because Dean DID make a huge decision on behalf of Sam and lost Sam his body autonomy...so, yeah, I don't blame Sam for not trusting Dean for THAT reason... but the reason of "you're always sweet talking me into not killing myself" is a little...um...weird.

Anyway... next week looks AWESOME for purely aesthetic reasons and I don't even care how shallow that makes me.

As usual, let me know in comments what you thought! If you think you can explain the parts that confused me, let me know!

The alternative lyric from the same song for the cut text was:
"We lay down seething, smell our pillows burn
And drift off to the place where you'd think we'd learn"

It was a hard decision between the two options. I really like the Hip. Gord Downie is a good poet, IMHO.
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